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  1. I miss taking the escort to meets. Actually i just simply miss having escort on the road. But life and monies have dictated that priorities had to sit elsewhere for some time. We are still here. Lurking. One day soon after I'm done incubating our newest oldschooler then we can crack on to getting back out to stuff. We almost have Evan's car road ready too so at least ONE of us in the family will have an oldschool car on the road. Amusing that it will be the car of the one that cannot legally drive yet...
  2. that's brilliant! Will show to Duddley and tell him to get his weld on!
  3. random question i know. might not end up coming to anything but good to know just in case
  4. so yeah only just saw this. keen for next months one. and im sorry we attend so fucking many weddings Al!!! although to be fair we would've missed this one as it was my bday on the saturday and i wanted a damn good sleep-in on the sunday
  5. Yep Steve Po! Lived with us for many years back when I was at high school...still pops in to see us whenever he is up our way. Good bloke
  6. awwwwww keen - our old boarder is now the local postman out there!
  7. I already let him have the car outside of the previous agreement we had made. Tolerance level for financial strain only stretches so far.
  8. No new engines until after certain other expenses have been covered. Just sayin....
  9. could prob delete this thread now if you want KK
  10. They are going to stay with my bro till it's fixed. All sorted now - tow truck sorted and will be sent to the shazfather. THANK YOU FOR THE HELP!
  11. Right, so, my parents drove down to welly with their fairly newly acquired 2002 Peugeot 306. Whilst down there, the car suddenly started randomly dying. AA call-out man told them it was the battery, so on Saturday morn they replaced the battery and then jumped on their flight to Chch for the weekend. HOWEVER, Dad has just told me that upon trying to start the pug after installing the new battery, there was a bit of a 'bang' followed by smoke coming from the alternator. he suspects the internals have melted. SOOOOOOOOOOOO...by any chance does anyone have a source for an alternative peugeot alternator? Otherwise we will be needing help to tow it from my brothers place (just up the road from the beehive...probably out to Shaz's dads workshop - (bout to text her now.) If anyone can offer any help at all -- please contact my lil bro Matt on 021 844 520. THANKS!!!
  12. is that the time we have locked in there? was trying to think of easiest way to find everyone on the saturday and aiming for being there at midday might be it!
  13. but EWWWWWWWWWW lime deposits. Chewy bits in your coffee/horrible acidic coffee anyone?
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