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  1. I dunno but those cylinders look a bit small...
  2. ^exactly wheel choice is for pussies
  3. The absolute cheapest option is about $1900AUD, obviously, you'll need a Subaru gearbox (my donor box cost me about $450), about 5hrs labour on top and also fabricate some mounts yourself. But at the end of that, you end up with a stronger box and 5 gears to choose from.
  4. Needed to test fitment in project car, could be in any condition at all only needed for a day or so. Have beers etc. Dave
  5. ready for that subagears buy whenever you are
  6. I suspect I left mine in the sun prior (but to be honest it was so long ago I might be imagining it). Also, when you do get them on the window, make sure the corners aren't stretched too tight/thin or the outside of the rubber won't sit on the body. And finally be glad you're not dealing with the extra work the chrome brings
  7. a squirt of silicon lube helped when I did my window glass. You doing Cal-look rubbers? or with chrome?
  8. cheers, will look up the sizes of those. Time for me to buy one as well.... Are you running a coolant header tank in the back? (I really should just come and have a look at it one day)
  9. what radiator are you using?
  10. though you know they're IRS only?
  11. yeah sounds like a plan :_)
  12. (also on my to do list)
  13. or straight from the source in Sydney? https://www.facebook.com/Subarugears/
  14. keen, if there's not already a waiting list?
  15. I just set up retro pie on a pi, let me know if you want a well populated sd card image...
  16. Amazing!!! btw CSP have a bracket to mount the brake res. inside the boot https://www.coolairvw.co.uk/Image/0/0/JPG/CSP601021.jpeg
  17. https://vwparts.aircooled.net/mobile/Product.aspx?ProductCode=401498 these were the cheapest 0 offset I could find, but you can't use them with drop spindles
  18. what are your plans for the front end? add lots of narrow & discs?
  19. bugger was hoping it was the digital one and I would be able to take a copy of the CD
  20. very envious of your case and is that a magnaspark on the Taipan?
  21. tonight I changed my spark plugs WITH THE ENGINE IN THE CAR!!! (I also drew up some flanges and covers that are getting water jetted)
  22. yeah, its a slip joint, and yeah it does leak... but will weld it up when I put the bung in Opps yes, I did... looks like they're out of stock at the moment... but that's about the right price left hand side is the waste gate outlet... theres not risk, of it being too close to the end of the exhaust after the resonator?
  23. See the pic of my exhaust setup below, where do I put an O2 sensor? and while we're talking about it does anyone have a source of reasonably placed ones?
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