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  1. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Oh Yeah. Prizes. Best start collecting
  2. Goat's almost WOF spec Zed

    Damn boy. To slow. That sucks. Bet you have been checking every day now lol
  3. Goat's almost WOF spec Zed

    Ps I will update the broken pictures in the build thread from when I owned this sometime soon. Glad you actually got some shit done on this over the weekend. I lol'd when you told me you were going to start doing the exhaust on this last weekend, given the conversation we had last week about getting the Trump legal again. Also did you miss out on that other set of mk3s,? I have been meaning to ask.
  4. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Pretty keen for the usual spot to be honest. Closer to the toilets for the lady's. Wow. That doesn't sound creep spec at all lol.
  5. 666DAN's HZ Holden Wagon banter

    His words to me today were "I now have a wagon for wag nats" This made me happy.
  6. 666DAN's HZ Holden Wagon banter

    Saw this today. Can vouch for being a Holden and also a wagon.
  7. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Not sparkly enough mate.
  8. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Old gazebo nats
  9. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    The irony of this statement coming from you is hilarious.
  10. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    Ahhhh good pictures. Reminds me of wagnats.
  11. Bwarp's 1972 Hillman Hunter

    @M Night Shamalayan I noticed this was outside your garage on Sunday, on one of the very few times I frequent that road. Considered stopping to see if you needed a hand to push it back into the garage as I just assumed it had broken down. Ps come to next monthly meet, (yet to be arranged) as its been far too long shit bag.
  12. GAZ mk1 cortina estate

    No front seat engine gear bag or drive shaft. Diff head is just thrown in there to get it rolling. $1000 ono. Will try get the tail Lights etc if interested. I got it thinking one day I will have a sweet cortina estate. But I simply cannot be fucked storing it till then.
  13. GAZ mk1 cortina estate

    @Gaz Comes with a set of what look like pretty good doors, some front and rear guards that are not.
  14. Average update a couple weeks ago after filling up this thing started running super average, couldnt keep cruising revs as it would bog out, but would idle fine etc and fucked around and problem went away, until I lent it to @Beaver while I did some work on his van brakes He pretty much left our house and instantly had issues with it, however he managed to get it home and I got back a few days later. Anyway long story short I had always been pretty suspect of the carb. had been on @Bluebear01 about a rebuilt carb he had on a crown he is going to 1uz, So after a few short messages carb was on its way. Wacked it on and everything is back to normal Ready for Summer wagoneering and camping
  15. Kickers 260C discussion

    Come for a drive Saturday afternoon.