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  1. Need to get the brakes back together and get it off axle stands, someone post me a wof too plz otherwise it's good to go. Could always go mad max and rob other motorists of their guzzoline to keep costs down. Will have some yarns at the welly meet tomorrow night and come back and present my findings.
  2. I need to sort out what I'm doing for this, haven't organised anything. Keen to drive but ferry plus gas is too exy this year
  3. Hmm, I remember a few years back it saying on the Doc site it was only open from 1st Jan to end of march but now it says from Labour weekend, so close Nats in central SI next year so we can roadtrip through it on the way Acheron Road is closed for the season. It will reopen on the Saturday morning of Labour Weekend 2017. The Acheron Road through Molesworth Station is open 7 am – 7 pm daily from the Saturday of Labour Weekend to Easter Monday or the second Sunday in April, whichever is the later date.
  4. That's the Molesworth Station eh? Is closed April to January from memory
  5. Hanmeet is like a cold alcoholic refugee camp, accomodation is best described as intimate with a nightly ambience of farts and nasal chainsaws Best meet ever
  6. If you decide to get someone to do it for you go and see All Bumper Repairs on Tirangi Road in Kilbirnie, they don't mind small jobs. I got a tail unit plastic welded up by them, only cost $20 and they had it ready the next day all nicely finished too.
  7. Also you might find the clutch plates could be sticky if is has sat for a while, could cause it to stall when dropping into 1st. Can you move the bike around with it in 1st and the clutch pulled in?
  8. Not an update, more of a roll over and fart in this long hibernation of a project. There is some movement though, whilst selling some unneeded parts I met a chap of the highest 2-stroke foam and he has offered to rebuild my crank as he has a couple to do already, so I checked my stash of bearings and seals to make sure everything was good to go but found the new old stock big end bearings I had sourced had minor corrosion on some of the needle rollers. Best to buy something new then, the Suzuki RGV250/RM125 big end bearings fit and are highly recommended, they run a couple more needles in them and are of the silvered variety. This arrived ages ago but I forgot to mention it It's part of the stuff I have gathered to swap from a 530 chain to 520, cos lighter, cheaper chains. The front just needs an RZ350 sprocket (JTF569) but the rear had no equivalent on any production bike. The RD has an annoying cush drive mount where it relies on a channel cut into the sprocket to hold the sprocket studs so you can do up the nuts, thankfully a place called Sprocket Specialists does a custom one to suit a 520 chain, it took about 8 weeks to arrive but it's not like I'm in a hurry. Nice
  9. Sweet will check tomorra for ya
  10. Had a quick look on my way out, found two spacers #1 (flat) OD 88mm ID 32mm PCD 60mm Thickness 4mm #2 (top hat) OD 88mm ID 20mm Snout OD 30mm Height 17mm yada yada
  11. Word, will dig stuff out
  12. Hey mein, I should have some bolts, 12x1.25 or something eh? Also have a spacer that may or may not fit off an l series auto
  13. So I want some better brakes, stock ones overheat easily and are weak. Looking at S30 upgrade info, the first port of call are Toyota Hilux calipers, 4 piston and vented. Sounds good, will they fit? Don't know yet. I picked up a S12+8 caliper for a vented disc off a Landcruiser for a dollar to do some measurements. Stock caliper mount bolt centre to centre is 3.5", so is the Toyota caliper, yuss. Stock caliper mount boss is 19mm thick and the bottom mount slots in between the steering knuckle and the spindle, Toyota caliper is 19mm too so no problems there. Fitting the caliper looks sweet, now to find a disc that will work with minimal fuck around. After trawling through the DBA disc catalogue the vented 5 stud Z31 86-89 Turbo (DBA604) one looked promising. Stock Z31 Disc OD 271mm 274mm Disc ID 81mm 81mm Thickness 12.5mm 22mm Width 43.5mm 35.5mm Only thing I wasn't sure of was the bolt pcd as the 260C one is around 103mm, so I ordered some hoping that Nissan had kept shit the same. Bolted up to the back of the holes sweet. An 8mm-ish spacer will get it sitting in the right spot. A couple things I'll need to check later is how the disc fits in the caliper, the disc is 22mm and the caliper slot is 23.3mm and also the disc is 3mm larger in diameter and the calipers both have the same distance from the mount holes to the bottom of the slot, should be a simple fix if needed.
  14. Got any S12+8 ones for vented discs?
  15. Boobs might be a bit thin on the ground but there will be plenty of parboiled sausage on offer at the hot pools