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  1. Hey guys, Im looking for a decent auto sparky to wire up a 300zx twin turbo with a link G4. Its for a client of my partner who has some terminal illness so wants it done ASAP paying standard rates etc. Anyone know of someone? Its got some mods to it, but nothing too wild by the looks, and all components appear to be there to wire up
  2. How do you tell an SR version of the seller doesn’t know?
  3. Any particular model you would recommend? I see some have headlights and others don’t, was that just an option when you bought it, but otherwise the same?
  4. yeah not going to lie, I'm also looking at getting a 2 stroke dirt bike onto the road, KDX is a pretty sweet option and looks reasonably streetable compared to most dirt bikes
  5. CVT or under 70cc only now guys, its too easy for big engine bikes, we want to see what you can build
  6. Been mucking around on my street magic. Fitted a new Yasuni R exhaust which needed some mods as the flange wasnt right, a new Daytona variator and a Maikuni 21mm carb (aliexpress pwk clone, quality is reasonable, but worth pulling apart to tighten all bolts before using). It had a PWK21 carb on it previously, but it had corroded a bunch and had some weird mods to it by the previous owner. Scooter goes well now after tuning jets and needle. Still a bit more tuning to do, I think I might shim my variator a bit to get more travel at high rpm, at the expense of a little bottom end, but I think with the latest tuning its acceptable I also realised it has an aftermarket first stage final transmission kit on it, which is quite surprising as top speed isn't as high as I would like it, at about 70kph before variator runs out of movement, then 85kph at max rpm. See how my final tuning goes, and assuming I dont blow up my crank I might consider some different gearing Once I refit knobblies and rear rack she'll be ready for another escapade
  7. Awesome! will be great to see when I reach certain gravities for adding more hops/ cold crashing etc
  8. hey @Lord Gruntfuttock where did I see that pic of your floating doodad? Where did you get that?
  9. so jelly of xt250, dont often turn up in good nick/good price these days
  10. I got a bottle washer, but also got 2 corny kegs/kegerator, I only use a few bottles per brew now, so much less tedious
  11. Hmm yeah at the moment we only use wet spray as an extreme backup and it’s pretty much sent to a mate of the powder coaters, so we dont really have an idea on what it is. I’ll look into the epoxy and urethane types
  12. We get heaps of machinery Powdercoated at work, which has a really tough nice finish, but it is quite time consuming vs something like wet spraying. I saw some machinery those other day that had a really nice surface finish that was like wet spray but it was slightly textured and felt as if it would be a bunch tougher than your typical wet spray. Are there any painting types in between wet spray and powder coating? Google shows a whole bunch of gimmicky things so I can’t gauge what’s a real commercial solution and what’s not. This replaying to painting big 1 ton+ steel frames, to small 500g steel/aluminium parts
  13. nice man! Are you adding any more hops close to bottling time? As a precaution, I put a block of wood under the middle section of the shelf to help stop it falling in, 20+kg on the racking is quite a bit now you just need another fridge as a keg fridge, once you get sick of bottling
  14. see how we go time wise, but can certainly try going all the way around ellesmere
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