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  1. Yes. Only negative is that my knee regularly finds the pointy bit on the end of the cord guide.
  2. $30 is still less than the cost of the massage I’ll be booking for the 14th
  3. Registering a tentative solid "Fuck yeah". I loaded my new bike up onto the work table last night to start into the prep. I am fizzing to get it running.
  4. I kept my pleasure at that news under wraps from my wife
  5. Yeah its got to be designed to be fit for purpose. I would like to think the drive shaft manufacturer would know all about it and ask you what kind of speeds you are expecting and what kind of diff ratio / wheel size etc, and design the shaft to suit. i.e If you are going to be doing 200km/h with 13" wheels and short diff gears, then that shaft is going to be singing, and likely need to be a bigger diameter.
  6. We have a one piece in our race car and it is fine. That's 640hp and a live axle rear, so its turning fairly quick and moving through a range of angles.
  7. Oooh I remember the coffee. And the guitar... Swoon
  8. Sheeeeiit thats a lot of car on a single axle trailer!
  9. This one does... If you're picking up what I'm putting down
  10. Just to update the thread as well. I managed to beg borrow and steal enough parts to get it back together again for the next race day after the big crash. Its got an RS125 style tail on it now, because that's what I could steal from dads shelf. I actually think I like it better. The new clip-ons are on a slightly different angle to the Honda ones, so have to re-learn the muscle memories, which is mildly annoying. I need to find some time to paint the new tail and get some new stickers made for it.
  11. The Crank case compression change is something I didn’t think of. I never got this running with as much stoke as I would have liked. I filled the port with Knead-it. It seemed to work haha. In hind sight, I think I would try the new port timing with the reed port open too if I was doing it again.
  12. Ha! Richard Smith at Meta on Connett road then. He will have some ideas.
  13. If you did want to talk to a truck person, some names I would suggest: Dave Plum is a heavy vehicle certifier, and he will talk your ear off if you can get hold of him. Phil @ Waimea Engineering does lots of heavy vehicle fab stuff. Either of those guys would have some ideas of practical ideas for how to modify the chassis.
  14. I'll register interest in day tripping the Saturday.
  15. I had the old fashioned speed wrench, but I bloody left it on the ground and drove away after our last camping trip didn't I
  16. How will it know that you are down-shifting? Like will you set it up to only blip if you clutch in while also braking?
  17. FYI. Part d is a ball-ache if you get a flat battery. My wife's toyota got a flat battery in the drive way, boxing in all the other vehicles. Me: "No worries, I'll just push it out of the way cos we are in a hurry to go out in the Jeep" Toyota: "No you fucking won't"
  18. It lives! There were challenges. I hadn't bent a ring, it was the carbon deposits in the ring grooves that were making the rings tight. That meant the new rings were also tight, so I ordered a whole new piston... Which arrived and was for a different model of TS100... In the end I bent one of the old rings in half and used it as a scraper to clean out the ring grooves. Also on the east cape ride, the muffler fell off at one stage, it had chewed itself to bits to where the spring was loose. So i've fixed that up now. I took it for a ride to town today. Fuck its awful. I need to sort out the petrol tank mounts as all the rubber has worn out and the vibration and noise is horrific. How I've done two east cape rides on this bike, I have no idea. I'll get it to be fun again soon with a bit more tinkering.
  19. I just wrap the red negative in black insulation tape
  20. I like your gratuitous use of red wires. I would 100% be hooking something up to that backwards down the line when I'd forgotten what I'd done and everything was covered in dirt.
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