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  1. Awe yeah, that’s looking more favourable for me! I like it!
  2. You can buy single spokes. Hit up Anaconda Honda in Te Aroha. I bought a single spoke and nipple combo. Sure, may be a bit modern for his stock, but you never know.
  3. @MopedNZ So, you foamers lot gonna join for Molesworth 2022?
  4. Yeah, but parts of day 2 were at the A100’s absolute limits. I had to walk ride the bike and ride the shit out of the clutch to get up those rocky rutted out uphill sections. I’m not convinced any twist and go’s would survive. Maybe a bigger cc street magic? Maybe? EDIT: I do weigh 120kg, so being a bit lighter might have helped the A100’s cause.
  5. Ya’ll need to get this sort of rig set up... Takes the A100’s range to over 200km. Stationary motor tank + $18 of high grade Chinese fuel tap and hose + Geophey’s Engineering Services Ltd.
  6. All good mate! Mine's the same. Except I have a new battery, and even treated the A100 to a lush o-ring chain for max 'fuck you dust' factor. Eastcapescapade stretched my last high-grade Chinesium chain 15mm.
  7. TBH, I don't actually know who all the Auckland guys are other than @Tumeke
  8. We're (me & @Pee Dubs & Steve Aiken) curious about your accommodation. Not to be the vulturous bastards that swoop in on your Covid misfortunes, but what are the odds we could snap up some of what you guys were planning? We're a bit stuck for Nelson epecifically. EDIT: And @governorsam is curious too... About Blenheim.
  9. Na, might leave the bench top behind. No need to be that guy.
  10. My tent is about 80mm dia by about 400mm long packed. Fucking tiny. Also worst tent ever cause it’s tiny when put up too.
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