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  1. I seem to ask a lot of these hypotheticals. Does anyone have a ballpark on what media blasting the exterior of a car to bare metal costs?
  2. Hey folks, I'm stripping back my car for some body and paint work. I'll be stripping the paint off on the relevant panels, but I'll be paying someone to do the panel and paint work. How should I treat the panels once stripped to prevent surface rust? In the past I used an acid product (I don't recall what it was called). However, on the same car I experienced paint lifting from the bare metal some time later.
  3. markw


    This is a long thread and I'm having trouble finding a place where stripping a car to bare metal is discussed. Is there a decent thread on here on the topic? Most interested in sanding (disk grinding with paint removal attachments) and media blasting.
  4. Ok finally a moment to continue pulling things off the car #timepoor.
  5. They're for a Fiat 124 Sport, and they have a good reputation. Thanks folks, looks like they are in the ballpark.
  6. I'm looking at buying a set of extractors from a low-volume fabricator in Australia, but I have no steer on what extractors are generally worth. They are coming out at around $600. Can somebody tell me if this is in the ballpark of reasonable?
  7. Did you manage to resolve the running issues? I'm in lockdown and dreaming about a similar injection system to yours on my VX engine. Are you happy with the megasquirt? Are there any gotchas in the 124 install that are worth knowing?
  8. @Bellicose @tortron i take it the best route to removing this bog layer is by sanding it down? If you have any tips, let me know.
  9. @Bellicose that does look similar to what I am seeing. Interestingly the roof looks in very good condition. Bog seems unnecessary for most of the places I am finding it.
  10. Would you recommend I strip back these panels to bare metal again? @Spencer@Bellicose
  11. Thanks for the insight @Bellicose @Spencer& @Nominal. I'll take a picture of the bonnet where paint has lifted off pretty clean on a large flat patch.
  12. Minor work stripping parts off to see the extent of the rust. The front and rear skuttle panels will be a challenge: The fender shows the prep issue with filler/paint lifting from fairly clean metal (and rust subsequently sneaking under). I would love to hear from folks who know panel&paint on what could have caused this:
  13. @Testament I'll be watching your sequential injection adventures keenly. Have been wanting to do something like that for a long time, but the effort level is high. I'm also following your drive-train adventures, having just purchased a 131 box for the project. Body work first though, which isn't something I'm versed in. I know Steve, and have met Blair, so this is probably that VX, and a million years ago sounds about right (I've been away for a while).
  14. The volumex is good, but a little choked up. I'll fix that.