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  1. I had to leave early and a few had turned up after I took these, at least the weather turned it on
  2. These are the ones I was looking at, a bit over $300 each with velocity stack but as I got the 45 DCOE's I will tune them in after the new stacks arrive probably after New Year, they fit my manifold so easy as.
  3. Anyone help with a 6 cylinder Commodore VK workshop manual as I am trying to sort out an electrical issue, I only have a 4 cylinder one which is close for most things except wiring. Either a photo or photocopy would be great, Thanks.
  4. Interesting, I thought this was the case by was told it was still a bit high and may have issues with NZ's shit unreliable fuel. But by dropping it to around 7.7:1 it would create some safety. Why the Starfire rods when the Black Motors already have them? I don't plan on running that much boost and will run stock pistons although I have some near new pistons in another engine that was given to me. The springs and lifters would be needed to match the cam specs anyway so that should be ok. That engine is a little way off yet and I need to sell of a bit of gear before that.
  5. LOL, I had thought of that but to me it defeats one of the things that makes webers so special, the noise that emanates via the 6 velocity stacks, it's enough to make grandmothers leap tall buildings in a single bound!
  6. To see the difference and get it ready for my other turbo engine, My current engine is a bit of a test mule that I have run various things on it. I have a couple more engines including a low compression black motor that I plan doing an old school turbo set up using a decompression plate and no ecu.
  7. This is the one I am thinking of trying as it meets future needs for when I turbo my engine. As for price and if it's worth it, hell yeah. My new triple 45 DCOE setup cost more than the Fitech but I do love the sound of them over my current 750 Holley. https://www.staparts.co.nz/View-A-Product/id/27921/Productid/Universal FiTech Go EFI 4 600hp power adder kit black finish
  8. Thanks Truenotch, Harmonics can be very powerful alright but never though of it in the induction system. The Holden 6 doesn't like hanging around 6000rpm because of this reason and I either change just under or quickly go past it, the current engine I would estimate would rev similar to my old one at around 7500rpm but I pucker more as the revs climb and so far only revved to around 6600. The DCOEs will help more than the current 4-barrel.
  9. I reckon I could get all the bits needed apart from an ecu and it would include a wideband 02, TPS and Ignition system for around NZ$2700. The fuel system can be fairly simple, I have a couple pumps and 1 adjustable regulator so mainly hose and fittings. I decided to park this for now as I will get the new triple webers up and running first and I also need to build a new exhaust system
  10. Thats pretty cool, I did read in the FiTech jabber which sort of contradicted itself somewhat, the Fuel commander reduces the need for a return fuel line and that it keeps the fuel cooler while mounted in the engine bay! My 3S-GE powered Starlet doesn't have a return line but my old LC (VK system) used a return line which brings in cooler fuel. The Problem I see though is running an inline 6 with the induction and exhaust on the same side one above the other must increase the chance of heat induction although I have always used heat deflection material like reflectors from industrial li
  11. To be fair a CPU can get damn hot at times and I would imagine fuel boiling would happen before or about the same time as a CPU cooked itself and the CPU itself isn't actually doing much running EFI and Spark compared to say a laptop PC or even a phone. Vibration should not effect a solid state circuit. Just saying
  12. Thanks for the good stuff Roman, you have given me more to think about The old Jetronic injection on the black motors gave a squirt per revolution and used a crank pickup but then the std EFI manifold is too restricted to get maximum performance as the terrible casting caused restriction and was totally uneven. Falcon injectors used to be the go for them. I ran VK Injection on my LC and got about the maximum I could from that setup but then went to DCOEs and picked up another 60+HP and way more torque. Until I source everything I am going to run triple webers and maybe progress
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