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  1. super impressed with how much work you are putting into this, keep up the good work
  2. get outta town!!! setup from a g6e turbo would be badass
  3. this is super cool, awawesome that the body is in good nick only thing is I would love to see a late model 6 cylinder + turbo in it over a v8, but I understand
  4. ah yeah, the steel stuff sucks vs the cupro nickel stuff to handle/fit up. when I redid my brake lines originally I used the steel stuff and really struggled, used cupro nickel the second time and heaps easier. its quite a lot more expensive though from memory
  5. what kind of fuel line is that?
  6. It's a shame so much U.K. Stuff doesn't comply with NZ rules but at the same time it Forces us to make way better stuff. I'm glad I made my pedal box as its my own and I can modify it as needed
  7. panel work is mostly done, wanted to get engine out to have a look at cam so did that yesterday. Found one offending lobe
  8. my car sounds the same if not better with jetski throttle bodies and change to a trigger wheel, the dizzy solution is always a half assed one
  9. yeah that is not part of the gaurd, the gaurd has a folding on the back edge that slides onto that section these guys have pretty much the best selection of parts, but I'm not sure they have those sections
  10. where the gaurd comes around to the front of the front door, it is not connected to the panel that sticks out off the car body
  11. I'll do a write up of how to convert your old car to micro squirt one day if anyone is keen but its not a super cheap solve all but definitely worthwhile
  12. dang I have been slack in updating this build thread Since the last update I have fitted the pedal box, played around with the tune alot and get the car running pretty good. I have raced it around hamptons a couple of times and broken lots of things I can even remember. It has a locked diff now which is actually super great. Actually I broke all the flywheel bolts off at around 7500rpm, they were brand new oem bolts done up to spec, it is quite unusual for this to happen I am lead to believe. Amazingly it did no damage, so I fitted a new set of ARP bolts and I havent had any problems since I took the car to nats and raced around a bit. During this time a 'tappet' noise would not go away and the drivers footwell flooded pretty good while driving through the rain. The exhaust headers also broken after being re welded while driving back along the gravel road to thames. I will take the engine out as I think I know what the noise is. I saw some material missing off one of the cam lobes when I put the engine back together after checking for engine damage when the flywheel broke off. I took a pic as per below but I was in a rush to get racing again so I left it. Pretty much all the welds looked like this before being re welded. now they look like this again. The main flange is mild steel and the pipes are very thin SS. I have the thing braced to the gearbox and it still breaks!!! they cost alot of money but they are fairly well trash if they keep breaking In the mean time though I thought I would check out where all the water was coming from. I found a previous fix which I had no noticed before which had rust through. The previous fix hadnt really sealed the problem so water had been getting in and sitting between several layers and caused a bit of damage. The drivers floor was also full of holes being held together with paint and underseal. I have now re sealed the interior of the car and now I am in the process of remaking the bits on the outside to refit/reweld the lower part of the gaurd back on hmm hmmmmm I also partied with dane in the middle. dont worry his gf was cool with it I am yet to remake this retarded peice, so much of it has rusted I am not really sure how it fits together and some fancy conveyors that will be conveying all of your sour cream products in the near future but dont forget
  13. Yeah innovate lc2 works fine for me And leave it in for continuous tuning availability. I would argue that keeping it in the car longer term is fine/ value for money is good keeping it in
  14. Rustisize can I come to your house and you show me panel beating