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  1. Carried on shaping and sticking on the badges, originally for the early CBs with the square shape tank but I liked them so much I picked up a replica metal set and stuck them on. Was going to paint the badges but like the raw alloy look so gave them a coat of Matt clear to keep them crisp. Drilled holes in the clip ons and feed the wires through for the controls, now on to the major wiring to make sure everything works like it should. Fitted up the gear linkage I got from AliExpress, so mint! A tad short which was completely my fault as a don’t know how I got the measurement wrong but hey it works! Next is to build an exhaust which doesn’t hit the rearsets!!
  2. Big update mostly about clearances. Firstly the Supertrapp reps turned up and wow are they mint! Did a test fit and fired it up which sounded great, stoked!!! Now clearances, looking at a lot of other CB350 builds I always wondered why they added aftermarket headers. With the rearsets I realise that the factory exhaust sits too high so the brake leaver hits the muffler. Also the kick start hits the rearsets too, bit of a cluster really. Gave it a quick tune with the glass plugs, found the 70 idle jet ran too rich so swapped it out for a 68 which helped when tuning with the Air/Fuel mixture screw. Also added in the blue titanium hose clamps round the carbs, kind dig it kinda don’t, they are quite wide so they don’t quite fit. Can see them in this pic. The push button controls turned up for the handle bars too; again quality and feel is immaculate so far, they also did a perfect job of setting up the buttons as some were momentary and others were push on/off. Test fitted them to check and happy with the fit/clearance. I’ll thread the wiring properly down through the handle bars eventually. Realistically this bike won’t be ready for the DGR ride on Sunday so the CB250k is hitting the ride again this year with the DGR headlight stickers to support men’s mental health. Lastly found the winged Honda badges I brought ages ago to stick on the CB350. Factory colour is to fill them in white but I reckon black could be the go. Thanks for looking!
  3. Thanks guys! It’s been a lot of work to get it to this stage. I’ve added an LED flasher unit so I think it’s something to do with the wiring not being quite right. I’ll revisit the wiring once the controls arrive from AE and try to knock it out all in one go. Super Trapp reps should also be arriving too this week as there is an issue with the exhaust and rearset brake hitting. Probably going to make new headers to get the clearances. Anyways she’s come a long way since the Trademe purchase that’s for sure!
  4. Finally kicked this thing into life this arvo. Started easy as and sat there idleing like a champ. Stoked the motor is working as it should have. One step closer to the DGR ride! Still have so much to go, mainly wiring as the indicators don’t blink, starter motor is dead, rear set linkages etc.....
  5. Carried on setting the motor up today. Kept the points instead of a CDI as there is something oldschool mechanical that I like about them. Tensioned the timing chain at 90 degrees after tdc. Then set up the points timing and tested the coils, got good spark so she’s getting very close to starting now! Fitted the headers and noticed there isn’t much room between them and the rearsets. Might have to make some out of 35mm ID pipe to get the clearances.
  6. Carried on with the wiring, cleaning up all the old connections and added in modern plugs. Added in a regulator/rectifier to replace the old Honda ones. Drilled holes in the underside of the clip on bars to feed the wires out and down into the headlight. Trying to keep the wiring tidy with some going through the centre of the frame. Had my other Honda round to compare factory spec to cafe spec.
  7. Been putting the front together. Added in heated elements inside the clip on tubes for those cold days. Indicators are now bar end indicators, they have a white LED and orange LED in them so we’ll hook the white to the headlights and the orange to the indicator relay. Connected all the cables up, we used short versions which were perfect with the clip ons. Found that the headlight bracket we fitted made the headlight stick out too much. On the hunt for brackets with shorter arms. May even use the factory ones as they are short. Ordering some gaiters to fit over the fork too. Anyways this is as it stands at the end of the evening.
  8. Had a play with the headlight. Managed to order the wrong size so it’s huge haha but was keen to see how it looked with a yellow tint. Once the smaller one arrives I think we’ll keep the yellow as it pops against the blue. Next is the wiring, so much to do before the Distinguished Gentlemen's ride in Sept!! Edit: man that rear tyre looks huge, thinking of down sizing as it looks a big out of proportion in the profile shot.
  9. Painted the frame and got the motor back in the frame today. Lots of figuring out where all the bolts went as most of them were sitting in a bucket before buying. Front guard turned out perfect, so many hours spent to keep the rolled steel edge on the front. Stoked with how it turned out. On its feet for the first time! Placed all the pieces to see how it looks all together.. Big shout out to Eliav for doing the upholstery, leather with the dark blue stitching looks mint!
  10. Engine build has been a bit more of a mission than expected. Found a replacement for the cam, new second hand one is mint compared to the old one. Can see the old cam on the bottom with chunks missing from the lobe and grooves ground into the surfaces. Also found some good replacement rockers as those surfaces were equally as worn. Pretty much all the internals are either new or as new in the engine, pistons, gudgeon pins, rings, cam chain, tensioner, cam, rockers, etc... hopefully this thing isn’t rattley when it fires up.
  11. Thanks mate, I’ll get in contact Frame is back from the welders, stoked with how it’s turned out. Fitted the rear wheel and took some measurements, fitment clears the frame even with the big tyre. Added in a bracket to mount the seat latch mechanism too, also doubles as frame strength. Continued on with the engine build today, got the piston and rings in, everything was going great until we noticed small cracks on the camshaft where the timing chain cog fits on. Turned out to be cracked right through on both sides. Yip that’s game over for that cam.
  12. How to blow your CB350 build budget CNC cognito tree with Motogadget Mini and warning lights built in. A few Joker Machine parts, rear brake strap, tachometer cable plug, rear wheel and brake adjusters. Then cognito rearsets, these are beautifully engineered. Anyways, pistons arrived so got started with the engine build. Added in all new cam chain and tensioner. Had the pistons matched to the bores by Taylor’s Engineering, they also gave the head and cylinder faces a skim. Checked the piston ring gap clearance at 0.010, well within spec. All was going well till we got to the gudgeon pins; in short these are rooted. So back to waiting for new ones to arrive.
  13. Spent the arvo shaping the mudguard after cutting it. Spot welded the ends back on and filled in the holes from the guard supports. Then cut 15mm out of the mounts to get the guard sitting closer to the tyre. Had to pre heat the metal before welding to get the MIGs weld to fully penetrate into the steel. Happy with how it’s all sitting now
  14. Got the tyres fitted to the rims. Went with Michelin Pilot Activ, 90/90r18 on the front and a big ol 4.00 on the back. Remember the 90/90r18 is pretty much the factory rear size which is now on the front. Looks tiny compared to the 4.00. The 4.00 has a 102mm tyre wall height while the factory 81mm. May swap out the rear for a Michelin Sirac as they have a 110/80r18 rear size which may suit the frame clearances better. Plus they have a sweet semi trail blocky tread pattern. With the 90 on the front it’s a squeeze to fit them under the factory guard but it’ll go. Got chopping with a drop saw, almost felt guilty as it was a mint guard. Will re weld on the ends to keep the nice factory curves. and lower the mounting brackets so it’s more flush with the tyre.
  15. Rim’s arrived from Birmingham, England this week. Stainless steel WM2 and WM3, one size wider than factory. Got stuck into lacing them up to the hubs, stoked with how they turned out. Cycle Treads did the final truing and torquing of the spokes. Going to run a 3 inch wide tyre on the front and a 4 on the back. Gave all the vapour blasted parts a couple coats of VHT satin clear to keep them looking crisp. Also added all new wheel bearing to the hubs, stripped the front forks and cleaned them up. Added genuine Honda fork seals and fresh oil ready to go. Motor is still waiting for the pistons which is on the way and the frame is down at the engineers getting the hoop welded in fully.