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  1. personally havent had much luck with chopping plugs, I think you need a really long straight to get some colour into the plug, but then its a total pain in the ass having to pull everything apart and destroy a plug. I have had a much better time just riding around and getting a feel of different throttle positions on the carb and referring them back to which jet/needle is affecting the power at that level. And a temperature gauge to make sure you aren't wayyyy out. Hard to imagine you need much more than a bit of adjustment on your thing though, as nothing has been grossly modified. I would be looking at maintenence items like seals and rebuilding the carb first
  2. definitely not, when there is good fuel/oil/air ratios, the spark plugs look like normal. 5000km old spark plugs on my scooters are dry as and have a nice colour to them
  3. do you have a compressor to blow into the crankcase if you think its super flooded?
  4. We use spraywell at work. Apparently the trick to getting a better price is to go around the back on the left hand side and find the younger dude (son). The dad charges more. Also the charge prices seem to come out their bums, they just pick a number. Good quality finish though
  5. ah yeah those look legit
  6. trailtech do a TTO model which means you can get a rev gauge and a temp gauge separately. I have a trailtech vapor on my street magic which is twice as much as the two gauges, but has more info on it. Trailtech stuff seems legit. I have a stage6 gauge on my other bike and its not too bad, but the trailtech is better IMO
  7. You got something to check temps?
  8. If the angles are the same I would probably just chuck a decent sized washer in there, just make sure the ID of the washer clears the taper. Maybe a couple of pics would help
  9. Dont forget idle jets, main jets, needles. And rollers too
  10. I have to say, I dont understand why you persevere with this bike. But good job for keeping at it
  11. Jeez I haven’t been winded in a long while, maybe I should get a ct