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  1. peteretep

    Snoozin's 1981 KPiz Starlet

    I'm sure it will, I fussed around for ages before cutting the threaded rod, and it worked out fine. And make sure you get some flash hose from brake reservoirs to master cylinders, I bought some stuff that was supposed to be good, and it was bleeding brake fluid within a few days, had to get some really hard stuff, and now 3 years later that also slowly bleeds/sweats brake fluid
  2. peteretep

    Snoozin's 1981 KPiz Starlet

    Hey, I have made a bias pedal box too, but not yet certed it. I understand, but could be wrong, that you need a rubber/grippy surface for the brake pedal due to possibility of slipping. I know race cars dont need this/typically dont have it, I also dont currently have a grippy surface, but have definitely slipped a couple times. Might just be worth something considering rad looking setup though!
  3. ok next one, M10x1 male into a 1/8bspt hole. jam it in or tap it first? Got 2 temp sensors to fit into a 1/bspt thread, so was thinking of using a 1/8 nipple, then a 1/8 Tee to fit one sensor, then fit the other m10x1 into the other port
  4. ah really, that makes more sense then. I will have to do without gauges on both I think, its not that vital
  5. Hey guys I have 2 fuel gauges running off a single sensor, and one fuel is showing empty(I think I can fix this with a resistor?), while the other starts full and quickly shows my tank draining, is there an easy fix if I wanted both to work? Diode or something a rather? Maybe a resistor? and where does someone buy a resistor or diode from these days?
  6. Fuck man, I saw a pic of that meremere dude and he looked like he was having the time of his life. Motorbikes are cash as, as is. The way that dude went out. If I went out at 270kph I wouldn’t be disappointed. Live life like each day like it could be your last, and have a good time
  7. peteretep

    Scooter pick up wellington

    Oh man that would be fully cheating, but also awesome. Its about the same size as a typical 50cc scooter as far as I can tell. If you want to pick it up, then you can figure out if you can fit it in, if yes then great, if no then we can sort out another way to get it to auckland
  8. peteretep

    Scooter pick up wellington

    Z fuel station, Taranaki street, te aro is the pickup spot if that makes a difference
  9. Hey I have just bought a 50cc scooter in Wellington, reckon someone could pick it up and store it for a month or so until I figure out how to get it back to Auckland? Also feel free to drive it around and see if anything is wrong with it as I am considering riding it all the back to auckland
  10. peteretep

    Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

    is it because its the wrong kit for the bike/engine? can you space the whole cylinder/barrel out instead?
  11. peteretep

    Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

    I thought those markings on the inside of the head were fairly normal and represented how the unburnt fuel/air entered and the mostly burnt fuel/air left. I dont understand why you would need to change squish on a kit like this TBH
  12. peteretep

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    Ah its only single pack paint, and not thinned, so you can put it back?
  13. peteretep

    Sheepers latest Ms75

    How do you get on with painting small stuff like your air filter housing? You eyecrometer the amount of paint you need then there is a bit of wastage on the paint? Then aim down so you dont need to mask off the entire area? Looks lush
  14. I had a non returning regulator on my car with bike carbs, was no problem. rot808's car is running standard fuel pump with bike carbs and no return either. I think most setups can handle no return without any major problems
  15. peteretep

    Nicks Honda MT50 dirt scooter/PPSC gateway bike

    sheeeet I love the look of this thing, so keen on one. Keen to see a video of ringadings