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  1. kicker


    I was watching the shit above do it's thing, looked ok at first but the carrier liquid seemed to be promoting more rust than the active ingredient could deal with.
  2. kicker


    I bought a small bottle of Neutra Rust a while back to test. This part was rusty and had been wire brushed before application. That's what it looked like after the Neutra Rust had dried.
  3. Yeah clutch plates can stick if it has been sitting a while, it'll go away after some regular use, the classic clunk will still be there as you probably know.
  4. Anyone know know where and how long that old bypassed bit of SH6 is?
  5. kicker

    Kicker's C50

    Cheers! Yup but it's a cheap knockoff one so instead of being aluminium as advertised it was actually mild steel, which worked out well as it didn't need as much support. I basically just cut the knob off the handle, slid it into the header (was perfect fit) welded it up, added a bracket then step drill a hole in the end
  6. kicker

    Kicker's C50

    Updates Twin headlights I got from the Palmy swapmeet, Mantis style Changed over the sprockets for better speed in each gear, now running a 17T front and 38T rear Turned the old helmet latch holes into a rack for a tool pouch
  7. He's frenching the roofracks next P.s. your work is lovely
  8. Some cool whips there, any deets on the Katana? 750?
  9. I used CRC Mag Monster the other day, my silver wheels were black with 2 years of brake dust. A quick spray and agitation with a brush and they hosed off nice and shiney, will trade again but more frequently this time.
  10. No lo usaría sin la bomba a menos que el clima sea muy frío. ¿Qué le pasa a la bomba? Se pueden comprar correas nuevas a proveedores industriales, es una 375-5M (6 mm de ancho, 375 mm de largo, 5 mm de paso, 75 dientes). Yahoo Japan Auctions es bueno para partes o incluso aquí en Nueva Zelanda se pueden encontrar algunas. También he visto a alguien usar una bomba de agua eléctrica de un Toyota Prius, esa podría ser otra opción.
  11. What are the rules around exhaust systems poking out the back of a vehicle? If I have some headers sticking out the back (rear engine config) I assume I'll need some kind of shielding as per 2.2(1)b below or does 2.3(9)c(ii) mean it's ok as it is at the back? Is it ok if they stick out past the rear bumper for a short section before tucking back in? Cheers 2.2(1) A low volume vehicle, except for one specified in section 3, must comply with the following general requirements: (a) an ornamental object or fitting must not protrude from a motor vehicle if the object or fittin
  12. Hola Carlos, ¿con qué necesitas ayuda?
  13. It's more of a boss than a flange I guess, would only have 8.75mm from edge of M8 hole but it will have up to 100nm of torque through it so maybe a spline or something is needed to transfer the force and the bolts can be to secure it. Just trying to work out if a part I have found can be used before seeing a beard about it
  14. Hey, if I'm bolting a sprocket to a flange with M8 bolts, how much edge distance would would be a good idea minimum? Flange is thicc as, 20mm+
  15. kicker

    Kicker's C50

    Cheers man, I'm pretty happy with it now. The pegs are super comfy and give 1 million clearance when cornering.
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