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  1. Nearly there. Think I'm going to need to spend some time on real cars for a while, this fiddly stuff will drive you potty.
  2. It does in Northamptonsire. Getting it from the guy who built the beach buggies for The Grand Tour, dunno if that's a good thing or not. I'll tell you in a fortnight.
  3. Nah, but girl, it sure comes blizzarding down. / or some thing.
  4. Dunno if this is worth the dredge but pics of kit I will hopefully have in a couple of weeks. / not in baby shit brown though...... / TOTP
  5. Got an hour on it this evening. Interior is now on the exterior and cage is ready for a bit of a clean up & some paint. Gold flake is looking favourite. Haven't heard from the fibreglass bloke yet. That is my update, sue me.
  6. Due to popular demand from my own ego, pics of progress. Don't like them, I'll only get a big head. Started the weathering...
  7. I just looked through all the packaging and there is not one mention of Mercedes, though a pointed star is included. Copyright avoidance ? / crazy fucken Ukrainians
  8. Getting on the cargo, gonna be a while till it's done though. Messing about with real cars again so don't hold your collective breaths. / Oh, you weren't.... The bare chassis will turn into this...
  9. Gonna keep this thread off the bottom of the page, even if it's just me. Trailer painted. It's a big fucker, phone can't focus on both ends at once. Weathering the whole lot next time I have a spare day..... Wrecked Sherman for scale Started on the actual cargo. 1 million dollar pounds if you can work out what it is.
  10. Well. 'Murca didn't get back to me so I went with a UK sourced kit. Bugeye, stock-ish wing width & an engine cover with no air intake hump type thing. Should be here in a month. Gonna be simple 60's looking, not some thinly veiled, rear engined, tube framed Trophy Truck Anyhoo, afternoon in the shed. Sayonara shakotan... Wings off Swapped spindles back to stock. Standard right, dropped left. *edit* Just realised pic is upside down, I s'pose. That or I rolled it on the Baja 1000. Gained about 5 inches with the old rear tyres swapped to front. Will aim for a bit more profile to get it level. No suspension lift though. Surprisingly solid underneath, I'll tidy it all up & do the interior next. Gold roll cage, fur headlining and hopefully sort out the "filled" dash.
  11. Baja Bug it is ! Gonna do it. Beach buggy can wait/ get forgotten about. Got a couple of prices for bugeye kits here, just waiting to hear back from Chirco in 'Murica before I take the plunge. Messed about this arvo, going to put the stock spindles back on & then decide about ride height. Will be some sort of green in the end, but I'll save the roof. Best part of the car though I say it myself. Found this charming repair, not worried about butchering the car anymore !
  12. Got stuck into the tralier. We're gonna need a bigger cutting mat... Weathering next, then the payload. *edit* Top Of The Tiefladeanhanger
  13. I was wondering how the boy was getting on with this @a.craw4d. Get him a Hako next plz. Credit where it's due, that looks ace, and way better than I was doing at that age. /and I have pics to prove it.....
  14. Monthly shit-post to stop it dropping off the page. I don't think I'm taking this modelling lark seriously TBH. Nearly assembled. Just got to do a bit of light weathering. I'd rather be mauling the crap out of it but have confined the wear & tear to a bent radiator stay and badly painted black-out highlights on the corners.
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