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  1. Current state of affairs 1. 71 Sunbeam now has wheels, windows and is back rolling and awaiting an engine 2. Seat Cordoba is in the shop awaiting Wof report, the rear wheel bearing is mega mega shot, I can feel it move, and the wailing is unbearable, I washed two years of tree crap off it and it came up suprisingly good, drivers window is on the wonk. 3. just bought a 90s mitsi rvr 2wd for.........wait for it........... $150 reg and wof, with a minor front punt, this is the back up car for sure, it even has reg!!!! 4. Beetle is running and back on its wheels and now has top gear after a bit of a run, its super low though, and mega uncomfortable. 5. A new Beetle appears, wayyyyyyyy better and standard and running well, no wof reg tho. 6. 1988 V3000 also run in for a wof, just in case, will need a fuel tanker for the run but is awesome in every other way. 7. crown vic getting the Abs sender from the usa, but still needs compliance making it a rank outsider. 8. The Aynos Aquires covid reg, a bonnet and a boot and grill, is this considered a jap car, or a british one? (Anglia/ Cynos)
  2. Yep I sure am, its gone in for a Wof now. Pray for me
  3. I just bought a Seat cordoba, I think a spanish built car should be good for some extra points
  4. they are sooooo weird inside, the windscreen is like 3 feet in front of the driver, mk4 golfs on are some of the most unreliable cars out there, I dont know why VW/ Audi started making such terrible cars after the 90s.
  5. I just picked up a 1971 sunbeam rapier for $600, however I dont think its gonna make it anywhere (no engine, or wheels)! I have just picked up two very awful new VW beetles for $350 each, these kinda just seem a bit too good, although they stink and run a bit rough. I think the Lancia is mindbendingly awesome, is it the one with cambelt powered steering? if so park it with the wheels straight, because if you start it on full lock it throws off the cambelt!!!
  6. Im not sure it really fits into the punishing part, its done 61,000 miles and everything works. But i really bought it for $350 usd Put a battery on an it drove home, then i shipped it over
  7. The Nissan Tino is a CVT and totally meant to be unreliable, but I do have worse European cars to chose from, I have a $350 Crown Vic?
  8. I am totally in, shall we take the $350 Nissan Tino, or you want to go completely nuts and try something cheaper? Merc 190 maybe?
  9. Yes the six cylinder is very very similar, and the 70s v8 too
  10. Oh horipito has a few of these there in various states
  11. Ok good news they are kinda considered mopar in the USA and parts are available for them in the usa, bad news, they arnt as common as a chevy or ford. just a few quick questions, sorry for the obvious sounding ones. 1. is the handbrake actually off (slack cable and adjusters off), and is it in neutral, not park. 2. have you tried towing it backwards? try putting a bit of pressure on backwards and hitting with a hammer, otherwise its wheels off and hit drums with a hammer. to be honest ive never had a car that didnt come off by being jerked backwards. Doh I just read the new bit, glad to see it finally released its hold. Looks a really decent start to a project.
  12. You Know what its been ages, yeah I'm due for a catch up, no idea what I'll be driving though
  13. Oh man I dig these little thames vans, there used to be a 289ci one in my town, man that thing motorvated!!! Good to see you messing around with vans good sir
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