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  1. Bugatti T57/59 engine

    Im pretty good with motors/machine work/figuring shit out and im pretty sure I only grasp about 25% of what youve achieved there.. You sir, are what the world needs more of.
  2. sidewaysickness 1971 Ford LTD/Galaxie

    Ahh I hate you so much for owning one of my dream cars!! Love Ltds so much, wicked car dude
  3. Bombsquad's International Firetruck

    Lol cheers guys, Cam, I will keep the artilleries if i do find some better offset barrels for cheap and fit super singles but on the whole I dislike them immensely. The road speed is topped out at about 90kph, i will fit an Eaton two speed diff at some point (some of them came with them factory but this one is just normal) which will hopefully give me an extra 20k but tbh its not to bad and i don't drive it far enough to ever really complain. Also as is it uses fuckall gas, cost me $50 to get from to Tga to Thames, over to Miranda and back to Hamilton. Spiderwebfx I was under the impression you could run a super wide SS rear that replaces the regular duel on a tractor unit (have seen them on trade me) and would get away with it since I'm only stickered for a load of about 5 tonne. The Guys at MTW love it by the way Sparkle I have considered lowering it but decided against it as it is a work truck at the end of the day and still does need to go off road and cart a fair bit of weight.
  4. Also Mods, my apologies if you feel this should be in "Other" i wasn't quite sure where it would fit
  5. So as some of you know I used to be all about rotaries and mazdas, however sometime towards the start of the year I sprouted a chest hair and decided to ditch the childish triangle in favour of manly pistons and black smoke!! I also own a demolition company so decided it would be great as a crew truck, dust control, hosing down protesting hippies and associated pumping. Ive been looking for one of these for about 3 years, 99% of them are rusty and the commonly fitted 555 cummins V8s have electrolysis issues and corrode the bores if not looked after. So when i came across this one i was surprised to see its fitted with a Perkins Inline turbo diesel and Eaton 6 speed syncro gearbox (being a later model aussie assembled Inter/Acco) and the body is the best condition I've ever seen, a range of stickers around the cab indicate treatment with about 3 different kinds of rust protectant. It still fitted with all the pump gear and hoses, has the drafting lines for sucking water from rivers etc and is a fully functional fire appliance. I was originally planning on painting it black in the style of the american S.W.A.T team trucks, but the reception of the public and realisation of how freakin expensive/difficult it would be to paint a firetruck gloss black has prompted me to keep it red and just paint my other vehicles to match. So the future plans?? In the short term it will be tinted and sign written with my company details in the same font and style as the original fire service graphics. Next will be things like twin exhausts up the back of the cab and a decent down pipe off the turbo. Im going to attempt to find some red lights and the siren setup just because I'm sick of people asking if it has them, though i have fitted a train horn to it to aid in running red lights and scaring the crap out of pedestrians. In the long term I'm going to look at removing the artillery hubs and replacing them with newer multi studs and fitting front and rear Super Singles plus more as i think of it. Parking like a bawse...
  6. 73crownwags new road/yourmother slammer

    Please paint Brakes and lever either brown or black. That is all. (ps. this thing is fuckin awesome)
  7. This made me lol as the reason I get NOTHING done any of projects is due to mygirlfriend requiring constant attention/time for no apparent reason
  8. EvoBilly's 1979 Ke30

    Try mazda Mx5 engine mounts, or rwd 323 ones. Otherwise Hb Cosmos and Luces used the round mounts the same as the S1 ones
  9. toy-mota 1971 toyota ms65 crown

    Fucking LOL at those wheels, some people have no idea! very glad to hear you plan on changing them. Sweet looking car also
  10. EURON8s TL125 Bobber Project

    Agreed with Sentra, help get kart out of my shed FTW
  11. BradyBro's 1983 Mitsubishi Starion

    Fucking love those rims!! send me a pm if you get new ones an wanna sell them. Cool car too, will watch build closely
  12. Rookie's '74 CB360 Bobber

    I fuckin love that first pic!! dont like headlight and exhausts imo, still sweet bike though
  13. SOHC's DOHC chopper

    Fucking cool bike!! im really starting to dig 4 cylinder choppers. Personally hate the sissy bar and the idea of big exhausts though
  14. Very very interested in this new engine idea, ive been eying up fitting one of these motors to my rwd 323 wagon for a long time now but never really persued it due to the obvious pains of east west to north south conversion. Have you had any thoughts on engine mounts yet? (sorry i havnt scrolled through the whole thread)
  15. yetchh 121

    Fucking awesome!! is that the original motor?? please manual convert it for max sweetness (though understand your wanting to keep the original style)