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  1. CarolsHusband

    Karol Shusbands 72 Skyline, Betty The Hakopotamus.

    3 years and 5 days later ? Fucken hell. I've finally pulled my finger out and got on with getting the Hako road legal. It's been seven years since it arrived. There were various reasons why it's basically sat in the shed for all that time but one of the main problems changed last year. The indicators on the Skyline are illegal in this country. After 1965 cars must have orange indicators front and rear, there was no easy way to rig it up using the original system and I wasn't prepared to butcher the loom and add extra orange lighting etc. To register an import it had to pass an MOT test which also served as an vehicle identification process. No orange indicators mean't no certificate & no registration papers. In their wisdom the powers that be decided that from May 2018 all cars 40 plus years old didn't need to have the annual MOT test. This is obviously bonkers but there really aren't that many pre '78 cars left on the road here and I'd say that almost all of them are in the hands of people with at least half a clue what they're doing. What this mean't for my Skyline was that it didn't need to be tested to be registered. It has to be "roadworthy" but doesn't have to be tested. The indicators are still illegal but you have to get pulled over by a copper who knows his stuff. The upshot is that I sent all my paper work off, had a random inspection to determine that it's not 2 cars welded together, etc & I'm now awaiting my documents and registration number. It needs a few things sorting and I've arranged with the local MOT tester to have the car "tested" on training mode so I'll get all the print outs but it won't be legally binding. 10/10, GC, etc. Biggest problem has been a mouse that moved in at some point over the winter, it may have been the one I evicted from the Hilux. Little bastard ate my centre console, plug leads and steering column stalks. Fucker. Update soon /pic 4 fred
  2. CarolsHusband

    Hilux Brake Disc Backplates

    In your crazy, upside down, had Japanese cars forever type reality. We only had Land Rovers until 1979. Thanks man, that's all I needed to know. Ordering them right now.
  3. CarolsHusband

    Hilux Brake Disc Backplates

    As far as I know it's a MK 2 or LN65R. 1984-88. If you're looking at my thread don't be put off by the bed, that's off a 2004 MK4. /pic of what it looked like new but in blue, not red. Thanks for the offer of finding some there, I may end up doing that. Probly end up cheaper too. 460 quid ? You can buy a whole car for that.
  4. CarolsHusband

    Hilux Brake Disc Backplates

    Too late, bought all the standard stuff already. Which, as it's a bolt on conversion, lead to me assuming that the LN105 back plates would be pretty damn near the LN65 ones. No suppliers are willing to have an opinion whether they'd fit.
  5. CarolsHusband

    Hilux Brake Disc Backplates

    Anybody got a price over there ?
  6. CarolsHusband

    Hilux Brake Disc Backplates

    I do get the diff dirty now and then but I don't go looking for trouble very often.There's a voice in my head saying " they put them on there for a reason". You're both probably right though.
  7. CarolsHusband

    Hilux Brake Disc Backplates

    Brace yourselves, I'm having a serious moment. The backplates on my MK2 Hilux are shagged. They're not available as a pattern part here and Toyota want £460 for a pair of them. Gulp. I'm not having a lot of luck finding out if the MK3 are close enough with a bit of fiddling ( the swivels and hubs are the same, calipers are a bit wider for vented discs but pads are the same). Short of driving 2 hours to my supplier and comparing, it would be a bit of a gamble. The other option that has been suggested by some off-roady mates is to leave them off. Apart from having to make a bracket for the brake pipe union, I'm a bit dubious about the amount of crap that'll get flung at the brakes. Anybody got any advice/ideas ? Ta
  8. CarolsHusband

    Datlows citroen big D

    Nice one.
  9. CarolsHusband

    Shuzz's 62 Baja Bug. Maybe...

    Monthly update thing... New starter fitted, much better now. Heating is now too hot which is brilliant, thank gawd for quarter-lights. Spent most of today insulating, paneling and carpeting where the back seat should be. Looks ok but more importantly much quieter and I can put stuff back there now. /useless pic for thread Also, as mentioned elsewhere, I bought a buggy. It's been sat in a barn for years but it's mostly there. Or most of the buggy parts anyhow. /pics here coz not really worth starting a thread yet.
  10. CarolsHusband

    Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    Thanks dude, I'm pretty pleased with it tbh.
  11. CarolsHusband

    Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    Don't think either of my nans would have much to say on the matter. /or if they did, you wouldn't hear 'em.
  12. CarolsHusband

    Shuzz's 62 Baja Bug. Maybe...

    Monthly not much really post, just a shameless thread bump. Roof paint has started a few conversations, received many "hang loose" signs from my fellow Dubbers and caused a few heads to shake and brows to furrow.. Winter's on the way. For us, anyway. Reconnected the heater tubes to the heater channels this time so maybe my toes will be warm this time. Going to pull starter off as it's getting a bit sluggish, could be engine earth but I haven't found one yet. That might explain it then. Also, found some mudflaps on a dusty shelf at my mates garage. He said "Have 'em". He didn't need to tell me twice. /pics
  13. CarolsHusband

    Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    12,000 miles away ? I'll be honest, it could be better, but then I could have taken longer too. Practice makes perfect.
  14. CarolsHusband

    Shuzz's '62 Baja Bug discussion.

    Thanks ! As I get older I'm just getting misty eyed about the 70's I s'pose. Maybe It'll start a dubber trend.
  15. CarolsHusband

    Shuzz's 62 Baja Bug. Maybe...

    No work that can't wait till tomorrow, sun's out, 20 degrees, not a breeze. Perfect day for a bit of slap-dash beetle roof painting. * If any of you do this sort of thing for a living, it'd probably be best if you look away now.... Needs a load of clear & a good polish but you get the idea. And that was my rattlecan flake n lace Thursday.