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  1. Thanks man, just hit buy now.
  2. What am I looking for with a auto darkening helmet? I was doing a bit of welding on the weekend and came away with scratchy feeling eyes. My current helmet is a entry level one, even though I jammed a new battery before I started I don’t think it’s as good as it should be, also it looks like it has grinder swarf melted into the lens so I’m 100% sure that isn’t helping. In the market for a new one, recommendations? My eyeballs thank you in advance
  3. Abarth


    Yeah it’s expensive right, I was just going to use the aerosol version which is still like $99 bucks. Looks like only Repco supply that version.
  4. Abarth


    Sweet as, I’ll spray the wheel arches in two weeks time and report back.
  5. Abarth


    Went with Raptor branded bed liner from Repco, only sprayed the primer so far but seems all good.
  6. Abarth


    What’s good for painting the underside of wheel arches? I’m doing some panel work so I’ve stripped it right back to bare steel under there. Is it just Primer, paint and use some generic underbody paint, a few I’ve seen are rubberised or bitumen based?
  7. While the rust fixing was going on I decided to get rid of this exhaust my 20 year old self made many years ago. To be fair it wasn’t bad, 2.5 mild steel, however the rear muffler sounded terrible. Got some Vibrant mufflers from Speedscience and some stainless steel and started planning out the new 3 inch system. Looks good! Bit of work to do to finish but happy to get it started. Had my chief helper too
  8. Where were we, oh yeah rust, ok then…. The Strada has always had this one bit of rust up the the top left rear wheel well. I’d been meaning to get to it for years so today was that day. Whats happened is Fiat spot welded in a panel to reinforce the strut tower how’ve over time the sealant has failed letting moisture in and those inner panels aren’t painted or anything, just bare steel so it rusts that gets worst and worst from the inside out. Ordered a spot weld drill bit which didn’t turn up so I sent it with a regular 10mm drill bit. Got it out reasonably easy.
  9. Keen to hear the improvement from the intercooler upgrade, heard good things about the Plazmaman intercoolers
  10. Is it true you can’t have a vented oil catch can? Has to be plumbed back in now?
  11. Got stuck into the brake situation this weekend. The front brakes have always been a bit scary, being single piston and not even really fully pressing on the surface of the brake pad. Whipped them off to trial fit some Brembos. Got two sets, Peugeot 406 ones and @zep Alfa 166 ones we snagged from pick a part a couple of weeks ago. 406 ones are slightly smaller but are still 4 pots and were the original preference. However on fitting them they are too much of a close fit to work with an adaptor. The Alfa ones however sat perfect with enough room for the adaptor plate to manage any offset issues. Factory Strada disc is 242mm and there is 25mm extra pad space to fill so 242mm + 25mm +25mm = 292mm. So upgrading to 305mm Fiat Turbo Coupe discs seem like the perfect fit. Next I’ll get the discs and start work on a wooden adaptor plate to see how it’ll all come together.
  12. Cheers guys, the seat is a basic Momo Start seat. I’ll go buy some plates to mount it.
  13. Fitted a bucket seat to the Punto but the replacement rails don’t have the attachment for the seat belt clasp. Do guys just mount them to the trans tunnel with those FIA plates and attach the OG seat belt clasp to that?
  14. I’m about do the same with the Strada’s exhaust. Been looking at Vibrant mufflers. They do resonators and mufflers, all the ones I was looking at appear to be straight through. Speed science sell them. A lot of youtube reviews rate them and seem to have a good rep.
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