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  1. CarolsHusband

    Nissan L series water pumps.

    That ebay link you sent is UK so it'll do fine thanks.
  2. CarolsHusband

    Nissan L series water pumps.

    Thanks KY, you're great. Did you order it for me too ?
  3. CarolsHusband

    Nissan L series water pumps.

    Hey troops Mine's got a wobbly bearing, (1972 L20) It's only a matter of time till it commits Seppuku. Are all L series water pumps the same ? Fanx.
  4. Google translate says "Good Traffic". I concur and I thank you. /although I don't know why.... //blardy poms.
  5. The cylinders are 13/16ths so it's a distinct possibility.
  6. That's about spot on I reckon. Thanks.
  7. CarolsHusband

    Karol Shusbands 72 Skyline, Betty The Hakopotamus.

    "Test Drive" turned into blasting around in it for large parts of the afternoon, reckon I've done about 45 miles or so. Brakes are fine and it goes pretty hard (for what it is). Handles really nice and is no way stock in the springs & shocks department. Tweaked the timing a bit and it's just rattling a little under heavy load, I'll try some octane booster tomorrow that will sort it out hopefully. It was blowing oil smoke for the first 5 miles but a couple of hot & cold cycles seems to have freed the rings up a treat. Haven't revved it beyond 4 grand yet but it feels pretty strong. Over all I'm pretty bloody chuffed with it, it's a really nice car. Bit of a clonk in the drivetrain but it only sounds like a UJ. Water pump bearing's a bit wobbly and it needs a new rad cap but it held temperature & oil pressure despite some enthusiastic driving. Vids for your entertainment... What ? Skid you say ? So, it's all good. Gonna do the wheels bronze and paint the rear panel black between the lights but apart from that, roll on summer.... * Also, side-sharn.... About 5 years ago I was chatting to the in-laws neighbour about cars. Started telling him about the Hako and he said " Fucking Japanese shit, I'm not interested in those useless bits of crap". We popped round to Carols folks earlier and the neighbour drove by as we were leaving. He fucking loved the Skyline, was all over it and asked if I wanted to sell it. I ignored him. Silly bugger.
  8. @Everbody, thanks, that's brilliant. What a bunch of knowledgeable cunts. rockauto looks like a good option though I have got a scrap set of Hilux calipers around so I could try them. @kyteler, thanks for checking that lid, looks like I'll have to repair it. I've never bought from yahoo but I s'pose there's a first time for everything.
  9. Yeah, that cropped up while i was researching last night. Trouble is we had very little Japanese stuff here in the 60's/ early 70's. Found a firm in 'Murica who seem to have a lot of parts and a decent reputation, Any opinions/experience anybody ? Also thinking about painting the Watanabe's bronze or gold or similar. Thoughts ? /yeah, it's a GX71 and yeah, I can only dream of that offset but you get my point..
  10. Chur, you're a star.
  11. CarolsHusband

    Karol Shusbands 72 Skyline, Betty The Hakopotamus.

    What happened was..... Had a big fuck off pizza for lunch & then got stuck into the car around midday. First job was the clutch, thought the master &/or slave might have been fucked but a bleed & adjust sorted it Brakes next. Calipers were a bit sticky but freed them up to a usable state. For the moment, at any rate. One rear was perfect, if dusty. Nice use of thumb... Other side fucked. Or so I thought. Cleaned it all up, took the cylinder apart and it all seems fine. Once I'd refitted & bled the system there was no sign of a leak, even with repeated pedal stamping/ continual pressure. Go figure... We''ll see how it goes. I wonder if the reason it was all damp and shitty was because on top of the drum was the fave spot for rats to have a wee. Put new plates on. Think I'm going to join the rear lights with a black panel edged with chrome trim. Mrs Shuzz said " Oh, FFH....Fucking Hot Hako ?" Good girl. Finished off as the sun went down touching up the paint on the rims & taking a blurry pic. Messed about with plug leads, etc and came in And that was a bloody good use 7 hours of my Saturday. Test drive tomorrow. Sweeeeet.....
  12. Hey, @kyteler, does this look anything like you console lid ? Also, how about the wheel cylinder ? Ta x
  13. CarolsHusband

    Karol Shusbands 72 Skyline, Betty The Hakopotamus.

    Saturday morning update.... Got my chores done & picked up my new tyres, got back home and the postie had brought me prezzies. Time for an early lunch and then an afternoon of Skyline shenanigans. /pics
  14. Hang on fullahs, I've got a pic somewhere..... /pic
  15. I'd thought about filling & covering it in suede or vinyl on something. We'll see if KY's one is the same and if not, I'll have to get a bit creative. Maybe I could cast one up in resin with cherry blossom & glitter trapped inside. JDM as fuck, etc.