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  1. Toddy415


    Ill get a photo of it to compare when i take the wheel back off im pretty sure it was missing on one side or i just missed it. So you dont need to run the auto adjusting cable and associated parts?
  2. Toddy415


    Mine are only 10" drums to
  3. Toddy415


    Yip 2 stud patterns but may sort it at some stage but focusing getting the car back on the road first. Not a huge problem though
  4. Toddy415


    Thanks for the info I appreciate it as im still learning all this stuff. Ill pull an axle and see what I have got cheers. It also has finned drums which doesnt seem to be super common? So just to clarify you think since the drum surface is 2.5" wide it should have a 2.5" shoe?
  5. Toddy415


    Whats the easyest way to confirm which bearing type / size I have?
  6. Toddy415


    Question regarding 9inch drum brakes, my impala has a 9inch in it and took a look at the drums on it in the weekend. One shoe on each side had delaminated and were floating in the drum and one side is missing the guide for the adjusting cable so cable is just floating around. Now i have no idea what car the diff was out of so when ordering new shoes does it matter as long as I get the right size or are there variences in the shoes for different models? Second question is the current shoes are 2" wide but drums measure 2.5" is this normal to create tollerance or the wrong shoes have been put in? Was thinking 2.5" shoes in the 2.5" drums might be to tight? 3rd question is there is a bit of grease seeping out into one of the drums how hard are these seals to replace? Cheers Michael
  7. Does anyone know the correct amount to lap valves? I cant find consistant info or is it personal preference? Some i have found lap the entire face others just do a 2-3mm band around the face. Heads are cast iron off a big block chev. Cheers in advance
  8. If someone else is paying to re paint your whole car you would be silly to not take it wouldnt you.
  9. Made it to lorneville a bit early haha heading to riverton shortly.
  10. No worries if you cange your mind we are meeting a mate at lorneville just before 11. We are taking skyline as wagons got no warrent and mates taking his nightrod
  11. anyone heading along for a look tomorrow?
  12. Riverton car show this weekend anyone heading out for a look
  13. Thats what I was expecting i might have to do test bits to find out whats wrong a bit annoying but better to find it now i guess. Im guessing its user error not a product issue.
  14. I cleaned mine up with meths as per instructions then wax and grease remover then applied epoxy primer. The epoxy is super easy to chip off / hasn't stuck very well at all so I am thinking I went wrong using the meths. I will try cleaning up using thinners instead next time.