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  1. We know that, but does Thursday suit you? Probably have to sit this one out, make sure to take some pics.
  2. You probably already know of this setup, but mine is incorporated into the regulator. No gas adjustment on my welder either, I imagine it's usually done at reg but you obviously got supplied a reg without one which seems a bit shit.
  3. If you want it roadworthy, check out the LVVTA requirements. They'll have the requirements on a factsheet on their site. Won't take long to find if motivated (i'm not currently) If it's not going on the road, can do whatever / copy Benny's video. Really depends on what parts you can source and the functionality you want.
  4. Post the dimensions of the bolt and thread pitch then. We are all just throwing darts at a board hoping to hit the bullseye with the details provided.
  5. Could be damaged thread as Mof mentioned? Maybe give it a tickle up with a file. Sit a m12 1.25 bolt next to that thread and see how it lines up.
  6. Pretty quick job to stop it screaming dodgy. I also did the above on my car, as they aren't the deepest from factory.
  7. Bling


    I've used it on all sorts. Last lot I got off trademe $45 to the door for 750ml. Have used it on exterior steel and it seems to hold up fine, four years so far on the gate frames. Recently got "smooth red" and it's a close enough match to the factory paint. Topcoated inside the doors and other bits and bobs where I had epoxy primered but not top coated. Never had an issue. Did these too actually, they are pretty fucked inside, but just wanted to tidy them up a bit so water blasted them, wax and grease removed then brushed it on, the finish is sweet. Check back in a few years where i'll update
  8. Upload the photos to the forum rather than other hosting, means they'll stay around if they are locally hosted. That Streetwise album is awesome.
  9. Good turnout, sun turned up the heat, bbq'd meats and sharns, job well done. A few pics, resizing them down is pretty killer. If you want an original size just let me know. The line up was taken early on so doesn't show the full turnout that was pretty impressive for a lazy Sunday.
  10. I'll see if anything came out non-potato spec and post em later
  11. Will be bland-mobiling as a little concerned with engine temps. Ain't got time to diagnose today / this year.
  12. Meat sticks on order, might throw some different shoes on for the drive.
  13. Too potent and things start to eat the alloy don't they? Grease your elbows and get in there with some less potent stuff.
  14. Bling


    Hire a booth when you need it? For full resprays that is.
  15. So does the other party just get to continue in the race series after pulling a stunt like that? To not even apologise is a clear indicator they are fucked in the head, but it surely can't be good to have people like that in the series?
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