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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/440745280908378/?ref=facebook_story_share
  2. Mr Vapour


    Mnp oil or nmp oil. Me thinks There should be a few letters left in the DG.
  3. Another good one to watch. If you don't have a polygon gun you can brush the gel coat on.
  4. This is a good video for looking at what you are trying to make for the boat hull. The lip on the edge is what brick is talking about producing with the core flute. And yes he has 8 coats of wax. Glass factory I once worked in used 6 minimum. Will see if I vand find another to help with the building of the mold he has.
  5. Ohhh to be a fly on the wall of that conversarion Fuel : Hello. I'm looking for a side marker for my rx7. Seller : No sorry I don't have one Fuel: bugger. Seller: but u have a corvette going cheap. Fuel: hmmmm. Yes please. Nice car. Any pictures of dodge interior.
  6. What did you get for it. I have 2 to sell I the very near future.
  7. What's the price like. Steelcuts is like 40 per meter.
  8. I've been looking at this a bit recently. Lots of youtubing etc. It's a future dream. But I will look with eager eyes. Steelcuts.co.nz have chromoly thin wall tubing. Websites not working ATM. But might be worth a look.
  9. For light. My blaster has a window in the roof. It then has a led flood light on that. Fully lights my 900x900 cab no problem. But I don't have the dust issue.
  10. 1st thing I think of is comfort. Do you want to be leaning over looking down while blasting for an hour? 2nd thing would be moving things around to get the blast angle. Shallow cabinets would become annoying quickly with larger items.
  11. Also nozzle size is important to match to the cfm of your compressor The link below has a link to a pdf for this. https://sandblaster-parts.com/blogs/product-information/27731139-sandblasting-nozzle-cfm-chart-to-size-your-pressure-nozzle
  12. One thing to look at is the gun. They are normally junk. Have a look at BNP guns. Machinary house has a bnp copy. https://www.machineryhouse.co.nz/3SC0300 Original https://clemcoindustries.com/products/blast-cabinets/blast-cabinet-accessories/bnp-suction-blast-guns/
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