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  1. "hopefully within a month or two she'll be out on the road" my ass biggest lie I've told myself, as it was only yesterday I finished up the bumper overriders calling it 95% complete and roadworthy. but, stoked that I finally have most of the bits back on now. A few chrome odds and sods I'm not happy with but I'll replace them over the next week or two. not far from a re-reg now. It's really just detail work! made it to the brit and euro car show today which was a real milestone, getting to a show I said I'd have the car at 3 years ago. I guess that's just how it goes with o
  2. Been running the V8 for some time now and it's been a ton of fun. Just did beach hop and the car gave no trouble. Ended up finding a standard inlet manifold and running a Quadrajet which goes good. Aside from some exhaust issues I've remedied, it goes nice and has been heaps of fun driving to work daily. As something else has come up I've decided to sell the car. I'll have an advert up in the buy/sell section here on OS but it's already on tm and fb. Had heaps of fun putting this together.
  3. Right, almost there now! Engine in car Transmission also in car Ford 9" diff into car, all going good Driveshaft into c... …nope Turns out the driveshaft I was sold suited a TH350, not a TH400 x1 New Driveshaft later and the drivetrain is in. Have taken my time to get everything hooked up and tidy. Now I've just got to fab something up throttle pedal wise and it's almost test drive worthy. Spent yesterday making up an exhaust. I'll leave it at the diff for now and get someone more experienced to do my over the diff bends etc This is what it sou
  4. Mopar forever! I'll be following this one closely.
  5. Thank you Kumehu! 4 and a half hours of walking through a paddock landed me with a cheap TH400 and converter, which happened to be the only one at the entire swapmeet, 5 Qjet carbs, and some early 327 steel valve covers I had been looking for. Even grabbed 2 new mufflers while I was there. With the TH400 I'm now able to get my motor on the ground and start getting things together. I'll floor start the motor soon I'm thinking. I also need to clean up my diff and get that ready to go. Then the only hold-ups ill have will be with throttle cable and shift linkage setup. Other than t
  6. This will have to be the go. I suppose I'll just have to make a bracket to mount the cable to the firewall and get a bracket to suit the TH on the other end, thinking it won't be a hard task all going well. It's all metal and all basic so I should be sweet. I even have the gas pedal with the kickdown switch to suit so things are moving quickly.
  7. The Q has been treating me fairly well over the last month or so. In between leaking plenty of ATF, oil, having a "less than advertised" amount of cylinders, and overheating, it's been pretty reliable. I took it to Tauranga for a week and all went well, turned plenty of heads and always gets a thumbs up which is pretty neat! While the 202 has been chuffing away on daily duties I've been collecting bits to put my 350 in place. Bought a modified Ford 9" diff that has been made to fit underneath an HQ. Even came with a driveshaft to suit a TH400 which is perfect for my applica
  8. WOF acquired! we are legal! over the last month or so I've gone hard to get this thing legal to use over summer. Whilst I didn't make beach hop due to it being unreliable, I still managed a WOF and even attended drag day yesterday, although I didn't attempt a 2 second pass due to not having a coolant overflow tank properly setup as well as coolant leaks. but, regardless, it's going now and I've been idling around town trying to iron out problems as they come. the photos added are of how it sits now. the front end is super on the piss (panel wise) so my next step is to start stra
  9. Little something for next year. sbc 350. I'll grab a 4L60 trans I'm thinking, for overdriveness/keep revs down on the motorways etc? I'd like to keep the column change.
  10. It's less sad now Screen in today and did a nice coat on the floor to seal things up. Carpet acquired too. Full set of new seatbelts on the way Determined and doing what it takes to get to Beach Hop come Novembers' end! oh and see you at drag day (if I don't break it!) Overall stoked with the progress and proud of what I have managed to achieve. Dad spent his youth mucking around with this series of Holdens and as a nineteen year old, hearing the many tales of different shenanigans that happened back in the day involving these things only makes me more determined to ge
  11. Work around the top panel is nearing completion, having painted my dash today. I also cleaned up the floors, and fully coated them in an epoxy etch primer to save them for years to come. I've sorted a driveshaft to get me moving, so now I need some inner guards to complete the car. Hooked up the heater, transmission hoses and a few other little things, it starts and runs nicely now. After I run a tank through it, it should really sharpen up as it has the odd miss from bad fuel. Pushing hard for Beach Hop and Drag Day in the coming months. My goal has been to get a warran
  12. I've been working away at this determined to have it done before November. It'll be a stretch but to see that fresh wof sticker land on my windscreen will be a bloody good feeling. I repaired a small section of corrosion damage to my front nose panel (surprisingly good nic overall) and gave it a rough and ready base/clear paint-up, I'm not fussed getting an average finish because the whole thing will get a birthday next year anyway. I threw it back together and sat it on the car, now it awaits my inner guards to come back from blasting, and for me to finish working on the top panel, so it
  13. Cheers @Kiwibirdman for sorting me out with some wide steelies. These will be perfect for my wagon. Getting a balance tomorrow and that's the wheels sorted! Mint. He also sorted me out with a new 3 core V8 rad for next years motor swapping endeavor.
  14. Was assessing the job today and decided to leave it for another time. Seems to be a bit involved but I should really do it, the fuel pump bowl is some orange/yellow colour
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