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  1. It's not as bad as cfc's, one gram of r134 is equivalent to 1410 grams of CO2 as far as warming is concerned, cfc's were equal to 8500 grams of CO2!
  2. Have seen a few cheapo setups using compressors from dehumidifiers and fridges. I guess it also involves punching captain planet in the dick when you release the refrigerant
  3. @Steelies Sweet, anytime between 9am and 7pm just flick me a text
  4. I gots one too if you want, won't be home till tomorrow night though
  5. kicker

    stopping aluminium corrosion

    I got the aerosol for easier coverage, your mileage may vary
  6. kicker

    stopping aluminium corrosion

    Have used ACF-50 on some freshly polished rims to protect them, tis good stuff
  7. It's a bit of a lame forum but this info is good
  8. It's a common problem for old Suzukis, on my old Kat I had to have the alternator rewound and most of the others I had got new reg/recs after having charging issues.
  9. What is the state of the alternator and battery since the reg/rec shit itself? One of the three failing can cause the others to fail also.
  10. kicker

    Nerd help needed on router issues

    You can set the ip range to a large number but the router will have a limit on how many ip's it can manually assign. I just checked mine and I have a range from .1 to .199 but can only manually assign a max of 64 ip's within that.
  11. That's why you go 3.1
  12. Kakimoto valve cover, if you can find one
  13. kicker

    1 UZ FE Wiring.

    Nigel was here a long time ago but got the shits about something and deleted a lot of his posts.
  14. Is it the design? I've never had trouble with mine
  15. kicker

    Mechanic is trying to cheat me - help required

    Shit post time