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  1. even with period correct accessories it still looks stink sorry. (also i can't spell)
  2. Picture update: (I haven't had to fix anything lately) Back Seat Xmas Party Wedding Duty. No photos of various trailer moving duties, Leadfoot, Holiday cruises etc.
  3. That Hunter wags is still on tardeme for twice what the guy paid for it lol
  4. The brakes were pretty mushy, so olm8 @JustHarry threw some new brake soft lines at it so the pedal had less sponge. The old girl was started and given a run but she was a bit asthmatic and had a case of the misses. A trip to Christchurch was needed to suss it out, so luggage was packed. Obviously there was a list of stuff to do to get things ready for a warrant but they were all abandoned when Harry saw the Weber 28-36 and intake manifold. We whipped the old off, modified the exhaust manifold due to the open top into the old intake (bit of flat plate robbed off another project) modified the linkages, fuel lines and slammed it on. At the same time I threw a new set of plugs, points, leads and rotor at it, and we sourced another 12v coil from an abandoned Toyota. Performance is now tortise-like instead of slug-like. The carb is running too lean so I assume some bigger jets will need to be sourced. It does blow big flames out the top though. The gearbox is round the wrong way. 1st / 2nd is where 3rd / 4th should be. I assume it's been a column change gearbox with a floor change selector fitted. Also likes to jump out of 4th gear, but a bungee cord should fix that. Next I removed 30+ meters of unwanted and additional Barry wiring, some projector spotlights and we managed to get all of the electrical stuff working. Need to find a indicator switch, or at the very least a two way switch for indicator function. This one is goosed. Also need to remove the Barry indicators off the bumper and re-wire the indicators into the park lights like factory next time I'm down. Note Barry indicators, and a bumper off something - not this car. Things I need to find: Rear Latch mechanism for the tailgate top part / and bottom part You can see where there has been a random door latch to hold it down in the past. Think we can do better. Couple of bits of trim and at some point a passenger door as it looks a bit sus. New windscreen seal for winter. If anyone has some parts or knows of a wreck hit me up. Pretty sure I have forgotten most of what I need. Also there will be a bit of rust work on the RHS sill that Harry is keen to take on and a misc list of other stuff before she's ready to be inspected. I've also been talked into installing some slam and Tridens or similar. A chair bowl to @JustHarry @Carsnz123 @- i5oogt - @76rolla_gurl
  5. @RUNAMUCK M9 she's a beauty. I saw you full tuck on the dio on my way back from a fixit session on the weekend. Will update thread sometime.
  6. Yes pls. I have a wagon now so I can store it.
  7. The park lights on top of the headlights are meant to be the indicators too, however the wiring has been re-routed so needs further investigation. However, shouldn't need auxiliary ones theoretically. But chairs for the offer m9
  8. This is where you can tell me it's not running a 5M etc.
  9. I got talked into buying a wagon. It's green. It's been painted with a large brush. It doesn't have a wof, but luckily it makes up for all of that by leaking oil, yeilding much rust and having been owned by a tinkering Barry who liked to make 'improvements'. For anyone who cares (crickets........) it's a 1965 Hillman Super Minx Estate, with 1600cc's of asthmatic Rootes group cast iron, with 4 or the floor (that's an interesting story in itself as to why the gate is the opposite to the labeling... why is 1st where 3rd should be?) Green vinyl interior and 4 bald tyres. Of course it was in Christchurch. I'm in Auckland. So I sent some OSGCs in to negotiate on my behalf. Nek minute You can see some amazing indicators and projector spotlights already in this photo showing just how great the accessories were going to be. From there, it was put out to pasture with some other treasures in a field so that we could discuss the stupidity of buying it. Bad life choices link to go here:
  10. I'm lacking a running bike since exploding my ct clutch. Have ordered parts but won't make it sadface.gif will miss you gayes x
  11. That leaky hose you got is not a factory fitment, rather an after-market oil feed to the head. Some barry's reckon triumphs need them. Others say it's a waste of time #sharn etc. I wouldn't feel bad about blocking it off with the right thread bolt and some thread tape and loosing it if it's being a pain.
  12. This one also has a flashing orange light on the back to alert other road users that you've stopped to have a piss / roll a durrie / sharn the benefits of 2 extra strokes.
  13. Probably? Although the key-tag says Telecom, so who knows. Doesn't have low-range like farm-spec CTs which I'm not too worried about. Seems well serviced too.
  14. Because everyone else has a CT110 CT50 and @UTERUS says they are good, I grabbed this low mileage example from Turners auctions. These have been going for stupid money lately, however when an auction ends on new years day and everyone is still too dusty to bid, some bargains are there to be had. It's blue due to ex contractor and has only just been run in at 103k. Rack box has since been removed and seems to go pretty well. A+