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  1. Got stuck into the brake situation this weekend. The front brakes have always been a bit scary, being single piston and not even really fully pressing on the surface of the brake pad. Whipped them off to trial fit some Brembos. Got two sets, Peugeot 406 ones and @zep Alfa 166 ones we snagged from pick a part a couple of weeks ago. 406 ones are slightly smaller but are still 4 pots and were the original preference. However on fitting them they are too much of a close fit to work with an adaptor. The Alfa ones however sat perfect with enough room for the adaptor plate to manage any offset issues. Factory Strada disc is 242mm and there is 25mm extra pad space to fill so 242mm + 25mm +25mm = 292mm. So upgrading to 305mm Fiat Turbo Coupe discs seem like the perfect fit. Next I’ll get the discs and start work on a wooden adaptor plate to see how it’ll all come together.
  2. Cheers guys, the seat is a basic Momo Start seat. I’ll go buy some plates to mount it.
  3. Fitted a bucket seat to the Punto but the replacement rails don’t have the attachment for the seat belt clasp. Do guys just mount them to the trans tunnel with those FIA plates and attach the OG seat belt clasp to that?
  4. I’m about do the same with the Strada’s exhaust. Been looking at Vibrant mufflers. They do resonators and mufflers, all the ones I was looking at appear to be straight through. Speed science sell them. A lot of youtube reviews rate them and seem to have a good rep.
  5. To get the rear shocks shortened and a Bilstein insert added was $500 a side. I’ll report back with a quote for the fronts
  6. Cheers man. Autolign on the north shore did the rear Bilsteins using the factory housings. I’ll give Iain a call tomorrow about the coil overs
  7. Hey, Whipped the old Koni’s out of the Strada and am swapping them for some standard shocks. Wanting to used the old front shock bodies to have coil overs made. Bilstein inserts, shortened, adjustable top hats etc. Any recommendations in Auckland?
  8. Hey man, nice Colt. Check the progression holes on your Weber’s as mine has that similar stutter when starting off. Apparently it’s caused by a lack of fuel as the throttle butterfly hasn’t moved past the progression hole.
  9. What’s the roller weights? Is that the belt catching on the starter motor cog?
  10. Cheers, Yeah it’s got a magic eye tube in that little top left window. Plugged it in and got it running but I don’t think the tube lights up properly as it didn’t change when tuning the frequency.
  11. I was looking for a box to fit my nixie clock in as leaving the circuitry bare was a bit dangerous. So I found a box. Plan is to fit it in where the radio frequency tuner was behind the glass. Then add a blue tooth amp board with modern speakers.
  12. Ah man I knew I should have stashed a diff in my luggage on the way home from London. How does it go with the LSD?
  13. Hey Did you order the LSD diff locally or get it sent from the UK? I’ve got a Punto GT with similar traction issues and am keen to get both wheels turning.
  14. Old discussion thread appears to have vanished. Aiming to get her ready for Mad Mikes summer bash in December, realistically it could all be good to go next week but want to do the front shocks next and convert them to shortened Bilsteins. Currently Koni adjustable sup front which are good but they are standard length and bottom out fairly easy.
  15. Pics, Also tried some new rims out on the Punto, I liked the style but 17s looked a bit big.
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