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  1. Leebo3

    Napier Rotary-sitter 26JAN?

    Yeah shit yeah no problem. Flick me a pm or fax 0272 292 302
  2. We just went for the sunny Sunday, it was flamin’ awesome for browns and sausies on heat.
  3. Leebo3

    Russell builds a F50 (SOG)

    Looks Dangermouse.
  4. Leebo3

    MSRKK Swap Meet 2017 - Hawke's Bay

    This coming weekend. Over.
  5. Leebo3

    What ya'll doing this weekend?

    Keen to roll down, trying to convince a mate to bring his Valiant south too. Will just be for the Sundeee tho. Weather going to be good Chris?
  6. Leebo3

    Palmy Monthly Meet - Discussion

    Wok Thursday you speaketh of?
  7. Leebo3

    Hawkes Bay Holla

    Oh lol, I was more meaning a small local meet, see if any locals can come out of the woodwork. Guess I should have made that more clear ha/can still do something fo sho / Hawkes Boes aint too far away really, should get something up for that to get the ball rolling.
  8. Oh hi, so yeah, maybe one day in the semi near future we should have a casual HB meet somewhere sometime, holla out if you are local and what/when/where you are keen to do. How many locals do we have out there anywho? Cool one thanks
  9. Leebo3

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    Whenever really, I get there tomorrow and exit the following Wednesday. Over.
  10. Leebo3

    Christchurch meets Discussion Thread.

    Yep yep you should do something in the next week...
  11. Leebo3

    Bee Chop 2016

    We are foofing about Te Aroha and Paeroa today, mainly synopsisising second hand shops then will pop through the gorge to Waihi and get the party started. Wagon going mint except for the part of touching the ground all the time.
  12. Leebo3

    Bee Chop 2016

    We will be there with bells on. Its our honeymoon adventure roflols, we will spend another week up there after it all just wagoning round the penninsula. Jason the bogan, Heyhole and more will be in attendance also.
  13. Leebo3

    Diff rebuilding - LNI

    Yeah cos that lasted long...
  14. Leebo3

    Seedy Al's Brown Crown

    What about now?