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  1. Hello. So the day came for my wof check. Woke up this morning and put my thermals on, sweater on under my jacket and headed out for my wof check. turned up a few mins early and old mate was under a datsun sunny giving the A12 a oil change. Mentioned i had a wof booked in, to which he was surprised cause his darling had booked in the datsun to be worked on. None the less he said and scrubbed his hands clean and passed me the wof sheet to fill out the information for. Made some small talk and he went over the bike, we made some more small talk and headed inside. During the small talk he said, well you now have a wof, but it runs out at a less than ideal time. So make sure you book in early to make sure you'll have one for summer. I paid the man and went on my way. A celebratory ride to Raglan. Then to my daughters daycare for Matariki lunch. Fry bread is the best. But how cool is that, first wof since 2009 on the old girl. I figured you might ask who done the wof. Well I got a photo of him so you can all use him.
  2. hello. while i was trying on the full fearing i noticed the bmw headlight had a rattle. had a closer look at it and found the reflector had broken. so i shot out to @Kimjon house and put some bird shit on it. i mean, no one will ever see it other than you guys reading this post. so you guys can judge me. quickly slapped that back together and had a couple mates keen on a ride the next day. bike went well and i noticed not long before the above image i could hear something rattling. nothing to bad but annoying me. had a closer look at it was my front fender, two of my bolts had come lose from not been locnuts or having loctite on them. couple of cable ties as on the road again. you can see my new black cable ties above. took it to the Hamilton motorcycle club for their monthly club night. and done some more running around and while the small rides i had noticed my lights flickering. was thinking it was a voltage issue. so started digging around and found a loose wire. slapped a plug on it and that didnt fix it so i started looking at voltage regulators i was talking to @flyingbrick at this stage and he had a manual down loaded and done some reading. said i had low oil pressure that was causing the flickering. so time to check the oil quantity. drained it out and realized it was pretty low :/ i only drained it out as i couldn't see the level through the site glass. so pulled the side cover off to see if i could clean it. queue my daughter taking photos of me while trying to keep her occupied lets see what i can get in here and clean it thats a bit cleaner back on and some new oil time to take it for a ride. thought id go see @Geophy and he wasn't home so caught up with @Dogwatch, while i was there i realized i lost my oil filler cap tried to trace my ride back and kept an eye on the road to see if i could see it. but i had no luck, just covered my pants in oil. hit up @MostlySuzukis to see if his gs1200ss had the same thread as mine. he had a couple other bike engines at home that were also the same as his gs1200ss so shot around there and he gave me a spare. not exactly the same as the old one but it is fixed and gets me riding again. speaking of riding. got out of work early and hit @MostlySuzukis up to see if he was free. headed over and headed south. headed down the west side of the waikato river. stopping off at a few good spots on the way down over all a good ride started using riser app to track my rides. is a really good app, tracks some good stuff and can offer different roads for rides that you possible haven't tried before on the way home i also booked it in for a wof check, be good to see what it would fail on and get myself a list together. over all 10/10 motoring keen on some more bigger bikes
  3. showing interest. will double check with the other occupants of the house
  4. Took the bmw headlight off and checked to see if the full fearing would still fit on. Safe to say it does. A few broken parts on it, so I'll probably fix them up and swap it out as I please.
  5. Yup, these o rings are toast. Quick visit to seal imports here in Hamilton and 7 bucks later. A little amount of grease to help them slide in. Cause they were most definitely a snug fit this time round and they were all together again. Back on And all running again. Hope the weather does something great and I can head out for a ride double check it's running good on the open road. Mates also said I could use his balancer to balance the carbs. So might take him up on that, probably shoot to his house and do it there as he has a way better set up and plenty of garage space.
  6. Accommodation booked with @Kelvin and leave accepted. ill have a 2xl please and thanks @Bistro
  7. Had a bit of a squeak after the ride where I broke the dash cluster. Had a feeling the front wheel was a bit of center and rubbing on one of the rotors so wanted to visit kim and see if we could work it out. Made a trip out to @Kimjons and fixed that. While i was there we got busy cutting up my 2nd cluster bracket and welding a different set up on it. Pulled the top triple clamp apart to do the job right, make my life easier. Looks a bit like this from front now. Got home and glued a little broken part back onto the cluster and chucked the rear cover on the back. Lubed the chain and hit up @flyingbrick to go for a ride Marnix came along and we ended up going over to Bethlehem via waihi and back over the kai mais and through scottsmans velly. Bike went flawlessly. Only problem I found it been a little stiff in the rear so time to try adjust the rear shock. Off course I had to pull it apart to reach the screw to adjust it. It's here at the tip of my finger And since the bike was going so good I thought I'd take it for a ride by myself. I shot to vtnz and handed in my white plates and got my black original plates re registered back on the bike so that's official and was a pretty easy process over all. Carried on for a ride out to Raglan. And on my way home it started running like a bag of balls. Infact stopped and wasn't able to start it again. So called @flyingbrick to pick me up and before he got to my house I had another mate offer and was already on the way. Got ot home and thought I better go through these carbs, they are obviously the reason for it not wanting to start. Out to @flyingbricks house to take advantage of his ultrasonic cleaner. There was definitely some crap in them that's for sure. Also got the boss on board giving the carbs a blow down after a good hot water wash. And back together Time to clean up some fouled plugs as well. Smashed it back together and had no luck starting it or getting fuel down to the carbs. And that's cause it had no fucken fuel in it. The fuel guage said ΒΌ of a tank and it was fucken bone dry. No wonder why it didn't want to start and was running like a bag of balls. Chucked some gas in it and fired up straight away. Until the carbs were leaking like a siv. So off they come and stripped down again. Had a feeling it was the o rings on these little guys which had to do with the float. Spoke to a mate and he confirmed my thoughts of the o ring. So later today I'll head out and buy some viton o rings that are suitable and chuck it all back together again. Follow for more stupid mistakes later.
  8. Yeah I'd like to put some blue and black on it to match the rest of the bike. Just happy to get some white on it and get it rolling. Went for a ride with a mate on Tues and had my speedo cluster come off/brake. Had been watching one on trademe for the last 4 weeks. Rang him and picked it up and changed it while we were out and about haha. Squshed my quadlock phone holder onto it and held it in place while we rode to the guys house. Speaking of quadlock, I got that and some wing mirrors off Aliexpress. Happy with the quadlock stuff and how the mirrors look. But they don't hold well at 100kph, the move a lot so I might have to find some none Aliexpress mirrors that look similar
  9. Cheers @GregT I'm really happy with how subtle it looks modified in my eyes and how much modified it actually is. I'll be sure to keep an eye on that drive nut. A before and after And another one
  10. been a min so lets catch up. we left on mocking up the rear wheel. it was a pretty rough rushed set up to see how things worked. i needed some wheel bearings to fit the smaller axle, smashed out the old ones got some new ones that fitted and another visit to @Kimjons we started fitting it up i also had @flyingbrick come out and we got some spacers made up that centerd the wheel and got working on how to make the caliper fit. took a bit of shaving some material off the hanger part and we were able to use the oem gsx1100 stabilizing bar on the gs1200 swing arm in the same spots. drilled the hole out a couple mm and everything worked so well! nathan also got busy on making a number plate bracket that also held the indicators going off the above image we were also mocking up the chain. i ordered the wrong sprocket as i thought it was a wider chain but the rear sprocket was a bit skinner and a 525. boyds had a sprocket and chain in stock so bought that and headed out to kims another day. had to space the front sprocket out a bit to line the chain up. put a small sleeve on the shaft and it worked out perfect a bunch of lock tight later and the nut was on! chucked the chain on and onto making the muffler fit hot metal glue later and lets roll this boy out side time to take it home and do some things i can do at home! got apex here in hamilton to make me some brake lines. they were 70 and 75 plug gst which i felt was good with some pressed ends on them. i bleed the system up and rode it in the drive way a bit but i wasnt so happy about the front master doing its job 100% here is me and my daughter wearing all the same safety gear doing drive way hoons so i went and paid a visit to my local bike wrecker and showed him what i was after and he had a vtr1000 master in stock that was in working order. slapped that on and i felt alot better about the front brakes time to pull the bike apart and get some tires and other jobs done hang it from the roof in the garage. whipped the tires off and got myself some road 6s while the tires were off it was time to finish up the rear swing arm and get @Rhyscar to weld it up. made this little pattern with tape cut it down then cut it out of some plate i got from @Kelvin used my old bike rack to shape it up and get it close enought to where i was happy with it trimmed these little peaces of box section up to re enforce the swing arm a bit more Rhys had a bit of filling to do but as per normal he smashed it out while rhys was off doing this i pulled my headers off as i knew they had a leak on them. turns out they were a but loose and probably leaking from the flange but while they were off i wanted to also clean up a few cracks from where dad had modified the pipes from ages ago. ground it all back as it looks like it might have been joined with brass or of something similar and due to that i had to use filler rod to weld it back together as i was blowing holes in it from been so thin thankfully im a grinder and not a welder. i had also filled up the bottom part for a better transition cause i was going to wrap these headers. if you are asking why, its cause they look like ass! and heat wrap makes them look better. see i told you. i put them back on with a bit of maniseal and carried on with putting my muffler on @flyingbrick gave me the hanger part that goes around the muffler cause he wasnt using it on his muffler set up he bought. i made a little bracket that goes from he oem hanger position shout out to bunnings for the steel time to put the swing arm back in. that wasnt any issue but i came into a problem with the swing arm shrinking a little bit..... i think the inner triangle peaces i had rhys weld it made it a bit tighter.... but i continued on like a normal person and struggled till i wone and boom! all together. you might see i have a white front fender as well. i got a mate to drop off some vinyl and i thought id give wrapping a go...... green fender. white fender pretty happy with how well it came out considering it was my very first time. and today i had to go buy some bolts to chuck fender on properly put those bolts on it the car park and then went to visit a mate to show the bike off. it wasnt long and we put his bike back together and we headed out for my 1st ride after all the mods had been done this is after i push started him at the servo from having a flat battery. made it over the divy and the bike went really well used a bit of the tire for my first outing and over all a stunning day for a ride we done 50kms today at fast and slow speeds. bike felt really good and very easy to throw over in the corners. over all super stoked with it! ive got a few smaller things to do like speedo and other minor problems, but it is 100% able to be riden now! ahh i also got the og black plate re instated so i can register it on the og black plates. excited about that! and to top this post off here are some old photos of dad on it or the bike back in its day while i was searching for photos of it with the black plate dads katana with my older brother on it before he got the gsx hope you all enjoyed this post.
  11. so i done some digging and some searching around with the rims. wasn't having any luck with finding one so the next step was to look at different swing arms to either modify or try fit in the rear of the bike. a Suzuki gs1200ss swing arm popped up for sale in tga. i have a mate local to me that has one, so i shot around to his house with my stock swing arm and got some rough measurements to see if it would work to modify and the common consensus was that its probably going to be the best option to make a swing arm work. so i hit the buy now and had @Mop Head pick it up for me. had a few people concerned that it wasn't going to work and that it was going to be a rather large thing to undertake but i didn't really have many other options if i wanted to fit this 5.5 rear wheel in. and after some comparisons and some measurements the 1200ss swing arm is rather larger and stronger. factory swing arm is 60.2mm tall and 3.2mm thick the suzuki gs1200ss swing arm is 74.9mm and it is 5.2mm thick time to chop it up. gotta trim it down a little bit on the width as well and removed the twin shock mounts off time to get more precise with the measurements chucked them in the mill and @Kimjon showed me how to do some things then we needed to cut some space for the rear shock like the stock swing arm. got it looking like this and i took them home to get them welded up and to do some more measurements cleaned my work bench and got busy again. worked out where the center of the swing arm is and done some basic math and made some brackets. factory mounts trace some out and draw them a bit of grinding and a stepped drill bit later and thats one side all sorted. the bottom side now, kim had already cut these out while i was doing other stuff at his house one day. i trimmed them to shape and chucked them in the bender (vice) and got to shaping them up and making them fit kind of a before and an after well during that time i did go to @flyingbricks house and steel this lathe to re make those peaces that go in the top of the mounts. we some how made the center hole to big. i reached out to josh to see if he could weld these up for me but some times he replies way to slow and often has stuff going on in his own life. so i also reached out to @Rhyscar to see if he wouldn't mind doing some welding for me. he said to pop over and we could run through it see if it was possible. next images can tell if you if it was or wasn't so happy with it. back out at kims again while i adulted with my daughter at my toes. time to try make this fit in. hey thats close enough, lets put the seats and plastics on before i go to see how it looks blue tooth chain but we still got a fair few things to do. daughter loves granddad garys motorcycle so she wanted to sit on her seat. and we are now up to speed a bit more. huge thanks to those who have helped out so much so far and kim for letting me keep it in his shed and use all his tools
  12. Was doing some reading and see even the suzuki GS 1200SS run a trail of 99mm. Interesting small bit of random information.
  13. I could possibly go look over the weekend or some time next week if time allows.
  14. Quick break down on what trail is. Good little video. I'll measure it and see what it is now. Still got all the other stuff so might be able to work out what I did have before hand.
  15. Yeah it'll be interesting to see how it handles over all. I'll have nothing to compare too been I hadn't really ridden it long distance or hard. Looking at this image of it with the fairing, with out the fairing and then with a zxr front on it. It doesn't look to much different But it definitely look stretched out over all been a naked bike now. Handle bar position is completely different to original and more styled like a gsx1400, bandit or a hornet.
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