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  1. never had any luck trying to find any local, i had no issue with amazon, paid extra to get it here faster. was legit
  2. Hey @Bistro I'll grab a 2xl please. Although there has been no mention of shirts as of yet, running low on shirts as I'm doing my washing.
  3. Signed on dotted line. Leave form will be put in tonight. Excited.
  4. and hello again. engine and gearbox out of the kombi now. lets move houses. and man I'm lucky i lowered it. wouldn't have fit into our shed at home if it was still stock height. even with out the engine and gearbox in it i had to let the tires down and push it in. time to play with this windscreen that's been broken for some time. so a night shift and i pushed it out while i was waiting around and then the next day visited Bunnings to get some rust converter/killer. ended up going with quik rust converter/primer. masked that windscreen up and coated the hole windscreen surface with i think it was three layers of this in the end. it seeped through my masking tape which i wasn't over excited about. but ah well lest this has some coats on it. removed that masking tape as you can see and i got busy re masking it and getting it and ready to paint. shout out to uber eats and late night masking missions. shot to Bunnings and got the matching primer to the white paint i had here at home. can said dry time of an hour which was legit, quick scotch between coats and im pretty sure we ended up with about 6 layers of primer on it. filled in a few of those smaller pits from the rust eating away. time to slap some white on. and i used up the rest of my white i had in the can which was about 5 coats. got left 24 hours between coats and i was smart and painted it during the night (night shift) and it took a little bit more to dry. but im stoked to get a bunch of coats of protection on it all. time to slap a screen in. new screen and a new rubber later and we have the window in, the rubber was so dam soft. managed to rip it a couple of times which was less than ideal. but going off my previous windscreen life i will probably replace it before the end of the year. screen done and dusted and my little mate is super stoked to see her kombi out side. now I've gotta wait for my gearbox to get rebuilt and then ill rebuild my engine and put a new crank in it. till next time on adventures with Greg's crappy vws keep safe and enjoy playing with old cars bonus image of little mate looking for the engine
  5. Baby sitter sorted and air bnb sorted. Now I have to get the kombi back together and running.
  6. hi. dates now please so i can apply for leave. keen to ride small dudes for three days in the dirt
  7. Yeah she's pretty cool, factory options for them. Haven't used it yet, hope to get out this winter and use it
  8. Problem is I had all the tools out on the bench ready to go last couple of times. Since then we have moved and I've had to put them all way. Can't be to hard. Lest I know none of them had locktight on them haha
  9. Shes been a while now since the engine has been out, hopefully it's like muscle memory when she goes back in the hole.
  10. Also you may be wondering. Yeah I did do it up tight. Used this multipler tool to tighten it to tight.
  11. back again and at work doing bugger all so lets get to the updating this thread. looks like a few days later i decided the engine needed to come out. Pretty sure i removed it this time as i was having issues with the clutch shuttering and i wanted to remove the flywheel to get it skimmed. looks like i got bored that night and got into rebuilding my steering box while i waited for tools and the fact it it was midnight after removing the engine going off the time on the photos. must have been night shifts or going into night shift. yup so must had come off or gone onto night shift. following image is from 2pm. steering box apart and the peg out ready to be replaced. usually the peg wears out from been in the center all the time and gets a flat spot which creates steering wheel wobble when you are driving along in a straight line, mine wasnt bad but i wanted it better. the peg sit on the worm drive in the box, has a bunch of little roller bearings. the peg itself is on the other side of the nut in the image itself. i was trying to find a blown up diagram on the net on how it works but shit out of luck sorry. this here it self is the peg. i struggled to find any information or videos on youtube how to do this so i thought id make a quick how to. this also might make sense of what i'm replacing here. old mate from vdubshoppe recommends grease in the box itself when you rebuild it, so packed it in there. smashed that back together and done a bunch of fine tune adjustments and i feel its definitely better but not 100% so i think ill replace the rubber steering coupler next time i remember to buy the peace. back to where i was with removing the engine. fly wheel skimmed and back, replaced the rear main seal while it was apart and slapped it all back together. turns out i am better at upholstery than a vw mechanic which is good and not good..... engine back out and replace the rear main seal as i pinch it on instillation and probably didn't use enough lube. never had to use heaps of lube before....... back in again and we are driving, had to shoot to Bunnings grab something so took Tayla for a hoon, we got 4.7kms away from home and she stopped, completely, no power at all nothing happening. had a look around done some digging and checked a few things. wasn't really having much luck but i found one of my wires going to the coil had snapped off. killing all spark. some how dodgied that together and made it to a better position and had a mate come with some new terminals and some plyers to crimp it on. so back to Bunnings we go. next up was to visit my local wheel alignment shop and annoy him cause the bus is low and he cant get the things on the wheel so have to jack up the rear. got it steering a bit better but i think im to much of a race car driver so so might need to find someone whos keen to take some time and fine tune it, wearing the out side of the tire a bit to much for my liking. wanting to change to a 15 inch rim so maybe wait till this are worn out and go to a 15" and a smaller tire and then get a better wheel alignment for race car driving. so you remember how i replaced my screen not long ago in my previous post. turns out this one didn't like been in my car and i got sprayed in stones heading over the kai mais. went for a walk the following day and come back to this. shit a brick. thankfully we got insurance. ahh well off home we go. stopped at the top of the kai mais got a photo and continued my trip home. about 7 days later it started making some horrid noises after going to get some sushi for lunch. bad enough i didnt drive it into the garage. thought it might have been my thrust bearing been i didnt replace it while the engine was out. so lets get into this. engine out time and i give you 18 mins later ermmm spinning release bearing and nothing sounds abnormal? what on earth could it be. spin it a few more times, feels a little off but not enough off to make that type of noise. ahh fuck seems like my flywheel nut has come loose. well clutch off and flywheel nut was finger loose so we undone that and lets see what kind of damage i have done. looks like the dowel pins were the only thing holding it there and they have elongated the holes in the flywheel and the crank. so looks like he's going to need some love and be off the road for a while. lets pull the gearbox out while we are here since its going to be off the road for a while. ' you may ask why am i pulling the gearbox out? well. i have a taller ring and pinion i've been wanting to get installed. you may ask why? well the factory ring and pinion is a 5.375. with the tire size i run i sit at 82kph at 3200rpm i used a website blocklayer. enterd my tire size and gear ratios and diff ratio and it does some cool calculations. we worked out what was going to be the best way about changing the ratio, be final gear or the ratio via this website and diff was the best option. so i ended up going with a 4.13 ratio ring and pinion. this will inscrease my speed from 82kph at 3200 to 107kph and at 3000rpm ill be doing 101kph which is going to be a far better cruising speed. with the old ratio id have to be doing 3900rpm and id be doing 100kph. so that's that really. kind have caught up a bit more with the thread. i think ill have a couple more quite shifts coming up where i can smash some keys and update this thread a bit more.
  12. seems like some of your images aren't posting there @sluggy looking good though, thats a crazy good starter motor location on the top of the gearbox.
  13. Gidday team, she has been a while and things have been happening. Going off the order of my images these have been the events so far. originally I built the accelerator bracket out of some thin panel steel and it was moving around so i headed out to see @Geophy and robbed some flat steel from him. made me a thicker bracket. gave that and the carb bracket a lick of black and put it all together. next up I had two 6 inch speakers and a bluetooth kicker amp laying around that were going to be used on something else but never ended up using them and i got sick of turning the UE boom on and off. so time to get busy. I really dislike having speakers in doors of kombis and classic cars so i done my best to hide them, so got cutting holes in the inner wheel tubs. these are not full tubs they don't go out to the under of the car. they have pressings in them and let a bunch of road noise through, so no loss and no gain. should be covered with something but like 90% of buses never cover them. got some clear pvc out of under the bench and drew up some templates and made some wood cards. had some black carpet under the bench and wraped them in that. installed the little amp behind the passengers seat and all the wires tucked away and into the wheel tub. shes pretty small and comes with a small hand controller, the product is kicker pxibt50.2 thats the small controller and speaker installed. goes well enough for two speakers and to listen to music. In fact here is a video. next up i needed to weld a scrape plate on my muffler cause it turns out its still to low and ive made it less round and more flat. that should hopefully make the muffler last a bit longer, i also added a fire extinguisher to the bus. here is a image of me just using the bus wof was due not long after this image and it turns out the screen wanted to crack the day before the wof, so out she came, using the most safely way of course. and hello. we found some rusty holes and she wasn't the prettiest under there. welded the rust up and quickly put some rust killer on it and chucked a new screen back in it. off to tga for a wof and catch up with a mate and a customer. ah did i mention ages ago i sneakly brought a repo clock for the dash? well i told my other half one day and then i installed that during this same time. getting into those positions that you only see your steep sister get stuck in on those videos. a fun job getting in behind the dash to remove it but we got there wof aquired time to repair some other things. got sick of the side door dropping and been a pain in the ass so i pulled the side mechanism out and and had a closer look. this u shape pin has a bunch of play in it. so it was time try put a bush in the body. a quick visit to see @Kimjon drill the bad boy out and kim machined up a bush to go in it. it was also missing a locking key thing, thanks google for supplying this image but yeah got one of them and slapped it all back together with a new block for it to slide on. and job well done. brought myself the volkswagen script that goes on the tail gate that i never had. saw dubbed had them for sale on trade me so hit him up and got that on the back of the bus. drove to tga for xmas and then up to sentras house for new years. and thought after all that driving i should probably grease the front beam, while i was there i chucked the bump stops in that i made. pretty happy with how well these turned out. and that will do for now, i think I'm going to have to go do some work so ill continue updating my silly vw activities next time.
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