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  1. Whats the process with rectifying the output bushing issue on the R154? I have a brand new one too
  2. Here's a curly one, I've just managed to register a project Hilux that was brought deregisted. Knowing at the time there were outstanding RUCs owing. But my investigations at the time led me to believe after a vehicle is deregd that any RUCs would be voided. So at the time of getting it legal, passing revin, new plates etc and even purchasing RUCs going off the kms on the dash. I've recently been sent a $400 bill for the outstanding RUCs that were owed when the rego lapsed. What's the go with this? Anyone else struck a similar debacle? Thanks
  3. Lastly Clint, is there anyone in particular who you reccomend i get in contact with? Or just simply pick someone from NZTA page who covers the BOP region? Thanks
  4. Awesome Clint, thanks for input on the matter. Fresh paint on the rails, but not on the underside of the cab though
  5. Any further input or similar experiences to share? Thanks
  6. No rust repairs there Clint, its clean on that side of things Yes, its getting all sorted at the shop. Well basically it has a minor dent in the cross member from coming into contact with a tow ball. Prior to the damage taking place the whole chassis had been cleaned up and painted.
  7. I have a compliance check ( re register) question. I have 2wd Hilux side project that's nearing completion. Factory unmodified, currently de-registered and in the panel shop for repairs, its a had a minor knock the cross member below the radiator which I'm lead to believe it will need a repair cert. I'm happy for this to be carried out, but my panel man thinks it may not be necessary. Would it be liable for the said panel shop to have an approval letter stating a repair cert is not required to keep the compliance inspector happy? Or is there such a thing? Thanks
  8. Roger that, thanks. I knew the were changes made years ago but thought there might be a way around it
  9. Not sure if this is the correct thread? But is there a possible way to send an expression of interest note/letter to the registerd owner of a vehicle if you know the rego plate details? Several years ago I spotted something of interest and I regret not following it up when I had the chance Thanks
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