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  1. i actually sold the rotary engine in November / December. It wasn't something i really wanted to do but i kinda suggested it to a dude and he was hella keen and paid what i was asking for it, so i sold it. the money went on a loan and put me in a better position. so she is kinda going into storage for a while and ill rebuild it with a 12a,13b injected engine but build the engine or i might buy new from mazda for a 13b and do it all correct this time instead of over 22 days. need to sort some things out and do it a lot more correct so i can drive it a lot more freely and on the road. i might buy another bug and just not put a rotary in it in the mean time. we will see. but we will see a rotary beetle again that is for sure.
  2. if you really get stuck and want to talk to another person with a blown lexus v8 i can probably get you in contact with jase brown. he done the swap below a long time ago. feel your pain at the moment and this is as helpful as i can get with in this situation he is extremely helpful with no mater what and is a super nice dude so i can only imagine he would want to help and just talk.
  3. oh i did this. sold the silly engine
  4. Have updated. never used to be able to edit posts but now can :/
  5. i have totally not realized the date and have put up and event for this week. i like burgers so ill be there eating one https://www.facebook.com/events/250657715927659/?active_tab=about
  6. Hi team. me again. So we left it with i brought a solar panel for the bus. Well i wasn't to sure on how to mount it up so i called in for assents of @Geophy and @mark105. we all got busy and made some stuff work. kombi roof racks do not hold a greg that well, but it was the only way to get up and put the rivnuts in. all mounted and ready to go. we ran the wires down and through the roof and popped out under the back seat to the unit that sends the power to the battery. for some reason i dont really have any pictures of this but ill post some next time. the following day i parked it out side and thought id see what the solar panel would actually do, in over cast weather it was still pulling current and you could see the current change from different light. if you cant tell i was excited and had to share my news with @Ned as soon as the sun came out to play you could watch the voltage go up. this app im using is from a ABM2 Bluetooth Battery Voltage Monitor. which i needed to tell @UTERUS about. so that was all done and it was pretty much time to go to wagnats. so i thought with 20 hours before my little holiday i should really remove the engine. i had been meaning to do this for a long time to put the correct tin wear on the back of the engine so it would seal the engine bay. see how the current one is tapered, we yeah it was letting air in. so three hours later and replaced a rubber seal she was back in and running ready to go. the following day we got up and headed to wag nats. 1st stop was in te kuiti to drop off some seats to a friend. Leaving te kuiti there was some road works and everyone decided to pass me around 80-110kmph and showered me in stones managing to put 2 large chips and one crack into my windscreen and another into a fucken headlight. all for me to fucken follow all the assholes for the next 2 hours....... can you tell how happy i am about this situation. any who made it to wagnats wagnats was the best note, good old Jack Daniels boxes floating around haha Shout out to @Brimmy for those last two great photos and the solid amount of even better photos in the wagnats thread. we are off camping again this weekend and maybe to a vw gathering in tauranaga. we will see how we get on. till next time.
  7. yeah i could grab them if they are not in a huge hurry. probably not this weekend but the following for sure and bring them to wellington Easter weekend unless some one wants to grab them from rag nats for you
  8. engine out, swap correct parts over and back in and running in 3 hours. @Mrs 64valiant no longer needs to work tomorrow so lets hope we can leave around 7-8 am.
  9. Considering it entered 3 or more and didnt make it to those it sure as hell needs to make up now.
  10. Dont you have a toyota that has a towbar? Solar panel mounted and and now I'm making a awning. Will remove the engine tomorrow. Roll on Thursday
  11. does your bug have the foam blocking the engine noise from going up the pillars and into the cab? like above the carbs on this bug?
  12. camping was legit. we cruised on up the motor way and done a few stop offs on the way up. had to deliver some rx2 carpet and beth wanted to stop in at her Auckland office. we made it to kai iwi lakes and got a sweet photo set up camp and got straight into it a nice photo of @Mrs 64valiant happy to be camping in a kombi with a wof, reg and insurance. with our newly acquired fridge our battery we purchased for our house side of thing wasn't quite cutting it. So i ended up having to go for a drive each day while we were camping. this wasn't really much of an issue for me due to really enjoying driving the kombi and wanting to explore what we have to offer in nz. so one day you probably saw in spam i took @sentra for a drive to a romantic beach. old @manlymanman and @Mrs 64valiant 3rd wheeled our cute date. we also went on a group adventure up to Opononi and to see Tane Mahuta. bloody hippies in there old cars old Tane Mahuta is a pretty large tree! Liv was kind enough to get a couple of cool pics of the kombi driving through the Waipoua Forest Beth and i had a rough work out on how much gas the kombi is using on our way up to kai iwi lakes. i think it worked out to be around 9.4kms per letter which is what my subaru out back does on a average day. gets to about 11.5kms per letter on the open road but not as much smiles per miles thats for sure. while we were away we decided if we wanted to stay in one location more than a day we would need to go for a drive or we should get a solar panel. that comes to todays purchase. done some online looking and worked out that if we wanted one it would probably be better if we got one that was fixed to our kombi other than another thing we have to pack and unpack which is on the bottom of my list of things to do. my main reason of going with this one was the size and the fact i got it today. it fits perfectly inside out roof rack spot on the kombi. cant be seen form standing at grass height unless you are tall unlike me but also means i dont have to go drilling holes anywhere and having the possibility of water leaking in. so with wagnats approaching very fast ive got 3 days to mount this in place and wire it up so i can still service it or get to it when i need to. well thats me for now. we will see you later
  13. Hi everyone. Its been 4 months since the last update so explain whats been going on. thought, no point getting a wheel alignment with fucked ball joints so i removed these. and well, just go buy new ones it was the most scary drive of my life driving to the wheel alignment shop. obviously i didn't get it as close as i thought i did. the day before my 30th i went to get gas for the kombi i found myself underneath it tapping the starter motor, thinking it had shat itself after about 3 months of use. it was the ignition barrel that i had brought instead. so we by passed some wires and my i have a cool push button ignition. from here i was egar to actual put a wof on this car and get a few things sorted. one was my tail lights on it. seemed to have been a bit weird. well turns out i had a normal indicator stalk on the bus. mine should be a U.S one. turns out they made new ones, which are shit so that got returned and i ended up getting a 2nd hand one from a mate in Thames. put that in but the ring that gets tight on the center shaft was a little flogged out so i made a spacer so it would tighten up. all sorted and my tail lights and everything works well now. next up i decided i wanted to upgrade from points CB performance magnaspark 2 is legit. im not going to try explain the brains of it but if you have 2mins just watch this we went on adventure to whitianga for a vw catch up, which was cool to see everyone. ended up doing some on the side of the road repairs. the light was staying on so i just removed the power and pushed it back in its hole. ice cream kombis collected all the bugs I was using it for a work car quite a bit and just getting good use out of it. It was getting close to xmas now and i was pushing Beth to go away in the kombi over our break, but she was pushing back to have the rust done. so i talked to a mate and he got busy doing the jobs he felt comfortable doing. everything out! turns out i don't have any photos of what he done but look what i done. actually here you can see some out riggers on the other side done and painted grey. rust be gone brought this channel from the vdub shoppe along side a few other peaces. had to cut and bend it for some reason, cant remember now. but the image above of the U channel was welded in 1st and then this these panels came with the kombi when we brought it so i kinda knew what i was in for. looks something like this ohhh i remember why the ends of the U channel were bent. they go to the inner sill which you can see here in the above image and in the below image. you can also see another out rigger welded in close to the hoist arm, and above the hoist arm is another one that needed to be welded in. got that from the vdub shoppe also. The inner sills came with the kombi for both sides. the inner sill was welded in place in the above image and we then placed the outer sill replacement panel on, put a scribe in the white paint and then i went about cutting the amount off that we no longer needed. came across some bog pretty standard for a car of 50 years old that was probably worth scrap value at some stage. nice straight line. outer sill tacked in place waiting on a @bobby1930 to tig it up. put the front and rear section on as well. i went through and plug welded the bottom of it all in place while i was able to get away from work. the following night bobby came over and tiged it all up and i was able to take it home while drew was away on holiday, allowing me to finish the rest of the rust. it was good to have it home. i managed to get away for two days over new years and came back to work on the 3rd. so we didn't make it away in the kombi but we made progress. on dads anniversary of 15 years i stopped working and had my day to myself and got this kombi water tight. went like this. old mate @Geophy came over with @Beaver and i put him to work. well actually both of them went to work. they both had large help with me drilling the plug weld holes to the I and U beams that were under the floor floor all welded up. well now it is after adding these other peaces of steel prior to all this i saw @oftensideways put a bunch of sound deadening in his little kp starlet and hit him up to see what he was using. Turned out the brand was kilmat and it was a crap load cheaper than dynamat. for example there is a dynamat kit on trade me for 369 for 3.3 square meters so around 110 a square meter or you can get kilmat for 43 a square. Or I paid to have it fast freighted and it still only cost me 58 a square. I ended up ordering this just before xmas and it turned up on the 7th of jan while i was doing the floor. this is now the day after dads anniversary and i really just wanted to get this stuff on. boom all done. for reference i got the 50mil stuff (lighter) they do a 80mil one but not in 50squar feet so that's why i didn't go for that one. i will probably use the 80mil stuff in the front half of my kombi. link : https://www.amazon.com/Kilmat-Deadening-Automotive-Insulation-dampening/dp/B0751G6TMV back to work i went. old @Bistro and i went shopping for some rubber grommets for his car. He brought a couple of different sizes which one didnt fit his car but man what a great fit it was to my kombi. i was now aiming to reach kumeu car show but i didnt quite get there. so i just went hard out on just getting the kombi sorted for @Neds birthday week away at kai iwi lakes. so straight to it. time to do the upholstery before everything else goes back in. ahhh whats that little black thing for greg you may say. well. it turns two lights on and the fridge. what you have a fridge?! well i didn't at that point but Beth came across some money so we splashed out on a 49 letter fridge ohhh i now needed to do my headlining before i could get a wof. as you see i dont have one here but you can see the new LED interior light foam down 1st to pad it out. help with sound deadening as well. i also filled the pockets on the side you can only just see two done here. boom we have a headlining wanted to paint the side of the van where i had done the rust repairs, so i done a botch job on that. and painted it white. now you can see how bad the bog is. oh i also added a house battery to the kombi to power the lights. i got this sweet gadget from super cheap which allows the charge to go the 2nd battery but wont drain the main car battery when we are camping. back to upholstery. put some black carpet down in the back then covered with with a bed. a rock and roll bed that is now that was in time to move on to installing the fridge and cabinet. 1st part was to sort out the sink. hole in the floor and it now drains in the center of the bus now that is done the fridge can get screwed in perfect fit. now back to more upholstery here is a before hand of my drivers seat a during and a after not bad for 1am upholstery. made Beth a little holder in the cabinet we also put shelves in there the weekend we went to whitianga shit i still had some more rust to do before a wof but we did get a wof beth likes to pull the sheets up and just keeps pulling them when we are in bed. been the kombi doesn't really have anything to tuck the sheets into i sewed a buckle to the bottom of the sheet and the quilt. which goes around some brackets under the seat ready for camping
  14. there has been talk of others wanting to change the monthly meet to mazoni pzza by the cock and bull. we have built a pretty good relationship with burger fuel and Nathan who runs a few of the waikato shops. most of the punters tend to get free potato fries almost fortnightly and the prizes they give out is a bonus for just getting out. i personally don't think we should change the location but I'm going to ask you guys on your thoughts as its a joint community and we do it for everyone here. so anyone else super keen on changing the location?
  15. hi @Steelies can you put me down for a sun shade please. @Leebo3 can you chuck me down for a 2xl in tobacco see you guys Thursday morning hopefully.
  16. @Yowzer how good are these dolly's. Seem like a legit way to move a fucked car around going off your insta story
  17. been this is usually out last event of the year we had been doing raglan runs over the past 3-4 years i was thinking this year we should do a cruise to Caffeine & Gasoline - November kinda combine a couple of good things and make it go off with a bang also allowing a bunch more people attend the cruise. the event is on Sunday, 24 November any other feedback would be great or do we just run the raglan run?
  18. yeah i didnt pay the price they are listed for. in fact i did pay 99 dollars for them at super cheap for a pair. i ended up checking my receipt but i brought more stuff that day. brought them on a Sunday and had my cars on them that night. more pics
  19. for what its worth i have i three sets of these https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/sca-sca-wheel-dolly-pair---900kg/356503.html#q=dolly&lang=en_NZ&start=11 had valiant, kombi and beetle on them. usually they are on them to be stored easier and if you have a good trade card they are a bunch load cheaper and i was able to get them that day this was also some time ago. again flat floor wins over rough floor but i went for the 900kg ones so i know i can put my valiants on them with out them breaking at all.
  20. This is coming up this Thursday night. The nights are staying lighter as well. Better for viewing cars.
  21. Yeah Nan could have kept it a closed invite like his last build and have sub 40 people at the build like the last one. But been able to offer it to the general public here in nz & donate the money towards charities that could do with the money while offering to see Nakai San and watch the rwb get built is is a good benefit to those receiving the money. The fact Nakai San smokes is really beside the thing.
  22. New Monthly meet face book event is up. they also have a new burger AND WE WILL HAVE MORE DAYLIGHT THIS MONTH!!!!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/699629697207127/
  23. Ohhhh gidday. On my way home from raglan on Saturday my left hand front wheel bearing decided to start making a lot of sound..... So tomorrow is a new month, I'll head out to the vdubshoppe, put a couple of wheel bearings on my account and forget about them till the 20th of November. Mate was nice enough to get me a bearing packer tool from super cheap for my 30th, so now I've got something to use it on. I'll report back maybe Wednesday once I've done this. And cause everyone likes pictures here is one of another westie I follow on the Instagram.
  24. so from here i have now got new tyres that are a bit bigger. got a 205 75 14 which was the biggest 14 i could get and just started clocking up some kms of to the mt to go to a mates party. went the long way so get some nice views. 1st night for @Mrs 64valiant and i in the kombi together. i put some stripes on the side to see if it was something i was after im not quite sold on them yet. also got a 2nd plate made from @Archetype after loosing my one. i dont even know how i done this. had a couple of peaces of paint that were cracked and water was just sitting in them so i just sanded it back to metal and put some primer on it & painted it white to just seal it and keep the water out of sitting in it. check out the layers of paint. no time for body filler i was just wanting it sealed. now i was about to do a trip to Fielding with old @Geophy i thought i better fix some water leaks. i found it was leaking through the wiper mechanism so pulled the wiper blades off. replaces the seal. Also decided to get rid of some white. clean these wiper blades up and paint them black might not be much but man they look so much better been black. now the trip to fielding with young geophfey, wouldn't be a trip south of taupo with out snow right? both times i have driven this way in my vws it has snowed and both times with this guy. hold up. take a few steps back, we were making our way down the line. when my wheel bearing started to make a little noise, say an hour in. So an hour from anywhere with a dry location. A few phone calls later @Ned was home and was welcoming me to his dry garage and a few of his tools. a wheel bearing, fish & chups later and we were back on the road. thats right snow. we made it to the ding hotel were we proceded to get drank on cheap big bottles an i slept amazingly in the bus again. next day we done some swapping of the meat and went for a little drive. i got a brand new kombi that day pretty proud owner of a nice new kombi..... with that new kombi we went for a cruise on some back roads to which i heard my wheel bearing again...... but we made it home safe thanks to @Bistro skillful driving. got drank again and another lovely sleep in the bus. then it was time to head home, better re pack my bearing before we head on home....... then we hit the road again. which requires three photos #1 #2 #3 which brings me close to where i am now. how to get a vw bus in and out of the shed we had. so no longer we are at that address and the bus is living out side which means i have been driving it a bit more daily... which is were i noticed a some what noisy wheel bearing...... new bearing races inserted new bearings and a wheel alignment tomorrow. and now i should go make my rx3 carpets before i have to drop them off tonight. we are off to raglan on Saturday and i see labour weekend everyone is going camping so we might go to that in the bus. laters dudes