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  1. I bought it as I wanted one of these 1970's 2-strokes for a while. It was owned locally and ridden to a few events and when I got it wasn't running the best. I still have a few minor things to sort but it runs sweet now. The 1st issues was it had way too much oil in it, drained and topped back up with 650mls instead of the near 1200mls. I put a new plug and then took the carb cover off and tuned it. I drained the tank and found it had a fair amount of grit in it and changed the fuel valve . I also noticed the chain was a bit tight so decided to adjust and found the back wheel was too tight so loosened it adjusted and tightened and the now the wheel spins easier. Test ride and pulls well and isn't smoking as bad as it was and about ok but I might adjust the oiler as a little extra is better than not enough. I found that it is very high geared and today I will tape my phone to it to see what gps speed I was doing, it felt like maybe 85-90km/h on a slight uphill but the speedo goes a bit weird and may need a new cable. I need to get the REGO adjusted to the correct model as someone has it down as a GT but both Chassis and motor say it's an A100, I believe this happens quite a bit in our system.
  2. $1900 with 11months WOF & Rego
  3. Goodbye little GN - I sold it tonight I sort of grew my bike collection by 3 in 3 days so the GN needed to go, I now have 2 more Mopeds and small capacity 70's motorcycle.
  4. Maybe it was turbo smoking as GN's cant really smoke a tire
  5. In the best Shultz voice... "I see Nothingg!" Big hp GN250.... LOL YEA NA.
  6. Thanks for that, I have only done probably 30kms on it so far but I am treating it a bit like my old Honda back in the 80's to try and loosen it a bit, probably take a few 1000ks tho. Maybe a few trips to Westport fishing will do it but that can wait until after winter. I am lucky as their is a room and bed to stay whenever I like. Question though, as I feel my carb isn't quite right yet, how long did you need the choke from cold, also when warm did yours run past the redline much in 4th?
  7. So I took it out for about an hour or so to try and loosen up the engine as it was struggling to pull past 100 and barely got to 105 last time where it also created a fuel/carb issue and I thought I was going to have to call out for help but after running it on choke for a couple of ks it came ok, guess it was a small blockage. This time I had no issues and gave it a few blasts down the highway and around town. I then brought it home and made a small modification then took it down the highway and it pulled nicely to just over 100km/h in 4th then 5th tapped out at 120km/h, it may have been a fluke but from what I can gather the norm seems about 110 but I doubt I will try again as I would feel like a mug getting a speeding ticket on a GN250 as most people wouldn't believe me anyway.
  8. All legal now so all I want now is for this damn rain to stop enough for some dry roads!
  9. Start with some basics, needle/seat ok? vacuum leak? check brake booster hose, timing, take air cleaner off try, any fuel leaks?
  10. Go to VINZ and they will check for about 150 or 160 from memory
  11. This is the model, possibly 1982 as the workshop manual was printed December 1981.
  12. I have wound myself back to when I was 15 years old when I bought a brand new 1974 A50 for my first vehicle. I decided as I have some spare time and like tinkering on bits, to buy a 2 stroke, I have been looking for a while for just an engine and this came up so decided to take a chance, It came in a couple a boxes and I have been putting it together to see if it all works before I decide to either restore or just leave the patina look. I sort of like the patina look but I also like the old restored to factory bikes. but I guess 1st thing first and get it running. Things I need are gear lever, headlight mount, either new ignition or a key cut if they do that these days but figured a couple of switches will do until then? I figure I will make a headlight mount and use the indicators i got when I picked up a couple of mopeds.
  13. Sweet thanks, that's what I thought at first but figured i am not great with this stuff and i was wanting it to be that easy
  14. It's an A50 about 1980, I bought a box of parts basically
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