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  1. kicker

    Tachometer tech

    This thread might have some useful stuff in it https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/forum/build-projects-and-project-cars/building-an-analog-race-dash/181498/page1/
  2. https://www.nzta.govt.nz/projects/marlborough-roads-recovery/media https://www.marlborough.govt.nz/services/alerts
  3. A few bits have arrived so I whipped the carb off. Some new jets to try and float bowl, aliexpress special so will see how long it lasts and some new reeds
  4. Reg'd KDX125 on TM at the mo https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/motorbikes/motorbikes/dual-purpose/kawasaki/listing/3326036154?bof=BhS43wn1
  5. Need to make it to another wagnats, day time was roasting but night time was amaze
  6. How about some dimpled stacks
  7. I should have cerakoted the cases and cylinder silver when I had them apart, I could at least do the sidecovers, they are the worst of it at least. Where can you buy it from?
  8. Na, will just give them a spray with some AC50 every now and then.
  9. I blasted my spare hubs In preparation for Waiting on the front then I can order some spokes.
  10. Make some fake branding for the parts like GRuddy or even something more local
  11. I finally got around to looking at the 250SR oil pump and good news, it'll add the extra oil I need. After seeing that its gear ratio was similar I opened up both pumps, the 200 uses a 3mm piston where the 250 has a 4mm one, yuss. The drive gear also stuck out further but it swapped over to the other pump fine. Ready to go back in. The other part of this problem was that there was no oil feed port on either the intake boot or the carb. The carb had an unused boss (probably for this purpose) so drilling that would be easiest. I pulled a nipple out of another carb I had and pressed it in with a bit of loctite. The last bit was fitting the valve that stops the oil tank from draining when the engine isn't running. This normally sits in the boot but a few minutes in a drill with a file and now I can put it inline between the pump and carb.
  12. A few things have been happening lately with the KDX. Since I had it sitting in a drawer I fitted an O2 sensor and wideband gauge to see if it will help with tuning my new carb. Manufacturer advice is to locate the sensor on the upper half of the belly of the chamber and to expect a shorter life span. I had a few bungs so put one where it was convenient at the end of the belly. I hooked it up to the battery pack under the seat, hose clamped the gauge to the bars, calibrated it then fired it up. Seems to be doing something and doing it consistently. Current carb needs jetting to suit my exhaust changes but I won't bother with that one yet.
  13. Yup gotta play the game They send it to the station that verified it There isn't much info out there on the process it would be a good idea to take on board what we are saying, or not but good luck with that.
  14. But it isn't, NZTA aren't going to take some random old guys word for it.
  15. I have used the alternatives docs process recently, it is confusing and they ask for the things you don't have. The vin/chassis numbers will need to be verified as mentioned, I got a handwritten confirmation on vtnz letterhead, also it needs to be done by the actual compliance person and not just one of the wof guys. This was needed before submitting the form so they were wrong about not bringing it in. As far as the police thing, I would go into a station and try to get someone to write down the vehicle isn't showing as stolen and have them sign and stamp or whatever. Vehicle history is tricky, you will need to flesh out what you have. Copies of old photos, of all correspondance, if you have his email send another and if it bounces back saying it is invalid then add that to your submission. Even a screenshot of a white pages search that you weren't able to find them. Write down any info the previous owner yarned about when you picked it up and add that. I had similar lack of history so I was emailing companies in Japan to get them to confirm they had no info, gotta get creative. Not sure what is going on with the receipt thing, you will have to explain why the name doesn't match yours, maybe get a jp to sign this. Fill out a statutory declaration that you own the vehicle and get a jp to sign, piece of piss.
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