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  1. I have purchased an appropriate* wagon. *appropriate due to being oldschool, hasn't been on the road since 2000, has lots of rust, no brakes and doesn't run and is located in the wrong island.
  2. You can also download GPX viewers that slam that shit into google maps if you have a mobile phone - I know this works on android, unsure about apples. /Better living
  3. Yeah this isn't an oldschool event. 1979. Pft. 1967.
  4. Yeah nah yeah. All fixed now as @Leyland P.I. had a piston kit on his shelf. lemme just slap these together. Unrelated, Adding cheap bikes to trademe watchlist along the route. #swapabike
  5. Thought I'd do some prep since this is two weeks away. The motor on the a100 was a bit noisy. Prolly explains it.
  6. I kinda liked that i could beer scooter/walk to my bed from Smash Palace after some sharns and quite a few handles. How far away is this lawn from town @MopedNZ?
  7. @BLIZZO is pretty good at making google maps you can download to your phone with a route. You can then download the maps and cache them prior to leaving so you don't need signal. Better living?
  8. Take the one off your trailer for the trip. /must have mixed them up //ling
  9. Glass N Cars is shore based mobile. Do good deals.
  10. Triumph PI standard in the boot. More chance of exploding than anything else. #BLSHARNS