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  1. Man so good. Wish I still had my sidewinder with a 600 in it for d1 battles against this
  2. Could get some great/terrible aliexpress spec shocks https://images.app.goo.gl/Rzyu7FbExECzS8J96
  3. Nice, looks like it could be based off an Edge Mini Sprint. Get IRS and class 10 registration
  4. This thing needs a roll cage so you can have some hi-range racing fun.
  5. TLDR. But if you don't want to cut it up build it as a Class 11
  6. Now i did an Photoshop rendering of what you'd expect if your commodore wagon was a group c monster. I've now completed the work on this rendering.
  7. Wow, finned rocker cover. full hot rod. converting top mount inter-warmer with a skyline style side-mount inter cooler would be good upgrade
  8. I dunno it's what google told me when i requested a VK group C.
  9. make it even wider. apply Group C Flares. Uploaded with ImageShack.com
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