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    Might be a good day too see if I can do 30 second runs in the Stella. That's the best I'm hoping for?
  2. Mirage-Man's - 1988 Hyundai Stellar

    The old Stellar is still parked up, I haven't done anything to it in nearly 3 months. Getting some money in at the moment, so I'll hopefully be able too start doing more work on it. But yeah she ain't driveable, it's turning over but not starting / running like shit. While i'm waiting too get it running for summer cruzin, it's gone a bit moldy on the inside. That's all I got for an update at the moment.
  3. Have you tried going to Jammex NZ. I last checked 2 years ago, and they had some.
  4. Mirage-Man's - 1988 Hyundai Stellar

    Started up the old girl the other day. She's running like absolute shit. It's hesitation too go over 60KPH, and the rough running is leading me too a gummed up carburetor. Put some CRC carb cleaner through it, and it helped, but not too much. I'll pull it off soon, maybe before I do the engine work, as I want too drive it more before I take the engine apart. Other than that, everything in Stellar land is good.
  5. Mirage-Man's - 1988 Hyundai Stellar

    Time for some pics. This is the day I first saw it at the gas station. I will upload more soon. I'm having issues getting them off this stupid phone.
  6. Mirage-Man's - 1998 Hyundai Stellar - Discussion

    Yeah, I'll upload them. Having trouble dragging them off my phone.
  7. Mirage-Man's - 1998 Hyundai Stellar - Discussion

    ^^^^^The link too a Stellar Project^^^^^
  8. It's discussion time.................
  9. How exciting, my first project thread. So here it is. My new 1988 Hyundai Stellar. I've wanted one for the past 2 or so years. because their such an odd-ball car, hardly no one knows what the fuck it is, and there are practically none of them left now. As they all rusted out. My Nana and Grandad had one for a short time between approx 2008 and 2011. Theirs was the pre-facelift model. I've got the facelift model that came out in 1988. The front end on the facelift model doesn't look so naff. A bit of history behind the car, it was brought by a south African guy down in Christchurch about 9 months ago, and then driven up to Auckland. He did about 11,000KM's in it, during that short time. Before that it was owned by an old couple down in Christchurch by the name of Mr and Mrs J.D Dale. They owned it for 24 years. Before them it was with a rental car company called Southern Cross Rental Group for 3 years from when it was first registered in 1988. So it was obviously a rental car for a while. Furthermore it was sold from the local Mitsubishi yard. I discovered the Stellar while I was driving up White Swan road in Lynfield. I was in the green Mirage at the time, and was like shit, it's a Stellar. So I turned around and gave chase, but yeah I lost him. I then noticed he was at the Z station in Lynfield filling up. So I went in for a chat, and got his number, then went in about a week for so later too have a look, and a test drive. As I discovered he only lived 5 minutes away. Basically for those that don't know, the chassis is the same as an early 80's Mark V Ford Cortina, and has similar Mitsubishi mechanical'sto that of an early 80's Mitsubishi Sigma, with a 4G32 engine and Borg Warner 3-speed automatic transmission. Another reason I brought it, was it ticks off three boxes, it's automatic so will be a good cruiser, it's rear wheel drive, (it can drift but not that well with the 1.6L) and finally, I had too set myself apart LOL. It does have a few issues that need sorting for the WOF. It's also got a few pretty mean oil leaks, and smokes like a typical Mitsubishi engine should LOL. But I will get onto replacing the seals, head gasket, rocker cover, and giving it a damn good service, replace leads and all that normal stuff when I can free up some money. For now I just want too drive it when I can. Well enough rambling. Time for some pics. Cheers
  10. Marsh's 1982 Mitsubishi Mirage

    It's looking good with that new carpet man. Actually that whole darker interior looks quite good.
  11. Kempy's Jizza, Mitsubishi Cordia GSR TURBO

    $2000 for parts or re-shell. That a bit expensive.
  12. Kempy's Jizza, Mitsubishi Cordia GSR TURBO

    Good on ya mate. My father too also had one of these. And as I was looking at the thread yesterday on my laptop, I could see him glancing and pining over it. - that's a good one. Noticed yesterday it wasent an automatic too. Beautiful.
  13. Jesses mk1 mirage yarns

    I would like to see how you go with it come re-certification time. Hope it doesn't fail on anything. At least you shouldn't need to take out the whole inside of the car.
  14. Jesses mk1 mirage yarns

    How did you connect the rev tacho, as those clusters are becoming pretty thin the the MK1 now. theres none left. I was thinking of putting in an aftermarket one on my two mirages.