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  1. The Morris will not be in attendance. Chur chur.
  2. We will probably leave in the morning. I too like getting there early-ish. Also how do you do that tagging of people? I don't do well with technology.
  3. Entered. Foaming.
  4. Absolutely! Hannah you are welcome to the doors. I'll even drop them off. Wow look how shiny and not haggard looking ti was!!! And Mr.Maxted you'll be pleased to know the van now has some quality brake pads fitted.
  5. God knows how it survived with rego on hold. It does turn over but the rotor arm inside the dizzy has somehow disintegrated. I'll get a new one, file the points and install some new fuel. In theory it should run. Its still is full of spares. I have more doors than I know what to do with!!!
  6. I got it from Blenheim. It sat behind Woodbourne air base for a fair few years. The old guy started a resto job, fell sick and sadly passed away. Its all under sealed underneath. Floors and sills seem immaculate. I'm not sure about the rear end, dish is good though. Once she's all legal it will be getting low installed and nicer wheels.
  7. Luckily I have all of the Lucas injection gear, That might go back on one day. The previous owners Dad basically put all the best bits on it to make "the ultimate Triumph wagon." Plans so far are try to get it running, then basically get it on the road asap. I wont be doing a full scale restoration. Just a general tidy up, new carpets, window rubbers etc.
  8. Here we go again.
  9. My long awaited thread is finally here! Discussion: // About 3 Months ago a friend tagged me in a for sale post on the Facebook for a 2.5 estate. Naturally I was foaming at the bit. After calling the owner I organized to buy it. He inherited it from his late Father among other cars, Most of which ended up at the scrappys. The Triumph narrowly avoided the same fate. He told me about a couple of young guys in "lowered triumphs with no bumpers and silly looking wheels" that came to view it. All they wanted was the engine and gearbox, The rest they wanted to scrap.....I would've had an aneurysm had that gone ahead! Anyway its an English assembled factory PI Estate. It features such lushness as REAL leather seats, power steering, factory tacho, front swaybar, 2.5L motor - Sadly the injection has been removed in favor of 1"3/4 SU's, and Manual overdrive. on with the pics: Lush gauges The donk Potato pic The rust shituation That's all for now
  10. I approve of this.....apart from the oil cooler. I especially like the Jaws.
  11. This may be of some interest to you.
  12. I'll try. Failing that I'll be in Janes bB or stealing the Torino again.
  13. No pictures this time. Total disaster. I bought a new thermostat and installed it. The local radiator guy kindly re-did the leaky radiator again. The disaster happened when i plumbed it all up. Started it up, bled as much air out as i could.....Still getting boiling hot. Cant see any circulation happening in the radiator. No flow if you pull the top hose off and run the motor. I think the water pump may have lost its blades, as in they have rotted off. And the heater tap is doing wees all over the carpet. Lada Life.
  14. Haha I'm not sure how they have done half of them up. I cant get to the heater ones to undo them. Some kind of Russian contortionist is required I think.
  15. Ever had that feeling where you know you shouldn't have started messing with something? I thought I'd give the cooling system a birthday as it looks all rusty and shitty inside and its running at just over half way on the temp gauge. climbing to 3/4 when under heavy load. Hotter than I would like. Then i pulled the fan assembly off the radiator. Lots of lovely black water came out. So I sent the radiator off to Motueka Radiators to have a good clean up. I thought I better locate the thermostat and see if that is part of the issue....couldn't find it.....Surely its not in that weird canister with hoses coming off it. Oh wait yes it is because Soviet Russia! I cleaned all the shit out, tested it, and it seems to open at about 88-90 degrees. So I'll roll with that for now. Bit hotter than I'd like though. And all the hose clamps are single use only! Similar design to CV boot clamps. Almost like you were never meant to take it apart. mmmm gunky Radiator came back all clean and like new...or so I thought So I cleaned up the engine bay, smashed it all back together and filled it with coolant as quickly as possible to attend this months Nelson meet in Takaka. Total disaster!!!! Jane and I made it 3/4 up the Takaka hill and noticed the temp gauge creeping up again. Then I noticed a green substance leaking onto my left foot from the heater core. Uh oh... So we pulled over, popped the bonnet and there was green water everywhere. Dobbie at the Radiator shop must have had one to many doobies that day and forgot to re solder the inlet pipe onto the radiator properly! So that was our trip over. We coasted back down the hill, topped up the water at the bottom and went home. Out with the radiator again. Ugh. Lada life.