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  1. My rack has the exact same issue. I also narrowed it down to the bush. Have then proceeded to leave it for 5+ years. You've got me thinking now.
  2. @Dudley Would you have a part number or a picture of the clutch master cylinder? are they the same between the mk1 and mk2 hiace?
  3. I am on the hunt for parts diagrams if anyone knows of any or any spare parts if some are floating around. It shares a lot of parts with the Hilux of the same era.
  4. Bought something I probably didn't need It has had a ton of rust removed. Still has a bit left to go. I lack space for it so it's currently at the Olds. While I figure out a plan. Reg on hold. 12R and a 4 speed column shift. Eng cranks but It didn't have any spark leads so didn't get much further. the clutch master cylinder is poked. Brakes work. Pop top pops
  5. Hey. Yup I've still got it. Will see if I can locate it. It has a bit of a small hole but you could probably fibre glass behind it and tidy it up. Send me a pm and we can sort something out.
  6. Holy bog Batman . Bog so think it casts a shadow Looks like the rear fender had some bad luck at some point in its life and they decided to use all the bog. Appears to run all the way up the side. I'm not really in the mood to take it all back. Will try to get as little bog as possible back in there to get the shape and get some paint back on it. If anyone has some advice for me I'm all ears as I have nil panel experience. I have taken it a bit more back and slapped some rust kill on for peace of mind More bog https://imgur.com/a/0Kbzwr5 On a more positive note I scored an original radio piece. Relocated the radio and restored the dash to a more OG standard. Also dropped the fender off to @tortron to get the rust cut out. If all goes to plan will have a few fresh looking panels in a couple weeks. For the people who love some history. I still have the original service booklet. JC Anderson one lucky dude. Also missed the cars official 38th birthday. March 23rd. Still in the process of giving it a proper birthday. Car hasn't had a service since 88. I even still have the original 3K sitting in storage with a cracked head. If anyone is good with car colours. Could they help me out. The paint shop can't find a good match for my paint (which is the original colour as far as I know) Had some stuff mixed up a couple years ago and they seem to have used the trim code??? Official colour name is light charcoal and it is metallic. If someone could point me the right direction for my colour code I would be grateful. Toyota 140 seems to kinda make sense
  7. Removed the front left guard to have a look under there and get access to the rust on the firewall. Had very little rust in there which I was stoked about. Gave it a clean up and slapped on some stone chip Dropped a ton of parts of at my storage facility Picked up my spare diff head which is a 3.9, could have sworn I had a 4.3 but no. Still better than a 3.4. Also picked up some spare front struts so I can have a play with some homebrew coilovers. Grabbed my spare rear left door as well as mine doesn't have much life left in it, my spare is 99.9% rust free. Grabbed the Toyota centre caps and sorted out fitting those. The original red was looking sad so gave them a quick clean up. Before and after a quick polish. I wasn't happy with how secure they were from the front. Decided to insert them from the back . Now they can never be removed without first removing the wheel. Maximum secure. Think they suit the wheels and came out looking pretty good. Front guard rust After a quick hit with the sandblaster I can see the rust goes all the way through. I've thought about doing a cut and weld job but my skills in welding are probably lacking for a piece that's front and centre. For now I think I'll try and do a good job of cleaning it up and seal over it with some bog to smooth it out. further down the line I can either get a whole new guard or wait till Im a bit better with the welder. Who knows maybe the rust won't come back . Also picked up another goodie. Annoyingly the balance linkage on the 4age manifold doesn't work on the 5k manifold. Due for a wof so once it's all back together will have a 'todo' list I'm sure.
  8. Managed to get a wire wheel in there. doesn't look to bad. There is a lot of surface rust around the area. is there a rust killer that anyone recommends? Thinking ill be able to get a lot of it with a paint brush. What would be my best method to prevent issue in the future? Cavity wax? underseal? just a really good coat of paint? I'm also looking to underseal under the guard. What's the process for this? do I need to prime or anything or just strip it back and underseal? I was also gonna chuck some seam sealer down the joins as well. I think I got a bit lucky and there is pretty much only surface rust under the guard. any steps I should take to allow the water to drain better? Cheers
  9. Currently it feels a lot better than the standard. Quite zippy from a stand still. Will take it for a real drive tomorrow.
  10. Went with the stage 2 as stage 3 seemed a bit harsh for around town ande Henry agreed the stage 2 sounded like what I wanted. man editing this on a phone is bitch
  11. Really loving these new rims. Car is also about an inch closer to the ground. Got the car all back together the other night and did a run in. Struggled to get good smooth rpm. Searched and searched for a vaccum leak. Timed it more than once. Messed around with the carb. Then I pulled the plugs. Not sure a gap of 0 is recommended (should have checked before assembling ) 3/4 were too close, re gapped to 0.9mm and boom perfect idle again. Took it for a test drive and forgot to tighten the accelerator cable and it cable loose after the first rev up . Really happy with the cam so far. over easter period will head up to my storage facility (dad's shed) and pick up my 4.3 diff. Currently the car has a 3.4 which I put in when I was poor student trying to save on gas. I also have a set of OG Toyota centre caps in storage so will try and steal @jackeo21s idea and see if they fit.
  12. Shiny bits Made up a small filler piece for the dash. Will have a go at painting it black. Found my dashboard blank. So if anyone has the original radio plastic I would be keen. Help undo younger mes mistake of cutting up the dash cause I needed some doof doof.
  13. Does this change the approach? I don't think it's all the way through.
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