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  1. Yeeeeeah boi! @Truenotch, this what you were on about?
  2. Na, I actually built it for a mate to ride (and to test out small 4 stroke life), and then tried to palm it off to a few people so they could make it, but no interest. So I stopped racing to get it ready in time. It's in final assembly stage, just waiting on some fork gators, and now some handlebar controls cause the other ones I ordered didn't have the right wiring setup for the wiring loom. So still A100 life this year!
  3. On a side note, $5 per meter fuel hose from Trademe that has Chinese writing on it... not very good.
  4. Courtesy of Geophey’s Engineering & Fabrication Services Ltd... 2.1L reserve tank mounted with tool bag. Lush...
  5. I remember you swearing you’d bring a bigger bike next time! Haha
  6. @Duke Blackwood Please say you've increased 2 stroke oil capacity?
  7. @anglia4 I think the A100 runs the same sprockets as a TS100. Got a surplus to requirements 13 tooth you can play with?
  8. @Beaver I’ll grab em off you when we sort your bike out...
  9. I mean, incest isn't bad unless you make children right?