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  1. this is OS M9 Looks choice, cool idea, conversion and nice save, surprised they are not more common TBH.
  2. Found these and thought of your beastie. Just needs more exo (no, no it doesn't)
  3. Love these, mate had a 2 door one in high school with blue interior and ive wanted one ever since. Looks awesome, but i think i can smell it from here. Whats living/dead under those seat covers? Cane toads all the way down?
  4. Its a Fiat one, they have such lush hand drawn illustrations. I only have the 'Specifications and Features' one for my 125 its about 120 pages, and doesn't go into much detail. i have a couple of 'Service Manuals' (2x 1500/1800/2300 ones S1 and S3, and a 124 Spider one) they are over 700 pages each and have ALL of the procedures including pics of the special tools. The trick is to remove the split-pin and unscrew the nut holding 8 to 13, and the pin holding 11 to 12 then the stick/changing mech can stay in the car, as the gearbox is disconnected from it
  5. Doesnt need much, so a clamp might be enough.
  6. re the guibo, i use a chain wrench to compress it a smidge so you can actually remove the bolts The only thing i remember about the 4 speed linkage is it was a pain to get out, but i think you only need to remove it at one or two more accessible points on the side maybe? and leave most of it attached to the tunnel
  7. RE engine and box out together. It can be done, but its tight. as you say a short engine bay, and the radiator/slam panel is a key part of the front end structure so no cutty cutty. The 4 speed/1608 combo is the easiest as the block is a wee bit smaller and shorter and on the 4 speed the end of the box is both smaller and the lever bits gets left attached to the tunnel. It needs to come out nearly vertically so need the car up high and a engine crane with a load adjuster thingee. I found it easier to take the engine out first, but put them back in together. need to remove the starter tho.... best way is all of the extensions and a couple of universal joints with tape around them to get those mummajumma starter bolts from the back of the gearbox. Also if you disconnect the propshaft and tilt the engine back there's a bit more room/visibility. I need to update my 125 thread too!
  8. Mjne had td27 engines but likley to be either Fuel or electrics Fuel: filter or leaks or water or bug? Try empty the water filter thing Leccy: i had some intemittent electrical issues on my e24s, these things reduced the return period. try swapping out the fuses, and check and clean the relays and connections including the big ones like fuel pump etc under the seat hatches where it gets pretty manky. I think the water trap or fuel filter is under there too Ecu is under the seats, and wire loom goes under the drivers floor mat. Ill give you $5 if there isnt spilt sticky coffee, some gib screws, a battery, a broken pen, rust, and vampire taps under the carpet and in the ECU hole
  9. yay, came for the ACVW problems, stayed for the ACWV problems.
  10. @nzstatoDo you have an engine crane? Could use my van to collect and store wherever. Keen to check out your setup. @DoBro Jesus whats old mate with the engine's timeframe? Going to invegiggle tomorrow so could do sunday or a weekday
  11. I can definitely transport and store it no worries but will need a hand to pick up from sellers and move into the shed at my end as i dont have an engine crane down here yet and diesel engines usually weigh more than the moon. I hope its for lada wag. Ps giz lada wag.
  12. If its birdnesting like that it could be tension on the roller too high as well. Its supposed to slip on the wire if you pinch it in your fingers as it pushes out the end. As the liner gets dirty from use it gets sticky so it might be cranked tight to push through, but on occasion of a new one need everthing readjusting again. More knobs to twiddle!
  13. yeah, and they get effectively larger as they wear as well. Gasless wire has that rough as coating on it (which when burns creates a gas shield) so can both wear liners quick and cover them in gack as well. This site (first one on my goog) has 4 diameters: