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  1. Evel's 1969 Mk1 Escort

    save yourself the hassle and sell me the car............ looks awesome ive gone all dribbley over it
  2. 1977 bank job getaway vehicle

    Drove it today. !!!! Had a fathers day fiddle. (With the van) stuck a ali special electric fuel pump in and cracked the bleed nipples on the front brakes. Let it dribble out for 5mins and has just enough spongy rubbing sound to haul it up from 50kms im still buzzing. Dont really remember driving it was way to excited windscreen wipers are fucked and the screens very dirty thats all I remember. And it needs 1st to get up my diveway. So all up less than a hundy buck. From dead to driving.
  3. 1977 bank job getaway vehicle

    Went to bnt hillside road today. Asked for points and condensor for a 1977 ford transit. He asked me for the rego number.............. here we go. Left with out points and condensor
  4. Pushermans mk1 trannie

    soo close to running. im still not a believer that the fuel pump drama is over
  5. Pushermans mk1 trannie

    Soooo how do u get one of these lowered? Told my dad im keeping this on standard. And he said i wont be able to. He said i would lower it within a year. Fuck that il lower it now. But im more used to chop/ swap springs and whack blocks in. Howdya do it on one of these? Reset leaves?
  6. 1977 bank job getaway vehicle

    Let tank dry out over night and gave it a good clean out today. Plugged it all back together and put it back in. Confirmed the filler hose was trash. Spose 40 years up to ya bits in leaded petrol will do that. Have got 2 new flexy joiners coming and 2ltr of brake fluid. Could it be a running driving van this weekend? guess we will have to wait for next week on..... im a transit get me out of gear
  7. 1977 bank job getaway vehicle

    And tank had a fair amount in it. Think the flexi hose that connects filler to tank has perished to buggery
  8. 1977 bank job getaway vehicle

    Thatl esplain why the go juice cant get up to the carby fuel pick up is chocka with crud
  9. 1977 bank job getaway vehicle

    Transhit shit begins. Fresh from the uk today. Thanks dad.
  10. Pushermans mk1 trannie

    There is no suckie blow blow on that petrol hose. And definately no one way valve on fuel pump. Is this the point where we stick a sick az polished drop tank in the back????? so tank out. I drained all the old gas. It had a varnishy smell. Eeew old!!
  11. 1977 bank job getaway vehicle

    Also installed a new secondhand fuel pump and its still not pulling gas up but if youbungy cord a gas tank to guard higher than carby and siphon the gas in it runs. It runs good. Doesnt even blow a shitload of smoke. Drove it forward a meter. Finally found reverse and drove it back some meters amd then forward again. Its almost a real deal living van
  12. 1977 bank job getaway vehicle

    Found out why it has no brakes. Like no brakes at all coz it has no brake juice
  13. Pushermans mk1 trannie

    Riddle me this team. Do fuel tanks have non return valves? Initially inlet on fuel pump was dry. If i siphon gas into carby it runs sweet but drop the gas can and it wont pull gas up it kinda just jiggles up the hose a bit (clear pipe for diagnosing) tbh im verging on biffing mechanial pump and going electrical
  14. 1977 bank job getaway vehicle

    So i lovingly removed the plugs and gently turned it over. Got some fresh plugs in. Checked the oil was still oil And put a battery on after changing battery and adding another battery coz ive got 3 and they were all dead. It spins. Wouldnt fire so i gave the points a quick tickle and added mor ether to the carby it fires!!!!!!!! Wont run buy itself but for 3 seconds at a time if you feed carby it runs