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  1. There are heaps of waterjet cutters in Waikato, I supply most of them abrasive for their waterjets haha General Engineering & Manufacuturing (GEMCO) (07) 847-6979 gemcoltd@xtra.co.nz NDL Engineering 0800 NDL Eng jan@ndlengineering.co.nz Edwards Engineering 07 871 6560 brian@edwardsengineering.co.nz Procut NZ 027 233 4111 mpruden@xtra.co.nz Cullen Engineering 07 884 8232 enquiries@cullen.co.nz Theres also Longveld, they have a couple of massive machines but mostly do their own work, can try them if you get stuck. Even more if you need in Auckland but you should get something from one of those. Or One Stop Cutting as mentioned are good guys!
  2. Ready as a ready thing. Just do a rain dance for wiperless weaver over here....
  3. Can't wait for this to limmy bash drag day burnouts.
  4. You going back to factory blue colour or something else?
  5. WTF a KE16 as well? Giz! No actually if he wants to sell or you come across a 16 over there please let me know!
  6. I am excited you are working on this again.
  7. Pls send this back to NZ. So I can have it....
  8. So true. In my defense, besides the box going last year, it's been on the road wof'd and driving year round. I have a terrible addiction for wanting more. Although probably unlikely to go more power but ability to go E85 in future is cool and the G3 in there now is maxed out in terms of inputs & outputs so if it will be a little bit more peace of mind to be able to run additional sensors/safeguards. And launch control.
  9. Still waiting on ECU to go in. Have some templates for the mega coils to be mounted to the underside of the inlet. Bought a new radiator fan out of the US with heaps CFM as things were getting pretty toasty in summer with all that heat. Need to get a shroud done for it too but also tempted to go slightly bigger width radiator as well as there is room for it. Money money money and time really!
  10. Hell yeah, new spot ftw. Closer to me and spooly turbo tunnel noises
  11. Might drag the corolla out of slumber and head along
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