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  1. Yes the six cylinder is very very similar, and the 70s v8 too
  2. Oh horipito has a few of these there in various states
  3. Ok good news they are kinda considered mopar in the USA and parts are available for them in the usa, bad news, they arnt as common as a chevy or ford. just a few quick questions, sorry for the obvious sounding ones. 1. is the handbrake actually off (slack cable and adjusters off), and is it in neutral, not park. 2. have you tried towing it backwards? try putting a bit of pressure on backwards and hitting with a hammer, otherwise its wheels off and hit drums with a hammer. to be honest ive never had a car that didnt come off by being jerked backwards. Doh I just read the new bit, glad to see it finally released its hold. Looks a really decent start to a project.
  4. You Know what its been ages, yeah I'm due for a catch up, no idea what I'll be driving though
  5. Oh man I dig these little thames vans, there used to be a 289ci one in my town, man that thing motorvated!!! Good to see you messing around with vans good sir
  6. Time to thin the fleet a little the old Commodore is up for sale on Trade me https://www.trademe.co.nz/2353007962
  7. Awesome I need an excuse to try out one of my junkers!!! I think I might check out my alternator thoroughly this time
  8. Mint you can sleep in the back of it as well then!!!
  9. I'm all set to go, I have no money and nothing is legal, so no change there then will take up the toledo to sell I guess
  10. I'm so sad I never had the time and space to finish the Crown, it had the best body i've ever seen on one of these, it just needed to be retro fitted back to semi original. I know you will actually do this car justice and I wanted it to go to a good home. Looking forward to watching this get done
  11. Yep it was me, currently selling most of my projects due to the usual financial distress.
  12. It's an awesome thing to behold, and soooooo rare here. I'm still in love with it
  13. I'll be there again as usual, I'm bringing a Train, which your all going to really love I'll be camping in the For sale bit this year, and hopefully not working, but I'll definitely cruise on by., Bringing the Transit Pusherman? I might have to bring mine too.
  14. Really cool find, round light Lada are so hard to get now, good luck with the resto
  15. This one was mine, Three on the tree had the Green one. Man I'm honestly surprised by how much rust there was in the car, it looked really good to me. Awesome work by the way.
  16. Stupid question but have you checked the fuel tank for water? Jags block the drainhole under the fuel cap, they fill up with water and it goes into the tank, earlier ones have drain plugs at the bottom I dont know about a series 3, but I guess its the same. Sometimes they drive ok, but when you accelerate, or go round a corner the water can wash up and get sucked into the motor causing it to cough and die. Its a crazy design fault. Otherwise I guess its airflow too.
  17. ARRRRGGGGHHH Kumeu Weather sucked man, but we still had an awesome time, it was like a freeking tornado. The gazeebo punched a hole in the tent caravan thing, and the roof blew off dylans Tent, which basicly left him with a ladies stocking to sleep in. The l300 was nice and water tight so all was sweet. It was North Pole cold on Friday, and Noahs ark wet on Saturday, I was going to break out the emergency sub at one point! Somehow I managed to blow the diff in the Monaco, no idea how Abusive Police car cruising was by far the best, see ya all next year.
  18. I'm in and out Thursday and Friday, due to Work commitments, Denham is around our bit from around 1pm Fri and Ill get back as soon as I can. When you getting down Tim? Main campsite will be going off.
  19. Done! roped off and sorted swapmeet campers are go. I had a word to the organizer and told them to expect the oldschool people in the showfield so you should be gold, he remembered us all from last year which was nice.
  20. Will be marking a spot out tomorrow. Look for my mk1 l200 van in the swap field. I'm working Friday day but will be staying over Thursday night
  21. Yeah used to be v8 exclusive but it's a lot more inclusive fun now. Japanese cars are getting respect as they become rarer. People went totally vw foamers last year.
  22. Man came out awesome, looks really good, far better than it sitting in my shed
  23. Hey folks So this year I'm back in the Swapmeet section, Crazy Tim will be in the Showfield, My Campsite will be a little quieter and you can sell stuff. Tims will be a full on allnighter with a Generator, as last year I guess Can we have some numbers for campers who want to stay in each bit?
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