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    Oldschool Hanmer Springs - 2019 Discussion

    @RUNAMUCK yep I've voted
  2. Slacker_Sam.

    Honda C50 to lifan 110cc wiring

    Evening all. I bought one of those chong lifan engine kits to re power my C50. Its a 110cc auto clutch job. Im well stuck with the wiring though. The motor package came with a loom that looks like its a complete loom off a chinese scooter. Im wondering is there any way I can graft it into the existing C50 loom? The new motor has 6 wires: Red w/black stripe Blue w/white stripe Green White Yellow Turquoise w/red stripe - neutral light? The bike has white, yellow, black & turquoise/red. I have the cdi module & coil but the wires in the loom supplied dont match up to the wires on the new engine. So im scratching my head. Any help from guys who have done this kind of swap before?
  3. Slacker_Sam.

    Honda C50 to lifan 110cc wiring

    Pics for reference. Loose wires is engine end. Other is CDI module plug.
  4. Slacker_Sam.

    MS112 Crown Auto trans Woes.

    So I've got a MS112 Jap import Crown. 5M-E with A43D Auto trans. The bloody thing will not engage Overdrive and I cant fathom why. - I've replaced the engine temp sensor. No Joy - Tested the O/D switch on the dash. Works fine. - Traced the wires down to the O/D solenoid and probed whist operating the switch - Power is switching. - Swapped the O/D solenoid - Still doesn't engage O/D - Theres another cylinder shaped thing next to the O/D solenoid with a single pink wire going to it? some sort of pressure sensor? Basically Im stumped. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    Carsnz123's VPJR30 Skidline Chat (or lack there of)

    Im extremely impressed! Its awesome that this thing is getting resurrected.
  6. Slacker_Sam.

    J21's '70 Datsun 521 Pickup Discussion

    Yes. its still there. Old Barry changes the story every time I ask about it / gave up.
  7. Slacker_Sam.

    AU2 Falcon requires assistance

    Hey everybody. So my blasted AU is packing a shit. It's got the 4.0 intech VCT log under the hood. It was running fine but the other day it started misfiring under load. This happened after I gave it a foot full to pass some tourists in a Nissan Tiida. So after I got home I replaced the plugs. No change. Changed the coil. No change. Changed the intake gaskets. No change. Changed the fuel filter. No change. Did a compression test & it all came up acceptable. It seems to run on 6 at idle but misses on throttle. I've tried to isolate it by pulling off leads whist it's running but they all cause a strong misfire when pulled off. I'm scratching my head....any ideas? Halp
  8. Slacker_Sam.

    AU2 Falcon requires assistance

    It was the bloody leads the whole time. Fixed! Thanks chaps
  9. Slacker_Sam.

    AU2 Falcon requires assistance

    I just took it for an Italian tune....things got worse so I limped it home on 4 + 3/4 cyls . Then just as I got to my street it got itself together and gave me a full 6 cyls. But I don't trust it. I guess I'll put a set of leads on it tomorrow and see what happens. Failing that Barts advice sounds acceptable.
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    Jag XJ6 Series III running funny

    Last weekend I committed automotive suicide and bought a cheap Jag XJ6.....Its a real dog. The problem is over more than half throttle the motor just pops and farts and will not accelerate. Under half and its fine. It seems to run pretty sweet at idle and cold start. It will rev freely in neutral. Its a 4.2 Injected. I'm thinking possibly the airflow meter is playing up? But the whole thing is very yuck to work on. Any help would be muchly appreciated.
  11. Slacker_Sam.

    Jag XJ6 Series III running funny

    Me old mate Bert. I don't think I can handle him telling me how great his Datsun is again.
  12. Slacker_Sam.

    Jag XJ6 Series III running funny

    Yeah all the time. Drives fine if you dont put your foot down, but as soon as you want to give it the beans it just bogs down and farts around. I'll give it a go and see what happens.
  13. I get on here from time to time. I'm not usually allowed out on school nights though I think you should just pull it all down and roll with that flakey orange/yellow foam stuff that falls down everywhere at the slightest touch.
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    Slacker_Sams 72 Trump Estate

    Here we go again.
  15. Slacker_Sam.

    Slacker_Sams 72 Trump Estate

    Absolutely! Hannah you are welcome to the doors. I'll even drop them off. Wow look how shiny and not haggard looking ti was!!! And Mr.Maxted you'll be pleased to know the van now has some quality brake pads fitted.
  16. Slacker_Sam.

    Slacker_Sams 72 Trump Estate

    God knows how it survived with rego on hold. It does turn over but the rotor arm inside the dizzy has somehow disintegrated. I'll get a new one, file the points and install some new fuel. In theory it should run. Its still is full of spares. I have more doors than I know what to do with!!!
  17. Slacker_Sam.

    Slacker_Sams 72 Trump Estate

    I got it from Blenheim. It sat behind Woodbourne air base for a fair few years. The old guy started a resto job, fell sick and sadly passed away. Its all under sealed underneath. Floors and sills seem immaculate. I'm not sure about the rear end, dish is good though. Once she's all legal it will be getting low installed and nicer wheels.
  18. Slacker_Sam.

    Slacker_Sams 72 Trump Estate

    Luckily I have all of the Lucas injection gear, That might go back on one day. The previous owners Dad basically put all the best bits on it to make "the ultimate Triumph wagon." Plans so far are try to get it running, then basically get it on the road asap. I wont be doing a full scale restoration. Just a general tidy up, new carpets, window rubbers etc.
  19. My long awaited thread is finally here! Discussion: // About 3 Months ago a friend tagged me in a for sale post on the Facebook for a 2.5 estate. Naturally I was foaming at the bit. After calling the owner I organized to buy it. He inherited it from his late Father among other cars, Most of which ended up at the scrappys. The Triumph narrowly avoided the same fate. He told me about a couple of young guys in "lowered triumphs with no bumpers and silly looking wheels" that came to view it. All they wanted was the engine and gearbox, The rest they wanted to scrap.....I would've had an aneurysm had that gone ahead! Anyway its an English assembled factory PI Estate. It features such lushness as REAL leather seats, power steering, factory tacho, front swaybar, 2.5L motor - Sadly the injection has been removed in favor of 1"3/4 SU's, and Manual overdrive. on with the pics: Lush gauges The donk Potato pic The rust shituation That's all for now
  20. I cant say yes or no at this stage. I was going to try drag Maxted along in the Mazdabator.
  21. Slacker_Sam.

    Kc's '89 Volvo 740 Wags

    I approve of this.....apart from the oil cooler. I especially like the Jaws.
  22. Yep keen. I can take my trove of NOS Triumph shit that I really do not need.
  23. Slacker_Sam.

    '79 323 Alternator issues

    Hi guys, So I'm trying to fix some electrical gremlins in my 323 1400 GLC Hatch. Alternator wasnt Charging so I've fitted a replacement one. However the Wiring is slightly different. The old alt had the basically 3 wires. The Main power feed, and a 2 pin plug with one pin marked L (for live or field) I assume. And the other not marked at all (earth?). The replacement unit (taxed from a B1600 of the same vintage) has a 4 wire plug with F N L E and the main feed marked B. I have connected the main power the L & the E. TOTAL DISASTER. The symptom: With the key off the Voltage across the battery and at the main alternator feed is 12.5V - Normal. But as soon as the Key is turned on all the power goes away. Even if you put the multimeter across the battery terminals you get 0v. Then you turn the key off and all the power comes back. What the heck is going on???