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  1. We are just going to drive to the cabin toward rainbow again this year I think. The other way is boring once you hit the gate and walk over tge bridge to check out the buildings. Should buy some cheap firewood to get that cabin humming. Would love to get to the lake one year, but Russell tried that last year and said track gets pretty boggy.
  2. Yeah man. Steelies is such a good cunt and gave me a hand getting the pump in the tank. Was a cunt but we got it sorted yesterday afternoon. I spent all of today fitting the wiring, refitting tank etc. It's like 80 percent better lol. Also got time to run wires for cb and attach some paint to the primer areas. Just need some bullet connectors for cb and shit will be driving tomorrow. Need to find a scissor jack and spare wheel while im at it.
  3. Yeah so keen for more snow. Last few years has been so average. Mega keen.
  4. Oh wow if thats 2014 it will be 3 years for the triumphant return of the crown to hanmer.
  5. All this talking of mountain biking. Fuck this shit. Im going for a drive up in them there hills. And at the same time keep posting this picture goat took from the first Hanmer.
  6. Bottle shop actually isn't to bad there to be honest.
  7. Sorry mate but honestly can't help you here. Car is packed as shit.
  8. Steelies has offered to give me a hand Saturday to sort out the intank fuel pump setup for crown sedan. Such a gc. Can't wait for this time next week drinking beers on the pier at saint arnaud with the few gcs.
  9. ready For Hanmer
  10. You are air cooling worng.
  11. Oi hemi come to wagnats mother fucker.
  12. Ps. This is so fucken rad. Much jealous.
  13. Seems like you really have no need for a stout now. ....