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  1. Anyone dealt with laser welders? Seems interesting This video they are welding 12mm plate which isnt ideal for it IMO, but seems like it would be legit for thin stuff. More talking about a working environment vs car work
  2. Sweet, is it a major to remove/move seats around? Needs a recert I guess?
  3. Hey @cletus is it easier to buy a van with many seats and remove some, or buy a van without seats and add some? I want a big van with just one row of seats just behind the driver seats, just wondering if it makes sense to buy one particular type as a starting point
  4. got way too much stuff going on at the moment. selling house, moving house, building new house, moving to france for few months soon. etc etc etc
  5. unless someone wants to go pick that one up for me and hold on to it for a few months
  6. man so keen. Think i'll get one at some point Found the limit of the street magic on this wonderful adventure, still made it to the end of the trip though, but shit me those roads/goat tracks were steep
  7. What’s the objection to powder coating? It’s really robust and looks great IMO
  8. Hey guys, Im looking for a decent auto sparky to wire up a 300zx twin turbo with a link G4. Its for a client of my partner who has some terminal illness so wants it done ASAP paying standard rates etc. Anyone know of someone? Its got some mods to it, but nothing too wild by the looks, and all components appear to be there to wire up
  9. How do you tell an SR version of the seller doesn’t know?
  10. Any particular model you would recommend? I see some have headlights and others don’t, was that just an option when you bought it, but otherwise the same?
  11. yeah not going to lie, I'm also looking at getting a 2 stroke dirt bike onto the road, KDX is a pretty sweet option and looks reasonably streetable compared to most dirt bikes
  12. CVT or under 70cc only now guys, its too easy for big engine bikes, we want to see what you can build
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