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  1. Seen this at new world with the seats on top had heaps of people checking it out haha
  2. gettinroundtuits 73 avenger discussion

    Good to see some more progress on motor. Very interested to see how this turn out. What are your plans body wise for this thing?
  3. Sweet work guys looking good
  4. You thought about doing valve seals well its out i just done my cambelt on my fxgt now valve seals have started smoking. Wish this had happened before cambelt change. just a pain to do them now lol
  5. Bens 61 Belair talky talk.

    Nice work now enjoy the shit out of it, one of my favourite shapped chevys
  6. sweet work I hope to see this going back together again soon
  7. Mr Mk1's 1200

    Buy it Kyteler buy it
  8. Nick's MK2 Golf discussion

    BBS RS on the list I hope
  9. gettinroundtuits 1980 ford escort

    You gonna get this thing sorted to take to alex?
  10. Jorden's 88 XF Falcon

    Stacks all the way
  11. Jorden's 88 XF Falcon

    Na its not full primer with guide coat yet
  12. Did you do compression test with throttle wide open?
  13. 68 Chevy Impala Caprice 396

    Theres not a lot of 68 sedans or pillarless even left in the states I dont reckon.