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  1. Sorry we missed it. Long weekends at the moment for us mean taking the smallest one up to Whakatane to see his other grandparents. We are hopeful to have at least Evan's corolla finished and possibly the escort back on the road by next year too. Keen to get the oldest driving along to his first OS meet.
  2. I miss taking the escort to meets. Actually i just simply miss having escort on the road. But life and monies have dictated that priorities had to sit elsewhere for some time. We are still here. Lurking. One day soon after I'm done incubating our newest oldschooler then we can crack on to getting back out to stuff. We almost have Evan's car road ready too so at least ONE of us in the family will have an oldschool car on the road. Amusing that it will be the car of the one that cannot legally drive yet...
  3. that's brilliant! Will show to Duddley and tell him to get his weld on!
  4. Hey pples! I have a BIIIG favour to ask. Im a maid of honour for my best mates wedding on the 24th of jan 09 (thats this january coming!) and we have just had our organised cars pull the plug on us. We had a white impala and a black supercharged impala lined up but the owner of the supercharged one has now declared he wont do it for less than $600. THis is WAY above the budget limit that my mates have for this .... sooooooo we are looking for two more cars. absolutely has to be old school models-we are not turning up in any evos or holden ss's or any sh*t like that!!! prefer slightly bigger muscle car styles if possible but at the moment any suggestions are welcomed! Shaz and Tim (bride and groom) are doing this whole wedding on a very tight budget so can only offer the drivers approx $150 -$300...if the driver has to travel to palmy for it they are happy to pay and also chuck in a nights accomodation at a nice hotel (and a crate of something to drink courtesy of Tim hahaha). The money thing is negotiable but yeah it really does need to be someone who is willing to do it pretty cheap. As a bonus ..if any oldschoolers end up as drivers you get to laugh at me all dressed up. Now thats INCENTIVE if ever i heard it.......hahaha so anyway- any suggestions of cars would be greatly welcomed right now. Cheers guys!!!!!!!