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  1. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    @Carsnz123 should have 5 Datsuns on the road by then too. Much mean machinery at his 'olman's place.
  2. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    Churpro - could be fun @chris r
  3. Wagnats 2018 Feb 1st - 6th

    I need a wagon. sadface.jpg
  4. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110

    More rust sorting. Had a look underneath and it looks pretty solid except for one bit: The photo is upside down cause i couldn't be arsed lying on my back. Anyways, hit it with a screwdriver and managed to fill a bucket with bits and bobs. Hit it with the cutting disc to go back to the hard stuff. A few bits of CAD required to patch. Firstly attached the side stays after cleaning everything out, zinc coating etc. Folded up these I then glued them in and forgot to take photos. Will do when I'm under it again. The top one sits inside the existing U upside down and the bigger one goes over the top of the whole lot. Also whipped out the clutch slave cylinder: Since it's been sitting for 10 years I suspect a bit of rust built up and as it was actuated the rough edges split the rubber. I have ordered an eBay kit for a few bucks which I'll fit with a hone etc. Did a WOF check on all the lights - fixed a couple with bulbs I had lying round. Importantly the grill light still works: Also through a radio in the dash which I forgot to take a pic of. There are some 6" size holes in the doors which need filling. Accepting donations of anything with a grill as I already have some terrible speakers without. I'm looking forward to BK at 110 mph. (Hawaiian chicken is all I eat from those fullas)
  5. Summer boat project: 1967 Wolseley 6/110. 3 Litre twin crab 6 with three on the floor and overdrive. Last driven 2006. Upon slotting it in the shed the following observations can be reported: The HT wire to the coil just sits inside the coil hole. Once you put that back in it works. Brakes (1 of?) are binding Clutch isn't working properly but the pool of what looks like either brake or clutch fluid underneath might explain that. Has a smashed windscreen and glass everywhere. Came with a replacement screen. Rust in the corners of the screen frame. Scatterings of rust everywhere. Welder will be busy.
  6. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    Settle down lads. I sure ain't gonna be doing more than a casual 70. I don't buy old cars for v-max runs. Will be keen to compare with the similar spec Humber though.
  7. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    Done all the windscreen surrounds on 1.5 belts. I've actually had huge success with Ozito. My electric chainsaw has felled much many a large Totara tree and turned it into burning logs. They are quiet so don't alert people to what you are doing, and as long as you keep your blade sharp it's like a knife through butter. As a home gamer, Ozito suits most of my needs.
  8. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    @RUNAMUCK - Myself and @chris r were considering buying something CHEAP locally - sight unseen - and adventuring to Nats. Sending each other links - I keep finding British crap and he keeps finding Honda Citys. Probs best we both just get a VN 3.8 for mangs TBH.
  9. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110 discussion

    You know it.
  10. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110

    The windscreen was already gone when I got the car, and the previous owner hadn't replaced it due to a couple of holes: To not damage anything further, I whipped out the dashboard : Spent a fair while vacuuming glass shards out of here. Nice easy access to find Lucas smoke. Cut out the rotten stuff and zinc coated the innards after this photo. Fashioned a sacrificial panel into place that came with the car also. Recommend spot weld drill bits. A++ Glued into place. I'm not as good as some of you other fullas, but it ain't going anywhere. Also followed advice from @azzurro I purchased a power file, which is well worth getting too. Bunnings has $60 Ozito ones and a three pack of belts is $1.60.
  11. Tumeke's Wolseley 6/110

    Discussion available here:
  12. Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    Alfa 147.
  13. Tell me stuffs for the Trumpet here. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/55641-tumekes-25-pi-trumpet/ Trumpet Build Threads
  14. Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    Will it fit? Tune in next time for more. Spoiler: It fits. Need to install it's partner now too. Pics to come. Engine has been making a lot of tapping noises (like tappets need adjusting). Tracked it down to the metering unit. Spoke to Chris Whitor and he suggested winding down the fuel pressure since I had the bosch unit installed. Backed it off to 100 psi. Success. Went cruising with the Trumpet club on the Sunday. Many dorts. Developed a pretty substantial vibration in the drive-line. Suspecting gearbox mount and/or engine mounts. Will raid of project car (if they are the same) in next few days and see if that sorts the issues.
  15. One British car is stupid. 2 is more stupidist. 1972 Triumph 2.5 PI with 4 speeds and a switch to make some more speeds. Purchased of the tardme for much less than advertised on account of it not working. Was a deceased estate so little information about the not working could be given. Did ascertain that money has been spent, and there is receipts for new metering units and the like. Has been repainted, and clear is blistering in places. There's rust in the front guard, back D pillar window frame and back valance. Spares panels are were supplied with the car but are yet to be collected. So far I've looked for some spark, found it, then lost it, then found it again. I have had it running on some cylinders but not the prescribed 6. So far suspect the coil is a bit average, and probably lots of other things. The main problem, however, is that I think it's been Barried, so nothing can be taken for granted and a full going over needs to happen once I can get the thing to run. All help will be accepted, and I'm sure someone will set up a discussion topic thing for me cause I don't know how.
  16. Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    @Carsnz123 saw that when I was down - it's pretty rough and a bit of a mission distance wise for what it's worth. But cheers for keeping me in mind!
  17. Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    Risked the lawand cruised to an Oldschool meat one night last month. Realised how useless the gauges were for reading at night. First step was to remove the dimmer switch - and this helped marginally. Second step was $4.85 on Aliexpess for some LEDs. Whilst I'm not sold on the green (I'll try white next time) at least I can see how slow I'm going / how much water I've lost etc now. I'll also look at updating with a suitable dimmer in the future but keep the factory dimmer knob if possible. Before - with photoshop enhanced brightness so you can see something. Aliexpress Goodness. I then did some maintenance stuff like oil (complete with rounded bung that's since been replaced with a more traditional hexagonal one) Gearbox - sounded a bit chattery so thought I'd top it up (with almost 4 litres of oil.....) Next step - let's try for a WOF. I cut the worst of the noticeable rust out and welded a new panel patch in temporarily, rather than fail on rust. Long term I'd like to replace the whole front guard (you guys hook me up pls) BL quality assured badge still intact. Next: WOF check: PTO for more? Nah - one page mate. A lot of fail and a lot of good fail - i.e. Driveshaft bolts loose etc. I've learnt I can't trust anything on this car to have been done right in the past. Such Barry'd. Done most - recheck tomorrow hopefully.
  18. Spares needed? @- i5oogt - might be able to help. Maybe.
  19. Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    They did indeed. @Mr Vapour makes stuff good again. A+ would trade again.
  20. Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    Spring clean. Before: After
  21. Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    Further to last update I finished (roughly) the fuel pump setup last night: FUEL PUMP Take one piece of aluminum off the side of a broken welder, cut it into shape, cover it in kids dura-seal and drill some mounting holes. Whip out Ali Express's finest (cheapest) Riv-nut gun and slam in some captive nuts unlike everything else British. Re-purposed the old fuel pump bracket to hold the pressure relief valve. More captive nuts and a coat of whatever paint I had lying around. Complete setup installed. Factory pre-filter on the left (with new filter) - Bosch fuel pump - high pressure filter - pressure relief valve - metering unit. Not the tidiest solution but wanted to re-use a fair bit of what I already had to keep the cost down. This will be coming out again to weld up an exhaust mount underneath the floor and i'll blast some paint in there at the same time.
  22. Tumeke's 2.5 PI Trumpet

    Updater. 1. Fuel pump. The one on the left is in the bin. The one on the right is in the boot. We now have reliable Bosch fuel pressure at 110psi at all throttle openings. New power supply and relay fitted also. I'm just finalising a mounting system and I'll take a pic for the next update. There are kits on the market but they are very spendy so have put something together myself. The original Lucas pump is actually a windscreen wiper motor. Needless to say it wasn't a great option from new. 2. Metering unit. After many many hours fettling, dicking about, trying things, trying other things I decided to rob a bank and buy this: Stuck it in, timed it. Available for sale for a limited time: Patented Tumeke injector bleed test bed © Also available Tumeke Remote Cranking / Gravity Weight System © Also reset and re-sprung throttle bodies, butchered a twin cable choke cable (if anyone has a spare I'd like it please), fixed the over-drive switch with some re-wiring and generally dicked about. Pretty close. Still needs a bit of timing / tuning but mobile and has been moved to home garage rather than storage garage so that I can begin cutting out rust for a WOF. The saga continues.