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  1. That was a mystery nut until pretty everything else was back together lol.
  2. That doesn't appear to be Old English font... Looking great Steeb, does it go hard for what it is?
  3. Looks pretty bad inside, so could just be a matter of time before it splits somewhere else?
  4. Lookin hawt. I got my Corolla boot seal from ParaRubber Blenheim Rd, if that's any help.
  5. Phwoar, so red and shiney!
  6. In regards to the clunking, are you sure the piston rod nuts are all the way home? I've had it before where the piston hadn't locked into the top hat correctly and so the piston was turning when I thought it was locked in place. Meant clunky noises. Popped the nuts off, and realigned the piston rod into the top hat (it had a cut out, hadn't noticed it at first), this locked the piston and allowed it to be properly tightened. You've likely already got that sorted, but just thought i'd mention it in case. Or your setup may not be the same. I'd just check by tightening it and checking the piston isn't turning.
  7. HAH! I just came to post that. Nice work man, I can't even keep up with the updates, let alone that work rate!
  8. Two people like stock height therefore times have changed? Interesting. Sack it and brap it, Uterus knows what's up.
  9. Wheels look sweet!
  10. God damn, nice jerb! So so nice.
  11. Explains the high prices on their muscle cars
  12. Got a photo?
  13. Looking good man. If you run out of soda-stream, hit me up, I have a cylinder here you can borrow. CO
  14. Just roll low springs and have balloon tyres for long trips. Unless you're not worried about legalities, you can't adjust the height up or down more than 5% of the certed height. The correct answer is to just run slammed 24/7 though. Sweet car, i'm slightly biased though.