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  1. So as im not there till afternoon tomorrow, someone needs to formulat a plan for bike ride tomorrow. Im guessing @Leebo3 ?
  2. Tukituki Christian camp. Moore Road. Near Clive I cannot wait. But unfortunately have to. Sigh.
  3. I just assumed the answer was going to be 420 regardless of the context.
  4. Oh. Yeah. Stuff. Bring stuff for prize table! Best rummage through my yunk lol
  5. Kickers 260C discussion

    Come for a drive Saturday afternoon.
  6. GAZ mk1 cortina estate

    Wanna buy a parts car?
  7. Beaver's '87 Gloria Wagon

    "Let the flood gates take you over, Aviemore"
  8. kp_james 86 mx73 of old

    Pretty sure i saw ya rolling heavy on the weekend on the way back from Napier. looked SWEEEEEEEEET on the road.
  9. Sorry for the delay, but HAWKES BOES IS COMING!!!!! Dates are 20th - 23rd which is labour Weekend What is Hawkes Boes? Well, Firstly its been a good old event for over ten years now. Usually a grand old time hanging out with good friends, new friends, old friends. Its just a damn good time, in Napier, with sun, fun, maybe rum? but whats it all about??? how about staying at a camp out Clive ways, camping, vanning, wagoneering, or dorm rooming, for 3 nights, or less if thats your thing. How about a good old bike ride, on good old bikes on the saturday? And how about a sweet cruise out to Ocean beach on the sunday, for bbq, beers, kites? Whatever And if you LOVE Barrys, how about a visit to one of the 4th biggest miniature rail ways in the Southern "Hemi" sphere at 830m long, and it happens to be there national meet, To be honest, its hard to explain what its actually all about, but to sum up, its rad. 10 years cant lie. Heres a form to registar I will get more involved with details soon. but this is a place holder, and a questions thread, and a SHIT YEAH I LOVE HAWKES BOES thread. Spread the word like your mums legs. Details about venue: Its a Christian Camp, but that doesnt matter. Has plenty of grass area for camping, parking etc Venue has a massive hall for party time excellents there are 3 large dorm rooms at the back of the building. I dont think these have any sort of bedding, so bring that sort of stuff if you wanna stay in there. Kitchen is sweet as commercial spec, ovens stove tops etc. Really cool spot, reasonable distance from other residences the road to the camp is a nice casual slop down hill also, prefect for racing bikes down, or if you wanna be rad, build a old style trolley racer. Entry List - (KK edit) Goat - PAID Lovechild - PAID Bizzo - PAID Yowzer Mourning Cupcake - PAID Geophy - PAID Ms Geophy - PAID Shaz - PAID OldnRusty Baby K Testament Lowlife - PAID Shaven Yak - PAID Steelies Shakotom Kateums KKtrips Presumably there will be entries for @Leebo3, @Seedy Al, @sentra, @manlymanman, @Big Value Buddy, @HighLUX, @UTERUS too.
  10. Seedy Al's 1981 Crown Sedan

    Just updated all the images so no more photofucket And got it groomed today, so Joe and I went for a roll and took some photos Will be putting for sale thread up on here tomorrow because I cant be fucked writing one now Then on trade me sunday
  11. AllTorque's 1970 Buick Sportwagon

    If you already have .8 you will be fine. American steel is alot more forgiving than thin jap stuff. Once you are out of .8 then consider .6. But you will probably be used to .8 by then.