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  1. Are you flaring the rear quarters as well?
  2. Anyone able to take up a couple of wheels and tyres to wagnats for bistro? Theres a set of four but I doubt I'll have room to take them all. Can bring them tonight.
  3. Theres a sweet mtb park in wainui on the way to the camp ground which I'd recommend. Also, have you sorted a shelter?
  4. I went to the Orongorongo river last time but that's a 10km walk return. Could possibly lay in the stream which runs right beside camp.
  5. With this nice weather, it would be rude not to. I've really enjoyed otaki the last couple years. Decent drive out to the middle of no where.
  6. Got this a wof in august. Needed to replace a few things like steering rack, engine mounts and a brake cylinder. Kind of put it on the back burner while working on the orange van and house. I played around with the jets in the bike carbs and felt I got them a bit better. Still seems to run rich at idle, pilot/fuel screw screwed in quite far, and doesn't have the pick up at mid range when I put the foot down. Yet to investigate too much. Have started to make an air filter housing for the carbs. Using a cut down filter from a Hyundai pony? It was cheap at a swap meet so I built the housing around that. Carved up a wooden template and used the press to make the initial swage in the lid. Folded and cleaned up the edges before pressing and drilling holes for the thread studs to hold it all together. Will probably just clearcoat it. Next step is to actually tune the carbs better.
  7. Have sprayed a few more items. Battery tray, all door jams, bonnet and had redone the engine bay 'bubble' because it was easier to do the whole thing then to fix a couple of runs. Couple of areas had to be touched up as I didnt wait long enough between coats and had solvent boil. Aligned the rear doors for final assembly before paint. Will put some seam sealer around the hinges to lock out any water. Put in the new door pins on the drivers door and sealed in the drivers guard. The sealer is a soft material that will provide protection from the wheel well but wont 'glue' the guard on permanently. Originally the guards are welded on but I've decided to reattach it with sealant and bolts. Will align the passenger door with new pins then I can start prepping the body for paint. Also made up a new base plate for the subframe and welded that on.
  8. Changed the pilot jets in the carbs from 38 to 35 and played with the fuel mixture. Remove an air hose I had blocked and This time on start up, the choke increased rpm and didnt kill the motor. Heading in the right direction. Went for a drive and it struggled under load at mid range and had the odd backfire through the carb. Idles fine so I'm picking it's time to play with the slides.
  9. Wired in an electric bike fuel pump which fixed the over fueling issues. Tuned them with a vaccum gauge but had trouble so resorted to a hose to my ear. Threw a colortune at it and it was running rich all through the range. Wound in the pilot jet all the way and it was still rich at idle. Have ordered some jets from aliexpress and will play with them. Have driven it around the block a few times and it certainly comes on song. I had to horey up a return spring, ended up using an old matchbox chassis. Have yet to rectify this.