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  1. Chur Is that other Fiat project of mine giving you the shits yet
  2. So onto other stuff, Gearbox has been sitting in the corner since being removed It looked pretty suboptimal on initial glace After a waterblast looking better. Box is early 1100 style so pretty light and small. Similar design to my 2300 but that has a steel case and is i bit beefier all round. Linkage has been fuckled with and the top of the bell housing looks to be welded back on. Mounting face is flat and the holes line up, so im letting it be. Insides look ok, i guess? Turns out the output seal is the same as a lada/124/125/1100/1500/2
  3. Fingats crossed the van head (left) is better than the Car head (right Both have the same casting number with the van being an '8' the car head being the later one is a '14', chamber head is very slightly different as well Dang it, looks like i will need two new sets of valves and might even need to pay a guy to re grind the seats properly and other similar stuff. Bugger
  4. those castor rod nuts were tight as feck on all mine too The design of the valence means you cant get a rattle gun on there either. I think i used a nut splitter on at least one of mine in the end
  5. slow progress this week finally started painting the bathroom ceiling i rejibbed after replacing the old 3 in 1 fan a few months ago. Some more treasure from Italy showed up, its the missing sliding door handle. Popped that on and now the van (furgone) is pretty much complete now. Just doesnt go or stop... So shuffled the 'car' engine off the stand and under the bench and got the original one from the van ready, removed clutch and flywheel, and got it on the stand to start the tear down to see what we have to work with. Got a new parts washer - it
  6. Headlights These take a 7" H1 bulb headlight, which seems common enough, but the bulb housing has the mounting and adjustment built in and clip on to the bucket and are only available NOS, like these for only $500NZ + postage, and these aren't even RHD. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124135811511 So i bought the cheapest 7" headlights i could find with a peace symbol which tuned out are Lucas STYLE 700 lamps from here along with some other stuff: https://www.classiccaraccessories.co.nz/collections/lighting/products/classic-lucas-style-p700-headlamps?variant=29025370636376
  7. Had a combo of not raining and the Mrs in a mood to help, so got the van turned around. Not quite Austin powers 100 point turn style but nearly - i had a roller jack under the diff which made it a bit easier to pirouette. Jacked it right up, stuck the engine crane though the drivers door and after disconnecting everything (-1) eventually pooped this greasy lump out. Thats a single barrel Solex with about a 25mm venturi and the exhaust manifold is van specific to poke though the engine bay into the front wheel well. Smelly greasy hole Two cans of degreaser la
  8. Been poking away at things. Ol' mate runs a Tech room at the local high school, so i did a C+ effort on turning up some oak gear knobs one weekend The black one is the knob off the 2300 wagon, which would be close to if not the exact factory size on the van - ie pretty small, about 25 diameter x 40 long. I havnt been able to find these for sale anywhere, and they are an usuay (for a gear knob) thread The other ones might get used on some other cars. M8 x 1.25 threaded tap into a 7mm drilled hole, and some danish oil. Also tidied up the dizzy. One o
  9. @epoxy124 more 125 content please!
  10. Dang. Costs changes are related to variations tho? not just "yeah, nah, quote was for $ but lol, jokes heres the invoice for $$$"? Shame cause otherwise seems like it was going pretty good, nice tidy site, good progress, quality work, etc?
  11. Everyone needs a rusty column change van project! Top purchase - look forward to forward progress
  12. In my last order, a 4 euro part (hand washer squishy button) plus some finangling with tiny hoses under the dash got the window squirters going. A somewhat more expensive part also turned up, all the way from the motherland The original RHD black one on top and new LHD one mirrored below, I almost cried, becasue LHD ones dont exist, but turns out the mounting holes are the same, only the lenth of the sides are different so just needed a careful dremelling, as well as a rewire (9 wire instead of original 8 wire version) which was quite simple as the extra
  13. thats a funny way of saying 8.1%-9% better acceleration the 185/55 14s are uncommon, the 13s were common as muck, they may be 185s too, maybe? Front were Rear springs from (i think??) the FWD version, as in my mind the springs were very easy to pop out of their sockets from the wide selection at PAP. Still needed 2 coils dropped off. Rear springs on my sedan are reset 2 or 3 inches lower (? cant recall) and is pretty soft as a result, but has new Koni yellow up front (softest setting) and 2nd hand koni red in the rear (hardest setting) and it drives very well. Couple of 125 rac
  14. the tyres ive got are 195/60 13s, or 185/55 14s but ive never really drove it standard/ unlowered which is i think 165/80 13 or similar? All my rims are fairly weak offset too. unless you are track daying it i dont think it will really matter too much, the wider track from new rims will feel more planted and a bit more effort to turn at low speeds, and can feel tracky/tramlining if you dont get the alignment right. Your going to lower it too, right? Right?
  15. CD66 If you dont like them, ill take them to the dump for ya
  16. Disassembled the engine a bit more using the lights in a garage after work. Cam chain pretty loose. Is a FIAT stamped one so probably original. The chain stretches a bit over time but the main source of increased tolerance, is the gears themselves wear. The chain had been slapping the inside of the aluminium cover too, and has actually worn a hole in one spot. This will be the source of the metallic crud in the centrifugal filter (which is on the end of the crank nose) Took the head apart, Something ive not seen in any of the old Fiat engines ive dismantled befor
  17. Took a bit of a break from the engine to get the front hubs back together because I want to turn it around, so its easier to drop the engine and box out with the crane on the drivers side, and dragging the whole lot into the garage. Hubs looked ok, wheel bearings are Italian so probably original - races look ok too, but one has an issue from rusty water sitting, will be ok for getting it rolling anyway. Had to very carefully smash the hubs off the drums, they a very tight fit on the centre bore, no way the M6 bolt though 5mm of aluminium was going to press them off. They c
  18. crooked gate makes me itch given the workmanship elsewhere! Hope its just the camera angle. -_ (ps good work man, time to get some $ coming inwards!)
  19. I got a engine crane for my birthday, so i yoinked the spare engine from the boot out and ripped into it. Its a 115.000c engine which was probably from a Fiat 1500 sedan or Crusader based on a Solex carb it has. This would have been the factory engine in my 125P Ute and is also the 2300 engine less two cylinders, so shares a lot of parts and design It only had three spark plugs, no air filter and no oil cap, with grass seed and mouse nests everywhere, and appears to be seized. Perfect. Remaining park plugs out look not bad, not too bad at all, not bad. Hmmm.
  20. Made a bit of box into something else Its a bumper mount, the front bumper had been removed by a PO and one side was missing some bits. That means i could put the bumper on and finish routing the the wiring from the dash to the engine So i could put the dash back in, and ran a bit of juice though the circuits. IT LIVES! Indicators, dash lights, fan, and wipers all working. TStill some electrical work to do - on the engine side (after i drop it out) need a new column switch so the head
  21. Brake bits out of the vinegar bath after a few days and then a quick water blast. Magic! Before and after, everything just washes off like its dirt. Gotta catch the flash rust tho, i spray them with degreaser (alkaline) to neutralize the vinegar (acid) then wash them again, then a bit of rust converter or evaporust before paint.
  22. The agent works for the seller, not the buyer and thier goal, backed by % commission as an incentive, is to get the 'best' price - from the sellers perspective - ie the highest. But not withstanding that, i agree, when we were looking some of them came across as smug lying fucks so tended to work against us putting in our best offer, but with a long line of bigger suckers it seemed like pretty easy money to put up a sign, hold an open home and then sort the offers from highest to lowest.
  23. The process allows the provision of 'alternative documentation' beyond any primary documentation (like rego papers and wof sheets), allows them to consider repair receipts, insurance documents old stickers and period and current photos to support the statutory declaration. Its a pathway i would prefer to not abuse as its pretty nice that it exists. Oh, and here is me totally ripped on a sweet beach with a smoking hot babe who is totally also my girlfriend
  24. @yoeddynz no, its a lot bigger than that! Its based off the Fiat 1100 sedan, but was a contemporary to the 600 Multipla, so shares a few bits from the broader Fiat parts bin as well as having a similar design language i guess, putting aside the out-thereness of the multipla @dmulally cheers, lots of Sound deadening might help too. There is none apart from the engine cover. I want to get it back on the original plates and thats a bit more involved paperwork wise than rereg on new plates as i need to prove the plate and vehicle relationship.
  25. Bit more progress on this, Did some more panel beating of the front end, it had been chinned quite badly on the passenger side especially, and had a sharp bend just below the round bumper mount holes. Now its pretty even and roundedish, way better than before. Once the front bumper is on it will be hidden anyway. Again very finding very little rust holes, there is some, obviously, as well as surface rust, and there are a couple of tears as well, but its held up very well considering. Removed the handbrake mechanism so i could tidy up the handle, and the lower mechanism
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