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  1. Must be time to remove that headlight for airflow.
  2. Yeah, wait and see I reckon. At present the 4 of us from Taranaki will still be going, it will just add ~2 hours each way of driving to get around the boundary. So much can change between now and then.
  3. I'm not sure how I made that go on the wrong side of the page
  4. Yeah, very worried that covid is gonna stuff this up. Fingers crossed!
  5. I saw you comment on the for sale ad. That was a good buy! cool little bike
  6. You could make it proportional to how far you have depressed the e-throttle. That way you can adjust the level of acceleration on the fly with your foot.
  7. Sorry guys, I really really really would love to attend but have got a very busy few summer months planned. I might just have to start building a bike for next year though!
  8. I saw the XT come up on trade me. It looked great! Not surprised at all that it sold for that much!
  9. Not sure that I'll be able to swing it but will have a good think about it. It looks like an amazing ride!
  10. +1 for Anaconda (previously econohonda) and CB650 parts. I over tightened the tapered pin on the rockers (from memory) and cracked the rocker housing. He had a new old stock one on my door step the next day.
  11. If they were connected in series and the sprayer was only on one battery then it will have been the voltage of just the 1 battery.
  12. I’m straightening my frame. Then need to tidy up the wiring and mount a rear guard and tail light. Not too much but I’m sure it will take me all the time
  13. This ride is starting to come up quick! Any last minute bike building going on?
  14. I hope you are going to do the Maungatapu leg as well
  15. Priorities have changed and I haven't done any actual work on this car in about 5 years. I'm pretty gutted to be giving up, but its time to move on and focus on the sentimental value in my Austin 7. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/ford/listing/3252597986?bof=98DljKIj
  16. The other option I guess would be to put the offset in the horizontal pieces at the crown.
  17. Those voltages are quite pleasing. Have you got a link to the Ali voltage monitor? I've been having some low charging issues with my Mustang as well. At the moment its only really an issue if I'm idling with the lights on.
  18. I just found one sitting nicely in the crank of a spare engine I had. This engine never had a flywheel on it when I got it, so I assumed the key would be long gone. Rather be lucky than good aye.
  19. I had standard road tires on the RGV150 the first year I went, and it was absolutely fine.
  20. I'm supposed to be selling mine. This isn't helping
  21. I still call dibs on that when you are done procrastinating with it
  22. I built a table for working on the GT. Its so good, I don't know why I've never done it before. I've been re-wiring it to suit some new LED lights, and an electronic ignition set up from a later model TF125. Last time I went to ride it, it was running like an absolute dog, and I was pretty certain I hadn't lined up the stator on its proper marks. Turns out this was the issue... That may hamper my efforts to have it running again until I can buy parts. But at least I can press on with the re-wire.
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