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  1. I actually pulled it apart and checked it when i got the bike, i never turned it off and sat for 5 or 6 weeks. I have never had to turn off fuel before on my old bikes but then I was riding them all the time. It's a 2004 model first rego'd in 2005
  2. Had a near disaster as I am about to re rego it! I Booked a brake test for yesterday afternoon, went out and tried to start it, finally checked the fuel and empty. I put a few litres in it and thought, shitty carb must have leaked it out and I will need to fix that when I come back. It finally fired but was running a bit rough and not idling very well, I removed the carb checked it and seemed ok so blew it out with the air and put it back. I took it for a run and it wasn't happy at all and when I got back it was leaking oil around the area of the front sprocket. Took the cover off, c
  3. cheers, i see, I know not to mix them but never really gave it much thought about the angle of the dangle being a little different
  4. You can usually use the turn the and count method, the driveshaft will turn 4.1 or 4.7 turns for every single turn of you rear wheel. I have a couple in the shed so so went and had a look and both LSD 4.1=Blue 3.7=Orange could this be just the pinion tooth number as I assume like others they mix and match pinion with different crown wheels to achieve various ratios, I am sure someone will know more and help not just you but me as well.
  5. Ok so I have the Chinese copy but I guess they are the same internally but I have just bought 2 scooters that use the 4 speed auto c50 engine and 1 of them started binding in 2nd gear. I take off in 1st and fine, change in 2nd and it jumps and makes a clatter and slows, change into 3rd fine and 4th is fine as well. I downloaded a c70 workshop manual and will pull it apart and check clutch but I fell like it is the gearbox so could be a full pull down. Has anyone got any experience with this happening?
  6. Running pretty sweet now, got it over 75 but as the gearing is very tall I have ordered 2 lower front sprockets and between the choice of 2 rear and 3 front I am hopeful I can work out a bit more pickup and higher speed. From what I gather these came with up to a 125cc so the gearbox and speedo are made for that. The spare has a 14T and 36T and the main bike has a 14T and 40T so I have a 12T and a 13T on the way and I am thinking that I should be able to sort a decent geared bike
  7. It has gear lights so not too bad but yeah like you say, prob get used to it and it means you dont have to got down the gears to first as its just 1 click away. I put the jet from the 50cc carb and the spare bike and now it idles nice but is sluggish, might soak the carb overnight I have a hole in the jet now using a really thin needle, i will go and see if i can get thinnest wire file through it now and test it as it would be sweet to have 2 bikes working. I also tried to do a fastest run and might have got to 80km/h but it ran out of room LOL
  8. Surprise honey we are going to Molesworth for your honeymoon!!
  9. This was funny, I was like... WTF is with this gearbox not realising that if i go down from Neutral is 1st (Yep normal for most), but then I go up and it jumped a couple a gears. So after I worked it out ya just go Down -1 down-2 down-3 down-4 and if i go down again it jumps back to 1st (thank #%# I was only doing about 30km/h) and if i go up from 1st it jumps into 4th. So is this normal? It must be missing a stopper or something as I would imagine doing 100km/h in 4th then selecting 1st will be a disaster. The second bike is now running after a carb clean and blocked main, but I nee
  10. Bought a 49cc Moped and spare with big bore kit Couldn't resist as it is live rego and 17" wheels and runs a 4-speed step-thru. surprising has some grunt but I bet my Grabdaughter oops i meant granddaughter will want it as she prefers one of these than my R33 Skyline..... go figure. I might get to keep the skidder a bit longer. Oh and as I bought these off the importer it came with a few NOS parts so I can keep them running for a few more years or maybe make a Molesworth survival kit from them!
  11. Looks like a great time had, is this going to be an annual event? Kinda keen next time. Big ups to all the little wheeled bikes and stepthrus.
  12. Yea piece of piss for a decent Hiab or Palfinger with it's own flat deck. I am another that recommend Mackley Carriers.
  13. Did you get this sorted as my bro lives there and i could ask him if he could get it to his place for you?
  14. I had a car that had a paper cert done by a garage that is long gone, I rang Wellington and they advised it was not on record and that I send it to them so they can update their records. Is this still accepted these days or not as I thought at the time it could be made on any computer these days. BTW the cert was nothing more than a minor engine swap and was a bolt in swap however I changed it from carb to injection as the induction was not mentioned and the engine used came out with both.
  15. Re-ring only if required, I was a motorcycle courier in Sydney in the 80's (no restriction where I went), and my clutch wore out at 55,000kms on my Honda 250RS single so parked outside the bike wrecker one morning removed the complete engine and swapped for a low k one and it took me a week to get it revving past the redline in top like the old one, factory max speed was 146km/h but my max was 166km/h. Here i am radio on back, speaker and mic on handlebars, map book of sydney on tank and my locking paniers It has returned home
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