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  1. shavenYak

    Boozin Da Bayz - mk5

    Retail Hell has claimed me once again. I'll make it to one of these one day!
  2. shavenYak

    WTBorrow: valve spring compressor

    Superb. I'll pm you when I can pop up during the day
  3. shavenYak

    WTBorrow: valve spring compressor

    Yes please that would be lovely! I can't remember where you work?
  4. Hello Do you have one? I need one. I'm in Wellington. Thank you.
  5. shavenYak

    shavenYak's alto 800

    Try eBay uk. Mines been scrapped.
  6. shavenYak

    WAGNATS 2019 FEB 5TH - 10TH

    Oh yes hello I'm coming
  7. Hey this is tonight! See yus there
  8. Good times peeps! Cheers Beaver that was a good spot. Don't play with fire, kids!
  9. Yeah keen but won't be done with work till 4pm on the Saturday
  10. Fuck, Manu even reminded me about this the other day... Oops! see you all at wagnats
  11. Good (brief) meet for me. One side brake shoes delaminated but was sorted(ish) on site. Thanks for the help and tools guys, got home safe and sound. Another thing to fix before nats.
  12. Traffic is a bit tenuous at ngauranga
  13. Yeah great spot, great peeps, great yarns, great stars. Cheers beaver and thanks everyone for putting up with my special dog.