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  1. ExPrEsSiNg InTeReSt from the Red* Flaggotz MC *flag collour may vary from pictured product. Batteries and Ken Doll sold separately.
  2. Heaps of time thamls Bikes haven't left Renwick though / freight issues Spare bikes to the Rescue for @Geophy's ride on Saturday. /flaggots out
  3. also do you fullas who shot gopro/video footage want me to do an event edit? happy to / kinda do it for a living anyway
  4. We'll be skipping the pub / leaving earlier that morning probs - we have a 5.45 check-in close at Blenheim.
  5. Hai from Auckland gang. Can someone confirm the end point and ETA for the ride pls? we got some bikes to package and a plane to catch on conclusion. Thamls
  6. Us fullas (covid permitting) coming from Auckland liked the idea of starting from somewhere we could ride to after flying in. We had a friendly depot in ChCh so we could ship bikes ahead of time. ASSume there will still be vehicles coming from ChCh so we could travel to starting point with them if we can get enough seats that will be ace. Pretty sure it will be @Tumeke @sentra @slacker.cam @peteretep If not all good - we can look into other flights/shipping options if the start point changes to see if that's possible / affordable / not stink providing we get enough notice to book stuff.
  7. Preliminary only. May be two days. TBH IRL CBF wing it etc RED: Day 1 - Manukau, Waiuku, Manukau Heads, Puke, Hunua Ranges. About 180km BLUE: Hunua, Port Waikato and hide in forest. YELLOW: Port Waikato round the coast back to start. Route may change, will check borders. All to be self sufficient. BYO canvas / food and understand that camping is probably not permitted.
  8. Auckland boys will def do a ride locally if we can't do kape. Lemme know if you want in and when we have an actual plan will advise. Will not include recovery vehicles or any real organization, more 'meet here and we're gonna have a BBQ (2m distance between sausages*) here tonight' type situation. * fucking dudes is ok tho
  9. I'm gonna be super annoyed if we miss another ride due to Lockdown restrictions. It's looking 50/50 for the Auckland crew at this stage. Will still carry on organising though. Cape is in the same boat too.
  10. We continue our epic story where we left off, with our Hero @yoeddynz getting bored with doing panel work. A man with more than one super-power - he also knew about how to make automobiles run - sort of. A little prep work happened before any attempt to make 2500cc of metal turn. A new(ish) battery was supplied care of local BL enthusiast @Slacker_Sam. and many consumables were sent so that testing could commence. A care package of Rock-Auto's finest consumables and some gentleman's literature. First up: Liquid retention. Alex pulled out the Radiator as it didn't like holding ice-cube juice. \ @Slacker_Sam. to the rescue. Another radiator was sourced and thrown in the hole. Ignition: New plugs, leads and spinning points bits was replaced. The quality of the current parts was amazing. Prince of darkness strikes again Now that all the obvious stuff was changed, including a ballast resistor, dodgy accelerator cable, carb issues* and pretty much everything else that i've forgotten.... It was time. The key was ready to turn! And, off course, everything was fine and we all lived happily every after. The end! What didn't happen: NO OIL PRESSURE. Must be a sender fault eh? Cool. Fixed. NO OIL PRESSURE. Must be another connector. Cool. Fixed. NO OIL PRESSURE. Probs the light in the dash. Cool. Fixed. NO OIL PRESSURE. At this stage, shit means that after actually checking real pressure that we have an issue. And, may I proudly present to you, whanau, the issue. Yeah. That's the oil pump. As pretty as it looks, it's inability to spin is considered less that satisfactory. F*ck. Will our hero escape the never-ending BL inflicted issues? Will he instead go for a bike ride and forget such a traumatic event in his life? Tune in next post for next next incredible adventure of Alex the shit car fixerer!
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