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  1. Messing with the ECU's sounds like a quick way to have a big brick in the driveway. Which is probably the same reason no one who does that sort of thing for a living wants to touch it.
  2. Both sides of the disc the same? I'm assuming the installed pads are the correct size and wearing evenly?
  3. Yeah would expect current cert rules needing to be complied with. No matter the history of the car, certed or not.
  4. Bling

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    I'd happily tang it. Alas the money isn't there, and I can't see it being there in the foreseeable future TBH.
  5. Bling

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    Ticking along slowly eh. Wheels were a big thing to sort as it determines more than I initially imagined. On the plus side, can fit some decent brakes now if I go that way. Relatively smooth sailing once the rust is sorted I think, not that fixing it will be an easy prospect. Too many awkward layer upon layer sections to sort. 80's life.
  6. Bling

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop

    Haven't done bugger all on this recently. Had been trying to source some cert happy 14" wheels, but that didn't happen. Wheels held the build up a little bit as I needed them to start working out other things that will happen later. Anyway, some pics of the limited progress since last update. "Built" a frame to straighten out the headlight area of the front. Didn't take too long with a handful of long tek screws, to get it much closer to the right shape. Happy enough with the results, so that will get a primer / paint later on. Amazingly complicated alignment tool: Before, main damage being the panel below hood support bracket. After some tek screwing I didn't think at the time to document it from the same angle, but the difference was quite noticeable IRL. Previous to that I had removed the rusty A pillar section shown earlier. Before, with the two layers removed. After, with one section made up, i'll make the top section when I have this one welded in and epoxy primered up. Then weld that over the top, epoxy, paint. Meanwhile, this turned up, with a friend another day. And unwrapped Wheel specs: SSR XR-4 Longchamps, 15x7-1(x2) and 15x7+11(x2). Lost count of the hours spent browsing Yahoo to find a set or even a pair that matched the offsets I measured I wanted. Well worth the time in the end, but it did drive me half insane, finally finding some, only to be outbid by twice my budget. Nothing super wide or dished, but they will sit well on the car I feel, and I can wrap them in damn good tyres. Similar dish on the rear to my 14x7.5-1, but with 10 times the number of tyres available, an easy choice in the end. I also removed some unnecessary weight from the rear of the car, to help sort the ride height. Shocks and springs, overrated. Before: After: I will be home alone for the whole Xmas break, so will be aiming to get the car completely back together (for now) with all of the rust cut out and replaced with new steel. Epoxied up and some red spray cans to tidy up the repairs. Then I can start the next stage which will get quite expensive, rather quickly. Until then, let me know what i've done wrong here.
  7. Bling

    POR15 full of shit!

    I have come across similar areas on my project car. I am leaning towards doing nothing with such areas, they have lasted 35 years with nothing more than surface rust. My thought was that sealing any seams near it, could end up trapping moisture. Especially if you can't prep it 100% legit. Right or wrong, doing nothing works for me, I have enough proper rust problems to sort. Tempted to Amazon source a full face 3m mask for relatively not much, for all paint chobs. Still need to get around to sourcing the epoxy primer too and some colour matched spray cans. edit- not as cheap as I thought after all, half mask might have to do.
  8. Bling

    Where to get a 3tgte Radiator

    Do you have one at all? Could get it recored for $$$
  9. Bling

    POR15 full of shit!

    Send photos to POR15, see what they say.
  10. Can still roll in a car with a busted drive shaft though, Roman provided proof of this. My theory, and it's only a theory, is that nothing should be within the hoop except the driveshaft. Credit to @Roman for the pic
  11. Would be less than ideal the driveshaft coming loose and grabbing the cable to give you sweet rear braking. 2c
  12. Bling

    POR15 full of shit!

    Is it rusting from the inside? As in moisture inside the frame is feeding the rust? I just really can't see moisture getting through the paint to the frame.
  13. Mags on to stock wheel hubs. For cert do you need hub-centric rings when using tapered wheel nuts? Cheers
  14. Probably too lazy TBH. Kaiapoi has some carnival / show and shine on the 1st dec too
  15. So uhhh was there one tonight? Not that I mind eating alone, lol.