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  1. Nope, you can switch between the two. When building the bogies you sandwich a little steel nut between some parts & then there's screw that goes through the legs. The outriggers are hinged so you have all the choices. I'll post a pic when I'm back home.
  2. pics Haven't done much glue sniffing lately, finished the 88 mm, just the weathering to do now but apart from that, nuffin. /pics Needs a diorama so I guess that's next.
  3. Yep, that ain't gonna happen. Couldn't get excited about it, partly because the way it's massive chrome trims were moulded was going to make it a twat of a job as far as decay was concerned and also because 59 is about my least favourite year for Caddys. 58's & 60's are both cool, 59's are just silly. IMHO, obvs. So.... 1/35 calls once more. Flak 36 88 mm anti-tank gun. Asked for it when I was 12, finally building it now. It's all in the planning. /pic
  4. Ooh, 1/24.... Forgot abut this one, found in a box of cassette tapes at my Dads the other day. Pretty cool & rare kit, may give it a bit of a refresh for old times sake. Anyway, hopefully going to get started on the Caddy tonight.
  5. Right, all done. Turned into a struggle again at the end and it nearly went in the bin. I now see why I got so frustrated with the tracks years ago. You can buy separate link track sets for most of these tanks but they're sometimes more than the price of the kit. Anyway, enough whinging Pom.
  6. Nice. Miniart do some cool unusual stuff. I s'pose i could do a mini update while I'm here. Melted wheels fixed, repaired one with plastic & then reshaped it. The other I decided to "remove" the outer wheel completely, so cut it all off bar the centre and then drilled it (with a hot pin)to look like a hub. Towards the end of the war quite a lot German vehicles were running out of spares. Reinstalled all the wheels Gonna finish it today, ran out of superglue to put the tracks on. Be good to get it done as I'd like to start to start on the Cadillac.
  7. Mini update as no time spare time for models this week, though it's s'posed to be gales & stair rods tomorrow so might get a bash at it. Did the sides of the hull, not mega happy but hoping they'll perk up a bit once all the kit is stowed and weathered. A few wheels got melted by a mystery solvent, rat piss or aliens over the decades, they're deformed & a bit soft. Gonna trim off the yuck & build it up with filler. /wondering whether I should have just bought a new kit, but it's all practice.
  8. Probably don't. Build them when you're 70, I'll tell my grandchildren to look in.
  9. Send me your kits then, Peter pan.
  10. /Pics. Also, surely once the lighthouse keepers got sacked they had more time for bottle stuffing. (not sexually).
  11. Can't be that much difference in size.....
  12. Hey Alex, you've had long enough to find it. /pics. Kind of got two truck builds in my head, a 70's Kenworth W900 as a prezzie for a mate and the Holy Grail, a needle nose Peterbilt & tanker conversion a la "Duel". Proper PITA job but could be fun.
  13. You are a sarcastic twat KY. Give it a go, you might be older than you think, Old man. Joking aside, it is a bit geeky but when you get started it is worthwhile. Even if it's just 30 mins here and there. All you gotta do is close the box lid when you've had enough. I only started because I found my 70's Tamiya catalogues clearing out my crap from my Dads place. Got inspired, got stuck in, glad I did. / living the dream. // TOTP
  14. Thanks @locost_bryan, any ability I have is just practice and looking at that internet. It's a fun, cheap, pastime though.
  15. No update update. Hopefully going to finish the Bergepanther this week, so brought this back in the latest van load. Been sat for probably 35 years, still in good nick and yup, gonna rust the poor thing to an early grave. Nicely detailed kit with lots of parts, should be fun. /pic Also, c'mon fellahs, is it really just gonna be me on here ?
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