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  1. nice work. Im thinking that your dad has done this before. how did you do the floor? HAve you got a bead roller?
  2. you are best to use donor plastic from the same item if you can. then you know the plastics will be compatible. so yeah the old fairing is your best option by far.
  3. Hello nice bike. i always wanted a rf900. Epoxy and glass will not work. it will fail in the end and crack. I worked in a fiberglass factory and used epoxy and glass on my repairs as it was all free. But it all cracked and split easily. Get them plastic welded in or use a soldering iron and strips of plastic from the broken fairing and plastic weld it your self. In the final repairs i also got some fine mesh, layed it in the back then heated it with the iron to impregnate the mesh in to the repair as a extra strength bonus.
  4. Very usefully tool this Chris did some os art
  5. So Chris R came over and we did some choppy choppy last weekend. I also worked out how to upload from the photobucket app. Pics for fred This was a massive help.
  6. This was my plan!!
  7. How about a link to the build in your first post? I'm now going to look at purchase.
  8. Not a problem. you know where to find me.
  9. pop over and bring your extra sets of plugs. We will give them a clean up in the blaster, get them super clean.
  10. Jag front end??
  11. Have you set tdc via other means i.e. cam lobes or straw/rod down the bore then checked the marks. Is it out when you do.this?
  12. Always enjoy updates on this. For general knowledge, how much is the cost of the plating.
  13. Picture free post at this point photos will be added soon. So things have been even slower than before. Getting the vapour shed up and running has taken up a lot of what little time I have had. I also had to sell my motor, gearboxes and LSD to fund the shed fitout. Not worries as who needs drive line when I still have rust to repair. But in car related news. So things came to a very dramatic stop. So the rust in the fire wall lead me to some fairly terminal findings. The reason the firewall had a new front corner had been welded on to the car. I pulled the guards off and discovered a weld line that was under bog. From the front right hand corner back to the Lh fire wall is off a different car. Hard to spot and obviously an old repair from when this was standard practice. But to repair the fire wall was going to be lots of work. Been doing a lot of thinking. So I had a car with some serious damage and moderate rust. and a car that was rusty. What to do I decided that I did not want to do large amounts of work on a car that I may need engineers repAir certs. Knowing the extent of the damage I will not to bodge it and have a car I really could not sell without complete disclosure. So I managed to steal some time and got in to the grey 323I with a wire brush and grinder. I found some very pleasing things. The areas that I had already found large amounts of bog in were not rusty as thought. There had been some poor braised lap patches in its past. These had then had large amounts of bog used to cover them up. The entire sill area was covered in bog with no major damage under. The rear panel had some accident damage but no rust in the arches and lower rear. the rear light panel is shot. Yes it's got some serious rust but it's also fixable and it's rusty in areas that the black one is not!!! So in a complete turn around the grey one is being kept and the black one fully stripped all common and needed panels cut out and the rest scrapped. Now I'm.clear as to what is needed to be done I'm.moving forward with a cutting disc and a grinder. Happy but sad as well. Lists have been written on bonnets and I'm making progress after almost a year of stagnation. Onwards and upwards come soon.
  14. Sweet. Yeah it's on the list of things needed Which one you looking at the blue one or the white one.
  15. Sell it to me cheap and I'll put your spare head on it.