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  1. I'll be vagnatsing. Will likely shoot up on Saturday.
  2. Made some hats for the seat rail feet to sit into. Next step will be to make some towers to join these hats to the flat bar which bolts to the original holes. Made up a couple of dye's out of flat bar and used these to press in the shapes. They fit pretty well and will look correct once tidied up.
  3. For sometime I've been keeping an eye out for some better front seats, such as mx5 or recaro, to replace the prelude ones which came with the van. Last week I ended up getting some NA mx5 seats from just around the corner. Tiny bit of wear on the drivers bolster but will do for now. The plan is to make an adapter plate for each seat so that I can use the original anchor points in the escort, and use the standard mx5 rails. The thinking is, if I find a better pair, I can just switch them straight out, or put original escort seats in. Have made the adapter rails out of 5mm flat bar, i
  4. Last one from me. I'm fitting a rear seat in my escort van (original estate seat) which flips down when not in use. I need to make two supporting towers which hold the back rest in place when the seat is set up to be used, so it doesn't swing back or forth. There are two bars welded on the back of the seat above the wheel tub to work with. Do I need a locking latch on each tower? Or can I have a locking latch on one, and a plastic block to rest on, on the other?
  5. I'm putting mx5 seats in my escort and my question is, certwise, is it easier/cleaner to modify the original escort seat rails to suit the mx5 seats or the mx5 seat rails? I will be keeping the original mounting positions and holes, and wont be changing the original floor mounted belts.
  6. Thanks man. I think it's the biggest decision when working on a car. I did um and ah for ages and had a few spray outs. A little concerned there may be a bit too much orange with the lack of trim but we'll see when it rolls out. The back seat has no seat belts (pre 77) and no side windows so it's not a great place to be, but atleast the option to have a 3rd or 4th person is a bonus. Think I'll stick with the original brown vinyl color to keep it period.
  7. Rounded the cones by hand, had some round pipe as a guide. Found there final spot and temporarily drilled into place to try with the seat. Made some hinges out of 5mm angle line, which will later be trimmed up, driled for counter sunk screws and zinc plated. Primed everything and welded into place. I've maxed out the adjustments to have the seat level with the floor with folded flat. The floor section will be color matched the van, and the upright will be painted black to break it up. Plug welded in place. Will be primed and painted orange. This the last
  8. Spent way too long cutting and buffing the entire outside but it was worth it. Super smooth and straight now, just needs a polish. Since then I've been working on fitting the rear seat. Van's never came factory with rear seats but it was very common to cut out the front section of the rear floor and have a rear seat made and fitted. Most seats fitted were home made out of ply wood and were very roughly mounted in, this one was no except. Escort estates had seats were fitted from factory and had a metal floor backing so when folded down and not in use, it looked like it was just an e
  9. Hey guys I'm hoping to get some small brackets, nuts and bolts zinc plated for my van. Before I go ringing around, does anyone have any recommendations for a company in the hutt or wellington area? Theres no rush on this stuff, I wont be getting it ready until after the holiday break. Thanks
  10. I have nothing scientific to provide but I was at a 40th a couple weeks ago and got speaking to an older coach builder whose worked here, Aus and Eng. We got chatting about things and he mentioned your youtube channel, he was most impressed with your testing and set up. Thanks for giving us something to chat about.
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