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  1. Thanks dude, that would be amazing. I'll just check with the seller, I'll pay him beforehand so assume it will be sweet. I'll pm ya Cheers
  2. Hi there, I have bought some bare rims on impulse and need a pick up and hold till I can sort some freight, can anyone help please? They have no tyres and are nice and clean, remuneration in whatever form you prefer will be provided. Jeremy
  3. Had to leave early, here's a tribute to the poor souls still at wagnats.
  4. I knocked together some window shades from some old black t-shirts. Bogan living everyone.
  5. Ahh I get it, so instead of a mural on the side of the van we have to look through the windows to see the medieval sci-fi love scene
  6. So I've put all my effort so far into non essential prep, I forgot all about the food, water and other niceties
  7. Yup, will be rolling in my bagged V8 wagon but will be repping the shame corner cos too new
  8. Checking out some wag history in Arrowtown as prep
  9. Indecency charges at least
  10. I did the exact same on my old B1600, it would turn the engine over for a split second then pop out making a whizzing noise. Clean and lube ftw
  11. That's what I was told when talking to a cert guy many years ago. Not sure if that is the general consensus.
  12. Yep, still on track for next month Can't even remember the last one I went to, was end of 2018 I think!
  13. 1x black xl singlet please and thankyou
  14. That's Marc Marquez on a motogp bike and he is up over 60 degrees from vertical usually