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  1. I'm still on my shit roster so can't make it, hopefully will change in the next few months
  2. kicker

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    Sounds like a good plan for an event, wait till after Labour weekend when the molesworth station road opens, those keen could camp at Lake Tennyson/Fowlers Hut/St James Homestead/Acheron Homestead. Dip into Hanmer for hotpools and gas then back up into the hills.
  3. kicker

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    In reality hanmeet could go ahead with any number of people, the only thing that would change would be the accomodation
  4. kicker

    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019

    If the south can't rally enough people to go then maybe
  5. kicker

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    Looking good, always been a fan of those cocktail shaker mufflers
  6. kicker

    Polished Rockers March 3 2019

    Yeah might try and come along
  7. Tell him to block off the BOV, then he can Phil Collins Su-Su-Sututututu around
  8. kicker

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Cool, will keep researching the soft side before committing, I don't need to do it but it would be fun to suss out Found this earlier #define SPEED 0x351 /* 351h 8 45 00 00 00 00 75 7B 10 100 1795 Geschwindigkeit speed h351, Geschwindigkeit, 8 byte, 100ms - byte 0: h00 vorwaerts, h02 rueckwaerts - byte 1/2: Geschwindigkeit - byte 4/5: Wegstreckenimpuls which roughly translates to h351, speed, 8 bytes, 100ms - byte 0: h00 forward, h02 backward - byte 1/2: speed - byte 4/5: distance pulse and also ID 0x351. Speed is contained in Byte 2. Calculation is (Speed = (buf[2] * 256) + (buf[3]-1)) / 190; )
  9. kicker

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    Cheers for the info, very useful! The teensy sounds like a good unit. Canbus datarate for the drivetrain (which this stuff is on) is 500kbps max, Convenience and Infotainment are 100kbps max. I have dug out a few packet ID's so far from others sniffing them out, will keep snooping to see what I can find.
  10. kicker

    Arduino stuff/ programing/so cheap

    I have some questions for the wizards. I am wanting to fiddle with the suspension control unit in my Audi wag, it runs an air system where suspension heights can be selected but at certain speed thresholds the control unit will adjust the height itself. I'm wanting to find a way to stop this so I can have a manual adjustment only option. The road speed is provided via the canbus and by a redundant direct wire into the control unit. Is it possible to create a box (e.g. arduino) to intercept and modify the canbus road speed signal? (I would only be looking to switch between 2 options, either pass through or replace it with a fixed signal, say one that translates to 40kph). I'm guessing the direct wire could be disconnected based on what I have read so far. Chur
  11. kicker

    Kicker's Honda Beat FC50

    Still Beatin' Tried out a Daytona red cdi the other week, definitely made it run smoother, no noticeable power or speed increase and would also miss occasionally, enough to kill the engine if it was idling. Any clue what's up? It is a slightly unusual setup in that it is a DC CDI where factory is AC, it's wired through a relay directly to the battery, was wondering if the marginally smaller stator not providing enough juice? AF07 AF27
  12. kicker

    Upholsterer - Wellington Region

    There is Absolute Upholstery on Home St in town. They recovered the seat on an old metal chair for me and did a good job. I saw a Porsche 356 and a bagged Chev C10 in there once, they may be pricier being in town.
  13. kicker

    scott's 260c H330

    Not hard, the one I used was just a universal one from Japan, I bought the biggest I could find which was still only about 1.3m wide
  14. kicker

    Lux's collection of crappy 2T nangs

    If taking to a fella get them to chuck a couple dowells in to locate the head concentrically on the cylinder, head bolts are a bit sloppy.