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  1. Would you recommend I strip back these panels to bare metal again? @Spencer@Bellicose
  2. Thanks for the insight @Bellicose @Spencer& @Nominal. I'll take a picture of the bonnet where paint has lifted off pretty clean on a large flat patch.
  3. Minor work stripping parts off to see the extent of the rust. The front and rear skuttle panels will be a challenge: The fender shows the prep issue with filler/paint lifting from fairly clean metal (and rust subsequently sneaking under). I would love to hear from folks who know panel&paint on what could have caused this:
  4. @Testament I'll be watching your sequential injection adventures keenly. Have been wanting to do something like that for a long time, but the effort level is high. I'm also following your drive-train adventures, having just purchased a 131 box for the project. Body work first though, which isn't something I'm versed in. I know Steve, and have met Blair, so this is probably that VX, and a million years ago sounds about right (I've been away for a while).
  5. The volumex is good, but a little choked up. I'll fix that.
  6. I've owned this car for over 20 years now, after buying it off my Dad while it was off the road. We stripped it back to bare metal, rebuilt the 1800 engine, and put it back on the road. Then came an engine swap to a 2L supercharged engine from a Lancia Beta Volumex. It was great to drive, but I have my gripes. Then life moved on and I parked it, as it wasn't the best daily driver at the time. Unfortunately weather triggered rust, it went into a state of disrepair before I found some dry storage. More than a decade later I'm ready to restart the project, with a number of changes. This seems like a good place to document the build for others. Immediate plans are to strip the exterior of trim, windows etc, pull the engine, strip the interior of the dash, carpet, seats. Then prep the rust affected panels. There is a lot of paint lifting straight off bare metal, so something in the original prep must have gone wrong. Will be addressing that this time around. Discussion thread here.
  7. I'm curious to hear whether it was all worth it. I have a remote shifter sitting in the boot of my 124. How did the center console fair?