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  1. it might, but throwing things on the ground is cathartic and also satisfies the lazyness quotient
  2. Dropping them flat on the ground to rattle some the sulphur? off the plates just as hard as you can without busting the plastic case and spilling battery acid everywhere (who would guess that could happen) then putting them on a battery charger with pulse/maintenance mode/one of those^ things sometimes works
  3. definitely plausible. check out nugget garage and cornfedboost on youtube, plus google performanceforums for v6 holden stuff its certainly doable. BA falcon with barra would be better? but in reality really better doesnt matter as long as it doses and skids to your satisfaction moo is still going to moo though also I would note you need to put as much thought into the gearbag/diff holding and putting down the power as the turbo stuff. autos can usually hold the power and put it down but may need some fettling of electronics or valvebody type stuff depending on the box.
  4. I use a drum with some water in the bottom as a pre filter, the inlet from the cabinet goes down almost to the water level with the idea being the dust gets caught in the water as it flies down into the vessel out of the inlet pipe. seems to work ok my free vacuum hasnt died yet and almost no dust comes out of the vacuum outlet which I pipe to outside.
  5. Other solution would be to add more slam?
  6. if the camaro was 8 inches lower it would comply? the way they have demonstrated it looks like they mean it applies to hot rods with exposed suspensions
  7. valve sizes are the same yeah? so limiting factor = valve curtain area and valve seat diameter rather than port/chamber/etc.?
  8. There's quite a few jeep aw4 (jeep version of an 340) manaul controllers around as well if the solenoids are similar setup? E.g. http://www.radesignsproducts.com/rail-controller.html
  9. chain is ok usually too , a size you can get a 10mm or 12mm bolt through is going to be plenty strong usually. just make sure if you are bolting it on you have it so the bolt is not under a bending load. https://blog.uscargocontrol.com/working-load-limits-chain/ even noodle spec 6mm links are ok for ~500kg
  10. shouldn't be lifting suspended loads over your, or anyone's elses head full stop no matter the gears rating. 99% of legit construction/industrial sites "never go below a suspended load" is a golden rule that shall not be broken. yes there may be some particular job specific exceptions, but you get the idea dont go under anything that might fall on your head if someone strapped it wrong or pushed the control knob the wrong way etc. - any of those exceptions have be accompanied with a specific plan as to why how/exactly what is being done and how that is being made safe and risk being minimised as far as reasonable practical. /safety rant m10 will also probably tell you than what they are selling is not for lifting but for towing or load binding. for lifting a normal car engine with a normal engine crane you can use whatever as long as you are certain its not going to fail - whats reasonable will depend if its a 90kg 1NZ or a 400kg 6BT. use as large a strap/chain as practical really. try not to put your foot under it etc. and try to get things balanced within reason.
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