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  1. I don’t think we have ever had more than 3 Hawke’s Bay people at a local meet before, seems like no one ever wants to exit their caves. /let’s do some stuff
  2. Oh what a day. Now I am back to looking like a 15 year old. Terry did you catch up with the old ford club Barrys?
  3. FOR SALE. 1972 Olds Vista Cruiser. A project but very cool 70's wagon . Glass all good. Runs/Drives ok . Nice interior, has all S/S trim,some new rubbers and other spares. No rego and flagged for rust. $15k OBO. Geoff 0274681933.
  4. Oh yeah I should get hold of me mate that’s building a twin spinner atm and see what parts he has/you can have a look at his shit if you want Terry.
  5. Been told this Vista Cruiser is for sale locally, will try and find out how much
  6. Oh yep yep only a couple of weeks away. Come check out some punishing Mustangs and Camaro as part of the 'Muscle Car Theme' Graham Berry & Dave Chung will be there too, former head dudes of Berry and Chung fame. Its an okish swap meet but a pretty good car show generally. But also, there is a beard comp! Thought a few jokers here might be keen @Big Value Buddy and @Sparkle and who ever else wants to have a go/come up and play. https://marinelandstreetrods.org.nz/
  7. Yeah shit yeah no problem. Flick me a pm or fax 0272 292 302
  8. We just went for the sunny Sunday, it was flamin’ awesome for browns and sausies on heat.
  9. Keen to roll down, trying to convince a mate to bring his Valiant south too. Will just be for the Sundeee tho. Weather going to be good Chris?
  10. Disco fred viewtopic.php?f=18&t=17206&st=0&sk=t&sd=a But here is my latest purchase. Its a 1951 Ford Victoria Coupe. Its a step up luxury wise from what we call a twin spinner. Has a 289 Windsor which is a nice little runner for it. Plans - pretty keen on a manual box with gear stick a meter high. Sack it, but I hear they suffer from bump steer cronic, so will see what happens. And get the lake pipes hooked up. So yeah, my new piece of Nostalgia, now I can dress up like elvis and be the King. Guess you either love this car or hate it, one of those shapes. Dont worry, I am not leaving Wagoneers Inc. W