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The 2nd King Country Crusade - 29th, 30th November, 1st December 2024

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The Second

King Country Crusade
November 29th - December 1st 2024

Since everyone had so much fun last time (and J5 and bunch of small bike OS regulars missed out) we’ve decided that a repeat of the King Country Crusade is in order for 2024.

The 1st Crusade

Rev up your fizzholes and start prepping those small bikes for 600km of twisty backroads, narrow tunnels, smooth and rough gravel, and scenic views spread over 3 days taking in some of the best the West has to offer. It's The Second King Country Crusade (AKA West-Pest AKA Taranaki Tunnel Tour). 29th November - 1st December 2024.

Day 1 180km/220km (depending on route)
We head inland from New Plymouth to Taumaranui via the Bertrand road swing bridge (oldest in NZ!), through a few choice tunnels to Whangamomona & Forgotten World Highway.
Some gravel, mostly sealed. The famous Forgotten World Highway, a must ride for every self respecting motorcyclist in NZ.

Lunch stop at the classic Whanga Hotel for hot chips and a lemonade.

There is an option to go via Old Whanga road if conditions allow - this is 18km of unmaintained dirt road challenge!

Petrol NP (0km), Taumaranui (180km/220km).
This is a big stretch between fuel so you will likely need to carry extra. It might be a good idea to figure out what kind of range your bike gets and plan for how much extra you’ll need. 

Google Maps Day 1


Old Whanga Road - Extra for hardcones
Part 1 https://goo.gl/maps/BUH3qGTUpXz1H7rQ6 
Part 2 https://goo.gl/maps/XR8LUMGDvmnAfiFm8

Whether we attempt this or not will be very weather & pre-ride reccy dependent. The clay/papa rock surface supposedly turns slipperier than eel snot after any rain. It's also only halfway through day 1 so we don't want to have half the pack drop out before lunch!

Stay: Taumarunui 
We’re staying at the Alexander motel 07 895 8501. The proprietor Steven has been kind enough to block out all of the rooms for that night for us. He's gonna hold them for the next few weeks so give him a call/email, say you’re part of the motorbike/scooter crew and he’ll sort you out.

If they are full the Twin Rivers Motel is just over the road. There is also the Taumarunui holiday park which is 3km down the road for campers, or take your pick of abandoned house in town and mancamp in the backyard.

The RSA is just round the corner for a refreshing post ride beverage and there are a selection of ethnic eateries nearby to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Day 2 190km
Taumaranui to Awakino via Ongarue, Aria, Piopio, Pomarangai road, Waikawau Beach Tunnel.
The roads today will be a good mix of gravel and sealed. The Pomarangai road is possibly the highlight of the whole ride. There's a scenic detour along the way to visit a rugged west coast beach accessed via (another) tunnel.
Lunch/petrol stop at Piopio.

Petrol Taumaranui (0km), Piopio (85km), Awakino (190km)

I've had to split the route into 2 halves to get google maps to play nicely with following the route.

Google Maps Day 2 Taumaranui - PioPio

Google Maps Day 2 Piopio - Awakino Hotel


Stay: Awakino/Mokau
We’re staying at the Awakino Hotel and Pub. 06 752 9815. They have also kindly blocked out all the rooms for us but there aren’t that many here so say you're part of the scooter/motorbike crew and get in early. The pub might also be able to sort out other accommodation in the village so holler at em.
Tent-pitchers or cabineeros can stay at the Seaview holiday park (06 752 9708) 3km down the road or at the Whitebait Inn 06 752 9713 in Mokau 5km down the road.

Day 3 200km ish
Awakino to New Plymouth via Mahoenui, Ohura, Ahititi, Urenui.
Lots of gravel, lots of corners, the infamous Kiwi Road and plenty of sweet tunnels. Watch out for overly friendly wildlife on the Taumatamaire Rd first up...

Lunch in Ohura last year took way too long so we probably won’t repeat that one… Roadside sausages maybe?

Petrol Awakino (0km), Urenui (185km), NP (205km)

Another big stretch between fuel stops.

Google Maps Day 3



Same place as last time to meet up Friday morning and leave vehicles/trailers behind. Will send out details to everyone closer to the start.

If anyone is keen to volunteer to tow a trailer as support vehicle that would be two thumbs up.

There's a trailer just waiting for some champ to hook up and drag along.

Entry Form: https://forms.gle/NjHShDgP4b29B1VN8

Please make sure you have accommodation sorted for Saturday night in Awakino/Mokau before submitting the form - this is kinda limited and will probably restrict numbers unless you’re going to be a happy camper.


  1. @anglia4
  2. @alfalfa
  3. @Itchybear
  4. Bucket Barry
  5. @Duke Blackwood
  6. Neil S
  7. @johnnyfive
  8. @iwanttobeamole
  9. @Vintage Grumble
  10. Richard S / KingRich
  11. Chris R / Tofa
  12. Paul McG
  13. @WankBankA100
  14. @Tumeke
  15. @peteretep
  16. @sentra
  17. @slacker.cam
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37 minutes ago, Beaver said:

Incoming tyre kick.....

What sort of pace are we talking? Basically trying to decide between lifan or nang master. 80-90kph cruise vs 70-80kph cruise.

Yeah I was leading the crusade last year on the CRM so was topped out at about 75km/h with everyone stuck behind me :lol:

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On 11/06/2024 at 19:26, 64valiant said:

showing interest.

will double check with the other occupants of the house  

On 11/06/2024 at 22:09, Truenotch said:

Anyone got a spare MX100 in the LNI?

On 14/06/2024 at 14:00, Tumeke said:

Time to re-ass-emble the red flaggotz gang. Ken etc

On 11/06/2024 at 11:26, Beaver said:

Incoming tyre kick.....

What sort of pace are we talking? Basically trying to decide between lifan or nang master. 80-90kph cruise vs 70-80kph cruise.

Entrant list updated...

Sign up sign up!

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