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  1. Already planning next years bike... If anyone is able to help out here Don't tell my wife!
  2. I would think that for a single spanny to work it would be a matter of getting the length right so that the pulse is sent from one cylinder and received by the next. Fuck knows how that would work in reality, the pulse would have to have a half length return time I guess otherwise the pulses might cancel each other out.
  3. sequential shifting boat skids sounds pretty rad
  4. Superturbo doesn't sound like something built for following the rules...
  5. And today I rode it to work and nothing fell off! ”yes my shitty bike will survive 3 days gravel abuse” - tick. so much luxury now with mirrors and a speedo! oh, bucket Barry also took all the slop out of the throttle cable, much nicer
  6. I went to fit the kick start from one of my spare TF motors and discovered it’s a split the cases job. Crash starting hasn’t got that annoying yet so my motivation to do that is very low. Taking it off the trailer the other night and Lottie’s saying “Daddy’s motorbike, daddy’s big girl motorbike!” ... I also replaced the gear lever, which destroyed itself getting tight enough to not slip... so I drilled it out and nut and bolted it.
  7. So it turns out that an RGV150 speedo and speedo drive is 2 washers and a corn kernel tin away from fitting a GT50. No salt for this 2stroker.
  8. I saw the video pop up on facebook a couple of weeks ago. My uncontained excitement drew a "whats going on?" from the wife on the other side of the room
  9. I was just looking at the exact same ones. I'm gonna have a scroll through that sellers luggage boxes too for extra luxury on the GT50100 EDIT: I mean the Markku Aliexpress items
  10. @johnnyfive was it you that has the little fuel can that bolted to the side of your bike? Where did you get that from? EDIT: I can only find them on wish
  11. What an eye opener... you're not an old barry at all
  12. What is the height (z-axis?) limit?
  13. We use it to scan corrosion on pipes/vessels so we can do fitness for service assessments. Spent a few minutes just now to clean up some of the background noise and assemble the fairing and frame scans.
  14. Pretty rough scan but I think I got what I need
  15. Its higher tensile material. Nominally 350MPa yield strength as opposed to 250MPa. To form it over the mandrel you need to be able to "yield" it, so the higher tensile would need more force to bend to yield. @Not-a-number will you be heating it to form?
  16. I guess its a good thing if you are able to form it
  17. what thickness is the chassis that you have to form over it?
  18. When it comes to motorbike tires and hair cuts you should always have business in the front and party in the back.
  19. In the first couple of races in that video my bike was running a bit shit. It had 3 different issues going on, the ali-express air filter was choking up the carb, the carb to head manifold hose clamp had stripped out and was leaking air, and the fuel tank vent was crimped over... I sorted all those out and threw the air filter in the bin, and the bike was 100% more rideable. I could carry a higher gear in all the tight turns which meant I could brake later and harder. I had a great afternoon.
  20. I'm terrible at taking photos of the fun I'm having with this bike. But I finally remembered to turn my gopro on, so have had my first ever go at editing a video. The quality came out a bit shit. I suspect I need to buy the full version of the software I used. @MopedNZ is about to get some messages asking for tips
  21. Oh foaming! The mongatapu was always on my to do list living in Nelson. Doing it on my GT/TS sounds much more fun than my mountain bike haha
  22. I was expecting to spend a few hours separating the engine and gearbox to free up the frozen clutch. I had about 15 minutes spare last night so went to get started on undoing the bellhousing bolts, then discovered a little cover over the clutch. So I whipped the cover off and found you can get at the clutch bolts there, so I loosened them all off a turn, pressed the clutch pedal a few times, tightened them back up, stuck it in gear, pushed the clutch and viola: clutch is fixed. I also pulled the lid on the gearbox, just to satisfy my curiosity as it completely blows my mind that 4 forward and 1 reverse gears can fit in such a tiny case. It all looks very clean inside. I forgot to take any photos (as I only had the afor mentioned 15 minutes), so here is a picture of the outside of my tiny gearbox and engine. The lever on the right is the whole clutch pedal assembly, the hole in the top is for lubricating the thrust bearing I think.