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  1. Finished off the rest of the electrics and fired it right up. Did a spanner check and tightened up all the remaining lose bolts. Finally finished!
  2. Been working on this, the swing arm and battery box are now in iso primer but all good that can stay like that till lock down ends Did the final timing tune with the points, replaced all the screws which were all rounded from years adjustment and tidied it up in there. Fitted the new chrome cover too, so bling! Next job is the starter solenoid, continuing the theme of most things being fkd on this bike the solenoid was no different. Took the solenoid apart and cleaned it all inside with contact cleaner and vola works perfect. Everything that has push button electronics is working as it should. Only speedo sensor for the motogadget to go.
  3. Slowly making progress with the battery box. Tricky to make everything fit. Got some Alloy sheet metal and bent it into shape. Made some little brackets for a strap which hold the battery down.
  4. Abarth

    Dio ZX AF35

    That means the rollers aren’t heavy enough to squeeze the belt high enough on the pulley at high rpm to get it into a high gear. You can draw a line with a marker on the face of the pulley to see how high the belt is going at max speed. As the belt lifts the marker pen is rubbed off. When I tuned mine I had a dyno chart of the powerband which showed power vs RPMs. So I fitted an rpm gauge (like the cheapest digital one off Trademe) to work out the ideal RPMs at top speed. Those cheap rpm digital displays are good for setting idle RPM too.
  5. Abarth

    Dio ZX AF35

    If it’s staying 50cc I’d go with 5 - 4.5g rollers. This will keep the rpm’s up while it goes up hills and it’ll still do 70kph on the flat. To test it out you can add only three 9g rollers evenly spread which would have similar total weight as running 5g rollers. 9x3 = 27g vs 5x6 = 30g.
  6. Abarth

    Dio ZX AF35

    Sweet man, I’ll have a look and if I find the parts I’ll PM you.
  7. Abarth

    Dio ZX AF35

    Nice project man! I’m 99% sure I have a Koso Variator, 5 gram rollers, Koso clutch, Koso clutch bell housing, Koso clutch centre spring. ill have a look on Sunday to check for sure as they’ve been sitting under my house since uni days and I’m now never going to use them. let me know if your keen?
  8. Ok so it was the swing arm that was bent. Got a second hand one and banged it in for a test fit, sat perfect! Stripped off all the old paint and surface rust then brushed on some rust converter to kill all the rust in the corners. Here is as it sits now. Next is stripping again back to bare metal and hit it with the etch prime then in the 2k black. Easy.
  9. Can you check the head gasket sides are right with the end tabs sticking out between the head and block?
  10. Even when bolting the bottom of the shock to the swing arm the mount is slightly offset.
  11. If I use a piece of string and straight line it from the engine cog to the rear sprocket it’s off. Got a new swing arm on the way so I’ll fit that and see how it looks. If it’s all good I’ll strip the paint off it and hit it with the left over black 2k I painted the rest of the frame in.
  12. Ok so had an issue where the rear wheel always sat to the left when bolted up. Thought this was due to a inner wheel collar not being present. Found one and popped that in but still sitting to the left. Good thing is that I can test the wheel on my other Honda. Did that and it sits bang in the middle so it’s not a lacing rim offset issue. I then placed the wheel in its most straightest position I could measuring off the top shock mounts each end of the tyre Seems like it’s the swing arm itself that’s a bit Swiss cheesed, 95% sure it’s not the frame as it’s inside the swing arm that’s sitting funny. Got a new swing arm on order as I cbf’d pulling the swing arm out of my other one. This Honda has been a basket case hahaha! Fitted the Cafe honda’s rear wheel to check if it sat centre. Fits perfectly in the middle, hella flush on the guards.
  13. Cheers. Bumper Replacements in Onehunga for the Chrome. Final bill was $250 but the condition was pretty bad. Acme Plating also in Onehunga did the bright zinc plate.
  14. Send some bits away to get chromed and bright zinc plated. Fresh chrome looks amazing, points cover and the suspension fork bolts are now perfect. Wasn’t cheap but those parts aren’t available new anymore. To be fair they were pitted badly and most of the time was probably spent tidying up the parts before chroming. The bright zinc was super cheap to get plated, like $20. However no prep is done. If I’d known I’d have polished out the pitting marks more but for 20 bucks it look a million times better than it did.
  15. Stuck the other badge on with 3m double sided tape. Found a spare points contact set in a box full of my others Hondas spare parts. Fitted those up all nice. Only battery box to go now, picked up some reasonably thick alloy sheet which I’ll rivet onto the original cut down battery box.