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  1. Dad slaved away all day yesterday for me.. I now have this: Gotta weld in ports for vacuum lines, fabricate thermostat and heater piping next... Slowly coming together.
  2. Bit more progress today. Got some misc parts cleaned up and painted. Started building and mocking up the intake manifold, all looks good until mocked up against the engine.. Someone has put a damn Distributor in the way! also the carbs are very wide and ports on head are very narrow and close together. I think I will need to shave off the linkage and bosy of one of the carbs to make enough clearance to squeeze a throttle linkage in and clear the distributor cap. Sorry I have no pics of this.
  3. bonkas

    Anywhere to buy studs?

    Thanks guys, appreciated!
  4. bonkas

    Anywhere to buy studs?

    Is there anywhere in NZ where I could buy various stud sizes from? I need to start mocking up intake and exhaust manifolds and want to go to studs rather than a stud/bolt combo, having thicker than usual flanges im not sure on the length I need. How much thread should be inserted into the head, 20mm? - I dont have the original studs/bolts so not sure how deep they were. Can M8 studs in various lengths be bought online?
  5. Turns out I should have measured more thoroughly... The fan I picked is too think by about 10mm and will not clear the water pump and pulley on the front of the motor. Hopefully I have a fan coming which is 15-20mm thinner which I should be able to modify to fit the same as the old so I don't have to muck around with modifying or making a new shroud.
  6. Thanks to @Geophy I have my radiator pretty much sorted, just have to remove hunks of metal left in there from the radiator guy, I have got some out by shaking it, hoping I can get the rest out without cutting it open... Grrr.
  7. Hey Guys - I am hoping there is a OS'er out there keen on some cash to help me out in fabricating a shroud for my Radiator and Electric Fan. Wanting to make a simple shroud with aluminium sheet that bolts onto the original mounts to fit the fan - Going from mechanical to electric fan. I dont have the skills or tools/workspace required to do this. Hoping to help out/learn along with way if any OS GC is keen.
  8. Big day today. Feels like ive got over a huge hurdle and reached a milestone. Car up on hoist: It now has a heart.... not beating yet.. Thanks @ToMitz for the cam pulley, looks really sweet actually, much better than the stock pressed steel thing. Have new engine mounts, new gearbox mount, master cylinder has started leaking like a fountain for some reason as I have not touched it, will need a new one of those too... Next up is to bolt up odds and ends like alternator, radiator, put interior back together and start building the manifold with the help of my dad.
  9. Long time since I had an update on this... Gearbox is now mated to the engine, after finding out the Donor EX had a sigma gearbox and 1200 driveshaft and unknown diff, I was under the impression from the seller these were all stock... I found this out when mating the gearbox was too easy! New clutch disk to suite the 1600 box and all is happy again - I now have the clutch parts required to mate the sigma box up after a quick inspection and possibly rebuild as it is in unknown condition and the donor car was in very rough shape, Interesting they didnt modify the shifter or floor at all to make this gearbox fit as I thought that was required.. maybe on in the LA LB lancers? First time fitting a flywheel, clutch, pressure plate etc so it took a few goes before having everything correct but it should all be torqued to spec. I did find after mounting the gearbox there are some bolts which are missing, this is strange as I used all the bolts I had kept from the 1600cc motor, I can only think there may have been exhaust mounts or something that bolted here so I will have these bolts they are just in a different hiding place. some pics for thread:
  10. Have had my radiator re-cored. Have gone from 70 tubes to 120 and the tube size has gone from 10mm to 12.4mm which should make a big difference. Also have The flange for the carb side done.. still trying to work out how I am going to build this manifold.. the carbs are 40mm and needs to taper down to 38-39mm, I am thinking of just getting some thick walled aluminium and machining it out on a taper to acheive this, or get some thin walled tube and cut a V in it and re-weld to create the taper - What are your thoughts? how have you guys done it in the past?
  11. Last night efforts! Bruised, covered in gearbox oil and dirty engine oil. Just left with a load of bolts and brackets which I have no idea where they came from haha
  12. Got it sorted. This is how it turned out:
  13. Got the flange cut, realy nice job they have done cutting it out, jst need to port match the intake holes and we are good to go, any got any tips in doing this?
  14. bonkas

    4g63 in Lancer EX - Engine Mounts

    @bigfoot @rich1179 I think I have found them inside a box of parts for another vehicle!
  15. bonkas

    4g63 in Lancer EX - Engine Mounts

    Ahh that will be sweet!