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  1. Duke Blackwood

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

    As it sits, behind anglia4's Austin
  2. Duke Blackwood

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

    Sorry officer, you must be mistaken, I can't have been doing a 70kmh rolling burnout.... it's only 50cc? Look at the frame....
  3. Duke Blackwood

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

  4. Duke Blackwood

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

  5. Duke Blackwood

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

    To avoid this, I've made up some frame gussets and doubler plates. She has also had a test idle and a stable voltage has been achieved.
  6. Duke Blackwood

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

    Alarmingly the bike is already showing evidence that it intends to reject its new engine; by breaking in half and letting it fall out
  7. Duke Blackwood

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

    A couple of years back I bought a YSR50 with a TS185 engine transplant, half complete, from an estate garage sale; it may be the best value purchase of my life. I haven't touched it, never got it running. After reading about the upcoming Urewera Undertaking, I knew it was time. The factory YSR frame is only rated for 65kgs and I weigh more than that... I'm also looking at a horsepower increase of something like 240%... and I should probably make some kind of concession for the gravel. So there's a bit to be done. Step one, amalgamate the looms and achieve stable idle voltage. Step B, celebratory burnout. Watch this space.
  8. Duke Blackwood

    Yamaha YSR "The Pole Smoker"

    Does everybody know who Kenny Roberts is? Kenny Roberts Sr. won three 500-cc Grand Prix world championships, but he also merits an odd footnote in the motorcycle hobby--the Yamaha YSR 50. Roberts won his three titles from 1978 through 1980 while Yamaha was selling the last two-stroke motorcycle in the U.S. before emissions rules tightened--the RZ 350. There was even a yellow and black Kenny Roberts signature edition, capitalizing on his 500-cc Grand Prix championship machine. The story goes that as a joke Roberts' crew modified a little "monkey bike"--so named because it resembled a circus stunt bike--with 12-inch wheels into the RZ 50, a miniature version of his faired racebike that he could ride in the pits. The quirky little machine attracted so much attention that Yamaha sold the model publicly from 1987-92. The small bikes had the same controls as full-size bikes and could be ridden like the larger ones. The factory YSR wasn't made for racing, there's only one fork spring, only one triple clamp on the forks--the top one just holds the handlebars. The whole bike only weighs 75kg (Less than this rider). Everyone heard of the Suzuki TS185? This 18hp beast was the fastest thing to hit the farm since the horses got into the cocaine patch.
  9. I'll be starting my build thread this Thursday... hoping to have the biggest little bike, glides right over gravel.
  10. Duke Blackwood

    a.craw4d's CBR 250

    Man I love CBR250s, my first bike was an MC22 and by the time I sold it I could ride the wheels off it. I've got an MC19 engine in the shed that I'm planning to build a custom around. When I was stripping it and trying to remove the carbs I could lift the entire bike by the carb haha but yeah all the rebuild kits and even the rubber mounting boots are on aliexpress; you can get pistons and ring sets too haha. My first bike had an 'OVER racing project' muffler and on song it was still one of the best sounding bikes I've owned. Definitely look at an aftermarket muffler. Looking forward to seeing this thing restored to glory!
  11. Duke Blackwood

    SOHC's Briggs & stratton creation.

    Hey Chief I've only just glanced over this thread but if you need help with sprockets I operate a waterjet cutting machine and can make custom sprockets... PM me if I can help.
  12. Duke Blackwood

    Kicker's CB250RS of nostalgia

    That was the best 'introduction to motorcycling experience' article I have ever read. But there is one question left un-answered... Do you still have the Korn T-shirt?
  13. Duke Blackwood

    XS650 Chopper road to rego

    I wonder if I could bluff some kinda official looking Yamaha document translating engine numbers into year of manufacture, if that would satisfy the wof dude? But is it true that if I can convince them it's a mid 70's bike I can jump on this classic rego bandwagon and won't need to run indicators etc?
  14. Duke Blackwood

    XS650 Chopper road to rego

    I'm named after my dads cousin, Stephen Winmill, and in the 80s and 90s he made some badass shit in his shed in Stratford. There was a V8 escort, a V8 drag bike called the widow maker And a host of TT500 Yamahas. He also made an XS650 Chopper in the wild 'digger' style made famous by Arlen Ness. I have recently come into possession of the bike and I want to make it legit! The obvious route is to get it LVV certified but it's expensive and will require lots of work to get the bike up to modern construction standards. But the other day another option was suggested to me... A mate is revinning his early 50's Triumph and says he doesn't need to meet any standards at all? He says because his bike is more than 40 years old it will be registered as a classic and it doesn't even need to have legit tyres. The guy is an industry honcho and has registered vintage bikes before so he would know. My question is, does anyone think that wil work with my bike? The XS registration was cancelled in 1991 after it was chopped up. The bikes year is listed as a 1988 but that can't be right because they stopped making them in 85? So I'm thinking if I take the plate off and claim it's a '76 or something can it fly through its revinn with period tyres and a chopped up frame? Because they wouldn't have been a problem in '76... Any advice would be appreciated, as usual the govt websites are useless and every prick I talk too with any authority just wants money....
  15. I'll be there, hoping to drag along some newbies too, if I can convince Precious to let his Vauxhall out of its hyperbolic chamber...