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  1. oh yeah this was no dig or anything at anyone just a assumption on what was happening with current situations and replying to kims post. I personally was happy to help with the meets myself and let Marku know when talking to him but he didnt want me doing them anymore and made that pretty clear. myself with the new born i haven't really been attending as my life has changed a bit and other things come first these days. I remember when os was doing them at the base it was just 5-7 people around one table at burger fuel, hasn't really been a big number thing from when i started going to
  2. that was for last months meet and they are a closed event and invite only these days, no one has made one for this month so far that i have seen. usually would be this thursday been the 2nd to last thursday of the month, but mainly cjc people these days since going to new style of meet by the sounds of it.
  3. Hi. lets go back a few steps. I had just received my beam from Sean at kune re. I put a few layers of brunox on it and painted it black. and stashed it away. the next stage was to fill some holes and touch up some rusty peaces and i was waiting on a mate for a hand with this part but i ended up getting a bit impatient and smashing them out with the mig welder and cleaning them up with a grinder cause im clearly not a welder and while i was at it i went over a bunch of my old welding peaces and ground them up and cleaned them up. a few late nights and got the job done. next up i wanted to
  4. Ahhh 2021 is here now. I see Ben in his impala here already. Who else has arrived for the full event.
  5. Hi team. Its been a long time since the last post. Just thought I'd let you know most of this is back together and i have maybe 5 things left to do before i can drive it. Life has been a bit busy but i'll write up a detailed post when i have a few extra free minutes. keep safe
  6. I'm going down to see Karl today at the place that done your injectors if you wanted to pop down and talk to him not during work hours about your options.
  7. Still don't have a wagon. Have a wof on old car though.
  8. mine is for business advertising reasons really. main street for talking and max profile of people viewing the shit i have. (eg rotary beetle) you can cruise the main street at night when ever but say you head to a viewing spot you might find it hard getting a car park to view but if you are an entered person they always have car parks there for you.
  9. Hi. this is me showing my interest in the event. will check back in once i have a small human and see what my life says about going away for a few days with the BOYZ
  10. 2021 entries acquired. this time ill attend
  11. Came up on my fb memories that I posted photos of such a great event. I look forward to attending next year. Siting out side the rsa talking to locals riding there horses for the arvo. A solid 10/10
  12. ah i had seen that done on some other cars before @RUNAMUCK. i hadn't thought about how i was going to lower it as of yet other than i really wanted the rear to tuck a little more and that seems like a god way to gain a small amount.
  13. do you still miss doing clutches @Evan?
  14. Hi team. Long time no posting, since my kombi wasn't really going to be going for summer i thought i would get this on the road. well i had thought about it and then a mate asked to use it for his daughters school ball so i ended up splashing out and spending some money on it and getting a wof. the wof fail list was - speedo not accurate - rear door latch missing bolt - fuel leak in tank - Brake light switch to secure - high beam light in dash not working - front seat LR to short - brake shoes worn out - brake hoses toast - rear bump stop missing - front bump stop wo
  15. No stress at all. My post certainly wasn't as informative as my previous posts in the thread. Have been going through and uploading photos via flicker as all my old photos have managed to fall off the internet.
  16. @Roman my kit for the front beam has a bunch of extra bolts in it so it can be raised 40mm to add more slamm i would need to remove the vivid mark of steel out add more steel and weld it all up. you can see the height difference in this image from the bolt holes to the top of the modified one and the one not modified on the other side this is from the company who supplied the kit
  17. so the rear plates allow it to go lower, from factory they are straight the notch in my ones allow drop instantly with out having to change the spline to much. now it also has two plates the main one is the back one and the front one has the spline in it. you can adjust the height by screwing in the bolt getting it with in mm from side to side, or you can lower or raise it 20mm. the other laser cut peace that looks like a horse shoe helps space out the dust cap allowing for the extra thickness in the spring plates ill do a video and post this which might make things easie
  18. Hello. turns out i purchased a front beam for a kombi that was suited for 68 bay window and every split window bus. this kinda bugged me as i had already put adjusters in it and the bolt holes didn't line up. so i remembered i could get a kit from Fresh Kustomz in aus which i could install myself. i priced it up and i was also trying to get a rough idea on price from a chch company on what they would pay for my current beams. they became a bit difficult to deal with and in the mean time i clicked a buy now and i had the kit from aus in a few weeks. the kit is a 40mm raised beam kit o
  19. Bloody rookies over here It's Karen here "I'd like to talk to management about this. It's not acceptable" haha.
  20. Hi @MopedNZ would you be able to fire me the event form for entry please and thank you. Would be muchly appreciated. Cheers from one of those speedcocks.
  21. Pretty much underlay. They might have a bit more movement in them so not that stable/rigid. If you were to ask me what I would actually recommend, i would say go buy some from an upholstery shop. I sell it for $50 a meter at 1.8 wide. You won't need 2 meters for a car or 1.6 for a ute, pay cash for a peace the guy has had under the bench and get it a bit cheaper.
  22. Going off the Auckland business cards on the desk I would say not?
  23. I have used house foam underfelt its quite nice easy to cut and doesn't really soak up water. Changed back to thick traditional underfelt just sits better over all. Also easy to get from my suppliers and used on a bunch of other things. Either works just as fine.
  24. Usually he doesn't do it. Just gets one of his plebs to do the running around. Well that's probably why he can travel 2.5 hours for that stuff. If anyone wants lessons I'm sure @MRWEST can pass on brodies number. (inside joke)
  25. Oh yeah can't wait to see it painted Matty B @MRWEST
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