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  1. So today we made it fly... Followed by a truck ride And now its here.. In the next few weeks we have a big container shelter/workshop arriving and we will start tearing it down to be blasted and painted.
  2. Cant be any more work than adding a pump and in line reg?
  3. Hey team , need some advice from the fuel gurus. I have two cars and no fuel pumps.. First car: 3sge in an altezza. stock fuel pump is gone so im going to make a plate for the top of the fuel tank (where the factory in tank pump goes) with an aftermarket pump fitted to it (not in the tank). Question: Whats the best aftermarket pump for a stock 3s, do i need an external reg? (as I believe beams motors dont run return lines). Second car: 1jz in a soarer. (big turbo lots of ad ons etc). Car was running stock fuel tank with the factory pump running as a lift pump to a surge tank, then an unknown pump running to motor. Ive removed the stock tank and pump and am building a alloy fuel tank so I need another lift pump to start with, then ill worry about changing the other pump later if need be. Please can someone who knows their stuff recommend me the best pumps to buy for volume and pressure etc?
  4. Poor thing in its current state, however there is hope on the horizon! Some time before xmas it will be moved from this current yard into our new yard and into a workshop, where will begin the tear down and sandblasting
  5. They are usually factory bridge ported iirc
  6. Only need to use partial foundation, could have cut it 1 metre off boundary and just lost a bit of that room to become stand alone. youd need a consent to detach from the neighbor but i would have assumed for future value it would be a worthwhile benefit
  7. Sorry if I missed this, and not to be "that guy" but why did you go all that effort and still share a party wall? (house looks good btw)
  8. Plleeassee tell me someone let you borrow floor lifters and you didnt just hoon all that with a crowbar and hammer...
  9. Hamilton based broseph. We go up to the Harbour bridge, south to Taupo and everywhere in between
  10. Faarrkk im all for diy but shoulda given me a holla tbh, especially re getting rid of shit cos doing it with skip bins would probably cost more than if id just hooned it the digger lol
  11. So its been a long time with no progress on this, those of you in the digger thread will have seen some of the other stuff ive been up to but we finally got this off te truck today, Bit of a fuckin mission since both the big diggers are out out site so we went full Barry n used our bin truck gantry! Next i have to shift my bobcat and fire engine to this yard then we'll start cracking into getting the Kaiser moving under its own steam.
  12. Ohhh could be cps indeed, i had this issue before on another car n didnt think of it this time. Will get codes run
  13. Mrs has a 1gfe 6cyl Altezza, been a good car but lazy has become lazy to start. Winds over for ages at normal speed but up to 30 seconds without firing.. I've checked air flow meter plugs etc, but other than that im lost. Any ideas please??
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