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  1. Abarth

    Abarth’s 1972 Honda CB350k

    How’s progress? Mocked up the frame with some of the parts this evening and were pretty stoked with how it’s all looking. The blue tank pops against the raw alloy silver finish on the fuel tank strips and clipons. Test fitted the rear hoop and it’s bang on the right width so we’re figuring out the best way to attach it to the frame. And all those part number lists = genuine Honda parts for days! Even the washers come in their own Honda bags. Rims are on their way from the UK, ordered 1.85 x 18 fronts which are up from the standard 1.6 and got 2.15 x 18 for the rear up from standard 1.85 in stainless steel, be nice to have slightly bigger feet on this for looks mostly. Hopefully we get the engine back together this weekend.
  2. Abarth

    Abarth’s 1972 Honda CB350k

    Parts are slowly trickling in, stoked to receive the package from David Silver Spares UK Building up my CB250 meant I still had a list of part numbers for all the small detail parts like dome bolts, dust washers, OEM seals. Took hours of looking through old Honda schematics to find those part numbers the first time So to used them a second time when doing the David Silver order on this CB350 build made it a lot easier. AliExpress stuff arrived too, looks great so far! Haven’t had a chance to test it out yet but I’ll report back later.
  3. Abarth

    Abarth’s 1972 Honda CB350k

    Sweet as, cheers!
  4. Abarth

    Abarth’s 1972 Honda CB350k

    While a bunch of parts are inbound from the US, U.K. and China we decided to get busy on the jobs that can be done locally. Currently all the hubs and engine parts are with the vapour blaster after stripping it all down. Got the tank back from the painter, stoked with how it turned out, tried to keep as close to the original colour as possible but with high gloss. Gonna look mint with the new chrome strips and chrome fuel cap fitted. Also going to add the Honda wings logo to the sides. Quick compare to the old paint, about a million times glossier than before and maybe a shade lighter because of it but stoked with how it turned out!
  5. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    So after a whole lot of work by an extremely talented motorcycle refinisher in west Auckland the tank went from this: To this: Super stoked with the outcome, the black paint is perfect and now has nice black AN fittings for the fuel sharing. I'll chuck it on tomorrow as the paint was still a bit fresh.
  6. Abarth

    azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    Sweet as. That stumble at low throttle is caused by the butterfly opening, taking in air and not yet getting fuel from the progression holes. Needs that 4th hole drilled directly over the butterfly to fix. It’s like a 1mm hole drilled in exactly the right spot. My 130tc has this exact issue and I’ve been meaning to get it drilled for ages.
  7. Abarth

    Abarth’s 1972 Honda CB350k

    Sweet cheers man, do you have a spare seat? Mine didn’t come with one and we’re looking to use the OG base and reshape it and cover it. Your build is looking sick too btw, keen to see more about the Motogadget stuff as that stuff looks tidy.
  8. Abarth

    Abarth’s 1972 Honda CB350k

    Me and a mate had been looking for new project bike for a while, trawling through Trademe and FB marketplace. This CB350 popped up as an unfinished project that the previous owner wanted move on to fund some of his other Honda classics. Perfect tank shape and in the condition where we don't feel bad chopping and changing a classic. As all good projects start, I picked up the bike in pieces, threw it in the back of the ute and raced home to check it out in detail. Did a loose mockup and pretty much everything thing is there. The previous owner painted the frame which was a nice surprise, however for some reason cut off all the mounts and tabs for the the seat and foot rests/side stands. Plan is to cafe racer it, clipons, rear sets and wider rims. Loving the OG tank colour so the blue will stay, we'll add the Honda wing badges like on my CB250k. Decided to strip the whole thing down in order to get everything vapour blasted, pulled down the motor and that looked like it had been recently rebuilt as it has oversized pistons and the hone on the bore was fresh. The lower front engine mount had snapped off so we split the cases and will be sourcing a new one. Also got started on the rims; Pretty old and rust so we’ll start again with these. Current status:
  9. Abarth

    azzurro's 125p Pickup dyskusja

    @azzurro Are they Weber 152 made in Spain versions? if they are it’ll be the progression holes causing the issue. Or lack of, there should be 4 or 5 holes but the 152’s only have 3. The 4th hole should be directly over the butterfly. Have a look how many holes it has, they are under the bigger brass flat head cap screw on the engine side. One for each throttle body. Edit, like this:
  10. Abarth

    Strada 130tc Abarth

    Jeeezzz, its been a while for this car!! Finally got time to work on this after 5 years of sitting in a garage. Did all the basics today, changed fluids, new hoses, new filters and got her running. Chucked some new rims on, thoughts? I think I'll like them more when I convert the bumpers and trim to black. Took it for a quick drive and fk me there a lot to fix on this car!!! Motor pulls strong however the car feels like its on skates, darting all over the road. A quick look at the suspension and literally the rubber bushings have dry rotted away. Pulled the rear arms and shocks out so I can get them rebuilt. Anyways heres a pic of its current guise
  11. Abarth

    Snorkpipe's 1986 GSXR 7/12 Build

  12. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    Hondas been leaking fuel for about a year now from the fuel tank, it was a slow seep which was annoying and was mostly soaked up by the foam in the seat which stunk of gas. Also the pipes which share each side of the tank were blocked and leaking. Basically this tank has had hack after hack fixes with solider, JB weld etc... Safety first, pumped exhaust through it for about 15mins to get rid of the petrol fumes. Drilled out the old share pipes and mounted the threaded steel boss. Leak came from under the mount bracket, didn’t have a spot weld bit so just went hard with a normal bit. Pretty mank under the bracket, no paint in there so wasn’t a surprise it rusted. Welded up the holes but I reckon I’ll get the rest Tig welded as my Mig isn’t great at sealing up fuel tight. Decided on painting it, need to strip the POR15 liner as it was fkd and coming apart in the tank so I covered the whole tank inside and out in stripper. Will be repainted in black 2k
  13. Abarth

    Need seat mounts made

    I scored some free BRZ seats to fit into the Punto however the BRZ seat mounts are a little wider than the Puntos Are there any recommendations for anyone who could cutty cutty weldy weldy to make the mounts fit?
  14. Abarth

    1970 Honda CB250k Super Sport

    Took this over to Waiheke for NYs. Went for a decent ride to the back of the island with the mrs, Honda ran like champ, handled the gravel road no worries. Got to Man O War bay and had lunch, sick spot to chill next to the water.
  15. Abarth

    Snoozin's 1981 KPiz Starlet

    Looks awesome man.