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  1. 64valiant

    Avenga's 1UZ V8 powered 1980 Avenger Wagon

    the peoples necks snapping when your doing your 1st burnouts were well worth the watch. seemed like a pretty cool weekend.
  2. keen on some burgers and sharns again
  3. 64valiant

    WAGNATS 2020 - Feb 6 - 9

    ive got the wagen part sorted. sounds great
  4. @mark105 were you talking to me about something sorry?
  5. make sure you have your tickets team, dont want to miss out
  6. 64valiant

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    yeah drafting on the trailer right? be the best way to get drank
  7. 64valiant

    Eastcapescapade 2018 November 9-10-11

    plane on going to the cape on the scooter this year. so may see how funds play ball with riding scooter and driving kombi around. might even just come as support this year in the kombi and hook a trailer up. either way sign me up and ill deal with it when i get there
  8. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY some nice little dress rings to cover the holes to make them look smooth. so keen!
  9. Yeah I got headlights on the kombi.
  10. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    right i am meant to be cleaning the work shop right now but i kinda cant be assed and i feel there are a few people that would like to see the details on what its taken to get the bus driving. we left the detailed post at i was off to get my flywheel skimmed up. there was a lip on the other side but for some reason it seemed to have been a sleeve on it or something and i had planned on having to take that to old mate geofphy to get cleaned up but it kinda just fell off when i picked it up. job done. Paul was busy on the phone again but it was sweet i still had jobs i could do, so i proceeded with putting the head studs in want to know why there are three different sizes? well in this photo there are four but dont look to close the longer 8 are for the bottom four on each side, we then have two short short ones for the middle on each side at the top, and then we have two medium size ones for the right hand side of the motor and now we have left is one long and one short for the left hand out side. here is why we have a long one. the casing nut is really far in the block so this is why we need the long one. i went over a few of these with a tap as some were a little funny but most of these were finger tight. and that's a photo of the finished result i ended up lock tightening this bad boy as it was pretty much finger tight and was very lose he hold on the fuel pump btw looks some what like this, thanks to google you'll see this in photos to come. next was the pistons, now on the top of the pistons you will see an arrow, that arrow goes to the fly wheel, and well if you are rebuilding an engine you might not be able to see the arrow so on the bottom of this you will see the little bulge on the piston, that is the equivalent of the arrow. and always place out your circlips with your pistons so if you lose one, you should be able to tell now, top tip. don't do this drunk cause things will go wrong and you'll have to do this again tomorrow. Pauls friends learnt this the hard way you can kinda see the little bulge on the right hand side piston where the vivid mark is now if your clever you put the inside circlip in so you slide the gudgeon pin in with out having to go through the head studs. i guess you'll do it a few times before realizing how much of a retard you are and figuring this out. i probably would have done this tbh. we also put the oil pump in and torqued that up, also put goo in it to oil doesn't come dripping from it. i got told off for been to efficient and maybe putting the studs in a tad to far for these bolts to go on. but hey they worked right..... perfect if you ask me. next day now, time to clean the heads. and what do you know bloody norm (parts lady) has packed the worng heads so i go back and yell at paul, who yells at norm and i yell at norm and well then norm gets the other heads which she got told to grab to begin with. lets see if my new barrels fit in this lot huh. hey hey we have a winner. time to clean these. and then back to the hot water so it can evaporate even thought they wont rust. it was at this stage i got shown this cool two peace crank hows that for cool........ it even drove broken. just made a funny sound. ok time to get back to the engine. time to put all the studs in the heads for the exhaust, intake and the rockers. all done. before i knew it Paul had slid the barrels on and i was over here putting the new oil cooler together now this isn't a factory oil cooler for a standard fan shroud which you would see on most beetles and early kombis. this is what they call a dog house. a dog house fan shroud works a little different and instead of the oil cooler been in the middle and the heat from the oil getting pumped onto the left hand side cylinders it gets air pumped out the back and the air just disappear not heating up those cylinders. here is a photo of one in the shop that paul used and showed me. note the oil cooler there out the back. and here is a photo off google showing you with the extra tin wear on how it works now i asked Paul should i have one of these. he answer was yes. but not cause i said yes, yes cause..... and then explained what i just explained. it was a pretty no brainier why we should be putting one on the engine. i just come across this image as well you might find it help with my bad explaining here is a standard one and the oil cooler usually goes between the letters a and b pretty much and the heat from your oil just gets spun around and onto your cylinders ok so i also had to change the oil cooler bolt. from a standard one to what we are now usuing. doesn't it look so cute. the one on the left is the old guy. we went to see if my windage pus rod tubes would fit next fuck me i just wrote this next section out twice now and hit ctrl z to go back one steep and lost it all fuck me i'm not doing this again or i'm not going to have a fucken computer come tomorrow!! FUCK back to my windage tubes. this is the difference between standard and windage tubes well yeah the next photo is of mine cut down to standard lenght haha this isnt that funny after writing it the 3rd time now ok so now that they are done time for the heads to go on now. and my next job was to do some more cleaning, im getting pretty good at this cleaning stuff now. so cleaned they were and paul chuck the rods in and bolted the rockers up and checked the tolerance and put them at 6 thou while i was off next door doing something else. i asked oh nice were are your feeler gauges, he point at his tool box and said some where in that thing if you want to find them and check. i ended up asking how on earth did you work out what 6 thou is with out using them. his response was when you have cars driving from hours away to your shop and you burn your god dam fingers from checking tolerances you sure as hell learn quick how much 6 thou is and its _____ amount of turn from touching. ok so yeah i didn't check this guy knows whats what. next is the rocker cover and gasket, now what we do here is we smear a little grease on the asked both sides and then slap the covers on. want to why we put grease on the gasket? well the detergent in the grease eats the cork gasket and glues it together so they dont suck in or fall out of place. wish i knew this when i had my 1st bug after it happening so many god dam times on my way to and from leadfoot. old @Archetype will be able to tell you about this experience as well. was not good. so the engine now looks like this as you can see we now have the alternator stand on, yup an alternator not a generator, those can go in the fucken trash. one less thing to fuck out, these things are self regulating as well. next is the tin wear. that wont be hard its all brand new and will just screw right on i laugh so hard!!!! this is what people must think when they but kit set upholstery haha. yup had to modify these peaces to fit. i think it was a total of 5 peaces i cut or modded to fit. and then i took this photo for the Instagram people i really like it. and it was also the end of that day. another day now. next on the list was making the intake bolt up and work. but firstly this bus has vacuum operated boosted breaks. and the vacuum comes from the intake. these intakes come with a little hole in them that we plugged up as its to small and kinda in the way once you try and put everything else there. so we have to drill a new one and find something to make it work as these hoses are huge. drill said hole here. you can also see the black grub screw that was filled. time to dig around in this and we came up with this tapped the hole and put some cement around the fitting before we put it in. call that job done. its at this point its fucken great that Paul has a shop like this with all these little things laying around and taps all different sizes. shits pretty legit now yeah that didnt fit as well, the runners on the intake on the left hand side was a little long, so Paul used and hack saw which would have been as sharp and a bread knife to cut it down to begin with and well yeah had to be cut down some more, i used a grinder with a cutting disk on it i proceeded to ask if he wanted it cut straight or on the piss like he did, got told to shut up smart ass and cut it, and cut it straight! haha bolted it all up and put the carb on as well. time to slap the exhuast on. 1st job 1st j pipes. but wait a min. lets cut some more tin wear haha. these are j pipes btw. they go from the rear of the engine under the block and out the front to meat the other half of the exhaust, factory ones of these have big fins on them and a box around them which heats up and that's were you usually get the heat from for a beetle or a bus in side the car. here is an example of what factory ones look like now the moustache bar. now i know your asking what on earth is that? well this bolts to the engine and acts and the engine mount to the body of the bus. looks like a moustache doesnt it? now for the front half of the exhuast. these usually have heat risers on the top. The heat riser forms two important functions. It prevents ice forming under the carburetor (caused by the fuel evaporating and cooling the inlet air below freezing - icing will eventually block the manifold and stop the engine. (straight cut and paste from google here) but mine were blocked off. they do serve a good purpose. me and my friend grinder sorted this out also Paul put the alternator on at the same point i was doing this. he asked me if i wanted the flash nut or the standard nut, i said whats cheaper, well standard nut it was...... only until he found i had a flash nut for my main crank pulley, but he put a crap nut in there to match my cheap ugly bolt up the top. we now had to put an oil filler neck on this. these come straight for difficulty or bent for a bit easier. guess what guys, the straight one comes black and the nice shiny looking one comes in bent..... well fuck me ok put the bent one on but if ya god dam doing that put the shiny bolts on, so old crapy bolts off and shiny ones back on. this is what im talking about here. these go on the alternator stand this is the straight one and black well now thats on lets put some oil in it time to put it on the engine stand shull we. and that's the night we started it. ( i also just copied all this and put it into a word document incase it didn't save and i was going to be pissssssssed off )
  11. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    When we purchased this kombi i said to myself and to others I would ideally wanted to be able to drive it over the 10 day break of Easter and Anzac. We'll tonight was the 1st time it's probably driven since I can only guess 2000 when it was last registered. Its been such an achievement and I really happy with the goal. 54 days it took from purchase. It really shows if you put your mind to it you will make it happen. Thanks to those who have helped so far, you guys are the best.
  12. 64valiant

    64Valiants Scooters.

    just came here to view what my last post was and all my east cape pics had gone, so back up now. have been riding this pretty much everywhere i get a chance to really. a few days ago i went for a ride with old mate @flyingbrick and this is how it kinda went. The earth is flat i tell ya! oh hello greg why have you stopped ohhhhh yeah got a flattie lets boost backwards to those guys see if we can get a hand, old guy that lived next to the boat ramp hand some tools and i was able to get the rim off and he offered to mow his lawns for us so we could pack my tire full of grass i ended up limping it back to cell phone reception and called the guys net to me at work (ntb motorcycles) and they came out and picked me up. they were about 20mins drive from my final resting point. ahhh this is also what happens when you cant be assed trying to find your tools or your spare tube you usually carry. it was a bloody good hoon thats for sure. our next stop was kawhia we also went for a hoon yesterday, out the back of mine and towards port waikato and back. some bloody beautiful country we have on our door step i tell ya! seems i took this photo with a potato but i took @Zeubins gas off him to give him less weight so he can go faster. wasnt long and we were on the gravel roads doing some sweet hoons old mate @Zeubin came off a little while after this, he got a little distracted by the bloody pheasant that flew in front of him. we then had to deal with a flooded bike that wasnt running well. few push starts here and there and alive it became. carried on out to the next stop which was Nikau Cave & Cafe had a quick bite there and avoided all the paper wasps. some more lovely gravel roads and a few shat pants from a giant tractor and we then done some vape clouds well richard did while reubin checked his bike cause well yeah still not running right.... few more gravel roads and what not, boom baby we got the coast. this section of gravel road was so god dam fun! but we kept on hooning and made it to the beach. old mate richard went for a hoon down the beach that we got to but yeah water was to high for my liking i did go for a hoon on the sand dunes though i also got a nice photo of @flyingbrick picking up his bike....... we continued to get our hoon on really good after this, some of us more than others. but as we got closer to tuakau reubins bike started to loose speed and not sound so great, we chucked more fuel in and we dropped some oil in it, seemed to have given it a bit more life, well not for long. he checked the spark plug that well wasnt happy at all. a phone call later and he had a car coming to pick him up and the bike. bit of a bummer, his dad recons the rings and broken, hopefully we see the modded small bike out again. all in all a great trip again. here is the map of this trip we done alos fun fact @GuyWithAviators got stuck in grass and a little bit of water in his 4x4 at the bottom of that trig road. (it may have been clay) but both maps great fun if your keen on some gravel road riding. i will be back to ride them again!
  13. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    yea sorry this build has gone faster than my spare time to write out the next post. so for the mean time i would like to show you what you can achieve in 11 days after work doing a few hours here and a few hours there. A huge thanks to Paul. now dont worry i will go into detail on what we have done and how i went about it all, but i feel the need to show you guys and gals this. Cheers team, we might just be driving George the kombi over the Easter & Anzac break.
  14. 64valiant

    64Valiants 1969 low light kombi

    Not a problem. It's been super cool to learn from some one with so much knowledge. I asked him if he had any idea on how many engines he has built. His response was, "some weeks I would build two a day back in the old days, spend all weekend cleaning the casings and parts and then just build engines all week." Guy sure as hell knows what's up. Hopefully get some more stuff done tomorrow night once the fly wheel is back.