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  1. That man deserves a DB. How good was the McDougalls tent situation. So good.
  2. Top effort all. Bonza results all round. Bizzo might have to send the mystery liquor over to young Stinks, we spent 3 hours at BP in the ‘ding sorting out a weird fuel pump issue on his falcon. Now here’s a fun fact. Ben and I drove near enough to the same KM, I used 64 litres and he was 36L. That’s Napier to VHill then to Feilding. How good did these bad boys turn out!? My only other photo Kindest Regards
  3. Needs some aioli on the end.
  4. Found two wagoneer plaques lurking round, first in first serve. $60, must have a wagon.
  5. “You would rather be pissed off than pissed on” - Andrew Beaver circa 2017
  6. Gosh thanks for all the replies in regards to apparel you jokers. If you want to deposit into my account, digits are 12 3144 0164593 00 just pop ya user name as reference. Or wag nats ca$h is fine Yay for the wag nats.
  7. Rogee mate, take ya pic. Dark choc always goes down well with the laydees. And Rossco, I do like playing this game with you... I forgot to mention that our resident GC @Steelies is responsible for the door wag art on the hat.
  8. Trying to get some fresh talent along too
  9. Anyone keen on latest gen strokes hard merch? $25 each, If you nab one of these will come include wag nats stickers. Shirts are just black for now, or any dark colour that works with a white print. COOL THANKS BYE
  10. I don’t think we have ever had more than 3 Hawke’s Bay people at a local meet before, seems like no one ever wants to exit their caves. /let’s do some stuff
  11. Oh what a day. Now I am back to looking like a 15 year old. Terry did you catch up with the old ford club Barrys?
  12. FOR SALE. 1972 Olds Vista Cruiser. A project but very cool 70's wagon . Glass all good. Runs/Drives ok . Nice interior, has all S/S trim,some new rubbers and other spares. No rego and flagged for rust. $15k OBO. Geoff 0274681933.
  13. Oh yeah I should get hold of me mate that’s building a twin spinner atm and see what parts he has/you can have a look at his shit if you want Terry.
  14. Been told this Vista Cruiser is for sale locally, will try and find out how much