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  1. This was good fun. Thanks for waiting for me on the ride, next time I'll be there for the entire weekend. Did anyone grab a pillow with a green case and the red frisbee?
  2. Plans fell through, so I can now make this. Any chance I can join in on the ride and stay Saturday night only?
  3. +1 for Spencer's advice. That's what I've been doing and have not had any issues yet. Another tip I was told, and have used, is when prepping for bog over epoxy, scratch up the bare metal with an old file or something before applying the epoxy so it gives the metal a rough surface to help the bog bond. It gave me peace of mind if nothing else. Some epoxys you can apply and then bog straight over the next day without any prep between which can be a bonus.
  4. Feels like it's been forever since the last but I have coodies this week so I'll have to give it a miss.
  5. Great example of the mk2. Credit to you for all the new equipment/love its getting. I have the same wheels on my van but I dont have centre caps or the screws/plugs around the outside. Do you have a closer picture of the caps and plugs? I'm keen to get some for mine.
  6. It's been a super long week but I finally painted the body. Its come up pretty damn straight but unfortunately I also have a few runs which will need sanding out. Absolutely stoked to get it to this stage but plenty more work to come.
  7. More sanding and prep work. Picked up some rebuilt princess 4pot calipers and fiesta side mirrors. I was originally going to run chrome bullet mirrors but these provide a greater surface area and will match all the black trim. Painted behind the grill black and painted the calipers and brake parts. Is there any performance advantage to ditching the brake booster?
  8. I'm still working on this. Havent had as much time as others, as I've been working from home during lockdown. I sanded back all the guide coat and spot printed areas where I hit metal. Will give this a final sand and then its onto color. Pretty keen to get this done. Well and truly over block sanding.
  9. Looks right. I got mine to suit a viscous fan. Part number F -17A. GMB. Bought it off a trademe me dealer. On my step within 3days during lockdown.
  10. That sounds really sharp and responsive! Well done on sticking to it. I just replaced the water pump on my escort, was about $ 70 for a new one delivered, but it didnt come with a new fitting, I had to salvage the old.
  11. Cleaned up some engine parts, brake booster, battery tray, rejetted the idle jets, new gasket for the oil pump, removed and cleaned up the swaybar mounts. I assembled and put the new waterpump on the engine but forgot to put the alternator tensioner on! Removed the assembly and in doing so I had to destroy the new gasket. Happy to know the vnt copper gasket spray works very well. All put back together and assembled the rest of the motor for a start up. Unfortunately it wouldn't catch on any cylinders and a couple of back fires through the carbs. The only thing that has changed is I've leaned out the pilot jets from a 35 to a 32 and adjusted the fuel screws. Will check these and any potential vaccum leaks tomorrow. Have since cleaned up a few more cables. Good old British workmanship. Bonnet stay/post should have been centered.