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  1. Car is looking amazing. Got any details on the brake upgrade? I've been looking for one that will still fit 13s. How much did it push your offset out?
  2. back in 2019 I managed to score an unmolested 28/32 DCD 23 for a 1500 Cortina. Put it on and it actually runs pretty well. Lacks power down low but otherwise seems decent and have been driving it semi often with this. also picked up a new daily been passing wofs with little to no work which im pretty happy about. been told the seatbelts are on the way out so im on a hunt for some. Has a nice crank bearing leak which is slowing rust protecting my engine bay which will need some attention soon. Otherwise I've committed slightly to a repower and have been collect
  3. Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked. Just had my starlet fail a WoF for the RCAs under the struts, which have been fitted for 5 or so years. They're Techno Toy Tuning. Anyone had any experience with this? Am I able to get something from a cert guy without paying mega bucks? I found this:Pdf I'm currently removing them to go for a recheck. Cheers
  4. Lifes been slow again. Got the starlet another clean sheet wof () Drove it on and off for about 10 months. Put a new sub in it. Had some bad luck on the motorway . Had to do some pickapart scrounges Got it sorted. water pump decided it was time to go as well, only 50000ks on it, went genuine this time. Coming up on 7 years with the old girl. KP needs a WoF, front wheel bearing and discs skimmed. So naturally I went and bought a weber 28/36 DCD for it instead . Jimmied up my own throttle cable bracket and repurposed the Aisan carb li
  5. Been taking it out for a few spins around Auckland Finally got around to installing the new fender mirrors and some much nicer tail lights i've had sitting around for ages. I only had one of the correct bases for the mirrors, so I went without. I may try and create a 3d model of the one i have and mirror when I get some time. I like these fenders a look more. Much cleaner! Scored myself a little workbench, perfect for the 3D printer. Got one of the new wheels on. not sure how i feel about them. Too much rubber for sure. thoughts?
  6. Water leaked fixed. Thermostat house wasn't sealing at all. Picked these bad boys up off TM. 13x5.5 Will polish them up and try them on when I get a chance.
  7. Scored these fender mirrors off trademe as I cracked one of the bases on my current ones, originally for a nissan, should look sweet. Straight off the bat, new engine. Dropped a 5K in (128k's). with the help of @chris rs engine crane. shot. Slight water leak around the water pump but other wise runs mint. List of things to do. Fix water leak Respray front bumper Drive it Fit fender mirrors Spray a box of spare interior bits with black vinyl and reinforce the centre pillar plastics (weak ass things) Make (attempt) some new door ca
  8. ran out of space/motivation/non woffable so I put the starlet in my parents garage where its quietly sat for the past 2 and a bit years waiting for some motivation. Which has finally returned. April2017 first things first,a wof, almost had a clean sheet (Dargaville seems a bit slacker than old Auckland) to say i was stoked would be an understatement. 1 big ticket item. front cross member rust. bye bye Cut up some box section and welded that in Shes now sitting pretty back in my garage with a fresh WOF.
  9. Mar2014 - Moved to Auckland from Hams. Progress slowed. Looking a bit out of place with all these Auckland soccer mums Low + Big Bump = No more mirror, flew off and smash on the front pillar. Picked up a new style from ebay. No good photos sadly. Put the Hotties back on as I was driving 50km daily for work, dropped the revs from 3700 to 3000 at 100km/h. I had a bunch of wheel bearing issues across 2014 and was getting a bit worried travelling 50km + a day with no backup car. picked up a carib for a daily
  10. Feb2014 Had a go at tinting the windows, pretty stoked with how it turned out, pretty dark Had these on for 3 years, failed a wof the other day for being too dark, so i ripped the front ones off, all good will need to re-tint with some 35% instead of 15%. Some random photos
  11. Had a friend helping with some maintenance. Picked these up sometime in 2012. Had grand plans for them. Originally 13x5 I had plans to widen to 13x7. Time and money ran short and I just wanted them on the car. Dec2013 They're originally from a 78 era KE35 Got them coated off white and wrapped with some 165/55/13
  12. Drove it soldily for a year. very little happening (like I have goals/student budget). Took some glam shots though.
  13. Did some totally uncharacteristic rust/bog repairs for a starlet. Jan2013 All around the boot seal/locing mechanism and some small spots on the fire wall. No proper after pictures sadly.
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