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  1. Now i did an Photoshop rendering of what you'd expect if your commodore wagon was a group c monster. I've now completed the work on this rendering.
  2. Wow, finned rocker cover. full hot rod. converting top mount inter-warmer with a skyline style side-mount inter cooler would be good upgrade
  3. This is awesome, how the hell did they find out about your car ??
  4. Sweet, found some video's on youtube of this. turbo 4age is pretty much a RS200 engine. so therefore this is almost a group B escort.
  5. The mk2 4door. Yeah that bitch must have been from hamilton shes defintally been around.
  6. Holey shit you own my old blue escort. There is a build thread on here somewhere of the guy who originally painted it that colour. I'm glad to see it's still alive.
  7. Weird that someone built a buggy using a later super beetle front end. If it were mine id be converting it to Standard beetle front suspension and changing the bonnet to a Manx style one. I love these things, will build one one day.
  8. This is so awesome. Yeah roof chop is a little off , but mate you have a choped top custom in your driveway.
  9. The road manners will be a lot better with that big heavy lump as back and as low as possible. Id be chopping the fire wall. Thats what mad max would do.
  10. You need to go Bigblock across all your fleet. Chuck this into your jeep. Also this car is going to be so sweet, Is it going to be street legal at the end ? would be awesome car for powercruise.
  11. Photoshop impression.
  12. I dunno it's what google told me when i requested a VK group C.
  13. make it even wider. apply Group C Flares. Uploaded with
  14. ^ That's just a pic of Vin Diesel organizing a street race for his Buick GNX