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  1. From the trip to hanmer 2 years ago. This one we had to turn back on unfortunately. You can't always win.
  2. Your Wagon is in no way low. Its like comparing apples with fish fingers
  3. Lol unless you're mum was selling a sweeeeeeeeet set of 13 inch rims to @Beaver then yes. Although she probably didn't have her can-am back then.
  4. Well...... First year I drove this up there with 5 people. But. There is certainly a bit of stones rolling under cars etc. But if you take it slowish its not too bad. I have never not considered going up there in a slammed car, but I am the master of trying to get slammed cars to places they shouldn't be.
  5. Am I fucken wat! Its pretty much been my goal for a few years now haha. I hear we are tripping up in your van. So keen.
  6. Hey Chris my sexy brother. Think you might have room in your van on the way back for two windscreens for @Mr.Mk1 No stress if not. Hugs.
  7. Actually was bloody good! Well done ladies and gents.
  8. Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    Shit yeah rad.! I love Hawkes. Good people, good cars, cool roads, mean
  9. KK's Honda Cub

    re quoting because this is actually perfect. And shut the fack up @Goat yes I know its also a deluxe. (Secretly starting to appreciate what you been saying, but only because these things tend to look a bit better protionately with a longer seat than just the top of a non deluxe fuel tank)
  10. Hawkes Boes 2018! Labour Weekend

    Diss gonna be good! Also. Thinking of doing some sweet down hill runs on some home made karts. So build your gravity powered majjiggy and let's do this!
  11. Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    That sounds spendy. Also im not coming because Hawkes boes is way to much fun. But you guys and tramps have a lovely time. Currently planning a lower north type gig kinda. And by planning I mean I mentioned it to a few people and I hope something happens lol.
  12. Oh no mention of vw or Japanese vehicles I see. That's me out lol. But this actually looks rad!
  13. That's a no from me sorry @KKtrips Wagon is full as a bitch As for pre trip readying, my wagon is currently up on axle stands, with no front hubs or wheel bearings, a set of wheels in which 3 out of 4 are super bulged, oil drained out of engine, and to my much delight, noticed coolant leaking from radiator. Go me!