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  1. Even when bolting the bottom of the shock to the swing arm the mount is slightly offset.
  2. If I use a piece of string and straight line it from the engine cog to the rear sprocket it’s off. Got a new swing arm on the way so I’ll fit that and see how it looks. If it’s all good I’ll strip the paint off it and hit it with the left over black 2k I painted the rest of the frame in.
  3. Ok so had an issue where the rear wheel always sat to the left when bolted up. Thought this was due to a inner wheel collar not being present. Found one and popped that in but still sitting to the left. Good thing is that I can test the wheel on my other Honda. Did that and it sits bang in the middle so it’s not a lacing rim offset issue. I then placed the wheel in its most straightest position I could measuring off the top shock mounts each end of the tyre Seems like it’s the swing arm itself that’s a bit Swiss cheesed, 95% sure it’s not the frame as it’s inside the swing arm that’s sitting funny. Got a new swing arm on order as I cbf’d pulling the swing arm out of my other one. This Honda has been a basket case hahaha! Fitted the Cafe honda’s rear wheel to check if it sat centre. Fits perfectly in the middle, hella flush on the guards.
  4. Cheers. Bumper Replacements in Onehunga for the Chrome. Final bill was $250 but the condition was pretty bad. Acme Plating also in Onehunga did the bright zinc plate.
  5. Send some bits away to get chromed and bright zinc plated. Fresh chrome looks amazing, points cover and the suspension fork bolts are now perfect. Wasn’t cheap but those parts aren’t available new anymore. To be fair they were pitted badly and most of the time was probably spent tidying up the parts before chroming. The bright zinc was super cheap to get plated, like $20. However no prep is done. If I’d known I’d have polished out the pitting marks more but for 20 bucks it look a million times better than it did.
  6. Stuck the other badge on with 3m double sided tape. Found a spare points contact set in a box full of my others Hondas spare parts. Fitted those up all nice. Only battery box to go now, picked up some reasonably thick alloy sheet which I’ll rivet onto the original cut down battery box.
  7. Took all the bits off that need chroming or bright zinc, wasn’t going to go this hard out with the bike but with everything else looking mint these bits stand out hard. Can anyone recommend a good electro player in Auckland? Ran the battery down while setting up the electrics, chucked it back on charge and now it’s fkd, probably should invest in a lithium battery charger haha. Damit.
  8. One step forward five back. The starter motor was spinning up but not engaging the crank. Popped the alternator cover off to have a look what’s going on. Chain and cog mech looks all good so it’s the roller mechanism behind the alternator rotor. Dang. Luckily the Honda engineers have a rotor pulling tool called the rear axel. The rear wheel had to come off anyways so no drama there. Jammed the bolt in and kept turning till it cracked the tapper and off it came. Now two of the three rollers popped out and the other one was stuck. Bingo! After a bit of CRC and a tap with the hammer it came flying out wit the spring following it.
  9. Pretty much all the AliExpress stuff is in that thread. Only thing that’s missing are the gear linkages but they are fairly generic. All the other stuff was brought from 4into1, David Silver Spares, Joker Machine and Cognito Moto in the states. The headlight on it’s a 7 inch, that was just off Trademe came from Ozzy.
  10. This is it with its park lights on in full sun. And the other is with the brake on.
  11. Yeah it’s good in the daylight, I wanted to see what the motogadget looked like in the sun and it was mint too. I’ll get a pic and post it tomorrow in the sun. Had it running again after all the wiring was done. Sounds ok currently, definitely want to pack out the muffler with more baffle to get the deeper tone. Also need to sort out this headlight bracket, it’s too big for the bike so I’m after a shorter one to pull the headlight back into the frame more. And lower the front a bit.
  12. Same, hopefully the WoF guy is kind on the day. It already has a VIN plate so it doesn’t need to go through full compliance testing. They are intensely bright but yeah slightly nervous about it. In good news I picked up a 3 pin flasher relay on the way home from work and it works perfect. Stoked! Note: Rear wheel is crooked, haven’t put it together properly yet
  13. Been working on the wiring. Everything is working as it should except the indicator unit. Hondas actually use a 3 pin relay and I’m trying to use a 2 pin one, no idea why a 2 pin wouldn’t work but I’ll pick a 3 pin up to try tonight. Those AliExpress handle bar buttons are legit, really nice buttons with a mix of momentary and latch style buttons. The motogadget mini sensor still needs to be wired in but the display lit up all nice. Hooked up the starter motor solenoid which spun up when I hit the starter motor but didn’t crank the motor over. Need to check the engagement rollers on the crank as I suspect they aren’t there. Getting close now!!
  14. Originally was going to do twin supertraps each side but having them hugging the frame at the angle I wanted just wasn’t working for the chain side. So scratched that idea and went 2 into 1. Used 38mm mild steel donuts and U bends to shape the exhaust. Mig welded it all together, gave them a couple coats of header paint then wrapped them in titanium header wrap.
  15. Long time and well over due for an update! Got stuck in to figuring this exhaust system out, one which won’t foul rearsets and kick starts. Came up with the solution to wrap the headers under the frame then back out by the lower swing arm. Did some other electrical stuff too, but here’s the pics of its current guise.