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  1. ^exactly wheel choice is for pussies
  2. The absolute cheapest option is about $1900AUD, obviously, you'll need a Subaru gearbox (my donor box cost me about $450), about 5hrs labour on top and also fabricate some mounts yourself. But at the end of that, you end up with a stronger box and 5 gears to choose from.
  3. Needed to test fitment in project car, could be in any condition at all only needed for a day or so. Have beers etc. Dave
  4. ready for that subagears buy whenever you are
  5. I suspect I left mine in the sun prior (but to be honest it was so long ago I might be imagining it). Also, when you do get them on the window, make sure the corners aren't stretched too tight/thin or the outside of the rubber won't sit on the body. And finally be glad you're not dealing with the extra work the chrome brings
  6. a squirt of silicon lube helped when I did my window glass. You doing Cal-look rubbers? or with chrome?
  7. cheers, will look up the sizes of those. Time for me to buy one as well.... Are you running a coolant header tank in the back? (I really should just come and have a look at it one day)
  8. what radiator are you using?
  9. though you know they're IRS only?
  10. yeah sounds like a plan :_)
  11. (also on my to do list)
  12. or straight from the source in Sydney? https://www.facebook.com/Subarugears/
  13. keen, if there's not already a waiting list?
  14. I just set up retro pie on a pi, let me know if you want a well populated sd card image...