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  1. 1x Man L shirt and 1x Sheila M Singlet Please Mr Bistro, Kindest Regards
  2. Looks Dangermouse.
  3. King Dick are you going? @Big Value Buddy Need to talk business m8.
  4. There is the leaky lounge up stairs at the 'ding a ling, again the indians would probably want the booze bought through them (most likely for legal reasons too?) unless we could wave some cash under their noses to 'hire' it for the night. Or Sparkles back yard.
  5. Yo Smellan I can sort them there stickers out. Leave it with Lee.
  6. The Adams Family will most likely be there.
  7. What about now?
  8. Good work smellan. Best of luck and kind wishes for tomorrow. Will you have time to put JZ back in before wangats?!
  9. Don't want to buy another transit by chance? There is a mint '77? here for sale, $9000. All original, still has V4 and is set up as a camper with pop top. Pretty cool van it is. Have a couple of pics of it.
  10. Almost 2 years to the day since an update which is not much of an update jeah. Had disc brakes put on the front a wee while ago, and had fixed that shit box ground smashing steering that eats tyres and is dumb. I flipped and swapped front spindles in it. But it makes the spindle below the rim which aint ideal. So will just leave it sittung like this in the shed for a year or two. And put some more paving stones in the boot to drop that some more. I purchased accuair air ride gear while in the states too, so might throw that at it one day. Kind Regards
  11. Good work young man, was your 4 link not to bad to do? Best of luck with the cert, still 3 weeks to be chop?
  12. Good work good work keep it up sunshine.
  13. Oh Hi, saw that Mk2 Wagon in Bay View, Napier today. Cool carry on.
  14. I like the cup holders.
  15. Yeah thats the plan spenno/hopefully it works out. Kinda the one thing that keeps me going, thought of something older and bigger and lower and uneconomicaller