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  1. With the rear suspension done, and reinstalled the handbrake cable, i started to unpick the front end. I want to clean all the greasy dirt that is still caked on everything (and has actually done pretty well at preserving stuff) and then i can clean, paint, regrease and reassemble. Im very pleased to say, the rust is all on the 'outside' of the van in the panels, and not the chassis structure. Took all the brakelines off first, including the lines from the reservoirs (they are up behind the drivers seat) to make later, they all unscrewed easy. I didnt have the right spring compressor so just used the jack under the lower control arm but i think ill need one for putting it back together! Some before and afters Drivers side after dropping the wishbones out, and then after a scrape and waterblast Same area immediately after dropping the suspension and after a scrape and a waterblast. The light brown is a mix of oil, grease and road dust that is anything from 1mm to 20mm thick. Usually clean paint or metal under it, so could be worse! Only surface rust really is where the greasy smeg wasnt - a lot of cleany shiny metal where the paint came off with the waterblaster. This pic show where one of the main bolts comes thought, the inside of the rail is minty mint mint The two wishbone assemblies and the steering rack. ALL of the tie rod ends! One of the suspension assemblies, give a good idea of the crust on everything. Ive water blasted under the van about 10 times. After a clean, still has factory (?) shim count stamps . I got some new CRC degreaser for the parts washer, stuff is magic, seems to have a slight derusting action too. The gear change linkages came lovely, and have no discernable wear which is another sign of low milage Pretty sure these would have been factory fitted (CKD built by Torino Motors in Otahuhu), but cant believe how clean they came up! Pretty sure thats a manufacturing date stamp, which also makes me think this van is also a later (66 on) one. I re-found this service sticker that was in the cubby in the van that i thought id lost put somewhere for safekeeping . Along with the Kelso address painted on the Hubcaps, I reckon she is a Southland Van Place is still going Im going to get some paint made up soon (i have lost my paint swatch) so i can make a start respraying the shock mounts and engine bay etc before bolting everything back in. Still a lot of cleaning and stuff to do first. Head is off at the machine shop getting looked at, and i have the rims in the back of the daily to get the tyres stripped and then off to the sandblaster, so progress is continuing.
  2. Chucked the diff back in a while back, fresh black makes everything else look worse. Had a bit of a splurge on ebay, got a NOS Pirelli windscreen rubber, which means i can cut the old one off eventually a NOS Sipea ignition switch a replacement (not NOS but made in Italy) passenger side mirror some NOS tail lights lenses for the 125p ute Ignition switch came with a nice note Thanks Hans, Installed, so van finally has some keys Also got this parts catalogue, good for practicing the italian, french and german But full of great diagrams like this, which has already proved invaluable taking a few things apart, and putting them back together. Also broke my crawler with the diff so that got new base wood - used some random ply that would result in the least waste - tuned out fancy!
  3. 125s had the early twin cams (14xx cc and 1608cc) had thermostat in the head (cortina is the same part no) and a single exit housing and pretty standard hose routing, that 3 way thermostat is for the later twincams (124bc on, 131, 132, and ladas etc) that have a 'T' or two way housing and slightly strange hose routing as a result Either system works fine but you only need the one
  4. But seriously, some sort of expansion tool might be needed cause getting those fuckers in without an easy swing with a good hammer is a real trick - dont reckon opening the hole out is a good idea either, future you/owners will be cursing that plug that doesnt for ever.
  5. dont worry, wont be flat when you finished pushing it with abolt or making room for the back swing on the persuader Have you considered a crane? Jb weld? 10 propellors? 2ZZ? Newtech and newspaper? fresh underseal with dirt in it? lower it more? Turbo 6 falcon? Turbos with eagers? more jandal? Have we found an edge case scenario where the OS standard answers do not apply, thereby proving they are in fact fundamental laws of the universe by exception?
  6. heh, tell me about obscure nissan commercial radiators Also, this is my family crest (seriously)
  7. Chur, tis cool for sure but, thats the later '68 on model, 'twins' Type 238 (Fwd)/ Type 241 (Rwd) both with either a 1500 petrol, or 1900 diesel. Some drive line/brake parts cross over to my Type 217, which has helped. Im pretty sure that one is a 238.
  8. That tank looks fine to me, but im broken. Id just run it as is with a new inline filter or 2.
  9. You have the sickness. Nice Found Itin Another Territory
  10. All of those are good - plenty of interesting driving on the peninsular - out to Allans etc. Mrs was keen to take the Wagon up the Pig Root to the big opshop in Ranfurly one time in summer, but that may be a bit far for a convoy, it is a nice driveing road. Also agree we should assemble for a guard of dishonour/bring parts/snags for the shitbox rally
  11. @doullama, @ul9601 is right, you need special shouldered bolts for the Wards. Can measure mine if you want, but you may need to 'make' some from shouldered nuts, and high tensile bolts with the head cut off and a blob of weld or loctite to hold them together as they are very hard to find new (ebay?) let alone second hand. I also have plastic hub rings on mine too and that tidied up a lot of the 'wheel balance' shake i had before.
  12. Would add Euro-Italian Car Parts in Albany to your list - Gavin is a top bloke and sometimes puts lollies in the courier packet. Mal has sold Dino Enterprises, have not bought anything from the new guy yet, other than letting him know i had a new project (1100T) and if he had ANY bits that suited it at all, to let me know - he replied asking for a list of what i needed and i said, well at least one of everything, unfortunately no response Take my $$$$, gosh! - not gonna force the man to make a sale or take my money, but that right there is more $ than i care to add up that have gone to ebay and youshop instead of a local speciality business.
  13. None of the books are particularly useful with consumable part dimensions, but the notes on this page from the Catalogi di Parti Ricambio say 40mm?
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