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  1. 64valiant

    Beach Hop 2019

    So as we know beach hop is coming again this year, dates are Wednesday, 27 March and ends on Sunday, 31 March. Who is coming along this year? What are you taking and when are you going to get there? bonus points if you can spot me in this old photo. ONLY 41 DAYS TO GO
  2. 64valiant

    64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

    Pretty excited. Had the beetle running and let it do its own thing for a solid 30mins just sitting in the shop. No water trying to escape and make a mess in my shop, no oil leaks, nothing out of the ordinary and the oil cooler is good and the radiator is working well. Old mate matt said "all we need to do is get it starting when hot" and then it started up easy as normal start up. Fucken so happy! Such a good feeling.
  3. 64valiant

    64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

    FUCK YEAH!!!!
  4. 64valiant

    64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

    you guys ever seen in side a fucked vw starter motor? the metal cogs have eaten the plastic cog up and then allowed play in the housing which then aloud play out at the bush end which has in result fucked my bush as well. great. only put this starter in the bloody car less than 4 months ago. has done maybe 12 start ups
  5. 64valiant

    64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

    got the beetle started up last night. pretty happy with it all. but taken a few little steps backwards but shes still pretty darn good.
  6. 64valiant

    64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    @Anderson safari man you guys have made a huge dent in getting this thing done. glad it has gone to some one like you guys to get it done. fucken ace work!! makes me happy to see it happening
  7. 64valiant

    64 Valiants 68 VW Beetle

    ahhh so reunion is just around the corner so i thought id better do something with my car. - Oil cooler - Fix front seal - Get new water pump housing - New water pump outlet - Cut front of beetle up more - Nut and bolt check - Polish and clean - Finish Upholstery off - Put door handles and window winders on (not just hot glue ya egg) - Make passengers door open easy - Make radiator better - Buy gas - Do some braps so went to do the front seal. yeah that will be easy right. went and visited pat and gav at hpr and came home with this lot so removed the seal and rang a guy to ask about timing and what not as i had the front pulley off and well yea im able to put it on at all sorts of angles and he said what ever you do dont do anything i will be in the afternoon. turns out when you take the pulley off the chances of the bearings dropping are high unless you have your foot on the clutch. well yeah we didnt do that off with the front housing oh hello bearing i see you have dropped off. there is ment to be another little thrust tube in there but had removed it already at this point. it was at this stage i had to shoot to the drs and my worker and old mate matt worked on the beetle and i came back to this all back together and matt has timed it up as well. we put a helicoil in the far end of the water pump as well for alternator to bolt to. this is where my last water pump housing was cracked and was leaking. also painted them to look all nice and match the engine. now im on the hunt for a polishing bit for my drill so i don't have to hand polish everything since it hasn't been done for two years since the beetle got built. note you can see where i did polish and where i haven't polished. hopefully hear from Tim at old TTT engineering saying that he has welded up my pipe and i can come get it so i can start this thing up this weekend.
  8. 64valiant

    64Valiants 65 Ap5 Safari

    i sold this and told them to sign up to oldschool and take over the thread. its been a while but i just got a phone call to say the wagon is in a million parts and full steam ahead. the new owners are @Anderson safari. sounds like they are making good progress
  9. do you even scooter long distances?
  10. Looking at Feb the 9th. Will confirm with @Mrs 64valiant to just make sure I'm not booking plans on top of others and get some more photos and information sorted.
  11. or we could add another 30kms and go to lime works loop again for a swim
  12. Raglan pub for lunch?
  13. how about a shorter ride this year? a lot more gravel roads as well
  14. 64valiant

    Shakotom's 1985 Toyota HiLux

    Would be able to fit a bunch more scooters in the garage if you sold it I guess?
  15. 64valiant

    Shakotom's 1985 Toyota HiLux