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  1. Challenge is getting them half way across the country it seems
  2. Challenge is getting them half way across the country it seems
  3. @slacker.cam and @sentra need to put thier names there too as I've booked thier accommodation
  4. Looks similar to mine right now tbh
  5. I'm sure you asked me for some parts but can't remember what you needed and cant find the message - so drop me a line if that's still the case.
  6. not usual to have a break in the loom, or if you have a headlight switch check the put your multimeter to horse shoe mode over that. Check you have a good earth at the light too. A/C should be the yellow wire from memory. Go check you have some AC Pixies right down at your stator and go from there.
  7. Yeah headlight should be AC and the other lights are generally thrown through a reg and are DC.
  8. YB has more POWA than A100. Send it. A++
  9. The Auckland Red flaggotz (c) 1993 all rights reserved will make the trip if we can make it work. @sentra "more than just electrical " is the freight king and is pretty handy with a roll of glad-wrap too (this also applies to wrapping bikes as well as doing secs stuff) but I suspect that is ex Jackson's depot only.
  10. @Mof has the luxury of living in the same Island eh. Just thought it might be nice to not be rushed / go too fast. Think if I go it might be time to grab a DRZ400. I'd be the slowest on a CT and don't like holding up the group. As you were.
  11. hey @RUNAMUCK you considered spreading this over 4 days?
  12. https://www.oldjapanesebikes.com/mraxl_GT_Resource/manuals_page/index.php there is at least a parts manual here, and pretty sure the A100 shares same wiring etc.
  13. Oh Hi. With just a little angle grinder, a Suzuki a100 motor should fit in that frame, offering 4 speeds and more nangs. Here's one I prepared earlier on the earlier U50 model. Regards
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