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  1. Abarth

    Need seat mounts made

    I scored some free BRZ seats to fit into the Punto however the BRZ seat mounts are a little wider than the Puntos Are there any recommendations for anyone who could cutty cutty weldy weldy to make the mounts fit?
  2. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    Took this over to Waiheke for NYs. Went for a decent ride to the back of the island with the mrs, Honda ran like champ, handled the gravel road no worries. Got to Man O War bay and had lunch, sick spot to chill next to the water.
  3. Abarth

    Snoozin's 1981 KPiz Starlet

    Looks awesome man.
  4. Yeah man if I could borrow the kit that would be awesome! I’ll send you a PM Thanks!
  5. Mate, where did you get the shims and shim tool from? I’ve just put a new cam in the Punto and need to do the clearances.
  6. Abarth

    Tristans 1974 Honda cb550

    Man thats sweet, love the factory colours on the tank.
  7. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    Yeah its been a while, last time we met was when I had Fiat Strada in the oldschool show n shine at the 4nRotary nationals.
  8. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    Dropped the bike off to VTNZ Avondale on Saturday morning for its cert and WOF. Think it was $250 for the initial cert then another $90 for the 6 months rego a plate. Good news is that it passed first go!! Got the bike back on Tuesday fitted the new plates and cruised down to the last Motosocial Auckland event of the year in the CBD. Had a quick chat with some of the guys there. All in all a pretty smooth process to register the bike, only had to have ID, brake cert ($95 from Carbon Garage, good guys there, A+ would trade again) and my old UK V5 rego form. When it cleared border inspection they also registered the frame number into the NZTA system which apparently makes the process easier too. Stoked. Rode through Pt Chev to my mates place and saw @sheepers drive past in his blue Celica. I waved lol. Went for a sweet ANZAC ride with some mates who also brought their motorbikes back from when they lived in London. Epic to ride with them again in NZ this time. Hit mission bay, rode into the CBD, through Ponsonby to Kingsland stopping off at Garage Project for some later afternoon beers.
  9. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    Finally arrived in NZ! Picked it up from the shipping agent today, arrived in perfect condition after traveling on a ship for 6 weeks going through the Panama canal. Got it home unpacked it. Started straight up and seems all good. Going to go to VTNZ to get it registered this weekend!
  10. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    Honda is coming back to New Zealand! Scored a shipping crate from the local Honda Dealership for £25 stoked. Arrives in early April.
  11. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    It runs!! Took it for a couple rides to bed the rings in and already it feels like a different machine! Rings must have already been broken before I brought it, probably the reason it was parked up in the first place. Anyways fixed now! Way more torque all round, so much better in traffic. Got it back on the dyno to measure how many horses were added to the stables. Netted almost 22hp up from 15hp so super stoked with that!!! Still needs a final tune, valve clearances, re balance carbs, check torque on headnuts etc. But stoked with 22hp. Happy NY’s OS!!!
  12. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    Right o, after a quick visit back to NZ it was time to get stuck back into the Honda. This is sitting at the workshop in a sad state. While I was in NZ the machinist bored the cylinders to match the +1mm oversized pistons, skim the head, cut the valves and valve seats. These Honda motors run a reasonably tight piston to wall clearance of 0.0014 thou which all checked out when we measured the walls, pistons and gapped the rings. Ring gaps are meant to be between 0.015~0.035mm and they measured in at 0.025mm so bang on. Took ages to remove the old gaskets from the faces, even with this nifty air powered tool it still to a good hour of cleaning the surfaces. Added in new timing chain, tensioner etc all Honda OEM stuff Old cam chain tensioner vs new, apparently these tensioners have a bit of a bad rep of coming apart but this one seems to held up alright, yes the rubber wheels are a bit beaten up but 40 years of heat cycles I'm surprised it isn't more. Got it all back together and torqued up, the build had been pretty much to factory spec so everything went back together easily enough. By this time it was almost midnight so now the motor is sitting in the frame waiting to be finished. Next update will hopefully had this motor running!!
  13. Abarth

    Honda CL175 from hell.

    My Honda has same equally as bad charging system but after changing over to the new reg/rectifier and LEDs (brakes, dials, park light) I can drive round with the headlight on 100% of the time without the battery going flat. Definitely worth doing. Are you running the 35w headlight? Mine still does, its not great, thinking of switching to 55w but again back to power issues.
  14. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    Got the motor out, pulled it down, unsurprisingly the rings were broken. What was surprising was how broken the rings were. Still good for 10k rpm on the dyno haha! There was also a huge amount of slop between the cylinder and piston. Checked over the rest of the engine and everything else looks in good nic. Crank is perfect and the head looks good. So just a case of really worn pistons and rings. Cylinder and head are at the machinists now getting machined to accept the +1mm pistons.
  15. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    In prep for the rebuild I got measuring some numbers. The digital scales came out to measure the weight of the pistons, rings and pin. Amazingly they all were perfectly equal in weight to the nearest gram, stoked. Next piston to cylinder clearance; its only 0.0008 ~ 0.0019 inch as apparently these ART Honda pistons don't expand much. I'll keep these numbers for the machinist. Lastly these motors run a 9.5:1 compression ratio so there is a bit of room to remove a bit of meat from the head/cylinders. Been reading online guys removing up to 0.02 inch before running into clearance issues, this also increases compression to around 10.3:1ish. Nice to know as I'm 99% sure the head isn't flat anymore.