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  1. Really keen to come but I got too much stuff on this time, will try to be there for next time
  2. my yamaha had bad earths everywhere, thats probably where I would be looking
  3. for rust, this shit is seriously amazing, I used it on the inside of my new fuel tank and it came out amazing. also, its reusable https://www.crc.co.nz/EvapoRust-Ready-to-Use/6895-3df38418-aaf1-46f9-abe2-534e825f0fae/
  4. Nah I retired the little guy, this was on one of glens CT’s. It would have struggled to make it due to how deep most of the fords were unless it was carried all the time. For the CT we drained airbox, carb, cylinder and oil, refilled oil away it went
  5. The snorkel under my seat didnt help much when I tried to cross a river What an amazing weekend, thanks chaps
  6. we havent discussed exact logisitics, but im sure its possible
  7. Anyone dealt with laser welders? Seems interesting This video they are welding 12mm plate which isnt ideal for it IMO, but seems like it would be legit for thin stuff. More talking about a working environment vs car work
  8. Sweet, is it a major to remove/move seats around? Needs a recert I guess?
  9. Hey @cletus is it easier to buy a van with many seats and remove some, or buy a van without seats and add some? I want a big van with just one row of seats just behind the driver seats, just wondering if it makes sense to buy one particular type as a starting point
  10. got way too much stuff going on at the moment. selling house, moving house, building new house, moving to france for few months soon. etc etc etc
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