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  1. Cheers for the speedy reply! The car is standard otherwise, so maybe this will be the tipping point for more mods... Or maybe I'll ask the body shop to just weld the guards on. It would probably take a fairly observant WOF inspector to notice the difference, but why risk it tbh.
  2. Front guards on a Mk2 Escort are spot welded on from the factory. If I were to bolt them on using rivnuts and M6 bolts every 60mm or so (for ease of panel gap adjustment/removal for future repairs etc) would this get into certification territory? My thinking was that people have run fibreglass guards on Escorts for decades, and given that they predate any kind of frontal impact legislation it might be allowable - the bolts are spaced at roughly the same intervals as the spot welds were, so whatever body stresses the guards carry should be unaltered. However, the bloke painting the car re
  3. @brocky41 will PM you with a list of random trim bits I need for mine
  4. One year on from when I bought it, and it's looking a bit more respectable. I bought a grille, front bumper, front air deflector, chrome moulding and column switchgear from the wrecked sedan in Lower Hutt, which has prettied up the front of the car immeasurably. Also, in a feat of impulse buying, I bought some headlight covers from a NOS Honda accessories bloke in Indonesia, who very kindly sent them over just before lockdown. They couldn't go on the car just yet though, because while the grille and surrounds were a lot better than the ones on the car, the surround was missing the left hand
  5. Yeah, I still own this. One day I'll fix all the photos in this thread, but for now here's a slice of the 1980s on my front lawn. Nothing else has happened really, apart from that the WOF man decided he didn't like the Recaros, so I'll have to swap the original front seats into it, and it needs a driveshaft hanger support and rear gearbox seal replacing. Maybe once the Escort is out of the garage I'll give it a bit of a freshen up, it probably deserves it by now.
  6. Cheers mate! Maybe it's the Northland climate that helps with the project car enthusiasm
  7. Surprisingly I still own this. I figured i'd better update the build thread now, it has more metal in it now than it did 2.5 years ago. With a year of a long distance relationship, moving house, changing jobs, other cars and a fairly sizeable task ahead to fix all the rot, progress kind of came to a halt not long after the last update. In the last year or so though I have been chipping away at it, so far I have cut and welded the l/h inner guard, heater bubble, l/h floor pan, inner and outer sill section, rebuilt the bottom of the l/h A pillar, l/r wheel arch inner and outer, outer sill sectio
  8. Some good things have happened to the Accord since the last installment! I gave it some CV boots, thankfully the inner and outer are the same size, because both boots on the L/H axle were split. Fun fact - pre-facelift Accords have CVs at both ends, but later ones like this one have tripod joints on the inner. Confused the hell out of the bloke at BNT, anyway. It passed another WOF last week without any hiccups, and we've taken it for decent number of road trips around the upper North Island. I even slept in it after Crate Day, which honestly turned out to be more cramped and uncomfortable
  9. Cheers guys! The car came with a Gregory's manual but thanks for the offer, @tortron I'll keep you in mind, @- i5oogt -, if plastic welding the corner of the grille on the car doesn't work then it'd be good to replace it with something decent.
  10. We've all done it, right? Spotted something tasty on Trademe while browsing idly on a Friday night? Sometimes, after a few beers, you might even put in a cheeky low autobid just for the hell of it. Well, fast forward two weeks and it turns out no-one else wanted that crunched Accord you were bidding on while a little bit drunk. Damn. Thus, for a stupidly small amount of money, I added another slightly rotten Eighties classic to the fleet. This one rolled off the NZ Motor Corp production line in Nelson sometime in the early part of 1981, probably into the hands of a caring gent who tre
  11. Cheers all for the feedback, it's a huge help when the holes in the car just keep getting bigger, and the motivation gets lesser... As much as I'd like to make the repairs as invisible as possible, the replacement panels limit that a bit. What I'm thinking at this point is to cut the hole larger, drill the spot welds on the inner sill/firewall and use the replacement inner sill panel and butt it to the rest of the floorpan, and plug weld it to the sill and firewall in the same place as the factory did.
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