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  1. Oh hell yeah. 2xl chur. Counting the days. Only 4 more Thursdays.
  2. oooohhhhh yeaaaaaahhhh this excites me.
  3. Man it's like you brought a rotary and every ones brothers uncle's dad had one and they went well till the blew up. Definitely keen to ride it more. Hopefully the compliance goes easy and your able to get road riding fast. I forgot to mention I rode ktm300 two stroke for some years till I sold and upgraded to newer bike. Man what fun that was. Off to trade me I go.
  4. Also messaged @oftensideways to see if he would like to be picked up on the way down.
  5. Always room for a brother from another mother. We can cruise in luxury in the cruiser. Got a spot for two more. Should drag that @mark105 guy with us as well.
  6. Hello. I will drive my ass down and bring old mate @Geophy with me.
  7. Yeah that's me out, as @RUNAMUCK said that is beach hop weekend. Two years in a row I'll miss out now. Guess I'll just have to wait another year to get my ass pounded with a bunch of dudes in the back country. Thanks covid19.
  8. man what a bitch this has been to do over self isolation time. a second pair of hands would had been extremely helpful today cant wait to get the front all sorted and get it on the ground. just assembling it to get it to the new shop. once it is here ill make new break lines and go over everything else. make sure she is ready to go.
  9. also found this video quite good
  10. its such good set up. i keep seeing bug turbo set ups and haven't really found any bay window kombi ones. that one is a 1915cc and has 138bhp. also 1st one ive seen with a smaller t3 size turbo on them. everyone else seems to have huge turbos. and also pretty much every other one is in a bug.
  11. I had reacted and commented on this photo a long time ago. And at the time I'm sure I saved it. Well after some hunting via stalking my own moves on Facebook on a lot of vw groups I found it. So I'm going to leave this here so I cant loose it again. Perfect.
  12. Insert "hilux build thread" into this chat as well.....
  13. cheers team. i was sick of looking at a fisher and paykel appliance. i had originally wanted a different style graphic but just didn't work out and i kept coming back to find this bus. very happy to see it done. i just need to get back to the shop and finish lowering it.
  14. yeah i done upholstery on Brendan Everett 54 two door. have the og door cards sitting here and was going to throw them during my moving process