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  1. Good man Fletch, you’re quickly becoming a shed night staple
  2. That looks awesome thanks Anglia4, that will give me a bit of piece of mind when I’m doing gravel jumps on it at this Urewera thing
  3. Right lads I’m at a cross roads and have a decision I need help with. The TS185 has a three bearing crank, the outside bearing is on the left hand side and it WAS lubricated directly by the oil pump which also mixed oil with the fuel. My intention was to swap to premix, purely so I never had to worry about the pump failing or mounting a separate oil tank. But if I do that this bearing won’t be lubricated and will seize. I’ve heard of people drilling through the cases beneath the barrel to tap into the gallery that would have lubricated from the pump and allowing fluid in that way.... but is that huckery and unreliable? I’ve had the barrel off to investigate and the piston, ring and bore look mint. Pics to follow. And then, opinions please fletch has been making appearances at shed night and brought something along for show and tell.... a smaller bike, with a bigger engine!
  4. Made up a rear engine mount to try and prevent frame snap-ages
  5. New fuel cap from China fits like a glove and cost beans, stoked
  6. I also had some ali express clip-ons sitting around but they were the wrong ID so Dad Blackwood turned up some bushes and they fit mint
  7. Fuel petcock was ROOTED so I've just ditched it, made a little flange and a nipple which I'll plump to an inline tap and filter
  8. Waterjet cut some new sprockets and sourced the worlds cheapest chain
  9. Yeah I did that too actually. I think the problem was that I hadn't quite drilled my clearance hole deep enough on the front side and I had cut one thread in it... so I had threads on both sides fighting... but I've sorted it now haha. I'm learning a lot from this project. I'm not a traditional engineer (gigolo by trade haha).
  10. New fasteners on the original shit too, jeez it grinds me when I find a totally rooted screw that has been re-installed
  11. It looks good, I'm happy with it, but it doesn't pull quite as tight as I'd prefer, so I shimmed it