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  1. cheers team. i was sick of looking at a fisher and paykel appliance. i had originally wanted a different style graphic but just didn't work out and i kept coming back to find this bus. very happy to see it done. i just need to get back to the shop and finish lowering it.
  2. yeah i done upholstery on Brendan Everett 54 two door. have the og door cards sitting here and was going to throw them during my moving process
  3. @Brennan with your render you did is that how you plan on doing your door cards. cause if so i have some og trim out of a 54 chev that i was about ti tip this coming month
  4. well then this covid-19 kicked in and beach hop was no longer happening and i didn't have any idea when i was going to be moving into the new shop. so i mentioned to a few people that i was going to try lower the kombi, had a few things to bolt in and hopefully lower it. @Beaver @bobby1930 and @Geophy popped over and well bolts didn't want to come off which wasn't really an issue just meant the kombi would be in the middle of the shop till i sorted it. no real drama didn't know when i was moving. i had mentioned to a mate a while back With beach hop on the way i really wanted to mix the kombi up a bit and add something a bit different to it. other than it been a white box. I had mentioned this style to a mate a couple of times in passing and he said shit i draw that up for you. wasn't to much longer he popped passed work and traced the wheel arch/door and said it'll cost _ _ _ _ _ _ _ amount. i said hell yeah go ahead which i wasnt really fused about happening any time soon now that beach hop was off. but then covi-19 really kicked in. 2 nights out he turns up and slaps this on the side. and now the kombi is stuck in the old shop with new graphics on it and no wheels or suspensions till lock down is off or till i can lest get over there to bring it to the new location.
  5. Time to book accommodation for November.
  6. yeah ill be in my kombi this year and will be sleeping where i park, should hopefully be there monday or tuesday which will be nice for a change if i can actually make it
  7. Last month was a pretty good turn out from such small notice but always good times for a burger. next one is 19th of march and front event page as been edited. https://www.facebook.com/events/1044391542602478/
  8. this has been a year since purchase. best thing since sliced bread beach hop in a few weeks, then os nats, then vw nats. let the road trips fun begin.
  9. Cool to see you hanging out with Aaron. His truck is pretty cool.
  10. i actually sold the rotary engine in November / December. It wasn't something i really wanted to do but i kinda suggested it to a dude and he was hella keen and paid what i was asking for it, so i sold it. the money went on a loan and put me in a better position. so she is kinda going into storage for a while and ill rebuild it with a 12a,13b injected engine but build the engine or i might buy new from mazda for a 13b and do it all correct this time instead of over 22 days. need to sort some things out and do it a lot more correct so i can drive it a lot more freely and on the road. i might buy another bug and just not put a rotary in it in the mean time. we will see. but we will see a rotary beetle again that is for sure.
  11. if you really get stuck and want to talk to another person with a blown lexus v8 i can probably get you in contact with jase brown. he done the swap below a long time ago. feel your pain at the moment and this is as helpful as i can get with in this situation he is extremely helpful with no mater what and is a super nice dude so i can only imagine he would want to help and just talk.
  12. oh i did this. sold the silly engine
  13. Have updated. never used to be able to edit posts but now can :/
  14. i have totally not realized the date and have put up and event for this week. i like burgers so ill be there eating one https://www.facebook.com/events/250657715927659/?active_tab=about
  15. Hi team. me again. So we left it with i brought a solar panel for the bus. Well i wasn't to sure on how to mount it up so i called in for assents of @Geophy and @mark105. we all got busy and made some stuff work. kombi roof racks do not hold a greg that well, but it was the only way to get up and put the rivnuts in. all mounted and ready to go. we ran the wires down and through the roof and popped out under the back seat to the unit that sends the power to the battery. for some reason i dont really have any pictures of this but ill post some next time. the following day i parked it out side and thought id see what the solar panel would actually do, in over cast weather it was still pulling current and you could see the current change from different light. if you cant tell i was excited and had to share my news with @Ned as soon as the sun came out to play you could watch the voltage go up. this app im using is from a ABM2 Bluetooth Battery Voltage Monitor. which i needed to tell @UTERUS about. so that was all done and it was pretty much time to go to wagnats. so i thought with 20 hours before my little holiday i should really remove the engine. i had been meaning to do this for a long time to put the correct tin wear on the back of the engine so it would seal the engine bay. see how the current one is tapered, we yeah it was letting air in. so three hours later and replaced a rubber seal she was back in and running ready to go. the following day we got up and headed to wag nats. 1st stop was in te kuiti to drop off some seats to a friend. Leaving te kuiti there was some road works and everyone decided to pass me around 80-110kmph and showered me in stones managing to put 2 large chips and one crack into my windscreen and another into a fucken headlight. all for me to fucken follow all the assholes for the next 2 hours....... can you tell how happy i am about this situation. any who made it to wagnats wagnats was the best note, good old Jack Daniels boxes floating around haha Shout out to @Brimmy for those last two great photos and the solid amount of even better photos in the wagnats thread. we are off camping again this weekend and maybe to a vw gathering in tauranaga. we will see how we get on. till next time.