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  1. Thanks Truenotch, Harmonics can be very powerful alright but never though of it in the induction system. The Holden 6 doesn't like hanging around 6000rpm because of this reason and I either change just under or quickly go past it, the current engine I would estimate would rev similar to my old one at around 7500rpm but I pucker more as the revs climb and so far only revved to around 6600. The DCOEs will help more than the current 4-barrel.
  2. I reckon I could get all the bits needed apart from an ecu and it would include a wideband 02, TPS and Ignition system for around NZ$2700. The fuel system can be fairly simple, I have a couple pumps and 1 adjustable regulator so mainly hose and fittings. I decided to park this for now as I will get the new triple webers up and running first and I also need to build a new exhaust system
  3. holdenman

    FiTech EFI

    Thats pretty cool, I did read in the FiTech jabber which sort of contradicted itself somewhat, the Fuel commander reduces the need for a return fuel line and that it keeps the fuel cooler while mounted in the engine bay! My 3S-GE powered Starlet doesn't have a return line but my old LC (VK system) used a return line which brings in cooler fuel. The Problem I see though is running an inline 6 with the induction and exhaust on the same side one above the other must increase the chance of heat induction although I have always used heat deflection material like reflectors from industrial lights.
  4. holdenman

    FiTech EFI

    To be fair a CPU can get damn hot at times and I would imagine fuel boiling would happen before or about the same time as a CPU cooked itself and the CPU itself isn't actually doing much running EFI and Spark compared to say a laptop PC or even a phone. Vibration should not effect a solid state circuit. Just saying
  5. Thanks for the good stuff Roman, you have given me more to think about The old Jetronic injection on the black motors gave a squirt per revolution and used a crank pickup but then the std EFI manifold is too restricted to get maximum performance as the terrible casting caused restriction and was totally uneven. Falcon injectors used to be the go for them. I ran VK Injection on my LC and got about the maximum I could from that setup but then went to DCOEs and picked up another 60+HP and way more torque. Until I source everything I am going to run triple webers and maybe progress to EFI later which I may combine it with a turbo. I also need to do some other bits to the car like a LSD and better brakes before I take it to the track.
  6. I am trying to decide on the future induction of my 3.3 Holden engine that runs about 11.5:1 compression with big Ports, Valves and camshaft to match will willingly rev past 7000rpm I tried a 2-barrel then a 500cfm Edelbrock but felt it was a bit down on power so I threw on a 750cfm Holley and it showed huge power gains and that the engine needed more CFM This is where some of you are brilliant in helping the likes of me that only knows about 3.5PSI injection not 60PSI. I can get 45mm ITB's and using velocity stacks but if I understand correctly then I need a basic ECU to run partly off a balance tube, TPS and o2 sensor then a guru to tune it Spark can be run separately or integrated as I run HEI dizzy and Who what how are the questions
  7. holdenman

    FiTech EFI

    Yea good point and when it is to go on a non cross-flow 6 ... maybe the Webers just swung back into the lead
  8. holdenman

    FiTech EFI

    I am seriously thinking of trying one of the options but may need a milder camshaft ? Has anyone had experience with these?
  9. Looking forward to some great pics and videos and they are celebrating 50 years of OSCA I will be going to all 3 days http://www.canterburycarclub.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/2020-SKOPE-Saloon-Class-List.pdf http://www.canterburycarclub.co.nz/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Schedule-Skope-2020.pdf
  10. Send a straight pipe vertical, extend it about 3 metres above like a big rig and mabe throw 2-4 coby style rsonators LOL
  11. I don't agree entirely with this as a rule although unsure of the motor in question as many oldschool motors such the Holden sixes are a quiet engine unlike most multi-valve engines. I mention the Holden 6 as it was designed in the 50's, production began in the early 60's and unless it has been worked considerably it doesn't rev very high. Each resonator drops 4dB and more to the point softens the bang. Part No: EXHRESO-3-18 M&H resonator 3.0" x 18" fibreglassed packed exhaust silencer 4db lower spiral louvre core mild steel black finish 18" body , 23.5" total length 4" diamete
  12. Turbos seem to remove a lot of the harsh bark from the exhaust note but some engines make more noise than others. I think bigger N/A exhausts tend to be loud and echo without much exhaust note but glass packed resonators can help take 'bang' out but of course you need room for the 3" and the muffler/resonator so you may be limited for clearance as if you have 3" under the sill how low is the car going to be or do you scallop the sill? I really like the glass fibre noise limiters as you can have good unrestricted flow and they help make a nicer note with rumble.