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  1. Support vehicle with a nice low salvage trailer please
  2. Could be ken, car is drivable at least now. I have a new speed sensor to go in this weekend which should fix one issue. Then down to a vacuum leak I cant find. But car does drive now after months and max dollars!!!! Seem to have sorted all the issues that were causing all sorts of random ever evolving problems.
  3. 13s are fine if you run decent size tyre but generally look like midget wheels if you run tiny tyres. 15s if you can't run decent tyres on 13s
  4. Hey Cletus you should move down south I heard the last cert guy in Southland/Otago is giving up so the closest cert place will be Timaru. I am sure you will only get a few more muppits haha
  5. Aside from everyone's opinions on weather they sound shit or not or if they are even needed or not. Sounds like the main issue is people over tensioning them for the sound. Can you set them up to not throw and chew out belts?
  6. So has anyone actually had success running a gilmer drive setup? Looks like most issues are from an over tightened belt or bad alignment. By the looks most people hate them. Is this hate from people that have had poor setups or are they actually shit? Let me know if you have had a setup that has lasted and worked well. Cheers
  7. Nice I got a vs wagon a year ago and it has been super handy, my first car with a tow bar so has been so usefull. Might have to satin black my wagon haha
  8. A stationary load test should clear that right up.
  9. I made the discussion thread for you.
  10. Are you offering shed space? Im keen if hes not haha
  11. Welcome to the south, you too can now start collecting more projects than you need in your life like the rest of us down here.
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