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  1. springs to mind as people that would know what to use, potentially have it in stock /be able to source. /no pun
  2. In for a weeknight burger in my face hole meet.
  3. Extreme then? I'll have to pop in next time I need bits. Busted in a modern car, the shame.
  4. Spotted in the flesh today, even better. Looks great with the hubbies.
  5. To quote Clint So that is probably a good place to start. For context, start reading here: While there are some rules with little leeway, your best bet is to touch base with the certifier too. Saves going down the wrong track.
  6. Bling


    The paint will still be on the outside, no matter which rim you place it on. That's how asymmetric tyres work. I'd probably lean towards tyre black or a sand with some fine sand paper. can't be any worse than scuffing a tyre on a curb which doesn't seem to affect them?
  7. Imagine this sort of top design, with a thin angled tube on the underside. I broke my spoiler somehow, contents within.
  8. I need to repair a tail light, remake fender mirror bases and indicator lenses would be a bonus at some point. Keen to see what people make in here. Cheapest taillight i've found was $250 + shipping from Japan, probably worse now due to exchange rate and shipping. Yeah I think i'll learn how to mold things... Will be sure to post up any progress with products used. Would be good to see other people doing so too. Saves buying crappy products if someone has used it with bad results etc. What sort of resin would you go with for fender mirror bases? I was looking to make a two piece mold, somehow, and make a few spares as I need two of each side. Might be able to sell a couple to recoup some of the manufacture costs.
  9. Will be interesting to see how many people get pulled up for lack of droop. So many cars out there are so low that they must have next to no droop. Everyone will have to swap out their chopped springs @ WOF time. Slash they probably already have mail order WOFs.
  10. Thresholds are different between unmodified cars and modified ones, in general. Cert allows you to go above and beyond what you can without one. However, once you go that way, the car needs to stay in that configuration. Just because cars are converted auto to manual, and not picked up by WOF inspectors as needing a cert, doesn't mean they don't need one. Joe Bloggs can potentially using any brake pedal and the odds of it being picked up at WOF time are slim. Zero testing will have been done on that part, to know it's actually suitable. Cert means everything has been checked over carefully and is compliant. Any change at that point has the potential to affect other areas. Yeah I agree on the trans swap needing a cert, to using the current trendy term, too many diddle fingers out there doing the work.
  11. Can get the discs overseas by the looks, just not cheap. Only had a quick look, so quite possibly more options. That said if you plan to repower it later, you may upgrade the brakes so a skim could last you till then.
  12. Might have to spend some time with the Brembo (or similar) rotor catalog. If lucky, you might find some that just need the diameter machining down or similar. What sort of size are they? Do they share brakes with any other models that you know of?
  13. I stepped on brake with the vehicle in 5th for a fellow OS'er, seemed to work a treat. If handbrake is enough, then you should be sorted for DIY, could chock wheels / tie it to a post, worse case.