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  1. Just take the pics with a potato in low res lol
  2. Bling


    Don't see why cans can't come up mint. Spray, wet sand / buff? edit, I didn't read that text till after posting lol, seems legit to me.
  3. Yeah pretty sure it's done on the Saturday. I'm spent by Friday / never have a car on the road this time of year so don't park up.
  4. I'd want belts in the rear A) for back seat passenger safety and just as importantly B.) for the front seat passenger safety. Guess that would mean cert time, but worthwhile IMO. /devils advocate
  5. I've always welded nuts on, perfect hole in the middle to fill with weld. Could potentially cut some flats on that one though and put the next sized down socket on it. If needed before you get the welder.
  6. His feedback says it all really...
  7. The animated ones are the best lol. I hear you though, some can be pretty bright.
  8. Yeah seems a bit silly. Totally different designs for totally different jobs. Legality shouldn't come into it, just don't, lol.
  9. That example there is 4900kg GVM, a bit weighty.
  10. You'll save money for sure. You'll likely also spread silica dust as far as you can see and get pissed off while doing so. Post results either way I'd be paying the money and having it done within a week, with no effort required on my part. I pick and choose my DIY battles, that job wouldn't be one of them unless I had all the PPE and a filtered spray booth. I have neither. Same reason i'm paying bank for coilovers, i'd rather just pay the guys that do it daily than trial and error it myself. 2c and all that.
  11. Dick punch rule is only for cars on the road, so don't worry guys, you are safe.
  12. If you don't mind the look of pins, go nuts. Personally i'd do everything I could to recondition what I had to avoid having them. Especially on a car like yours, original = winning. But different strokes etc. Perhaps you could have the mechanism blasted / dipped and anodized? Would link Snoozin's KP as I think he got similar things done, but pics are goneburger.
  13. Is stock release a bad design or just seized up? Ken for a dickpunch
  14. Haha fair enough, i'm not worried about WOF inspectors so much, more so what the LVVTA say the rule is. You guys do make the rules after all Just a bit of a confusing one for me as swapping the seats in without a cert would still pass a WOF. So just wondering what the threshold is once certed, for changes like that. Swapping wheels to other sizes is an easy one, as it can change the cars handling no doubt. So I get the rules around that, with the sizes stamped to the plate. But swapping in seats better suited to holding you in place, doesn't seem like it would be a safety issue. Assuming I am buying reputable branded components.
  15. Seats and belts would be separate, just wondered about the cert rules as they lock the car down pretty hard once plated. More of a hypothetical as I have no plans to change seats currently (no money for that carry on).