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  1. Dude I obviously polished the lever haha Lightening McQueen belongs to bucket Barry - a 1995 Ford Mustang with a 354 ROUSH V8 from a NASCAR. Or something like that. Ask him. He’ll tell you allllll about it haha.
  2. This should see me back in the 90's and back on the pole Bucket Barry recommends spare levers and I always listen to his advice - but spare YSR levers aren't a thing... speed-dial. Waterjet cutter. Hi it's me. More dumb mini-bike parts please.
  3. First shakedown ride to the bank proved successful but a high speed run revealed that interfering with my front sprocket and tyres has lowered my max speed to something like 80kmh... this will not do... emergency call to the water jet cutter.
  4. Sporty polished aluminium boot lid caps off my total storage capacity of - nill.
  5. This year I should have enough oil for all day riding without a top-up. Last year I was stopping EVERY 30 KILOMETRES!
  6. First ever attempt at fibre glass. Now they call me Mr Glass. Thankyou Bucket Barry for your effort with paint
  7. You have a good memory. It’s not a fond memory for me - stopping every 30kms to top up my oil with a syringe which I kept in my breast pocket; resulting in well oiled nipples. Not this time. Behold.
  8. I’ll bet @TimShadboltfan27 will be itching to judge that category haha
  9. Im pretty sure I have the “who’s got the least appropriate tyres” competition cornered. Probably an honourable mention in the “least luggage capacity” category aswell. I’m also hoping to podium in “most cigars eaten” and the coveted “best moustache”
  10. Guys why don’t my pictures upload in the correct orientation and how do I rotate them? I am new to the internet. I’ve only been using it, like, 20 years. Shed night this week. @anglia4 3D scanning the pole smoker so a proper spannie can be developed to fit in that tight fairing recess.
  11. shed night last night = begin general re-assembly. It’s slower than stripping the bike. Applying never-seize. Applying loctite. Taking care no to scratch my new powdercoated frame! I am enjoying the process though, I don’t think I’ve ever put anything back together like this? Typically when I’ve stripped stuff.... it was terminal. Got the swing arm mounted and the forks. The polished triple clamps look grouse but my castaway style improvised steering head bearing setup and the need to shim around the forks where the triple clamps bite, made it particularly slow going. On last years r
  12. So last night I attempted reassembly with the repaired shaft and seal/bush combo but I just could not get the side cover back on; something wasn’t right. Turns out the shaft I repaired was from my spare engine, not the one that came out of this engine, and it has a boss on the backside of the shifter return spring that was a ducks doodle longer than the original. At this stage the clutch basket and everything was reassembled and it’s one of those STUPID pricks with little hard pins that you slip under trampoline springs while trying not to stab bucket Barry with a pair of long nose pliers whil
  13. From 9mm seal to 5mm seal and 4mm support bush. Shaft welded and true.
  14. This image also features: A crate of speights A copper home-brew setup A sword A Cordia bonnet scoop (Destined for a MK5 Cortina, when I get one) A wall mounted CBR250 tank and exhaust An old dutchman’s Chopping axe And toolbox racing stripes
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