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  1. hi @Steelies can you put me down for a sun shade please. @Leebo3 can you chuck me down for a 2xl in tobacco see you guys Thursday morning hopefully.
  2. @Yowzer how good are these dolly's. Seem like a legit way to move a fucked car around going off your insta story
  3. been this is usually out last event of the year we had been doing raglan runs over the past 3-4 years i was thinking this year we should do a cruise to Caffeine & Gasoline - November kinda combine a couple of good things and make it go off with a bang also allowing a bunch more people attend the cruise. the event is on Sunday, 24 November any other feedback would be great or do we just run the raglan run?
  4. yeah i didnt pay the price they are listed for. in fact i did pay 99 dollars for them at super cheap for a pair. i ended up checking my receipt but i brought more stuff that day. brought them on a Sunday and had my cars on them that night. more pics
  5. for what its worth i have i three sets of these https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/sca-sca-wheel-dolly-pair---900kg/356503.html#q=dolly&lang=en_NZ&start=11 had valiant, kombi and beetle on them. usually they are on them to be stored easier and if you have a good trade card they are a bunch load cheaper and i was able to get them that day this was also some time ago. again flat floor wins over rough floor but i went for the 900kg ones so i know i can put my valiants on them with out them breaking at all.
  6. This is coming up this Thursday night. The nights are staying lighter as well. Better for viewing cars.
  7. Yeah Nan could have kept it a closed invite like his last build and have sub 40 people at the build like the last one. But been able to offer it to the general public here in nz & donate the money towards charities that could do with the money while offering to see Nakai San and watch the rwb get built is is a good benefit to those receiving the money. The fact Nakai San smokes is really beside the thing.
  8. New Monthly meet face book event is up. they also have a new burger AND WE WILL HAVE MORE DAYLIGHT THIS MONTH!!!!!!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/699629697207127/
  9. Ohhhh gidday. On my way home from raglan on Saturday my left hand front wheel bearing decided to start making a lot of sound..... So tomorrow is a new month, I'll head out to the vdubshoppe, put a couple of wheel bearings on my account and forget about them till the 20th of November. Mate was nice enough to get me a bearing packer tool from super cheap for my 30th, so now I've got something to use it on. I'll report back maybe Wednesday once I've done this. And cause everyone likes pictures here is one of another westie I follow on the Instagram.
  10. so from here i have now got new tyres that are a bit bigger. got a 205 75 14 which was the biggest 14 i could get and just started clocking up some kms of to the mt to go to a mates party. went the long way so get some nice views. 1st night for @Mrs 64valiant and i in the kombi together. i put some stripes on the side to see if it was something i was after im not quite sold on them yet. also got a 2nd plate made from @Archetype after loosing my one. i dont even know how i done this. had a couple of peaces of paint that were cracked and water was just sitting in them so i just sanded it back to metal and put some primer on it & painted it white to just seal it and keep the water out of sitting in it. check out the layers of paint. no time for body filler i was just wanting it sealed. now i was about to do a trip to Fielding with old @Geophy i thought i better fix some water leaks. i found it was leaking through the wiper mechanism so pulled the wiper blades off. replaces the seal. Also decided to get rid of some white. clean these wiper blades up and paint them black might not be much but man they look so much better been black. now the trip to fielding with young geophfey, wouldn't be a trip south of taupo with out snow right? both times i have driven this way in my vws it has snowed and both times with this guy. hold up. take a few steps back, we were making our way down the line. when my wheel bearing started to make a little noise, say an hour in. So an hour from anywhere with a dry location. A few phone calls later @Ned was home and was welcoming me to his dry garage and a few of his tools. a wheel bearing, fish & chups later and we were back on the road. thats right snow. we made it to the ding hotel were we proceded to get drank on cheap big bottles an i slept amazingly in the bus again. next day we done some swapping of the meat and went for a little drive. i got a brand new kombi that day pretty proud owner of a nice new kombi..... with that new kombi we went for a cruise on some back roads to which i heard my wheel bearing again...... but we made it home safe thanks to @Bistro skillful driving. got drank again and another lovely sleep in the bus. then it was time to head home, better re pack my bearing before we head on home....... then we hit the road again. which requires three photos #1 #2 #3 which brings me close to where i am now. how to get a vw bus in and out of the shed we had. so no longer we are at that address and the bus is living out side which means i have been driving it a bit more daily... which is were i noticed a some what noisy wheel bearing...... new bearing races inserted new bearings and a wheel alignment tomorrow. and now i should go make my rx3 carpets before i have to drop them off tonight. we are off to raglan on Saturday and i see labour weekend everyone is going camping so we might go to that in the bus. laters dudes
  11. so it begun with @mark105 saying he was keen to maybe ride some dirt bikes a bit more after doing farm bike champs. I have always missed doing trail rides in the country side with my dad and friends and i haven't owned a dirt bike since i was around 21, previous to that i had never not owned a dirt bike, there are photos of me at 2 weeks old with my dad on a dirt bike. But now that time has rolled around i had always kept eyes out for dirt bikes and the right time and also waited till closer mates had bikes as well. Even when i sold my safari i the deal was i would be able to buy a dirt bike again. but that never happened. So i give you my 1964 vespa dirt edition it started with some knobbly tyres as you see above well then i wanted to change my seat due to it always been a bit shit and hey im an upholstererrrrrr as you see the seat is rather out of shape so with some cutting here and there we kinda had a platform i could weld to trimmed the metal off the edge and we have a base to build up from building up the foam yeah i built it up a little to high sadly but hey i was able to cut it down and shape it up. happy with the shape i wrapped it in a 3mm layer of foam then proceeded to make a cool cover for it of course it had to be based of a modern style gripper motorx style seat cover cause i need more things for people to laugh at me when im doing a trail ride on this thing. the trail ride we are going to this weekend requires a fire extinguisher so i drilled some holes and put some riv nuts in and bolted this bad boy up and that's me for now. again ill report back on Sunday or Monday. such a lol i have the chiropractor on Monday i have been seeing for a while, he will ask me oh hey man how was your weekend. then ill tell him what i did which he will have a heart attack over and yeah haha.
  12. i plan on running two sets of rims so with a quick change i will be able to swap out from off road mode to on road mode pretty fast with the likes of 12 nuts. will have to do some digging to find some 2nd hand rims or hit up retro scooter for some new ones
  13. will do my best to get an action shot of the vespa against mx bikes. this is the trail ride we heading on. http://www.silverbullet.co.nz/event.php?id=15489&fbclid=IwAR11_4uw_kd8Sjwcjb2wEzCPxXZDEHUsWoaMSgbSluqiQFQt5m4rZbdFAnw a video of the ride we plan on doing