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  1. Man this took some time to find. Ended up Googling it and come across it. Re oil leaks and pressure, did you find your cork gaskets always leaking? Vw mechanic who built my engine puts wheel bearing grease on both sides of the cork when putting them on. Solves leaking from that region and helps hold them when you put them on.
  2. Images from a simpler life with out covid complications. I'll be thinking of all the great sharns and the intense scenery you guys shull enjoy this weekend. Will see you all next year, much love from the guy sad about missing out. Greg.
  3. Nah just go ahead and hand stitch it back together if it isn't to badly damaged. Have done plenty repairs in my time, air bag will bust through that shit pretty fast.
  4. The odds looking against me coming with this covid stuff. Actually gutted. Might just have to do it when I'm aloud by myself.
  5. Man I really don't like the odds for those that want to attend from the likes of Auckland and even waikato with all this covid going on. I just wanted to ride my scooter with friends.
  6. jokes @Mrs 64valiant is pretty strict on the rules so I'm just keen to come along.
  7. to be honest i might just so happen to be going for a ride around the east cape. if i so happen to bump into 40 others going that way, well they must have good taste in routes. really hoping Hamilton is lest out of some kinda lvl3, my leave at work got approved so pretty keen for a hoon on the vespa
  8. Have personally delivered my leave form to my manager. Wait patiently to see what he has to say and anyone got a spare room?
  9. Have registered. will apply for leave this morning. Now to shall try get accommodation at said places unless people have empty beds or want someone to spoon with, can be big or small spoon to sweeten the deal.
  10. so oil seals done and oil cooler bolted back down. time to clean up the intake and parts so i can assemble the engine. a sweet before hand hit the tubes with a wire wheel and then a scotch bright from under the kitchen sink and after hit the intake manifold with a scotch bright as well to clean it up. ideally i wanted o get it vapor blasted but no one was open and i really wanted to get it back together so this will do for this time round. gave the twin port intakes a quick scotch bright as well. and after started to get a little bit over the top with my cleaning and cleaned the external of the fuel pump and alternator and then started to assemble the engine. had mentioned in a group chat that id like to hide the wires a bunch more and would like some spark plug wire holders to clean up. @flyingbrick said he had some anodized pink ones i could have, a quick flick of black paint and look good again. now i could try make the carb fit. turns out it liked to touch the alternator so i had old mate @Geophy make me a 10mm spacer giving me that little bit of room i needed it needed a bit of fine tuning to match my average tolerances but very good!!!!! fast turn around as per normal. boom that on and looking good with the tolerances i needed. now it was to make the linkage for the accelerator. had me thinking for a bit as its backwards to pulling how my previous one was. again we chatted about it and @Kimjon had a few good ideas which prompted me to end up making the final design. i had shot to the vdub shoppe to grab some other parts and i got this which had a big rod in the middle of it for adjusting. i didn't need it to adjust and a bunch shorter so i just welded it together and made it none adjustable. next i needed something to leaver the top and bottom, i had previously cut down a spanner so i drilled three holes in that. the accelerator cable will go in the bottom hole and the thingy i modified above will go on the top and will pivot on the center hole. make it look something like this as you can see i have also made a bracket off the bottom of the carb that has a small bolt with a couple of nuts on it so the cut down spanner can pivot on. actually here is a video of it working. the top image you can see I've put a spring on the back side to help with some resistance and making sure it pulls back to idle. with this all done i chucked the engine back in and fired it up. and fuck me i was pissed. engine still making a fucken rattle! so again i removed the fan belt, yup the fan was un balanced and causing some racket, so guess what i did. engine back apart. i wasn't so happy to have this apart. but again a quick visit to the vdub shoppe and a new one purchased also found my gen strap was a bit sad and had a big crack in it. hit that with the welder and grinder that fixed and time to chuck that back together All done, I managed to paint the engine bay cleaned up a few other things including some loose wires. here is what it looked like before hand psych, only kidding! thing was running like a bitch, so took it out to vdub shoppe to get paul to give me a hand tuning it. was pinking really bad and was maxing out the timing so i put a stronger spring rate in it. now its running at around 30-32 degrees. no more pinking and running really good, Paul also made it a it richer to try fix the down low stutter i was having. ive also repaired the coil bracket. welded that back together and painted it black, had already repaired the other side a while ago. also swapped out my J pipes for some vintage speed steeped down pipes keeping the heat away from the heads. here you can see the difference with them stepped down. put them on and had an issue with the exhaust gasket been to large which must be designed for bigger ported heads. you can see here these are stepped and the gasket wasn't sealing against the head. so standard exhaust gasket fixed that issue. welded up my bump stop brackets haven't put them in yet been to lazy. might try put them in next few weeks when i have some time off. and my favorite mod/addition i have done is putting in the front bunk bed that goes over the front seats for Tayla for camping. pretty happy with been able to steel that from a mate as he doesn't use that in his bus. That's that for tonight's post. kept me occupied for a hour or so. if you want to yarn about it head on over to the chat fred.
  11. Hi all. long time no posts. Been some big adventures in George the bus since may. 1st little event out of town was to beach hop. day one at Waihi. supporting my new Westfalia sticker on the front of the pop top. cooked myself a nice feed by myself later that night, good thing having everything on board with me. Day two was at Thames and spent the day walking around with these two mates. day three i had a flat tyre so just chilled out around town while waiting to get that repaired. day four was main cruise and got no photos of the day but had some one snap a good side on. and you can also now see the new sign writing on the side of the bus, something little to brake up the stripes a bit and give it a bit of retro style. next trip was down to kapiti for vw nationals, first family trip with Tayla and @Mrs 64valiant made a few stops on our way down, stopping in at Ohakune for the night and catching up with @oftensideways and his family and getting those token new zealand photos didnt really have to many issues along the way other than just leaking gas from somewhere around the tank. and from here ive just been using it as a daily. other than eating a muffler in under 3 months it had been really good daily. the muffler is a empi single quiet pack exhaust and better suited for a beetle but i just made it work for the bus. it was hanging down a bit and had slowly worn its way through the muffler. so i brought a new one and cut the two of them up and modified them so i had a bit more clearance here in this image below you can see the new one dips down straight away from the flange. so i cut the old one up and done come calculations that it'd work if i made it straight then i cut the good muffler off and rotated it a few degrees and tac welded that in its place sent that home and then test fitted it again and adjusted the last tip on the end to be in a better position as well. call that a success. doesn't scrape as bad going in and out of drive ways now. next issue has been most recently and the engine hade been rattling a bit, didnt know where it was coming from. thought it was from the oil cooler tin wear. so u wedged a peace of timber in there to stop it from rattling well that didn't stop it from rattling now did it. mentioned it to a mate while he was visiting from the gate and he said i should take the fan belt off and that would help eliminate the issue... and yup it sounded great with out a fan belt on. so i thought i better fix it been it will be the fan and thats a pretty simple job. so proceeded to strip the engine down i got it to this stage and i tapped the tin wear.... she was rattling like no tomorrow. ment the fins inside were not tac welded any more. soooo yup, engine was required to be removed so i could take the shroud off. once it was off i shot around to the vdub shoppes home and he welded them up for me. now that the engine is completely out lets do some other things while we are here. fuel tank removed and sender unit seal replaced, over flow lines replaces and hose clamped on and i also gave the earth wire a clean going from the sender to the body, check out how fast this needle moves now now thats back in and running better than brand new time to carry on with the engine. ive been wanting to upgrade the carb for a while give it a bit more power by allowing the engine to breath so while i was at the vdub shoppe i grabbed a few other things i already had the manifold from buying a few od parts here and there so a 32/36 empi copy was a good option. also replaced the oil seals on the oil cooler while the tin wear was apart. plenty more to update you all on but that shull do it for today. when i log back on at 2300 i shall continue to update this thread with whats been going on. hopefully you have enjoyed reading
  12. Fomo is kicking in hard. Might have to put in a leave request in at work and pull my finger out and bring the vespa for a ride.
  13. You can use foam underlay like in a house, but unless it's closed cell foam it will all absorb water. And that foam underlay will hold it longer than underfelt. If you are thinking the under felt is going to get that wet I probably wouldn't be putting carpet in it. I would look at rubber/vinyl matting. But really depends how often you plan on getting the carpet and underfelt saturated. 10 times a year? Cause dehumidifiers work a treat in closed up vehicles to dry out carpet.
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