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  1. Bling

    Fancy new school engine won't go?

    I can't imagine fuel sitting in an injector for years will do it any favours / might end up like the fuel tank. Free test is good. Although it could still be blocked even if operating well in this test (sound wise). /ling
  2. Bling

    Fault codes - help

    Could take it to a Mazda garage and have them scan it / give you estimates perhaps. Dealership might get more detailed info from the ECU. I know when I had my van scanned yonks ago (not Mazda) they could tell exact details of the fault, when it happened and all that jazz. From the fault code they knew the part that had failed/ was intermittently failing.
  3. Bling

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    I'm only talking hardcore relative to other products you can buy that don't contain acid. Most of them claim to be safe on skin (I still glove up because why not). But acid is certainly not great for your skin. This was ~2 minutes with a soft brush to put it on, cloth to wipe it off. It's left a zinc phosphate layer on the metal and all the rust is gone. Deeply pitted metal will take longer of course. Deeply pitted vertical surfaces are a nightmare. It's great for heard to reach places though as you just brush it in and presol it when done. /many ways to skin a cat
  4. Bling

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    Is all this hardcore acid actually better than the non-toxic alternatives? I've done test patches and the rust is gone quick, and that's with stuff that isn't acid / doesn't give of fumes etc.
  5. Bling

    Bling's AE70 Hardtop - Discussion

    Cool man, keen to see yours.
  6. Bling

    Welder buying spam

    I've always just had new circuits put in for my welder / compressor. You know what's what then, for not much (relative to welder price etc) cost.
  7. Bling

    Welder buying spam

    Also worth keeping in mind your whole shed might be run off the one circuit. So if you plan on running lamps, radio etc while laying down phat 10mm beads, it could be worthwhile having a dedicated 15A plug on it's own circuit. No worries then. If people want things welded, they just have to bring them to you. A good idea to make up a short 15A extension lead, so you can move the welder anywhere in shed. I think mine is about 4m, means my welder can be at the garage door if need be. I wouldn't buy a welder from overseas, false economy if buying purely on price. How much is shipping going to be if you need it repaired, lots. Handy if your local shop can repair the unit / get spares. If you don't have any welder shops in town though that won't be an option.
  8. Bling

    Brake disc machining - cost?

    Have always just gone new discs, not badly priced and you know they'll last aaaaages. That and you don't need to have the car down for more than a Sunday arvo. Can only imagine that when they are near minimum thickness (after a skim) they'd heat up pretty quick as mentioned. Which would surely impact braking performance, mo heat mo problems.
  9. Bling

    Vehicle Positioning Jacks?

    I have a pair from Repco, they drop to ~$220ish on special for a pair (semi often so if you're not in a hurry). Haven't used them a huge amount yet as I can't even move my car... But they jack the car up fine and seem to move alright even on garage carpet (talking 1 ton vehicle mind you). I'd link you but their site is down, here is the aussie site: Those trademe ones look alright too, they don't even have a hydraulic ram, so less to go wrong perhaps? Dunno
  10. Bling

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    It's not you, it's me. Focus / money needs to be elsewhere for now.
  11. Bling


    Seems legit if it doesn't reflect the sun into other drivers' eyes etc.
  12. 2012 Transit custom, a few niggles such as trip meter resetting each day. Radio stopped working last week so I did some digging. It runs dual batteries and I've found that one runs accessories and the other is starter battery. Both are joined while starting, so using both. Finally got around to removing drivers seat to get to them. One is on 8-9v, so that solves that question. However, for now I have just swapped them around. Radio working again as accessories now running off the good battery. Can anyone see an issue with just rolling like this for now? Will do my homework on battery replacement. But my theory is that it will run fine as it's only during starting the now did battery is used. I just want some sounds till I get new batteries. Lost radio a couple of weeks ago. It has a stupidly overbuilt starter, will having less start up power do any damage to said starter?
  13. Is it a camry? That was the first youtube video that came up with I looked up that gearbag. Funnily enough a transmission fluid check/change video. Looks like a job to have someone else do lol.
  14. Another good burger, more sharns and as usual people turning up in new old cars. OS life.
  15. Are we talking full on race spec, or could it potentially pass a WOF? Just driving to get a WOF, officer.