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  1. Took it for an MOT, failed on the usual rear brake balance/ handbrake efficiency, a track rod end and someone finally decided to get funny about the right hand indicator tell-tale not working after 26 years. While I was messing about fixing that I discovered I had one of these. Cooool....
  2. 21 month update. Finally got the old banger down to Cornwall as its Welsh duties are concluded. We both said it's like the whole family is finally here. Haven't had a tow hitch on it since I did the flatbed but Mrs Shuzz's pikey palace isn't going to drag itself into the meadow so I spent this afternoon doing cutting & drilling as it used to be on a chassis extension with the longer tub. All done Stuck with the up-high pin hitch to deter people from asking me to spend all day pulling fucked stuff out of ridiculous places for a beer. Gotta make an A-Frame to pull the caravan next. / Blardy Travellers.
  3. Yeah, there's one guy who built a "what if" rare German halftrack that had somehow got back to the US after the war and then was used as logging vehicle in Canada after being butchered & tiger striped. It looked mint but you could hear the gritted teeth in some of the comments. Hang on, I'll find a pic..... Think he must have striped it after.
  4. I almost offered one bloke "some form of physical altercation" ( copyright @dane ) when he started going on about something but everyone else told him to stop it so it was fine. They're almost as bad as the " Oh, I wish I was as good as you" type comments which are just impossible to answer without sounding patronising. Just practice and copy the things you like. Idiots. If I jack the model forum in it'll just be you monkeys that I internet with. *sigh*
  5. I'd never realised how political model building is. There's so many "right" and "wrong" ways of doing things. I started a bit of a row on the model forum with the amount of weathering & rust on my Bergepanther. They'll shit themselves when they see the next one. There's also some big thing about "modulation" of paint colour on panels. So a bit darker at the edges where angles meet. It's too bloody complicated for me and they all seem to get their knickers in a twist about how much/little/right/wrong it is. I can see a rage quit happening on there although they are very nice. Stupid models.
  6. I don't know anything about weathering planes. I've seen plane modellers paint all the panel gaps black before the top coat to deepen them but given how much history it's got that might not be possible. Youtube is your friend. I wasn't going to do any models for a bit but I've started another one. I'm hopeless.
  7. Desert pink gets my vote. Good luck with it, there's something daft about re-building old kits with personal history but when I rescued the Bergepanther after a 35 year break it was satisfying.
  8. The messing about/ tidying up thing is what puts me off too. I used to use a Badger with inks but that was easy enough to clean out. Enamels or acrylics is another matter, it's too easy to ruin an airbrush by being slapdash. And slapdash is my middle name. * It's actually Martin.
  9. You flatter me. I don't think I've ever used one on models TBH. I just do a basecoat with Tamiya aerosols and brush paint/ dry brush the rest. I've been toying with the idea of getting one but not sure....
  10. Right. It's bloody finished. Stupid shiny staff car didn't make the cut due to being over complicated and beyond my skill level. Found a Panzer IV in a box so on it went. Anyway, that'll probably be it for me and plastic until the winter. Far too nice out. / pics
  11. YELLOW CAR ! / not doing it yellow, it's just the gel coat tub they had open. Seems like a pretty good fit, bonnet has a bit of spare on the leading edge but that'll help with fettling. Happy about arch width/ clearance. Should be good.
  12. We slip-streamed a coach in a 2CV for 20 miles at 60 mph. Had it in neutral most of the time. Also, in economical pickup truck news, tailgate net returns the best mileage vs open, closed & removed.
  13. Kit all paid for & with the courier. Found that the bug's had a terrible front end repair as well as the cut n shut rear. Grinder's the best thing for it TBH. All panels off. I've got a Mountney steering wheel that was in my first bug 40 years ago,I knew it would come in handy. Going through the box of beach buggy bits I found a spare Mountney hub & horn-push. That made me happy. All a bit filthy.... An hour later, all a bit shiny ! Now where's my goddam panels ?
  14. Nearly there. Think I'm going to need to spend some time on real cars for a while, this fiddly stuff will drive you potty.
  15. It does in Northamptonsire. Getting it from the guy who built the beach buggies for The Grand Tour, dunno if that's a good thing or not. I'll tell you in a fortnight.
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