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  1. bmxnz11

    bmxnz11's 81 escort van

    Changed the pilot jets in the carbs from 38 to 35 and played with the fuel mixture. Remove an air hose I had blocked and This time on start up, the choke increased rpm and didnt kill the motor. Heading in the right direction. Went for a drive and it struggled under load at mid range and had the odd backfire through the carb. Idles fine so I'm picking it's time to play with the slides.
  2. bmxnz11

    bmxnz11's 81 escort van

    Wired in an electric bike fuel pump which fixed the over fueling issues. Tuned them with a vaccum gauge but had trouble so resorted to a hose to my ear. Threw a colortune at it and it was running rich all through the range. Wound in the pilot jet all the way and it was still rich at idle. Have ordered some jets from aliexpress and will play with them. Have driven it around the block a few times and it certainly comes on song. I had to horey up a return spring, ended up using an old matchbox chassis. Have yet to rectify this.
  3. bmxnz11

    bmxnz11's Ford Escort MK2 Van

    Ended up going with signal orange 79. It's an original color for an escort, but not this van. Sampled a blue and a different signal 77 orange but settled on this. Have been spraying it in sections. Engine bay, interior and inside of the doors. Still a while to go before I can spray the outside but its certainly progress!
  4. I'll come check these ribs out. Will have to leave about 8.30 but shouldn't be a problem.
  5. bmxnz11

    Rust repair - butt vs lap joints

    I've done both floors and sills in my mk2 vans and did them a little differently each time. But each time I built them from the inside out. Ie, built the floor and inner sill so it sits flush against the original sections and outer sill. Cut out the outer sill and pillar, and repair them. Lapped and plug welded were the factory joins were, and butt welded the other. Another suggestion would be to cut your floor out even further towards the gearbox tunnel. Slice the floor where it runs along the middle of the chassis so half the original floor is covering the chassis and the other half needs new metal. This is a very strong area to weld because it will also be plug welded to the chassis and it means your join going north south wont be seen from underneath due to the chassis being in the way. Keeps WOF man happy. Keeping it in factory placement and less joins, I would also suggest cutting out more of the floor going towards the firewall. The floor overlaps the floor slightly and is plug welded. Take that out and replace. You will only need to lap and plug weld this section of the floor on. Again, it saves making another join. If you did it this way, you will only have the one join showing going from the sill to the gbox tunnel Hopefully the above makes sense. The photo below will show you what I mean.
  6. bmxnz11

    bmxnz11's 81 escort van

    Mucked around with the carbs a bit more, turned up the idle adjustment and started first pop. Idles pretty well. Have ordered a throttle cable from Burton as I don't have a lot of time to make something else work. Does anyone have a bike carb balancing tool I could borrow? Once the cable is hooked up then I can go test driving and tuning. Hoping to use the color tune for most of it.
  7. Thanks but unfortunately I wont be able to attend this one.
  8. bmxnz11

    bmxnz11's 81 escort van

    Bought and wired in a bike pump. Makes all the right noises and fuels getting to the fuel filter, sitting in the engine bay, so i assume its made its way into the bowls. Cranked it over but it wouldn't fire. Poured a bit of fuel down the carbs and still no dice. Pretty sure I just fouled my plugs. Will look at them another night. What have people use for a throttle cable?
  9. bmxnz11

    bmxnz11's 81 escort van

    Have sent them a message. Cheers!
  10. bmxnz11

    bmxnz11's 81 escort van

    On the look out for a carb seal kit and a fuel pump for a cbr600f1 if anyone knows of any for sale.
  11. bmxnz11

    bmxnz11's 81 escort van

    So I've been driving this around as normal. Failed the latest wof on an exhaust leak and a driveshaft uj. I ended up replacing most of the exhaust with extractors and a copy resonator. Pulled the gearbox, replaced the rear seal, changed the clutch plate and release bearing. Replaced the driveshaft with a spare . With that done I took it up to Napier over New year's. Got a bit warm on the way up,l. On the way home it developed a vacuum leak which I couldn't find. Wouldn't idle and would only run at high revs. Made for some frustrating driving. After a few hours of this it miraculously fixed itself. Still not sure what that was about. With it running so well I decided to do this.. ... Cbr600 carbs. I made up a manifold last year and this weekend thought I'd man up and actually have a go at installing it. Got all my vacuum, water and fuel lines sorted. Drilled mains to 1.3mm and blocked off the air correctors. Took vaccum lines off all four runners that run to a common line and go to the dizzy and brake booster. Running a mechanical fuel pump and currently have the pcv valve venting to the atmosphere, will fix this later. Got it installed this evening, crossed my fingers and turned the key. Once the fuel came through, it started and idled. Immediately fuel starting pissing out of a few places of the carbs, so I turned it off before I could give it some revs. I'm thinking a seal kit through the carbs. My other thought are the float bowls aren't sitting quite horizontal so I'll need to look at adjusting the float, or the other obvious fault could be non regulated fuel pressure. Will take the carbs of this week and see what's what before trying again.
  12. bmxnz11

    bmxnz11's Ford Escort MK2 Van

    Finished all the mods to the engine bay for the brake booster and the bolt in battery tray. Seam sealed and reprimed. Have done a few more small jobs such as sand blasting and painting the pedal box and battery tray. Just need to get some paint samples now.
  13. Will be unable to attend sorry. Will make the next one though, keen to make the most of the light evenings.