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  1. I’m only too happy to pay $20! It’s the cheapest fun you can have for $20 koha. Only thing I can think of that’s cheaper is 3 days of self pleasure.
  2. Then if something happens, just say to the authorities, “We were supposed to have breakfast, then these cunts kept following me for thee days!”
  3. @Willdat? Make it an entry form for breakfast only on day 1...
  4. Do we have one of those forms to fill out like Johnnyfive does for Te Undertaking?
  5. I’m starting to get quite excited about this...
  6. Also, there is one extremely important detail that needs to be discussed. Is there a South Island equivalent of China Palace that we can terrorize during a dinner session?
  7. I'm looking at heading down with my ute and perhaps a trailer (if the bike numbers add up beyond 3 bikes) from Hamilton on the Thursday, then back on the Monday. I need to start planning as part of the fizz build up process. Any interest in throwing a bike at me, preferably not literally?
  8. Yeeeeeah boi! @Truenotch, this what you were on about?
  9. Na, I actually built it for a mate to ride (and to test out small 4 stroke life), and then tried to palm it off to a few people so they could make it, but no interest. So I stopped racing to get it ready in time. It's in final assembly stage, just waiting on some fork gators, and now some handlebar controls cause the other ones I ordered didn't have the right wiring setup for the wiring loom. So still A100 life this year!
  10. On a side note, $5 per meter fuel hose from Trademe that has Chinese writing on it... not very good.
  11. Courtesy of Geophey’s Engineering & Fabrication Services Ltd... 2.1L reserve tank mounted with tool bag. Lush...
  12. I remember you swearing you’d bring a bigger bike next time! Haha
  13. @Duke Blackwood Please say you've increased 2 stroke oil capacity?
  14. @anglia4 I think the A100 runs the same sprockets as a TS100. Got a surplus to requirements 13 tooth you can play with?
  15. Question time, I'm planning on bringing my Honda CB100 (Adventure spec) along as a backup bike. Will there be space on a trailer for it? I may be sweet talked into letting someone ride it if their bike breaks down........ Jason was gonna ride it, but he's out. She's running all new gear including a fully rebuilt motor.
  16. We have a drop-out. Jason H is a no go due to work commitments that weekend...
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