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  1. It's nearly Spring..... No more water leak, been using it a bit between storms & floods an very nice it is too. Re-doing all the cracked rubber fuel hose tomorrow. Got round to painting the rear panel, pleased with it but will get some chrome trim to edge it. That's it for now /pic for Fred
  2. Oh, ok, that's good too. They are bloody noisy, are they any better with stock exhausts and interiors ?
  3. It's going to be a Brubaker Box, is it ? Go on, put a Brubaker Box there.
  4. Yeah there's a little bit of that, I get the impression it's mostly blokes my age who missed out on the car thing because they were career building or pushing the edge of the glass ceiling up an envelope or whatever. Once they've got a bit of spare cash they decide to be 18 all of a sudden. Hako's seem to be a special case though. Our cousins on the other side of the pond have jacked the prices by paying silly money for rust buckets because all C10's are rotted to hell, apparently. Japan realised this and now you cant get much for less than 28 UK grand. Madness, I tells thee. They haven't really taken off in the UK. Why would you pay Lotus Cortina or AVO Escort money for an old Datsun that looks like a Triumph ? I know people who hesitated and now they probably won't get a Hako, I was bloody lucky with mine but it wasn't even half the price of an average new family car, or even a couple of decent mountain bikes. Classic cars have always been seen as an investment since the 80's and that's knackered it for a lot of genuine car people. Here endeth, etc.....
  5. It says "Freshly Imported" but it's been for sale for at least a year, maybe more. It was up for 19 grand a while back in the same town. That's some kind of business model, up the price until sells.... wat.
  6. Thought I should put this here, not about my car but worth posting none the less.... It looks pretty ropey in places and that interior colour is, umm, interesting, but it's still pretty pricey. Wonder what mine would fetch.....
  7. Hako's being doing daily duties as the Hilux is busted. Normally there'd be no way I'd drive a car as nice as the Skyline around at the end of December but the weathers warm (10 degrees, fucken Bahamas aye) and dry and they've not salted the roads for a while. Also the Hilux is busted, I may have mentioned that. The VW has no heater tubes connected and has started shitting out once it's warm so Skyline it is. It's been great, I forget how much of good o'l car it is. Been having chats and pics taken and friendly waves. I'm such a tart. I'm not really, I find it a bit embarrassing TBH but it's pretty cool that folks dig it. Temperature gauge pegged 130 earlier. Oops. Couple of cracks in the radiator tubes, looks like it'll need a re core. Topped it up and it's fine now. Sorry no pics, but I'm pretty sure there are some out in internet land. Chur.
  8. Yeah, I was aware of the diff thing, though wasn't sure how closely related they are. The internet seems to think a Subaru 180 (?) diff will "fall right in" but I doubt that's true, half shafts must be different, Shirley. I'll have to look into it, this ones seems ok but it's a bit tired and whiny. /fits right in over here aye. *edit* I think Kevin San put one in his car, I'll go blow the cobwebs off JNC and have a look.
  9. End of summer update.... Autumn's nearly here but the weather's still dry and the temp is in the high teens so I'll keep on using it until the winter rain and road salt arrive. It's been a good few months of Skyline driving, I've put quite a few hundred miles on it and am really happy I got my thumb out and sorted it for the road. No real problems except a continuing worry that the gearbox and diff are a bit low on oil. The plugs proved really hard to shift, at one point I had a set of 2 foot Stilsons with 2 foot of scaff tube and they still wouldn't shift. Finally today I got it on the 4 post ramp, stuffed a load of heat into them and got the bastards loose. Fucked them in the process and was glad/not glad that both g/box and diff were full of nice smelling, clean oil. Changed it anyway. They must just be worn out then. I'll let things develop. Started reshaping what was left of the bungs but then boss man Lee appeared with two shiny new gold anodised alloy plugs that are something trick for Land Rover axles or something, I zoned out TBH. Lighter than the originals so the car felt a bit faster on the way home. Pic for fred, hopefully more to come before it goes back in the shed till the spring.
  10. Hey, where ya been ? Holidays got in the way, and then sorting everything out that happened while we were away so no Skylining for me until today Brakes finished, had to remake one flare and grind some stuff (bits of caliper) to make it all work, but it all works and doesn't leak, which is nice No pics coz phone's broke but y'all know what brakes look like I would imagine. This post has been brought to you by "Shit Post Mondays" /you're welcome
  11. No, that was the caliper I had out of the box at the time. I looked at the pic earlier and thought someone's going to pick me up on that.... Thanks though. I had the option to bodge it up the other day with what I had lying around but that would have mean't bleeding the calipers off the hubs and then mounting them upside down, not ideal as you say. I've seen VW Beetle rear backing plates mounted upside down before with the cylinder at the bottom, and working, though gawd knows how.
  12. Monday afternoon shenanigans As mentioned the new calipers differ where the pipe goes in. Aftrer a bit of thinking I decided to stick with the standard flexi hoses but extend then using hard lines. This means I have to put a small taper into the end of the flexi hose and make upsome brackets to support the join. Given my usual level of bodgery, I'm quite glad how it looks so far. Pics... Same/not the same A bit of 3mm off-cut I had kicking around. Cut and cleaned up. Trimmed to clear the calipers. This was plan "A" on the length, I cut them back to clear the bumpstop mount. Measuring up for the hard lines. Finished off with a coat of "Sump disaster" red, hopefully the curse won't follow it... Making up the pipes later so hopefully all back together by the end of tomorrow. Woo-Hoo