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  1. Yeah both mine were on ae111 chassis. One disc, one drum. Took a lot less time to work out the second time! Mine were not too far out, but nothing I did would get it closer.
  2. The two times i've had rear imbalance, where pissing with the rear didn't solve it, it was the proportioning valve(?). On the car it controlled the left / right split part of the system, i'm not good with terms. Different car though so could run a different setup. Both times it was a tiny bit of crud inside the valve and when cleaned out balanced up perfectly. Just an idea anyway, no idea on that car setup.
  3. Postage times aren't that bad
  4. 12v would be much easier to sort in your case. I have a PC PSU I powered a car stereo from in the shed, 12V rail on them tends to be decent, well so long as you don't buy low end.
  5. I feel like including the knackered batteries in the mix of this will do more harm than good. Would they even offer up the capacity you're needing from them? Purely for examples sake, this unit is used for 3D printers https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/computers/3d-printers-supplies/3d-parts-accessories/listing/3652425447?bof=0yiT1ElZ Scrap the batteries to fund a 24v PSU I imagine most PC stuff will be 12V.
  6. Just a dot on the end of the link. With the cheaper ones from mi shop, just do some googling as I have seen some examples where bits fell out leading to some injuries. Not to put you off them, they will be a lot cheaper, just worth looking at. Or at least getting salad eater to have a nut and bolt check over it before going for a hoon. Pretty sure a family member rocks one of the Xiaomi models (it's grey, probably no help, but I can ask him what model / his view if you like) and uses it for the exact same thing, can't park near work and works CBD. Never had any issues with my Xiaomi devices so i'd totally hit the cheapest model that fits your needs. Will pay for itself pretty quickly no paying Wilsons, so if you decide you want a better one you can always flick it off and upgrade.
  7. Could be easier to just reshape the floor to suit the extra space needed for resonators?
  8. True that, enough parts from one warehouse and it's probably worthwhile. Gone (for now at least) are the days of decent shipping costs on a bunch of parts though. Just added a single wheel bearing to cart, postage $35 lol. Pretty sure minimum postage used to be a lot less than that.
  9. The shipping cost lol. Haven't been back in a while, but shipping was brutal last time I looked to put together some parts.
  10. Put bigger bolts on I've never tried the above, but a couple of bolts would create a pretty decent grip I would think? Could always flat spot the shaft where the bolts are and cut the bolt flat too. Can do that if it falls off.
  11. I would expect Palmside to be pretty knowledgable on which bits to go for. They are pretty into Escorts. Not saying don't ask here, but more so that when i've been in there they have been helpful. Wasn't for jets, but still.
  12. If there isn't much force on the reverse motion, could just weld some nuts to a tube and tighten bolts through them onto the shaft. like this
  13. You have to prove it's been on the road I think. Give NZTA a call.
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