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  1. Mr Vapour

    Phosphoric Acid Metal Prep

    all good interesting stuff. I support reading tech sheets. best way to get things prepped correctly. I'm not far away from engaging a repair cert inspector so will see what processes he wants me to use. he has told me to not even blast till he sees the car. When requested I supply a phosphorous wash tergophos and the coating epiphos (same as keyphos253) I have the epiphos in 20ltrs so if any one wants some let me know.
  2. Mr Vapour

    Steel Supply Places in Auckland

    try steel cuts in onehunga.
  3. Mr Vapour

    Abarth’s 1972 Honda CB350k Cafe Racer

    I found a dip stick invmy blaster last week. I think it might be yours.
  4. Mr Vapour

    Aubs’ 1982 xv1000 chopperish

    Haha I have a BA falcon in my drive with a blue tarp used in exactly the same way.
  5. Mr Vapour

    Abarth’s 1972 Honda CB350k Cafe Racer

    looking good. thanks for the photo. looking forward to seeing it complete
  6. Mr Vapour

    Abarth’s 1972 Honda CB350k Cafe Racer

    I'll post up some photos of the blasted motor once I'm done !
  7. Mr Vapour

    Re Chrome Alloy Wheels

    your problem is going to be removing the chrome. get hold of a chrome place and ask if they can strip them for you. then polish or paint.
  8. I'm thinking about sleeving it in garden hose inside the draw bar.
  9. trailer question. brake line down the inside of draw bar or p clip every 300mm. tha is in advance
  10. Mr Vapour


    I just brought a air feed blasting helmet. helmet, cartridge filter, breathing lines has cost me about $1900. the helmet was a large chunk about 1100 all up inc gst. so yeah not cheap, but the filter and.lines would be the same if feeding a painting hood.
  11. Mr Vapour


    you ca buy tear offs
  12. hello. not going. but if some one could grab a box of parts that Greg has for me and bring it back to Auckland it would be helpful.
  13. I did a little while back. He used a contractor to do the electrical work. @shizzl could you give me the number of the guy you used in auckland?
  14. Any one here know how to connect motorised gates. I installed gates here last year but get a bit lost trying to get the 3 different wiring diagrams to work to gather.
  15. so I could have 17x8 and 18x9 on the cert plate? that would open me up to a much bigger range of BMW factory wheels and tyre options long term