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  1. I was thinking of getting a site. But that means I'll have to go through all my crap.
  2. @shizzl I've messaged you some of his details. If no luck I can try track him down.
  3. Yeah I know him. Comes into work quite often. Whys that?
  4. Pics for reference. Loose wires is engine end. Other is CDI module plug.
  5. Evening all. I bought one of those chong lifan engine kits to re power my C50. Its a 110cc auto clutch job. Im well stuck with the wiring though. The motor package came with a loom that looks like its a complete loom off a chinese scooter. Im wondering is there any way I can graft it into the existing C50 loom? The new motor has 6 wires: Red w/black stripe Blue w/white stripe Green White Yellow Turquoise w/red stripe - neutral light? The bike has white, yellow, black & turquoise/red. I have the cdi module & coil but the wires in the loom supplied dont match up to the wires on the new engine. So im scratching my head. Any help from guys who have done this kind of swap before?
  6. So I've got a MS112 Jap import Crown. 5M-E with A43D Auto trans. The bloody thing will not engage Overdrive and I cant fathom why. - I've replaced the engine temp sensor. No Joy - Tested the O/D switch on the dash. Works fine. - Traced the wires down to the O/D solenoid and probed whist operating the switch - Power is switching. - Swapped the O/D solenoid - Still doesn't engage O/D - Theres another cylinder shaped thing next to the O/D solenoid with a single pink wire going to it? some sort of pressure sensor? Basically Im stumped. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Im extremely impressed! Its awesome that this thing is getting resurrected.
  8. Yes. its still there. Old Barry changes the story every time I ask about it / gave up.
  9. It was the bloody leads the whole time. Fixed! Thanks chaps
  10. I just took it for an Italian tune....things got worse so I limped it home on 4 + 3/4 cyls . Then just as I got to my street it got itself together and gave me a full 6 cyls. But I don't trust it. I guess I'll put a set of leads on it tomorrow and see what happens. Failing that Barts advice sounds acceptable.
  11. Hey everybody. So my blasted AU is packing a shit. It's got the 4.0 intech VCT log under the hood. It was running fine but the other day it started misfiring under load. This happened after I gave it a foot full to pass some tourists in a Nissan Tiida. So after I got home I replaced the plugs. No change. Changed the coil. No change. Changed the intake gaskets. No change. Changed the fuel filter. No change. Did a compression test & it all came up acceptable. It seems to run on 6 at idle but misses on throttle. I've tried to isolate it by pulling off leads whist it's running but they all cause a strong misfire when pulled off. I'm scratching my head....any ideas? Halp
  12. Me old mate Bert. I don't think I can handle him telling me how great his Datsun is again.
  13. Yeah all the time. Drives fine if you dont put your foot down, but as soon as you want to give it the beans it just bogs down and farts around. I'll give it a go and see what happens.
  14. Last weekend I committed automotive suicide and bought a cheap Jag XJ6.....Its a real dog. The problem is over more than half throttle the motor just pops and farts and will not accelerate. Under half and its fine. It seems to run pretty sweet at idle and cold start. It will rev freely in neutral. Its a 4.2 Injected. I'm thinking possibly the airflow meter is playing up? But the whole thing is very yuck to work on. Any help would be muchly appreciated.