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  1. Bling

    Muffler Tech

    NSFW spoiler that shit man, talk about exhaust porn.
  2. Online is near impossible. Spend the 10 minutes to put the bumper back on and live happily ever after.
  3. Yeah I was reading up about the spacers, the hubcentric bit etc on the document. I need to go through every possible solution to every problem I come across. To at least try and come up with the best solution. Currently that is just buying tyres and hoping they fit. After that it's trying to locate another pair of wheels with the same offset as rear, etc etc. It's a mind fuck really. Trying to balance the wheel offset for max low, with very limited offset options. Which may be pulled up on excessive bumpsteer in the end anyway lol. Thanks for the help.
  4. Center of wheel clears the factory hub, so it's located with the tapered wheel nuts. Spacer is absolute last resort, would sooner buy different offset wheels to be honest. Will likely just need to buy tyres and see how clearance goes. My memory sucks, it does have a ring, but it doesn't contact the mag wheel, so in my head I worked on the theory of it not having one. Pic of hub
  5. Is it possible to fit a wheel spacer, say 5mm, to a car that doesn't have a locating ring on the hub? Can the spacer just be fixed to the wheel, with a flange that matches that of the wheel center hole, for centering purposes? Or can a spacer just not be used in this application. Talking about front axle, where tyre to strut clearance is tight, but not contacting. Just not sure how much clearance is acceptable. 1,2,5mm? TIA
  6. Bling


    Yeah wasn't sure which would be harsher.
  7. Bling


    Could you polish it off with an aggressive compound?
  8. Looks like a blast! Much jelly.
  9. Word of warning for those travelling the Akaroa way home. Some weird as blue fog the whole way to CHCH.
  10. So that means it will go through a WOF no worries? I imagined cert is all good, but i'd have thought fail a WOF because chop chop? Glad to see things coming together again, new intake pipe looks sweet. Pretty handy having the tools and skills to weld everything, no matter the material / fabrication required.
  11. Brain fart then haha, yeah I can only remember one to two cars per person. Last one I saw on Insta was Eterna Forgot about Sigma and have Mirage and Eterna locked in to memory.
  12. Two extremes of ground clearance. Sigma is cooler, plus I'm keen to see it in the flesh, so yeah...
  13. Good question, i'll be cruising a good 100mm buffer above that, just in case.
  14. Yeah mine is a different setup, calipers with holes that bolt into plates. Quite different to narrowing threads. Was just an example that some things are worth checking with certy certy man.
  15. Have you talked to a certifier about any of your stuff? Not being a dick, but that is the sort of question they would appreciate being asked, as there isn't a one size fits all answer to many questions. For example, my certifier has mentioned extra threads in areas you can't even get a single one with your brake setup. Another certifier has said it's not required. So probably a good idea to get a certifier onboard, if you want to save redoing stuff later. I thought I had seen something about it on their forum, but can't see it now.