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  1. That leaky hose you got is not a factory fitment, rather an after-market oil feed to the head. Some barry's reckon triumphs need them. Others say it's a waste of time #sharn etc. I wouldn't feel bad about blocking it off with the right thread bolt and some thread tape and loosing it if it's being a pain.
  2. This one also has a flashing orange light on the back to alert other road users that you've stopped to have a piss / roll a durrie / sharn the benefits of 2 extra strokes.
  3. Probably? Although the key-tag says Telecom, so who knows. Doesn't have low-range like farm-spec CTs which I'm not too worried about. Seems well serviced too.
  4. Because everyone else has a CT110 CT50 and @UTERUS says they are good, I grabbed this low mileage example from Turners auctions. These have been going for stupid money lately, however when an auction ends on new years day and everyone is still too dusty to bid, some bargains are there to be had. It's blue due to ex contractor and has only just been run in at 103k. Rack box has since been removed and seems to go pretty well. A+
  5. This is a CB50 that needs all the things - namely brakes, less rattle, more ali-express seats etc. I swapped it for one of my CountryCalender.mp3 bikes. Will probably build this one up in the near future with some hydraulic disc front end and some XR100 goodness.
  6. This is one of my RV-125 Van Van things. I had 2 1/2 of them. Bit of a pointless bike, but do have a tacho and 5 speeds. Balloon tyres were designed for sand dunes, but not that usefull otherwise. All a bit rugged so have been selling them off in true Penny Pincher style lately.
  7. I have purchased an appropriate* wagon. *appropriate due to being oldschool, hasn't been on the road since 2000, has lots of rust, no brakes and doesn't run and is located in the wrong island.
  8. You can also download GPX viewers that slam that shit into google maps if you have a mobile phone - I know this works on android, unsure about apples. /Better living
  9. Yeah nah yeah. All fixed now as @Leyland P.I. had a piston kit on his shelf. lemme just slap these together. Unrelated, Adding cheap bikes to trademe watchlist along the route. #swapabike
  10. Thought I'd do some prep since this is two weeks away. The motor on the a100 was a bit noisy. Prolly explains it.