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  1. nice man! Are you adding any more hops close to bottling time? As a precaution, I put a block of wood under the middle section of the shelf to help stop it falling in, 20+kg on the racking is quite a bit now you just need another fridge as a keg fridge, once you get sick of bottling
  2. see how we go time wise, but can certainly try going all the way around ellesmere
  3. I think general idea was Friday to do lees valley road onto okuku road, Then saturday/sunday head out to Akaroa doing a big loop around the edges to birdlings flat. Sound reasonable? Any tips? I have the least range with about 160km including an extra 5L tank
  4. I might be able to go look on the weekend, otherwise cam is pretty close. Not sure what his license status is though
  5. apart from ground clearance or belt/clutch blowing up, if the drivetrain is reliable It should be possible right?
  6. Looks amazing guys, so jelly out of interest did anyone do it on a twist and go?
  7. what kind of clothing required? Can be + 30 or - 10 degrees? So need to allow for everything?
  8. I’m looking at doing it on my 70cc street magic, just need to make sure it’s super reliable
  9. bit of a side track, but I wonder if there is a sweet way to go in/around the whanganui national park, seems like lots of cool tracks around there. along the whanganui river, bridge to somewhere, I see there is Patea dam, although it looks one way, Is there a map that shows forestry roads or something?
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