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  1. Welcome to the club we have a few impalas some run fine on 91 others prefer the higher octane fuels. As others have said try 91 see how well it runs etc. Then decide to step it up if you need to. We dont run any additives. Nice looking car any plans for it or just enjoy it the way it is?
  2. So whats the plan for tuning this thing with the blow through carby? Just drive and tweak it or still going to dyno tune it?
  3. I opened your thread and was like this thing should look good with wheels and slam, scroll down and wasnt dissapointed. Nice car
  4. I think we are heading up for a look. Once again its the shittest advertised event, they only released details two weeks out from it. They keep wondering why its not as big as the north island one. The first year we went it wasnt clear that it was at the back entrance. We and other cars went to the main gate there was two toyota fest flags and that was it nothing else. Its a good event but their organisation and advertising skills are shit lol
  5. Might be time to start making a list of things we know it isnt. We can cross thermostat off as even with it out it made no difference. Radiators been tested and was the same rad as before you had problems. Not the fans as you also had these before and they were fine. Next start looking again at possible options. Is the waterpump still good? Not worn out and not flowing enough. Double check plumbing routing. Wrong head gaskets? Could they be from a different version of the motor? Water passages blocked up? A crack somewhere allowing pressure into cooling system? Supercharger not blocking coolant passages or something silly like that? Might be time to start pulling things down to investigate further? Not knowledgeable on this motor, take or ignore what I have said as you see fit as I could have missed previous discussions etc. I can understand the frustration but keep at it and when its finally sorted you will appreciate the car even more.
  6. Sweet, yea I want to look into bags next year once chev is on the road I want it slammed but our roads are so shit my oil pan wil be the lowest point of car to im pretty sure. @cletus whats the go with enlarging the spring pockets on chassis to fit bags? All the americans just get in there and chop away I presume this is a no no here. Best to try find bags that fit without cutting but I guess that limits your selection. And dealings with NZairride was going to look into getting a kit off them.
  7. Is this for the hq? You have to change to aftermarket front A arms and stuff dont you to make them work? Im not sure though there was a light blue bagged hq on here in the build threads and I think it was a ballace but can remember maybe try find it and technology has probably changed since then. It would be sick to do. Surely aussie has a kit for them by now. But they might not as they dont seem to be into max slam. Edit heres the link can probably get pics working on computer web browser with an addon
  8. This car show is coming up soon it was run for the first time last year and had a great variety of cars to suit everyone. Im sure it will be even bigger this year. They also have a stack of trophys up for grabs for both winner and runner up on each class.
  9. Great couple of days in Cromwell had a blast on the cruise friday night and had an awesome day baking in the sun looking at some amazing cars today, cant wait for next year definately one of the best shows around these ways. Good news the lip on the skyline survived some big scrapes and plenty of close moments. Cheers @kiwi808 for the car wash and organising our small group of jappas to park up together.
  10. What I have done before when I couldnt get a moulded hose was get the old hose and cut it open bend the new hose to shape then put new hose inside old hose and cable tie together. This helps hold new hose in correct shape. Not the greatest looking fix but works if your stuck. Mine was low pressure powersteering hose so didnt have the heat of a heater hose. Not sure if that will also affect it once its hot but if you get stuck give it a go.
  11. Skylines all cleaned up looking good ready to go tomorrow @kiwi808 do you have a hose we can borrow if we need to re wash it once we are up there? Edit sorry @Bling didnt mean to quote you sorry.
  12. Yip we are up for friday night and head home after the car show on saturday. @kiwi808are you registering for the show on friday night or on the day or have you already registered? If theres going to be a few parking up then ill get rego sorted so i can park with you guys.
  13. Toddy415


    Ill get a photo of it to compare when i take the wheel back off im pretty sure it was missing on one side or i just missed it. So you dont need to run the auto adjusting cable and associated parts?