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autumn jap oldschool meet 2022

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Been requested heaps. So here we go.

3rd April 2022. 11am - 2pm ish.

Weekend before easter. Any conflict of interests??

Likely hooton reserve again or cornwall park. Haven't been there in yonks and has shade.

Same kinda deal as the new year meets that i do.

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This crept up on us.. hasnt been anyone showing interest on this one.  ive just posted up on the new year '22 Facebook page to gauge interest. See how that goes today.


15 hours ago, jackeo21 said:

keen as, just wondering if there was any idea on a location/go ahead. 


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Just now, fuel said:

I'll be at Hooton reserve about 10:30 on Sunday for another meet but I think they will be sticking around there for about 30mins before heading north bound. 

Whats this other meet and how long?

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(please don't laugh) NZ GTO club are doing a cruise from Hooton reserve up to Wellsford and back but as I'm heading up to Whangarei I'll be continuing on from Wellsford. Starting around 10:30 and anticipated being there for about 30-60min before departing, I let them know too and they may be keen to stick around a while to check out sweet old JDM tin

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