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  1. He goes through his whole set up. Good watch to get an idea of the processes. This is the recipe I'm going to use.
  2. I'm also looking at a alkaline rather than a acid based solution also.
  3. Hello gents. I'm currently setting up a small electro plating thing as well. There are many YT videos where they use either the caswell kit or vinegar home brew. So far I have got both zinc and nickle anodes off aliexpress and a small variable power supply. There are a couple of videos that i have been basing my brew from. There is a guy who rebuilds carbs. He talks about a recipie for a pasiviate in one video. Needs a couple of different acids. I think sulfuric for yellow and nitric for black/silver. I have found some of what I need at bunnings. The hydroch
  4. Give bare steel a call also. He primarily blasts cars and is an American car fan.
  5. Your an inspiration to all the gn owners on oldschool!
  6. Sorry my use of terms may have been off. Just passing on information I recently accuired I'm August I had several conversations with a repair certifier. He was very specific that all structural repairs need to be performed by a qualified welder and proof had to be provided of the qualifications and of them performing the work. A d he pretty much told me that most of my car was structural work. I asked if I could do it my self if I provided evedence of being a competant welder and was in no way possible. I questions if this was a recent thing as I thought that I was able to do it my
  7. Yeah what Chris said. Info numbers or tags just swap it prior to inspection
  8. That's part of the repair cert. All structural repairs must be performed by a ticketed welder. But yeah get it in, send it to compliance, get repair certifier, complete repair works. And then back to vtnz with repair paper work. Don't do any repair work other than mechanical , ie replacement of worn parts till repair cert processes has started. They want to co trol the processes from start to finish.
  9. Sweet. I have a Orion coal range that I want to derust. I can't be arsed blasting it. Was planning on using a lap top charger.
  10. Looking good. What power supply are you running on the bath?
  11. Hi man Did you find a blaster? Call Allan at baresteel blasting Tell him Brent from Auckland sent ya. He specialises is cars.
  12. What do you do with the Rams?
  13. Keen to know details on the e46 wheels. I'm hoping to be in the market for a e46 330 about Xmas time. Lots of different info out regarding wheel fitment. Good to get infor from some one that has Done it them selves. And no I don't want a convertible.
  14. A good reconditioner will be able to turn one down for you. Measure the valve and give STA a call. They have listings on all their valves by size. They may have something close. But talk to your machinest to see if they will do it as they may not want to. Once you find one that will give them the options for valves from segedins and let them go from there But it was not uncommon when I worked at STA to do valves by measurement for odd ball stuff.
  15. hi man give me a call. I have a blasting company and can help you out. my numbers 0226711855
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