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  1. Entrant list added to first post. Another thing is, who is willing to follow us around driving a vehicle for the weekend?
  2. Others could comment better than I. But a 50cc zoomer was a regular, a SJ50, @RUNAMUCK on his Dio. It's hard going, but if the scoot is proven, it's achievable
  3. Entry form and the general vibe updated on first post. What else needs to be in there? Somewhat preoccupied lately. https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/6fba8404a7ut4E4fLd
  4. Alright so I got a hold of Bill in TeAraroa Holiday park, he was willing to book me, so perhaps he'll book you too? Will update first post with entry form, let me know what details you need in first post.
  5. It has been a couple days +/- a couple more days. I need to call that guy.
  6. Potential issue yeah, sh35 spends a lot of time closed though, so I'm sure they'll have done some bodge up by then
  7. Long time forgot thread. Trash boat has done a minor amount of zooming around, unsure if I documented every trip Did the Lower section of the Rangataiki River again, from Thornton at the coast up the the bottom of the Matahina Dam, at new years Lower Rangataiki 2-1-22 by John Bell, on Flickr Went and did Otara river in flood in February 13-2-22 Otara River by John Bell, on Flickr Went to a jetboat NZ slalom day in lake Ohakuri in April Lake Ohakuri 3-4-22 by John Bell, on Flickr And also a jetboat NZ run in the middle section of Rangataiki River from the Matahina dam to Aniwhenua dam (done before), and some of the upper section of Rangataiki river from the Aniwhenua Dam upwards. Middle and Upper Rangataiki June 22 by John Bell, on Flickr Wouldn't mind going back to the upper Rangataiki with a bit more fuel and exploring around. Overall boat is going well, have done some minor jobs on it. Might get its own post, meh
  8. Anyone gonna buy this dunce bike backup and have it waiting in Gisborne for them?
  9. Thats the kind of reminiscing froth I like to see. Also I need to call Bill as he hasn't responded to my email booking.
  10. In other news, I emailed old mate Bill the other day, am yet to hear back from him. Will call if I don't get a confirmation in the next couple days. Once we work out if accommodation there is viable again, I'll spam up the details for all you lot to sort yourselves out to.
  11. I'd kinda pondered over a route that would let us do that, but unless we upped the daily ride time significantly, and cut down the leisure time, it'd be a 4 day-er I think
  12. Can you believe it though, I can imagine doing this by mistake once, but 6 years running? You animals.
  13. Uh yeah, gidday. Much interest in going for a wee trip around the cape again this year? By this point most of you know what you're in for. Refer years 1-5 Eastcapescapade 1 Eastcapescapade 2 Te Urewera Undertaking 1 Te Urewera Undertaking 2 Eastcapescapade 3 November 11, 12 & 13, 2022 Friday 11th Start same as years prior, head east onto SH35 via SH2. Accommodation available at TeAraroa Holiday Park and Hicks Bay Motel Lodge. Easy day, mostly tarmac, with option of late afternoon/evening excursion to East Cape Lighthouse. eastcape22 day 1 including lighthouse by John Bell, on Flickr Saturday 12th Depart TeAraroa region and continue on SH35 inland to Ruatoria, soon after heading along a higher altitude inland route to Gisborne, through forestry and hilly farmland. Very little fuel availability on this day. Fine dining available. Many will stay at the Waikanae Beach Motel. eastcape22 day 2 by John Bell, on Flickr Sunday 13th Leave Gisborne and head inland to Rere Falls and Rockslide. Windy gravel climb up to Matawai. Onto Motu Rd through village, gravel climb and descent back to SH35 on coast. Leisurely tarmac return to starting point via Opotiki. eastcape22 day 3 by John Bell, on Flickr Might have to up the support vehicle koha to something like $30, I dunno, everything got dear. ENTRY FORM PLEASE AND THANK YOU https://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/6fba8404a7ut4E4fLd Feel free to fizz away and share some pictures etc till I get the rest figured out. Entrants - as of 9:30pm 4-8-22 @johnnyfive @Hemi @anglia4 @bucket barry @Itchybear @WankBankA100 @Duke Blackwood @64valiant @keltik @Truenotch @iwanttobeamole @NZDMAE86 @oldrx7 @Johno s Daniel W
  14. Ah dammit, I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing. Give me a moment.
  15. Its tempting though, although its 60 lousy dollars in fuel also
  16. Couple grub screws in from somewhere? Also, I guess there was oil supply to the cam, bearings will sit over the top of that?
  17. To add, I used to think everyone was pussies when trikes were referred to as dangerous and unsuitable for what they were used for. I still think you're all pussies, but also yeah, these things are somewhat unstable and a bit unnerving if you're not on the ball.
  18. Then for reasons I can't exactly explain, I bought an ATC250ES IMG_20211106_182043_077 by John Bell, on Flickr Its rough, but mostly original and nearly complete, so without going overboard, I plan on fixing whats broken, and attempting to keep it somewhat straight and usable. It'll likely just get used as a last resort backup farm bike, and to punt trailers etc around the section. A decent waterblast didn't show up too many horrors, a welded gearlever , one bent footpeg, missing small trim and rear lights. IMG_20211120_134424_1 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20211120_134439 by John Bell, on Flickr Feature laden Headlight on a string IMG_20211120_134546_1 by John Bell, on Flickr Flip up rear panelling for... reasons.... IMG_20220114_163118 by John Bell, on Flickr Refitted the battery back into its box in the middle of the bike, someone had fitted some janky extention leads, and cut a hole to place the battery in the storage compartment at the back, just flopping around, this also stopped the flip back from coming up. Unacceptable. IMG_20220114_162905 by John Bell, on Flickr
  19. So the XR100 got new tyres etc and fork boots, yet to finish off 100%, but getting close enough for my purposes. IMG_20210828_172209_1 by John Bell, on Flickr IMG_20210828_172142 by John Bell, on Flickr
  20. Might be some of the factory issued cooling system mud? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/263772990975
  21. Love your work! So thorough and always a great result
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