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  1. Wait, have you pre-ordered the SR241's from the order that's coming in later this month? EDIT, i'm being a retard. You mean the current stock they have. Sweet. I'll fight you over the 18's!!
  2. I Run SR241's on my Suzuki A100 and they're gold. They won't always fit in your front fender though, as mine didn't. SO had to ditch the chrome special and replace with a UFO vintage dirt bike fender bolted to underside of the lower tripple clamp. Careful not running front fenders if your wiring loom hangs low, otherwise you'll do what I did and wear the insulators off the wires on the wiring loom when you bottom out the front, which you will on shitty old suspension. I can confirm that there will be more in at the end of the month. I'll be snapping up 2 of them myself. There were 2 indent orders last year, one for 5, and mine for 8. So clearly Whites realised people wanted them!
  3. @Truenotch I'm eligible to receive a shirt? Whoop whoop! Yeah, I'm down for Thursday night.
  4. Fuck yeah, the countdown beginzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. @Truenotch I promise I will not try kill you this year. #dontkickconesyousillyc*nt
  5. Just to be overly enthusiastic, I am still keen to do this. Post Lockdown nangs?
  6. Wear a motorcycle jacket and it's not suuuch a huge issue. I found that the heat issue was only a problem when you stopped, at which point you take the jacket off. I only wore t-shirts under my riding jacket last year, and if you get too hot, you can adjust the ventilation of the jacket on the fly to cool down.
  7. That saddens me! Those dudes were legends... Is there a South Island equivalent of the Escapade/Undertaking?
  8. I heard a rumour none of the QCR guys are making it up this year?
  9. Although, on the topic of competition... I feel like a drag race between the all Suzuki 2 stroke's is in order at some point!
  10. Refer to profile pic for response... Defo no competition! My competition is with myself and my own ability to maintain a 40 year old 2 banger!
  11. The hell? That bike's way too fancy for escapades! I'd be keen to see if that bike can still do an escapade when it's 40 years old like my A100 dual-banger! On that note, I'm pretty sure that the manufacture date of my A100 is either November or December 1979. This undertaking will be it's 40th Birthday! I will celebrate by eating cake drinking beer, gin and/or purple goannas.
  12. Do you except campers on your lawn? Myself and TenFive would like to turn your lawn into a squatter camp for Thursday night. I will happily add to your excess of beers too.