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  1. Tumeke

    Last orders at Mercury Plaza

    I work next door. I'll need a pad thai.
  2. Tumeke

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    Flights booked. registration done. sticker designed.
  3. Tumeke

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    arm could be twisted.
  4. Tumeke

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Keen. The Waikermoana road through Murupara is a good'n - pretty sure @V8Pete took the mondeo through there at some stage too. It's a great part of the country that many people will never see. There is a good campsite called Kaitawa. Has a pub onsite. Lake Wakamarino has a choice old powerstation from memory - (Tuai) The roads out the other side are very scenic with nice sweeping corners etc. Totally need much more self-sufficient through there - much quieter than East Cape which is saying something in itself.. Still Keen.
  5. Tumeke

    EpochNZ's 1973 Saab 99 - Discussion

    Sold to @yoeddynz for $3.85
  6. Tumeke

    Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    No comment.
  7. Tumeke

    Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    The trumpet really needed a paint. I'm not a fan of painting, so brought another one instead. @Slacker_Sam. decided to get rid of one of his. and, so a deal was struck. Due to previous swimmings, the diff bearings were chooched, which was not going to make for a easy journey from the top of the south Island to Auckland, so I sent another diff down from my hoard of stuffs. A rough plan was then hatched. Fly to Nelson, pick-up unseen car with @Slacker_Sam., drive to @yoeddynz's and fix diff and anything else that was about to fall off, catch the ferry that night and drive to Auckland on Sunday. Also renew AA Plus. To make things easier, I brought some number plates and @Threeonthetree with me. The flight meant we could catch up with some of the latest automotive offerings from Australia. What a battle. 1-0 to the VN - as expected. Upon landing, we were whisked with turbo-diesel efficiency to Motueka thanks to Sam where we did a little fixing (re-attached a lost gear selector rod, fitted a battery, fluid checks etc) and headed off to Alex's. @yoeddynz was kind enough to allow us the use of his shaded workshop and magical car lifting device to do a formula one style diff change. Whist we were doing the easy work, Alex and Hannah were slaving over the BBQ making some delicious burgers for us. We truly were looked after - thanks again guys. Also, and probably most importantly, we met Kevin. All good things must end, so it was onto the road for the trip to Picton. We allowed 3 hours for a 2.5 hour trip, which was lucky as we picked up quite a fine specimen of hitch-hiker. We then made the 6pm ferry without any drama. Arrived in Wellington at 11pm and found accommodation in 1967 thanks to some of Neal's vintage friends. An early start on Sunday, and North to Sanson for a creame horne for Breakfast. Other thank the scheduled fuel stops we had a pretty uneventful journey north - Arriving in Auckland late afternoon. Now to do some swapping of bits and pieces and sell the old one in the near future. Old vs. New Thanks again to @Slacker_Sam. @Threeonthetree @yoeddynz
  8. Tumeke

    Lovers Lane BBQ Burnouts

    nice picture of @Threeonthetree being rained on there m9
  9. Tumeke

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Paid last week. I hope.
  10. Tumeke

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Ken on patch. Cash monies transferred.
  11. Tumeke

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    also - found this in Napier last week.
  12. Tumeke

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    Rack out the back m87.