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  1. It's a bit of a catch 22 regarding big bikes IMO. If everyone shows up on big bikes aside from a small handful then yeah, likely that's going to effect the spirit of the event. But, if it's a couple of lads who are on larger bikes because they wouldn't be there otherwise then I say 100% just come. The more guys there to have fun the better.
  2. Covid had better not fuck this for us Aucklanders again! Time to sort transport for bikes. On a 1-10 scale how hectic is this ride going to be compared to last year?
  3. We have 3 spare beds at waikaremoana due to a couple of drop outs. Send me a PM if you'd like one. $25
  4. 100% in on this. I just booked 2x 5 bunk rooms at Waikaremoana and currently there are a couple of beds free. $25/night. Cam Glen Neal Sentra Dave Peter Glens Brother Ned (probably maybe) Evan (probably maybe) Sparky Free Holla at me if you're keen to grab a bed.
  5. I've crossed off most of the major mechanical jobs on my bike. New seat thanks to @64valiant and new stickers thanks to @Archetype. Got another 130km under my belt over the last couple of days too. Learning something new each time I get out for a ride - mega windy yesterday and raining on the way to work this morning. Now I have to throw together a luggage system and pack my gear, spares and tools.
  6. Yeah it crusies nicely in top gear up gentle hills and pulls past the CVT scooters up steeper hills no problems. Top speed was downhill yesterday at 90something. The top end is getting a bit long in the tooth so I haven't pushed for Vmax on the flat. Yesterday was only the second time ever for me riding a bike with a clutch/gearbox.
  7. Sweet prep ride yesterday aside from a minor excursion into a ditch for me while riding on gravel. My A100 seems to get really good economy. 3L for 91km of riding. Choice.
  8. +1 for the two stroke club. My bike got delivered from Nelson yesterday so now I can make a start on preparation. First up is putting some miles on it and sorting some better storage than the crappy rack it has at the moment. I sense an engine rebuild coming on.
  9. I get about the same in my 4AGE. Oil temp consistently (slowly) rises throughout an 8 lap race up to a maximum of about 120C. I run a Mocal cooler also.
  10. Mount your IR camera in the engine bay and do some laps? There are only 2 logical options right? - Fan is sucking air hotter than the oil temp and is turning it into an oil heater - Temp probes are not reading the true oil temp - Aliens/magnets I think putting a temp probe in the incoming air stream is a good idea.
  11. Sounds like you need to add two more temp sensors to measure the air temperature before and after the cooler haha
  12. Was your oil cooler fan on or off over the period shown on the graph?
  13. Yeah my BT has had 3 old pulleys on it and they all rattle. Some worse than others. Definitely still a problem with the BT heads.
  14. What oil and water temps are you seeing at the moment during a track session? I'm curious to see what they look like over a series of 100% laps. On my car I have huge issues with getting the heat out of the oil even with a decent Setrab cooler, but my China radiator easily keeps water temps in check. I don't run an oil thermostat and rely on warming the engine up before heading to the dummy grid to get some initial heat in the oil. Not ok on a car that still gets driven on the road but it seems to work for me. Have you done any calculations on how much thermal mass you want to shift out of the oil via the cooler? Do you need a big mother of a fan or will something small suffice?
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