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  1. chrisr hz tonner discussion

    I also have that intake manifold also for you.
  2. 63Ragtop's 63Ragtop Have a look at the 1st one in the list. Have a look at the as blaster coil
  3. 63Ragtop's 63Ragtop

    Have a look at msd they do small coils.
  4. 98cc's BSA Bantam racer build, FINISHED

    I have a stand in the corner. Nice bike. lots work going on. yes this week has been a blur of late nights getting ready for.the shown. Come say hi. I have a stand. Vapourblasting. Or blastmypart. In the corner between the models and.the helmets.
  5. Someone just installed one of those. It was ragtop in the bug.
  6. Geophys 1947 Chev 3100

    Hi Would you mind putting a link in the first post back to the build thread. Thanks
  7. Links to build threads.

    All yes I do remember and I understand for som of the older threads. And I'm not Trying to cause shit. I also thought this was the correct location for the subject. It is directly related to.this area. The Two threads per build is a very unique feature of OS. Many web surfers will not know there is two threads and could have issues finding content. Example. I know who Karl is if I think about it and could find it, but with soo many discussion threads not started by the builders it's hard to know who's car it is. And new members won't know who Karl is. When I made that post 2 of the 1st 3 threads had no links to builds. And the more I look the more I find.
  8. Links to build threads.

    At the start of my discussion thread and at the end of my first post in my build. Did you even look be asking?
  9. Links to build threads.

    People. It relly gets my goat that there are many build and dissucision threads with out links back to the partner thread. It's not hard people.
  10. E21 resurrection

    Welcome. It's looking real Jacob. I bet you can't wait to get it legal.
  11. Hurmeez' 1977 Mk2 Escort Estate

    nice work. Im thinking that your dad has done this before. how did you do the floor? HAve you got a bead roller?
  12. Twisted's new school RiFFer of procrastination

    you are best to use donor plastic from the same item if you can. then you know the plastics will be compatible. so yeah the old fairing is your best option by far.
  13. Twisted's new school RiFFer of procrastination

    Hello nice bike. i always wanted a rf900. Epoxy and glass will not work. it will fail in the end and crack. I worked in a fiberglass factory and used epoxy and glass on my repairs as it was all free. But it all cracked and split easily. Get them plastic welded in or use a soldering iron and strips of plastic from the broken fairing and plastic weld it your self. In the final repairs i also got some fine mesh, layed it in the back then heated it with the iron to impregnate the mesh in to the repair as a extra strength bonus.
  14. Brockzilas e21 320/6 BMW build

    Very usefully tool this Chris did some os art
  15. Brockzilas e21 320/6 BMW build

    So Chris R came over and we did some choppy choppy last weekend. I also worked out how to upload from the photobucket app. Pics for fred This was a massive help.