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  1. currently in the middle of wiring a link monsoon into this. The microsquirt cant do sequential injection and the tiny diameter log inlet manifold with short runners has uneven airflow and probably some cylinders scavenging fuel from the others under certain conditions. I also ended up adding a supercharger bypass valve from a supercharged mini as the stock VX setup has no bypass so you get hideous inlet air temps when engine braking with no fuel being added upstream like you would have in the factory carby setup. tbh it really needs a whole new manifold design with integrated W2A intercooler or something. but i'll see if running sequential injection and trimming the cylinder fuelling individually can at least make it run properly without misfiring at some rpm/load combinations. It's really amazing how much abuse it copped with just wrong everything and it never had a chernobyl moment. If you don't have the vx setup lying around I would suggest turbo is easier and more lucrative in terms of horsepower per $. but no weeeewewewewewewe and bark bark exhaust of course. M62/M90, intercooler and a better manifold would be the ticket if you still want to be blown. tl;dr pimpin ain't easy
  2. By late model I mean 1981 Fiat 124 spider, not 2018 or whatever new ones are
  3. Probably late model 124 spider listing for alternator. There are a few different pulley offsets so you might need to swap that from your old alternator. Can't recall what shipping was like. If places have silly shipping or wouldn't ship to nz I've used youshop plenty of times.
  4. nope fucked that off some time ago. I think I got a new internal reg altenator frorm rockauto you have bought from mrfiat.com? I almost bought some stuff from there but got cold feet it seemed like a scam website or something +1 for gavin at euro italian being awesome for local parts, just bonus normal chocolates, not ukrainian choclates though have used rockauto, auto ricambi, midwest bayliss, vickauto
  5. Testament


    Yeah hammering bad. Mild controlled heat maybe ok but rubber/plastic seals kinda limits that to maybe 80c . If no seals you can go a little bit hotter but you don't want to start smoking the grease/oil
  6. Testament


    if you put it back together with the same crush spacer you have to do it up just a liiiittle bit more. basically still to the same torque value, which is usually hooven tight. If you feel that you have gone much past the point it was previously done up to by much its just deforming the crush spacer more and more and thats not what you want. tight enough that its only just starting to deform it again. its not the right way to do it, but i've done it before in a pinch and the axle shaft broke well before the ring and pinion had a problem. but grain of salt /yrmv etc.
  7. I have a pumped system on the fiat but it's general other shit running issues precluded seeing any benefit from it to date, will have to see if sequential injection solves the other issues and report back. That said it depends how its tuned. if you tune it so its fine without the water injection then no big worries. also put a low level switch/warning ideally. basically the WI should lower the IAT so the ecu should know to retard timing/reduce boost etc. when IAT = too high another option with WI for simplicity is using an air atomising nozzle and boost pressurised tank so theres no pump to fail. you bleed boost off the compressor to push the water out of the tank, and in the nozzle a second supply of air bleed is used to atomise the liquid which is then injected upstream of the compressor - this makes the air denser and increases the mass flow rate of the compressor so you can use a slightly smaller compressor wheel for a given flowrate/power level. Air to air is certainly the least fuss to live with but none of the issues with WI are thaaaaat big of a deal if it's actually put together well. You can have the same kind of issues with your main fuel injectors or fuel pump blocking up or stoping working.
  8. hmmm even with encoders normal plcs wont actually record the data reliably at that data rate from what I know. although maybe im just used to different plcs that are slower for reasons of systems compatability and reliability. anytime we need to measure stuff in ms its always with a standalone recorder/datalogger thigns like circuit breaker close times, stop valve close times, shaft vibrations/orbits on journal bearings. talking at speeds like that alot of things could make a difference like the glue as said, even just ambient temps, wear of moving parts etc. I would think you would want to have a fair bit of headroom in the machine speed to account for that if reliability/unattended operation is pretty important. so maybe the listed speed difference between the options isnt really a big deal? chose the one that ticks other boxes best? also one of them listing a higher speed but will only do that for 100 hours continuous or something where the one thats listed slower max actually will run at the speed for 10,000hours?
  9. physically what are the glue guns, how do they work? are they piston things with variable stroke, is there a pressurised supply of glue behind them, or mystery under the blanket operation? until measured with a high speed recorder or something I would probably question the accuracy of most of those timings anyway - so may just have to take a stab at it and adjust from observed production result anyway
  10. oh yeah I don't mean someone with a ticket is bad choice at all, esp if they are keen on doing the work that is excellent. someone qualified should very well know how to drive an arc and not dip tungstens etc. just whether they have experience working with thin and rusty stuff is the question really, while the basics are the same there are alot of technique things that are different. much more to do with not burning holes and minimising warpage vs on thicker stuff where the important parts are getting penetration and preventing any inclusions etc. to ensure passing NDT.
  11. Yeah ticketed welder for rust repairs is a wives tale, I don't think there are any tickets for such work. the closest would some kind of panelbeating/sheetmetal qualification? doesn't mean a ticketed welder is bad at rust repairs, but it doesnt mean theyre good at it either - it is a somewhat different type of welding. welding tickets are typically for structual steel, pressure equipment and airplane stuff, maybe other safety critical applications. and even then there is not actually anything called a welding ticket. You have weld procedure specifications (WPS) and welders can then be qualified to the WPS and gain a procedure qualification record (PQR) is the correct terminology. The PQR is completely specific to what is on the WPS, e.g if it is pipe welding it might be carbon steel, in a certain position, tig root run and SMAW (stick) cap. the type of tig wire and stick electrodes will be specified, the range of allowable welding settings, sheilding gas type, the piping will have fitup dimensions and bevels specified, minimum temperatures, allowable interpass temperatures, a range of diameter and thickness above and below the tested qualifying weld that the WPS can be used for. Then if you need to weld structual steel sections, or stainless steel, or significantly larger or smaller pipes you then need another WPS and PQR appropriate for the application. then for each PQR you need to have tested qualifying welds on a regular basis - it is not an indefinite qualification. tl:dr welding qualifications (tickets) for industrial welding have almost no application to most automotive repair work.