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  1. Bottle shop actually isn't to bad there to be honest.
  2. Sorry mate but honestly can't help you here. Car is packed as shit.
  3. Steelies has offered to give me a hand Saturday to sort out the intank fuel pump setup for crown sedan. Such a gc. Can't wait for this time next week drinking beers on the pier at saint arnaud with the few gcs.
  4. ready For Hanmer
  5. You are air cooling worng.
  6. Oi hemi come to wagnats mother fucker.
  7. Ps. This is so fucken rad. Much jealous.
  8. Seems like you really have no need for a stout now. ....
  9. Kombis are shit.
  10. Jesus. That's the sort of shit oldnathan dreams about lol.
  11. Shit yes. Turns out im useless at photos. Might have to start buying disposable cameras for these sorts of events. Fuck I love wagnats. Insanely so. I sure hope Chris moooooreseeee is coming up again next year.
  12. Fuck this looks rad on street fins. I like how you just throw money at engines all over the show lol. It's good commitment.
  13. Also @J2Racing