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  1. Check your clutch cable too, gummy ones can cause slow engagement. I had to do my restricted test with a sticky cable, made it interesting
  2. kicker

    Kicker's C50

    Had its first start last night, no dramas, just a couple small jobs now then it's time for first ride
  3. kicker

    Kicker's C50

    Handlebars part 2 Muffler
  4. kicker

    Kicker's C50

    Make seat base Wiring
  5. kicker

    Kicker's C50

    Long time no update, so pic dump Sissy bar/rack combo Fixing rusty tank Add screws and shake, weld holes, clean and seal
  6. Headlights for taillights? Please post pics in the design fails and fabrication foibles thread
  7. Looks rad! Got any video of it running with new zorst?
  8. Nice, at least you've got the hardest part to source, the airbox.
  9. Also mine was in a similar state when I got it, engine seized and the paint was and still is a bit shit hence the new scheme.
  10. Sweet, cheers for posting pics @2strokeracer and nice to meet another owner. Did they say how they ended up with so many?
  11. Maybe, have thought about getting out but hard to actually do it, retention is very high in my team for a few reasons, last person to join the team was 10 years ago, 2 have left in that time, the last about 6 years back. 17 of us at the mo.
  12. Not in, got my new roster and the earliest one I can make it to without taking leave is Feb 2020, see you then!
  13. Mmmmm, just trying to factor in potential cost for some wheels I want to buy
  14. How hard would it be to remove rusted wheel nut inserts?
  15. You too could join the Beat club