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  1. But then could you just get around all this by certing an aftermarket steering wheel without an airbag? If you can cert removing the drivers airbag can you not cert removing any other ones?
  2. Congrats man well deserved after such a huge amount of work. Hopefully I get to experience finishing my chev one day haha. Enjoy the shit out of it
  3. Toddy415


    Still building 9" heads? whats a rebuilt 9" head with 3.0 gears and true track worth now?
  4. @kiwi808 missed out on ALL the beige food. I'll try have something OS ready for the next one we only have the mid school fleet on the road at the moment. Cheers everyone for the good day out.
  5. Hey just seeing if anyone knows the best place in invers to get a hydraulic hose repaired or new one made? I know nothing about them so unsure if there are places to stay away from or the ones that are super expensive. Any recommendations appreciated. Cheers Michael
  6. @Lord Gruntfuttock @gettinroundtuit @Marsh
  7. Someone want to tag everyone again and get some numbers it's this weekend people
  8. Maybe keen no old-school cars on the road at the moment but could possibly bring bogan commodore wagon, aristo or r34
  9. Didn't realise it was on, also busy weekend moving stuff to new shed!
  10. Sweet as DM me your number for if I ever see it
  11. What are you after if we see it haha don't want to be too dodgy
  12. ill keep an eye out too every time i have used that NPD there has been an old jap car outside one of the businesses on the opposite side of the street but cant remember what it was, normally a saturday
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