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  1. Dude I obviously polished the lever haha Lightening McQueen belongs to bucket Barry - a 1995 Ford Mustang with a 354 ROUSH V8 from a NASCAR. Or something like that. Ask him. He’ll tell you allllll about it haha.
  2. This should see me back in the 90's and back on the pole Bucket Barry recommends spare levers and I always listen to his advice - but spare YSR levers aren't a thing... speed-dial. Waterjet cutter. Hi it's me. More dumb mini-bike parts please.
  3. First shakedown ride to the bank proved successful but a high speed run revealed that interfering with my front sprocket and tyres has lowered my max speed to something like 80kmh... this will not do... emergency call to the water jet cutter.
  4. Sporty polished aluminium boot lid caps off my total storage capacity of - nill.
  5. This year I should have enough oil for all day riding without a top-up. Last year I was stopping EVERY 30 KILOMETRES!
  6. First ever attempt at fibre glass. Now they call me Mr Glass. Thankyou Bucket Barry for your effort with paint
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