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  1. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    yea sorry this build has gone faster than my spare time to write out the next post. so for the mean time i would like to show you what you can achieve in 11 days after work doing a few hours here and a few hours there. A huge thanks to Paul. now dont worry i will go into detail on what we have done and how i went about it all, but i feel the need to show you guys and gals this. Cheers team, we might just be driving George the kombi over the Easter & Anzac break.
  2. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    Not a problem. It's been super cool to learn from some one with so much knowledge. I asked him if he had any idea on how many engines he has built. His response was, "some weeks I would build two a day back in the old days, spend all weekend cleaning the casings and parts and then just build engines all week." Guy sure as hell knows what's up. Hopefully get some more stuff done tomorrow night once the fly wheel is back.
  3. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    So last Saturday i headed out to the v-dub shoppe to make a start on my engine. Paul was kind enough to work late and help me out. This is my engine and everything that is ment to go with it. inc the two boxes on the floor. I get all the bitch type jobs, clean this, clean that, and yeah clean that as well. so start with cleaning the crank. a little scotch in the cleaning tub and then we rinse it off with hot water. want to know why we use hot water? well hot water evaporates and doesn't leave any residue and wont rust. unlike cold water. now that that's done onto the casing. this has been machined out to fit the larger barrels and pistons to make it a 1776 so yeah lets crack it open see how many peaces of raw material i can find. oh hello. this stuff has gone everywhere. see if you can spot the peace tucked away here. that little peace of silver on the oil pick up is what you are looking for, well now that they are all cleaned up out side to wash these down with cold water. cause these are not steel and they wont rust away. hey presto we looking good now. 1st things 1st. dizzy gear in. i didn't snap a photo of this but here is one off the net. with that lubed up and in place the dizzy goes in over top. while i was putting that in Paul was putting the bearings in and making sure they lined up and marking them to make our life easier for when the crank slides in. i have also slid on 6 little rubber gaskets over the main bolts. bearing 1st. cam gear next, with some heat slid on over and sitting in place with its key way in next is distributor drive gear. my key way was a little lose, luckily we were in the right place and a few steps to the left was a container with a bunch of them in, found one that fitted better. some heat on this and on it went. bearings for the rods and on they go now. no photo of this stage my hands fill and doing other things but lets drop that on in in she goes and lined up Pauls pink dots and dropped the cam in as well. so far the only things out of the old engine are the gear peaces on the crank and the dizzy, even the dizzy drive was in a pile of other parts to the left of me that Paul just pulled out of old stuff. The rods and cam are from another purchase of parts i ended up with including the bearings and all the gaskets. Next Paul swears at his employees for leaving his gasket goo with out a lid and we put some goo on the casing and he drops the other side of the block on. finds some nuts that should come with the casing and he torques them up. its bloody handy having a store room the size he has, off i went find myself some lock nuts, re stock the draw in the engine build section. they get thrown at the engine and torqued up but to a smaller amount. sump on and well bake to the store room to find some dome nuts for the sump plug and the mesh for in side that, and a stud kit for the fuel pump, oil pump and a few other things. actually here is a photo of the kit, thanks google ahh while this was up side down we also dropped these in. which i learnt the other day is a duel pressure relief, vw casings come out duel and single, only early ones come out single. ended up watching a YouTube video of how it works and where they are. if you want to learn here is the video i watched it was a pretty good Saturday learning and building the new engine. last night i headed in and done some more work. removed all the head studs while Paul was on the phone and cleaned them up, he then came down and gave me some shit about how i didn't get the fly wheel and shims ready for him, few seconds later he had them, he worked out the end float and put some shims in allowing some small amount of thou. he was also trying to calculate out loud and man that shit was confusing as fuck to me. with that all sorted i now have the fly wheel and we are off to get skimmed and it has a really nasty lip where the rear main seal would usually sit so ill take that to geophfey and get him to take the lip off that. all in all shes been a great few days so far.
  4. 860 is the center gap @Archetype and @tortron
  5. I'll messure the gap when I get home tonight for you guys.
  6. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    got a message from @Mrs 64valiant saying we need to get a buddy seat for our bus. (center seat for a walk through) found a diagram on the net add that to the list of things to make
  7. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    i can see all them. Instagram is another version of face book pretty much that just post photos. it seems to work for a bunch of other people but ive edited them so you can now see the photos. should be able to see them @yoeddynz yea bay windows have gone up in price. def low lights
  8. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    hmmmm ok hold fire and ill edit them for you some time tomorrow. @yoeddynz have you been able to see the ones i just posted
  9. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    Hell yeah. as much as i was not happy about the smashed window im so happy. the clean window is so good. such a better look with out the tint strip on it. very un happy but happy with the result. so brilliant. kass wanted to stay late and work on the buss and get it going as he has been working on his BSA during work hours, not that fazed but give some get some right. so we chucked the new second hand breaks on the front. new hoses and then moved to the rear. the first job was to fix the oil leak. we are running an adapter to suit the kombi engine mount off the oil pump and casing. we stripped the thread on the bottom to bolts and i said to kass fuck we should do that, his response was like nah it cant be that bad dw about it, lols. so yeah. kinda a pain in the ass. had to take the exhaust off and a bunch of other things. so yeah broke the other exhaust getting it off and well hey lets just fit this one instead. while we done that i also got into the rear breaks. Fuck me thats right, hub nuts........ 1.7 meter bar with a 46mm socket welded to the end piss easy mayte. oh hello we have a few missing peaces here. lucky i brought stuff from the vdub shoppe and it'll go straight in right. oh nice the pistons and shoes i brought are the wrong ones, so off we go back to the vdub shop and get the correct ones. its also missing a few peaces so ill scavenging through the scraps and wrecks to find the missing stuff. thats enough for today. hopefully we can get it sorted and drive it next week.
  10. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    Well today was successful. Ahh well. I didn't like that windscreen any who. Hamilton windscreens will have them in stock and if not i know the vdub shoppe has them in Stock. But glad I was able to fix the rust and weld up a few holes. Beth and I said yes to a price on rebuilding a new engine from scratch and put a bunch of money down on that. Which has been good cause I've been selling things here and there and what not. Sold the chrome BRMS that I wanted to keep for my bus but ahh well. Just this week I've sold 2900 in two sets of rims. Paul has a new case and everything in Stock so weekend after beach hop we are going to build that. Brought a empi short shifter and some pre loved front break calipers so will install that stuff. Also got a new starter motor...... I didn't want to remove the one out of the beetle cause the second I go doing that I'll regret it when I go to do some work on it. Can't go robbing parts of other cars. That's a no no.
  11. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    I had this engine floating around from my beetle purchases last year some time. i thought lets see if we can put that in and get it running and see what else is needed to be done. Well wiring needs to be done. Just looked at complete replacement looms. not badly priced. and ill pull the starter motor out of my bug and swap it into this since i wont be using the bug any time soon. would be pretty cool to get away in it over Easter weekend just locally but we will see what happens and how things go. got some 2nd hand break calipers for it as well, they are better than the ones ive got on it. while i was trying to sell @Hot Dog Flavoured Water some vw parts i asked what size tyre he ran on his buss and went and brought some to see how much slam im going to need to acquire. looks like i need to acquire about 100mm well and truly so i brought some adjusters while i was at the vdub shop. might try swindle @flyingbrick into doing that for me while i have some one elses tig welder here atm. that will do for now. might even give beach hop a miss to get this thing going.
  12. 64valiant

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    Chuck them in the letter box and send me a pm with your address. I don't know what time I'll get away but I'd like to get away before after work hours.
  13. 64valiant

    Chris.QCRs 1980 Harley Davidson Sportster XLH1000

    im visiting the mt on fri and sat @HighLUX and if i can grab them from @Kimjon tomorrow on my way over?
  14. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    Had Geophy follow me to drop off a customers kombi after work and then we sat in mine. I then suggested he catch the window as I pop it out. Surprise surprise we found this orange stain under the rubber. A quick wire wheel and scotch and well that's that problem fixed. Laters 1st bit of rust. Must say it was probably the most easiest peace of this puzzle so far & probably will be the easiest peace of repair and maintenance on this thing. Let's see what this weekend and the following weeks bring.
  15. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    nope can confirm it is a steel. i need to mention its got rust, no engine and some other minor issues that dont need to be mentioned...... but all those issues are easy fixable. still for the price we paid for this one we wouldnt have got our other buss to any where near this stage. the guy we brought it off is selling his other kombi for 22k. even the mother inlaw is happy for us and thinks its a good purchase. she is probably the one who mostly would have been like "ahhh greg why on earth have you brought another bloody car" although i havnt told my mum yet.