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  1. Yes please Lee, 1x Large in Avocado green thanks!
  2. I'm concerned that I won't have a wagon or even anything oldschool running by then. May have to newschool there and sit in the shame corner.
  3. bah.. actually the 14th is our work xmas do. And I'm not one to turn down free booze. Will pop out for a day trip on the sunday instead.
  4. Sounds lovely as always but can't make it tonight sorry!
  5. Here's a photo of the broken fork from once we got back to nats camp.
  6. Hey so it's been two years since last update. Rode the bike on epic trip from Wellington to Banks peninsula for nats. Ran very well, certainly a lot of fun to ride. Gets very happy in the higher revs! Had my first crash while at nats. Lost control coming over a ridge while on gravel. Bike went in the ditch and managed to snap one of the forks! Limped back to camp, found a replacement fork locally(ish) and installed it in time to ride back to Picton. Hoping to go on lots of rides this summer!
  7. Retail Hell has claimed me once again. I'll make it to one of these one day!
  8. Superb. I'll pm you when I can pop up during the day