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  1. Very nice, I have been dreaming of having a lathe at home but no space currently
  2. Anyone got any recommendations for a good DC TIG machine? Have been wanting to learn for a while, I assume lift arc at least. Already got a Lincoln MIG so no need for a combo setup and probably not much use for AC at the moment either, basically just something I can have a play with doing small jobs.
  3. That looks pretty good tbh, seems to say they don't have record of selling that particular bike but it's within the bunch they imported which is very good. There's a few other bits and pieces required like declaration of ownership and another declaration involving it's condition (both stamped by a JP), a confirmation of chassis and engine numbers (done by a compliance person at vtnz/vinz) and then any other crap you can provide, the more the better (this was advice from the nzta team themselves), like the sales ad, emails or text convos with the seller, picures of the bike, any documentat
  4. Have you run the vin/chassis number through Landata? Give VTNZ, Vinz or anyone you know with access, might be something there already. If not you'll probably need to use the Alternative Documents form (ca03) regardless of it's origin, this form is for when you are missing documentation. If it was sold new here and you hopefully can get a letter from BlueWing confirming this and that it is a street legal model then you'll be away laughing but minus $184. Mine was an import and not sold here so I needed an exemption from having the export certificate and to show proof it was a str
  5. Neat bike, I may have some relevant info as I'm currently trying to do the same. Was it sold new in NZ or imported? Also From 1 November 2021 All current model new motorcycles and imported used motorcycles over 125cc must have ABS. All current model new motorcycles and imported used motorcycles up to and including 125cc must have ABS or CBS.
  6. If its already been reg'd in NZ you won't need it, I was following it up cos I wanted to reg my KDX which had been imported but never reg'd and the export cert lost.
  7. I've been in contact with them already about a bike, no info for motorcycles apparently. Edit: I was looking for export cert and got this back "Hello, unfortunately it is impossible to obtain registration documents for motorcycles."
  8. He would have had you off the mark too if it was just down to the machine, probably just snicked up a couple gears then rolled on the juice hauling in everything in sight.
  9. Nice Busa, my old man had one for a while, just a little bit rapid
  10. Hey, I'm somewhere near Berhampore and can have a geez for you. Slide into my dm's
  11. Thanks I have just bought my first oldschool car, it's crazy driving a car that is older than me!
  12. Hi, I'm new here and might come along to this, be great to put some faces to names
  13. Yikes, not much runoff space there
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