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  1. Sorry mate... Wifey spoke and had to do dad duties. Will be back next year with a vengeance.
  2. The general unwritten rule is smaller the better, but if it's a bit bigger, should be something that wasn't designed to climb mountains! Check in with @RUNAMUCK, but personally I'm super keen to check out a CL175!!
  3. Fuck Yeah! Not so taxing on the fuel quantites required between gas stations by the looks of things?
  4. Yeah! Under 2 months to go. It's ooownnnn! @RUNAMUCK Any updates on route? I need to book accommodation soon so my partner can't turn around and tell me I can't go (Fresh baby - arrived December).
  5. @RUNAMUCK Are you keeping a tab on how many beers you're owed by us for all the background logistics?
  6. I'm in agreement with this statement. I don't care where we go, I'm coming.
  7. @anglia4 @Duke Blackwood Is this enough harassment yet? Haha
  8. Is that your little mighty Honda (insert model, can't remember) 50?
  9. Can you guys have lots of pink pussies in my honour please.
  10. FYI All credit to Geopheys Engineering & Fabrication Services Ltd.
  11. @RUNAMUCK Looks like Steve’s in again next year too.
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