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  1. Will see how painful the whole process becomes, premix might be easiest long term but not the best for keeping the power valves spooge free
  2. Yeah, I would assume so. More air = more fuel combined with stock oil flow would make a weaker fuel oil mix. Was thinking I would run it premix to start with and do some measurements on the oil injection pump. It has some adjustment in it so will see if I can get more flow, it may only adjust when it goes full open but we'll have a look anyway.
  3. Not much progress at the moment, waiting on some transmission bearings and case sealant to arrive but other things are under way. I sourced some of these things Which will let me use the bigger one of these. Stock on the SR is a 28mm carby, dirt 200 is 35mm. The SR has oil injection through a port in the inlet rubber, the new inlet I will use doesn't have this as the 35mm carbs are used on premix only bikes. So I'll drill an unused boss on the carb and feed it in through there.
  4. That wording is one of the options on the dereg form isn't it? It's lame but I am not surprised at the Vogon-like bureaucracy
  5. I'm currently cleaning up the crankcase halves and decided to do a potentially unnecessary job but one that is super easy to do at this point. KX/KDX's of this era have the potential to leak from where the steel crank bearing seat ties into the crankcase, as per the arrows. A bit of JB Weld sorts it out Also picked up the rebuilt crank, the wombled bearing seat was just within spec. And finished off the expansion chamber and gave it some high heat paint that'll probably just burn off anyway as it was quite rusty on the header pipe section.
  6. Yeah, need to find a cheap one, this'll do in the meantime. I removed the rest of the mesh and dampening material and gave it a wire brush as far as I could reach, also tapped out a small dent. And I think I'll borrow one of the Toomey silencers from my RD parts to put on.
  7. I'm also on a quest to turn up the ring dings. I could source an aftermarket pipe but I have cutting discs and welding wire. Inside the stock exhaust there is some baffling in the chamber which can be removed for more hp's and a crisper sound.
  8. My bedframe/bearing puller case splitter Split them nice and easy with a few tappity taps here and there. LH crank bearing was stuffed and not long for this world. Crank has been out before as there is evidence of sausage fingery under the RH bearing where someone must have tried cutting a race off. It's currently with the bike shop for a rebuild.
  9. Not much progress but the engine has been stripped a bit further, everything is looking good so far. Someone has put a Wossner piston in it at some point so it has been opened before, not sure if they split the cases but since I have to anyway to replace the crank seals then I may as well go a bit further so I have a rod kit on the way. And the main reason for the rebuild Where the fuck did the seal go? The metal outer part is there but the rubber has vanished and you can see the spring chilling on the crank. As mentioned earlier I wanted to get this legal before spending money on a rebuild so I used sealant on the sidecover to keep it in a running state haha. Currently fabricating a case splitter as I couldn't bring myself to pay $130 for something that looks shit and might only get one use.
  10. Oooh EV meet, let me brush up on the latest punishing yarns about tyres with the least rolling resistance and the best power rates for charging cars
  11. Sounds good, I can make it to two in a row, what a treat
  12. Good thread, agree with all the recommendations. I'm in the process of adding a separator, my old vac gave up the ghost after rawdogging it for too long. I'm only using glass bead at the moment, love the finish, here's an old wheel I use as my compressor hose reel
  13. Whipped the valves out today, I'm surprised, some wear and carbon build up but no chewed gears or sheared shafts, win. Better look at the cyl, nice
  14. So much fun! My favourite bit is when it goes from eeeEeeeeEee to EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! But because I like doing things the wrong way it now looks like this Crank seals needed attention (they are a split the cases job) and I need to see what state the KIPS valves are in as they are prone to stripping teeth. Good news so far the piston and cylinder look good, will check the rest out once it's apart.
  15. You are on the money there, the main aim for this was to have a 2T motard. Currently working on these
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