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  1. CarolsHusband

    Karol Shusbands 72 Skyline, Betty The Hakopotamus.

    Hey, where ya been ? Holidays got in the way, and then sorting everything out that happened while we were away so no Skylining for me until today Brakes finished, had to remake one flare and grind some stuff (bits of caliper) to make it all work, but it all works and doesn't leak, which is nice No pics coz phone's broke but y'all know what brakes look like I would imagine. This post has been brought to you by "Shit Post Mondays" /you're welcome
  2. No, that was the caliper I had out of the box at the time. I looked at the pic earlier and thought someone's going to pick me up on that.... Thanks though. I had the option to bodge it up the other day with what I had lying around but that would have mean't bleeding the calipers off the hubs and then mounting them upside down, not ideal as you say. I've seen VW Beetle rear backing plates mounted upside down before with the cylinder at the bottom, and working, though gawd knows how.
  3. CarolsHusband

    Karol Shusbands 72 Skyline, Betty The Hakopotamus.

    Monday afternoon shenanigans As mentioned the new calipers differ where the pipe goes in. Aftrer a bit of thinking I decided to stick with the standard flexi hoses but extend then using hard lines. This means I have to put a small taper into the end of the flexi hose and make upsome brackets to support the join. Given my usual level of bodgery, I'm quite glad how it looks so far. Pics... Same/not the same A bit of 3mm off-cut I had kicking around. Cut and cleaned up. Trimmed to clear the calipers. This was plan "A" on the length, I cut them back to clear the bumpstop mount. Measuring up for the hard lines. Finished off with a coat of "Sump disaster" red, hopefully the curse won't follow it... Making up the pipes later so hopefully all back together by the end of tomorrow. Woo-Hoo
  4. Why does everyone keep doing this to my threads ?
  5. 3.9 RV8 on downdraft Dellorto's & a 4 speed rocket box ?
  6. CarolsHusband

    Karol Shusbands 72 Skyline, Betty The Hakopotamus.

    Sunday of productivity. Water pump back on, filled & warmed up. No leaky, no squeaky. Messed about with the front brakes but couldn't work out a way of fitting the new calipers without it turning into a fearsome bodge. I'll take the calipers & current flexies into the workshop tomorrow & make up some hard lines and brackets. Rear brakes went well though. Offered the shoes up and they looked good enough for a country job Everything fitted perfectly so I can confirm that 1971 Datsun 510 rear brakes are the the same as Hakos. Do with that information what you will.... Also done a vid. Really to demostrate the tappet rattle for comparison after I've adjusted them but it sounds like the cam's not bolted in. It's really not that bad. So that's about it, hopefully full braking will be restored by the end of tomorrow and then I might even give it a clean. Once I've adjusted the valves I'll give it the beans, I've been staying below 4 grand (mostly) because of the water pump but it really feels like it wants to pick up between 4 and 4,500. Thank you for your continuing interest.
  7. As always, thanks man.
  8. CarolsHusband

    Karol Shusbands 72 Skyline, Betty The Hakopotamus.

    I was going to spend all day on the old crate today but didn't get on it till 6. Stupid Saturdays. Having decided not to go the Pro Stock/ Street Freak route, (see random picture thread, page 4283) I thought I'd better mend the thing. Calipers fit but the originals had the fitting in the middle of the body so the the flexies aren't long enough. By chance, Hilux chassis to rear axle hoses are 60mm longer so I may get away with that. Anyway, bailed on the brakes and pulled the water pump off. In true Japanese style, all the bolts came out fine and everything seems the same on the new pump. Came in at 7.30 in time for chips and beer. No Skylining tomorrow, taking the daggs to the beach. Want to do more Skylining TBH. PS.... Any of you GC's know what the valve gaps are for a '72 L20 ? Gonna go with 240Z specs unless I get told otherwise. /pics
  9. Cant see that happening, it'll be all Hello Kitty stickers and a roll cage made out of yellow plastic pipe before you know it. Although...... keep looking at the set of Cooper Cobra's i bought the other day and thinking they'd look pretty cool on some 10 x 15 Watanabes. /Now, where's my grinder ?
  10. The Yakuz-coats that jacket ?
  11. Or sell it and buy an R32 GTR.
  12. Yeah, and putting 3100/280Z/2600 cover on a lame 2000 would be tragic. I was looking at kevs thread on JNC earlier and thinking just that.
  13. I think this is what they call a "First World Problem" /cant help thinking about what happened when I 'tricked up' the Hilux sump.....
  14. Which was probably my favourite idea until...... That's all the wrong way round but I kind of like it. I may need to find pics.