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  1. It had crossed my mind to cut the pins off, but don't tell Michael.... To be honest it's probably never going to see any rain. Me from 30 years ago would disapprove but it's actually worth something and as you said, they can rust given any excuse. It's done really well at not doing so over the years. There is every chance I'm going to paint it at some point, the current colour is pretty odd and it's got quite a bit of micro blistering. If I fit the badge properly it won't come off in one piece, if I butcher it & fit it with badge tape I can remove it. * First world problems....
  2. They actually don't. I thought they had them, on first inspection, "tang washers" is it ? They're just rubber/silicon o-rings to seal against the panel. The mounting is by the arrow-head type thingys much beloved of Japanese manufacturers. So I'm kind of on a guesstimate of what size hole to drill. Maybe I should work my way up or do trial fits on plasticard. So much responsibility. I thought raising a family & moving house was a worry......
  3. Hack-oss-ka-nundrum. As we know, KY had an overwhelming fit of Good Cuntary and sorted me a new boot badge from Japan after I gorilla'd mine. To be fair, it was epoxied on so I didn't really stand a chance. First thing I noticed was that the new one had four mounting pins where as the old one was held on with double sided tape & glue. I assumed it was just an old badge that had got damaged so cleaned the old glue,etc off the boot to find the holes. No holes.... I had a check from behind, as well as i could through the holes in the frame and there is sign that they've been welded up or anything. All very strange. It looks like it's an earlier boot lid, but even then most of them seem to have a badge, even the 4 cylinder cars. Never mind, guess I just bite the bullet and drill holes in it. The badge just clicks in blind ( if I get the drill size right) which maybe explains why the original one got broken in the past as I can't see how you'd not break it trying to get it off. Better get me some brave pills and a decent ruler. Gulp.
  4. Yeah, that's what I thought. Seems like a good fix. Saw some fabbed out of steel too, but it doesn't need any more rustable parts.
  5. Or I could buy these....
  6. Thanks man Was planning to give it a bit of stick off road, not much point in living at the beach and not using your beach buggy. Sooo..... Looks like I'll be getting my current pan shortened, or starting a new plan.
  7. Dub advice needed from dubbers plz, paging @63Ragtop & @64valiant maybe ? My shortened floorpan that I'm using for the Beach Buggy is originally a ball joint front end, my donor beam is a link pin type. In my innocence I assumed that I could just swap the beams but a mate has put a doubt in my mind. I can't find an answer on that internet (though I may not be using it correctly). Anybody know facts ? If they are a different fitting is it possible to adapt ? Chur
  8. Pesky meeces. You may remember that my centre console lid got molested by vermin while I was neglecting my car. I've been pondering various solutions to avoid the obvious option of buying a new one. Lightbulb moment.... ( googles "Does VHT wrinkle finish work on plastic ?"). Youtube says "yes". Though I'd give it a bash and if it melts then I'll just go for plans B, C & D; namely cover it, make one out of wood or cast one in clear resin with Sakura in it. Anyway, it went like this... Fire up the P38 Bit of sanding First coat to see if I got it all I didn't. So more filler. Sorted. I've no idea if it's going to last, I'm gonna bake it in the sun for a few days and seal it with some satin lacquer if it seems unstable. Tightened the front wheel bearings as well, no pics though. /coz it's just wheel bearings.
  9. Not even in Wales. Maybe in Scotland but it probably wouldn't have a roof. *edit* Yep, it hasn't got a roof...
  10. Just looking on carsensor. 2000 GT sedans similar spec to mine but mostly with the correct single carb and I assume as rust free as mine, are around the 3.5 to 4.8 million Yen mark. There's a stock GT-X coupe for 14 million. Kenmeri, you say ?
  11. You ask him, I'm looking at the ridiculous price of these things now in Japan. Maybe I should sell it back to them. no one's going to pay that money for them now, surely ?
  12. When I bought mine, you didn't have to be rich. Now you'd definitely be poor once you'd bought one. But yes, if Morris were still making badges in metal then, what were Nissan thinking ?