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  1. Hi @MopedNZ would you be able to fire me the event form for entry please and thank you. Would be muchly appreciated. Cheers from one of those speedcocks.
  2. 64valiant

    Sound deadening

    Pretty much underlay. They might have a bit more movement in them so not that stable/rigid. If you were to ask me what I would actually recommend, i would say go buy some from an upholstery shop. I sell it for $50 a meter at 1.8 wide. You won't need 2 meters for a car or 1.6 for a ute, pay cash for a peace the guy has had under the bench and get it a bit cheaper.
  3. Going off the Auckland business cards on the desk I would say not?
  4. 64valiant

    Sound deadening

    I have used house foam underfelt its quite nice easy to cut and doesn't really soak up water. Changed back to thick traditional underfelt just sits better over all. Also easy to get from my suppliers and used on a bunch of other things. Either works just as fine.
  5. Usually he doesn't do it. Just gets one of his plebs to do the running around. Well that's probably why he can travel 2.5 hours for that stuff. If anyone wants lessons I'm sure @MRWEST can pass on brodies number. (inside joke)
  6. Oh yeah can't wait to see it painted Matty B @MRWEST
  7. @flyingbrick had it on his honda MB 100.
  8. 64valiant

    Sound deadening

    Felt is a must. Packs out the carpet and makes it nicer and if you glue your carper to your underfelt it will stay in place better and hold up longer/won't look like ass really fast. Also the black tar product will get stuck to your carpet and will rip the carpet. Won't rip the underfelt.
  9. 64valiant

    Sound deadening

    i got the 50mil as the 80mil didnt come in the large pack size that i was after. will buy the 80mil for the front half of my kombi
  10. 64valiant

    Sound deadening

    yeah i used it in my kombi what @JoKer linked if from my build thread but all my images have dropped off the cloud. i originally saw it used from @oftensideways and then got some for my kombi. would trade again.
  11. Dam ill have to come for a ride out to your place. Good roads out there. Hopefully weather is better next month. Only a few more months and day light savings will be here and everyone will be rather enthusiastic again and chomping at the bit.
  12. @flyingbrick our ride we been meaning to do for some time. Keen.
  13. I'll be giving it a miss. To much on. Try @Beaver @Geophy @Archetype @bobby1930 @vk327 @Yowzer @Truenotch @mark105 They are the usuals that are down for burgers.
  14. oooohhhhh yeaaaaaahhhh this excites me.
  15. Man it's like you brought a rotary and every ones brothers uncle's dad had one and they went well till the blew up. Definitely keen to ride it more. Hopefully the compliance goes easy and your able to get road riding fast. I forgot to mention I rode ktm300 two stroke for some years till I sold and upgraded to newer bike. Man what fun that was. Off to trade me I go.