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  1. piazzanoob's 1964 ford Galaxie 500 seeedaan

    So cool I know it's not Steve's Impala but it still may be better than Darryl Starbird's Superfleck Moonbird.
  2. Shuzz's 62 Baja Bug. Maybe...

    Useless two monthly update..... Been using it most days, dunno how many miles I've put on it coz the speedo's broken. That also makes passing speed cameras and police cars a bit of a laugh. No tickets yet. It's been fine though. A bit noisy and slow but it always puts a smile on my face and hasn't let me down.. Chicks dig it, most blokes hate it and give me filthy looks. Probably because their chicks dig it.... Adjusted brakes and pedal as the travel was starting to make my foot shade the throttle pedal and so made life exciting in slowing traffic. My mate is still promising to pull the 1641 motor out of storage. I'm doing some work for him so will hold him to ransom in a minute.Not going to put the big rims on until the new motor is in, not sure it'll move with only 40 hp. I've started flatting the paint. Ether going to go full on 70's lace work panels or just blow it over in white and get some mod top vinyl for the roof and interior. Gonna get the rims chromed and paint the drums red because I can. Pics mod top aye Before I took the stickers off I drove to Sicily I may have made that last bit up...
  3. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    The bloke I bought it off said I should build a class 11. I'm not so sure (though they do look great). I am having second thoughts about getting the grinder out though, it's kind of growing on me. Maybe get a rusty one and Baja that. And build a Brubaker Box.
  4. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    It's a lash up, that's for sure. Blardy foamers coming on here and putting me right/making me feel stupid/knowing stuff. I knew it was a bit of a mongrel but I didn't pay pedigree money. But yes, it needs some better spacers spun up. The other side was just crushed tube. It's now thicker tube that will crush a little less.
  5. Shuzz's 62 Baja Bug. Maybe...

    Got a few things sorted. Gear lever lock-out was all spiffed to fuck so you could hit reverse instead of second, not much fun on the way down the gears. Adjusted with hammer/drift. Fine now. It's been a bit crashy over holes in the road, I thought it was just a Beetle thing.Turns out the rear body mount bolts were loose. One needed a bit of a nip, the other had backed off about 1/2 an inch. These 2 things sorted have made the car totally different to drive. Also tried the rims on for size, they're 8" and they are going to look mint. Going to have to do 2 & 1/2 inch flares which is fine. Anyway, pics. Loose bolts/chrome shocks aye Phone shot Nice.....
  6. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    That's the plan. Bossy.
  7. Shuzz's 62 Baja Bug. Maybe...

    I'll just leave these here...
  8. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    That's what my new window fitter best Beetle buddy said. I said I'd swap for his Empi Ally T-Handle shifter, cash my way. He said no. Crazy Dubbers aye.
  9. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    Oh dear. Kind of digging the lace work though. Kind of. 4/10, could try harder. I'm thinking radiused arch with folded, 'glassed lip. Street racer style. Seats are Bernard Newbury's apparently. They are purdy comfy but not for those of a larger girth. (library shot)
  10. Shuzz's 62 Baja Bug. Maybe...

    Project update non-update /no pics. Went pick up 7" steels and check out hot 1641, big cam, twin down draft carbs motor. Beetle rod type thing that has the rims on was still on top of my mates office, needs fork-lifting off. Motor was under a pile of crap, same pile of crap that the forklift was under. Tomorrow apparently. *sigh* Two part plan. Part one..... Big steels on, rear arches flared to clear. Fit 1641 motor if it's not fucked. Flat back questionable paint so it looks even more shit. Cruise around like it's 1960's California. Part two..... Tall tyres, bugeye Baja kit, body lift, ridiculous paint job involving metalflake, lace curtains and mucho masking tape. Cruise round like it's 1970's California. Win at Beetles.
  11. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    Enter paddock, steal parts, send me parts.
  12. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    No, not like those either. Don't make me down there @scooters Off to the big shed of VW goodness tonight, I may overspend.
  13. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    Yeah, exactly not like that.
  14. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    They seem to be one of the cheapest cars to insure, even for young'uns. Both the kids like it. The lad might drive it when he's old enough, doubt stepdaughter would get her derriere in those seats..... (meow)
  15. Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    Phase one will be a dropped front and the rear turned down a notch plus big steels all round. I need a daily as the Skyline and the Hilux really come first for major love. Hot 1641 motor on twin artichokes is available.