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  1. Riverton car show this weekend anyone heading out for a look
  2. Thats what I was expecting i might have to do test bits to find out whats wrong a bit annoying but better to find it now i guess. Im guessing its user error not a product issue.
  3. I cleaned mine up with meths as per instructions then wax and grease remover then applied epoxy primer. The epoxy is super easy to chip off / hasn't stuck very well at all so I am thinking I went wrong using the meths. I will try cleaning up using thinners instead next time.
  4. I think its missing one cam retainer as well not sure how that went missing #shrugs shoulders
  5. We will head up on the sunday if nothing comes up busy saturday.
  6. How many people would really want to leave their cars there overnight these days, keen to find out more info. We will just be heading up for a day trip and im sure @kyteler will be the same if it still suits him.
  7. Cheers man much appreciated
  8. I was just about to ask the spring is only 15mm un captive it wont matter if the keeper is pretty much fully compressed even unloaded will it? I guess i can adjust it all a bit anyway so its not fully compressed anyway.
  9. @Truenotch I Just adjusted rear as per suggestions and it worked so now have 50mm droop (with springs un captive so will need to get some keepers). Thanks for your help guys much appreciated as I got myself overly confused. Good to know for the future as well.
  10. I read that the other day but got put off by spring not being captive haha but makes sense when you add keepers ill get into shed tomorrow afternoon and have a play.
  11. Rear coilover on the right of image. Cletus I tried that last night and it was pretty much already no preload so there was no change. Currently have 30mm droop. Cert guy said it needs to be 40mm and plenty of people have come back with it fixed but only suggested a shorter spring might help.
  12. Yea sorry yip you can adjust spring perch too, I was meaning for your main height adjustment you just use bottom mount
  13. Cheers for the reply ill sit down and get my head around that. Car is a r34 coupe and coilover height is adjusted by winding shock body up or down in the bottom mount spring perches stay put.