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  1. Yeeeeeep we will be there for a bit of dude on dude action
  2. Bit sad having to say good bye to everyone after such a fun weekend. Shit it was good though. Prison tour was rad, and that Sunday arvo/evening was absolutely on point. Thanks for being so accepting with us having the kids there, they had a flippin ball. Guess they don’t have much of a chance of growing up having a quiet civilised life...
  3. Should be all g. Might have a word to the pub to see what they say about life. Anyone Ken on a field trip to Strokers Screen Printing HQ to see how the magic happens?
  4. Oh bless him. We were tossing off the idea of maybe pizza in town or hit the Bay View pub for burger and browns or dick on a stick at the Shitteau. Endless options really
  5. Is Sunday lunch/arvo sorted Niki or do we ask the people wok they want?
  6. Pope catholic?! But yep can do my bit. Probably owe you all a can of the finest for your effort too.
  7. Sorry been turbo slack lately, confirm me plus smell and stinks for prison life. Will pop pocket money through this evening yep yep. This is going to be a hooooot
  8. Smell said we should go to one of the gin distilleries round here. Pineapple lump flavoured gin yes.
  9. I don’t think we have ever had more than 3 Hawke’s Bay people at a local meet before, seems like no one ever wants to exit their caves. /let’s do some stuff
  10. Oh what a day. Now I am back to looking like a 15 year old. Terry did you catch up with the old ford club Barrys?
  11. Oh yeah I should get hold of me mate that’s building a twin spinner atm and see what parts he has/you can have a look at his shit if you want Terry.
  12. Oh yep yep only a couple of weeks away. Come check out some punishing Mustangs and Camaro as part of the 'Muscle Car Theme' Graham Berry & Dave Chung will be there too, former head dudes of Berry and Chung fame. Its an okish swap meet but a pretty good car show generally. But also, there is a beard comp! Thought a few jokers here might be keen @Big Value Buddy and @Sparkle and who ever else wants to have a go/come up and play. https://marinelandstreetrods.org.nz/
  13. Yeah shit yeah no problem. Flick me a pm or fax 0272 292 302
  14. We just went for the sunny Sunday, it was flamin’ awesome for browns and sausies on heat.