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  1. Hey @Truenotch how does the oil system work? I see you have changed to premix but is the oiling adjustable, or some way you can see if it was working properly? I put a drill to pump oil on both my scoots to prime them/check them. My Suzuki has a non adjustable oil setup but the aprilia is adjustable
  2. Nordson is the most common in NZ, mostly as they have the best service really, just screw you over on pricing, plus everything is imperial and yeah, does change depending on viscosity, but I dont have that info and I trust that whoever helps us set up the machine will set it for best results.
  3. there is pressurised glue in line feeding the guns, the times relate to the pneumatically operated solenoids which open the valves for the pressurised glue lines. We can measure everything pretty accurately as the cardboard is moving via servo with encoder feedback. Problem with that is we need to buy a machine to test it, costing $25k
  4. Hey guys I have a work related question, I am designing a machine that applies hot glue to cardboard. The cardboard is moving pretty fast so I need fast acting guns & associated equipment. We have an automatic glue gun that we often use with a solenoid that claims to be able to cycle 8000 times/minute, or 133 times/second, or once every 7.5milliseconds, with a minimum bead deposition time of 2milliseconds. How does the 2ms relate to the 7.5ms? It takes (7.5-2)/2=2.75ms to open, 2ms minimum open time, then 2.75ms to close? An alternative product can cycle 120 times per second, or once every 8.3ms, with a minimum open time of 5ms, so does that mean it takes (8.3-5)/2=1.65ms to open, stays open for 5ms, then takes 1.65ms to close? So its faster to operate between positions, but must stay open for longer once open? The outputs from the PLC are high speed, 0.5ms on, 1ms off timeline for gun 1 0 - tell PLC to operate solenoid 0.5ms, signal received at solenoid, starts to open 3.25ms, solenoid open 11ms, solenoid has been open for 7.75ms, it will take 1ms to send signal to close, so send signal from PLC to high speed output 12ms, solenoid starts to close 14.75ms, solenoid closed timeline for gun 2 0 - tell PLC to operate solenoid 0.5ms, signal received at solenoid, starts to open 2.15ms, solenoid open 9.9ms, solenoid has been open for 7.75ms, it will take 1ms to send signal to close, so send signal from PLC to high speed output 10.9ms, solenoid starts to close 12.55ms, solenoid closed so if I never need to operate less than 5ms, then gun 2 is arguably the better choice? Or have I mixed up how this works?
  5. I destroyed my soul removing the old tyres, took 500kg + of hilux weight to push the tyres off the beads
  6. Ah i thought I had entered this, will get onto it. Edit: entered Put new tyres and bearings into street magic, will ride it to work the next few weeks to make sure it’s reliable
  7. dang 13bhp, nice way to make some sweet power
  8. Yeah get a trailtech vapor, reliable speed, rpm and cylinder temp. I have a stage6 version too on another bike which is a good alternative. Over 200 degrees is into trouble territory, above 215 is super danger zone, hard riding on long straights should put you around 180-190 in the middle of summer
  9. new street magic tyres arrived, wonder how much worse road riding will be shinko mobber 504 and 505
  10. Anyone know who can convert rims to beadlockers in auckland?
  11. well since bort is bringing a 50cc, I'll be bringing my street magic. Last time my bottom was punished, so this time I will be trying to roll without a pack and strap a bag to the back of the bike. Hepefully it will be more reliable this time and with some knobbly tyres
  12. Is there a list of whos coming and what size bikes they are riding? pretty keen to bring my street magic again, but if its clearly going to be the slowest then would consider my faster more city style scooter
  13. hey guys I have a couple of 2 wire DC motors I want to get plugs for, so they can be removed easily. I have tried bullet connectors but they just arent up to the task, and this isnt being fitted into a car so not really suitable. Whats the next step up in plugs, something screw together? Its for 24V 15A