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  1. Suzuki GT-185 This is my Suzuki GT185. It has more pistons than my other bikes. This is the inside of my GT185 after I exploded it. This is the GT185 after I fixed it again.
  2. Come take one for a ride next time you're in the 09 m8
  3. Honda Country Calendar Collection.mp3 These are my 4t farm spec bikes for rounding up nangs at the shed. 2 x CT-200 Auto AG with pull-start because getinbehindyamongrel. 1 x CT-125 conventional I don't really know why I have these, other than cheap. One came with a thistle grubber which hasn't yet been useful. Will probably offload but keen on some @UTERUS Thomson's track action first if there are thistles up there.
  4. SUZUKI A100 I saw this at Kumeu with an 'offers' sign on it but CBF at the time, so grabbed the guys number. Rang him a week later to find he had been dicked about and wanted rid of it so I went and grabbed it. Motor was seized so separated with big hammers, cleaned up barrel and throw a new piston at it. Bike has decided it likes to seize after long periods of WOT. Will throw a bigger main jet at it one day. Is fine around the suburbs.
  5. Right - got more bikes, so updated thread to keep track. SUZUKI SEPIA Suzuki Sepia 2T. Was a sub hundy FB marketplace buy. Added go fast badges and Tongan flag. When it's not carving up the mean streets of Mangere, it's put to use collecting firewood.
  6. Still have a blockage somewhere in the fuel system but it is a intermittent thing. FFS. Anyway, got a WOF. Went to the Raza because Humber.
  7. Email this morning: 17 September 2019 Mercury Plaza deal clears way for CRL Station City Rail Link Ltd (CRL Ltd) confirms it has completed negotiations to occupy central Auckland’s iconic Mercury Plaza for the City Rail Link (CRL) project. The Plaza, located in Mercury Lane off busy Karangahape Road, is the site of a long-established Asian supermarket and food hall. It will be deconstructed and the site used to support construction of the Karangahape Road underground station entrance and tunnels. “While a lot of people will be sad to see the closure of Mercury Plaza and the culinary diversity it brought to Auckland, the site’s temporary use by CRL Ltd is contributing to the transformation of the area and of public transport across wider Auckland,” says CRL Ltd’s acting Chief Executive, Patrick Brockie. Mercury Plaza’s food court developed around the Asian supermarket run by the Ng family. For 25 years the supermarket serviced the needs of the Asian community, and stall owners fed hungry Aucklanders with a variety of dishes from countries across Asia. It is due to close on 20 October. CRL Ltd says its agreement to occupy the site followed successful discussions with the owners of the Mercury Plaza and with the community of operators of the food stalls there. The supermarket will reopen in Panmure in early 2020 as the New Gum Sarn Supermarket. CRL Ltd says the Mercury Plaza site will be used to support excavation of a mine shaft on a next-door site for the station to be built up to 42 metres below ground. Access to the Plaza site will help ease the impact of construction on the local community. Karangahape Road is one of two underground stations being built as part of the CRL project, which includes construction of twin tunnels 3.45-kilometre-long below central Auckland linking the existing Britomart and Mt Eden stations. More information about the CRL project is available at https://www.cityraillink.co.nz
  8. Also could store some stuff short-term if needed in Auckland until you get round to figuring shit out.
  9. I'm happy to drive something down if you need a driver / convoy partners etc.
  10. I reckon you could sell a few on this page alone TBH. I could re-home 6 pretty easily.
  11. Who's got the dealz on SHINKO SR241 these days @MopedNZ? 18 inches tho
  12. Resurrection Session 1: Missing sparks in cylinder number 6. Diagnosis = bad lead. Researched and found that VL Commodore RB motors have the right length. Not perfect, but close enough. Found bargain. Purchased. Fitted. Next went for a drive to diagnose further problems. Broke down. Pulled fuel line off crab and noted no fuel coming through. Luckily a strong and powerful rescue car turned up to help with a Jerry can that was rigged direct to the carburetor to return home. This worked fine until the Jerry can ran out. Ran the last 200 metres on brake-kleen sprayed directly into the carb whilst perched on the guard. Diagnosed fuel blockage in tank and now dead electric pump. Cleaned out tank and gave it a paint. Will now try sourcing a new pump and nylon lines.
  13. Put this shit in a storage shed two years ago. Dragged it into 'current projects' shed last night. #barnfind
  14. PLS POST A PIC OF YOUR RIDE. ONE LIKE = ONE PRAYER. My name is Tumeke and I will ride a 1967 B100p that goes very slow for what it is. It was ok last year. It's guaranteed to be v.slow on the hills, and middle of the pack generally. My Brother is joining us, and he will be on an equaly shit early Suzuki A100 that has yet to prove itself, but we have a couple of months to sort that: (not actual bike but close enough in every respect) I also have a back-up CT125 if needed from breaking one of the above before we leave. It is also shit, but has more strokes and goes a little harder for what it is. PLS POST BOOMER SPEC PHOTOS BELOW. THAMLS. X