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  1. Discussions about the estate build when I post some content.
  3. Pretty sure it was just a random group of guys going for a ride at the same time....
  4. Jeeze jokers - looks like you had a goodtimes.jpg So much so that we are keen to come down and do it - looking at 25th - 28th March. @slacker.cam @sentra @peteretep @Tumeke Two questions: 1. Anyone wanna do it again / join us? 2. Anyone excited to wanna do support for us in case it turns to shit? Main concern is being stranded with a broken bike/person. Yeah we're pretty self sufficient but hey - risk assessment suggests we might be stupid to do it without. Ken to hear your thoughts xx
  5. Yeah sorry all Auckland accommodation was cancelled with the venues when I heard we were fucked so that we didn't loose all our money.
  6. We will get map details and do it ourselves in few weeks. Our bikes are half way down and airlines should hold airfares. Will talk to accommodation tomorrow.
  7. We did consider coming sans borders through the Hunuas.
  8. Yeah so us Auckland guys are not allowed. Guess we will do out own ride in a few weeks.
  9. @Pee Dubs Just caught your tag. The Trident Tavern / Mangere Bridge Tavern drinking team of @sentra @peteretep @slacker.cam and myself are putting our bikes on pallets with some kiwistamps, then flying into ChCh on the Thursdae AM. We are thinking we might ride up to Hanmer for extra adventures on the Thursdae, but if there is a trailer available to bring them back on the Sundae (4 x bikes Hanmer to ChCh pls @anybody?) it might be handy if we are running late for aero planes. If not, we will hit the road early on Sunday to ensure we can get back, pack our bikes and get to the a
  10. https://www.trademe.co.nz/health-beauty/mobility-aids/scooters/listing-2956683364.htm?rsqid=a55bbd1ea0ca46e9aad5b7493779d650-003 pls.
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