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  1. I'm deep in the head unit rabbit hole atm, not sure what one I'll get but I did a scan and I have an L revision canbus gateway so that helps.
  2. This is relevant to my interests, I picked up a mk5 tonight, 2.0T wagon with stage 1 remap. It has induced a few grins so far. Your headunit looks good, might need to get something similar for some modern features.
  3. Yo dogg, you need to regulate your regulator Good work though, perseverance (or $$) will get it done.
  4. I am at work with not much to do but search the webz, does this help? The voltage regulator sends power out through the field terminal that goes to the generator and that’s how the generator comes to life. So for test purposes, what you want to do, is with the wires still in place on your voltage regulator, get a jumper lead connected to a power source. Wiggle that on in until making contact with the field terminal. Now we’re sending full field current to the generator. When we do that, we’re doing the voltage regulator’s job. When we do the voltage regulator’s job, if the generator comes to life, the voltage regulator is probably our problem. However, with the wires in place, if we put full current right here with that wire that goes from the field to the generator and she still won’t come to life, chances are strong the problem is in the wiring between here and the generator. https://mossmotors.com/how-to-test-voltage-regulator
  5. Here you go, looks like it's still on special too https://nzairfilter.co.nz/davies-craig/8907.html
  6. Didn't seem to be much room to spare inside, do you change the pump housing too? I had previously discounted an electric pump as the prices were high but found a seller recently who had them for $300 so decided to go for it, plus now I can see what is happening in the cooling system.
  7. My new water pump controller arrived Saturday, props to Davies Craig for sorting it quickly. I plugged it in and everything looked good. I gave it a test today and ran it for about 30 mins. Temp limit was set to 85 degrees so when it hit 88 the fan came on and within 30 seconds the temp had come down to 85 again, pretty happy with that. I let it do this a few times and it seems to be working well. Only issue remaining is the time it takes to warmup, I suspect they'll recommend a thermostat with some extra bleed holes in it but I'll run it past the manufacturer and see what they recommend.
  8. 9New direction, I was taking the fog lights off when I remembered I had a box of lights that might work. So now I have DRL's instead, dekatora running lamps. I have some spare if anyone is keen.
  9. The water pump got pulled out in preparation for the electric one. It's a bit teeny understandably, impellor was about 50mm dia. Nice block off plate Don't worry, I got a new output shaft seal to put in. Then got a larger boss welded to the thermostat housing for the temp sensor. I got the electric water pump wired in but the screen was dead out of the box so now I'm following it up under warranty, boo. With that on hold I thought I'd have a play with some other shit. Fuck yeah accessories, got some fog lights and air horns hooked up. I got the horns tucked in nicely behind the plate. Then I was reminded how small this car is, the damn plate sticks out over the lights. Need a plate narrower than 320mm to miss them or find another spot for the lights to go.
  10. I did the same during the first lockdown, matai weatherboards, cedar skirting for bargeboards and left over coloursteel from the house. Fucker never used it and would sit in the rain so I knocked it apart and took it to the tip.
  11. Yeah I'm out too, weather be trippin and my only transport is a 100kg 2 stroke
  12. Replacing speaker foam surrounds is pretty straight forward, made easier if you can remove the dust caps to shim the voice coil before gluing.
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