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  1. Testament


    +1 durepox. I have stuff I got from my uncles estate, must be over 20years old and its still good. well good enough to stick to things at least.
  2. @Roman wouldnt you want a minimum speed, rather than off completely at low/no load? unless thermosiphon morris minor stuff goes on?
  3. so implying more of an allowance for race/rally cars with stripped interiors
  4. dunno, rock auto do it pretty well but yeah everyone else fucks it up
  5. I just put alloy spool of wire+ matching size tip in normal mig welder+handpiece. has rolls with different knurl for alloy I think/maybe/cant remember. Plus pure argon for shielding. It works acceptably but its suited more for thicker/structual type stuff because you end up with not enough heat to start with, or enough to start with but it gets too hot quickly. so difficult to make a nice job of anything that is only a short weld. Also you are relying on the arc to blast the oxisided layer off, which with mig means wire going so this also is a factor in shitty starts to welds unless you can ru
  6. Testament


    I don't know what I'm doing/rookie Dave/this thread showed me how 2pac and Ive always put a little thinners in, just to get consistency right the durepox is too thick with nothing added. Not as much as if I was spraying it, just a little splash. But yeah, different paint, and I don't know what I'm doing with this stuff.
  7. Everyone ever says 4l60 goes in the bin if it's more than a standard motor. Just know you will be blowing it up and putting something else in, and if your ok with that well then it's your choice. If it was me I'd put my time and money into something else as you can't reuse clutch/convertor etc in Anything else after it's grenaded.
  8. Testament


    Weird, did you use any thinners? Mayber the hardener has lost its mojo Only ever used durepox and often get the opposite issue of having to work real fast/brush turning to wood by the end of the job /Ling
  9. yeah g size just never ever forget to turn off the valve overnight
  10. 309/308 stick, for welding together mysteries
  11. If the port shape/size is good it probably doesn't make it materially worse, so if some engine builder is all about it and builds everything else good you could easily have a positive bias result bias. i.e. it would have been a great motor without but you didnt test that. pretty sure the next secret will be to paint the ports yellow because thats the fastest colour.
  12. I almost posted the question there, but didnt want to sully the purity with tootooed with alfa 156 d2 supertourer port
  13. 1. most of them are resuseable - the issue is disassembly without damage - a heat gun can help here rather than prying too hard and risking gouging sealing surfaces 2. if the hose ID/OD are right for the fitting it should be ok but there is some potential for issues, so its up to you how confident you are and how critical the hose/connection is. The short answer is its not recommended by the manufacturers 3. yes, but see 2. as it depends if the fitting is designed to accept both types of hose/both hoses have the same ID/OD dimensions. Ideally better to have the correct end fittings
  14. Race car paint is orange peel because fast/cheap paint job
  15. Golf ball inlet port? Yeah I dunno, anyone seen/heard of this? I'm thinking that's quite different a golf ball spins/rotates and does a higher speed for a while at least. Cool points for aesthetics though.
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