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  1. Well she's back up and running again. Head went back to engine builders to get some shims installed al align the adjusters more to the center of the valves, added more of a radius on the adjuster, changed the type of oil I am running. Found the new valves have more of a contact patch on the valve also as the original set had a large chamfer but the new set is much much smaller. Hoping with the above modifications it will not happen again. Engine builder seems to think the oil I was running could have contributed to the issue.
  2. bonkas

    School me on rocker adjusters

    I will be checking all these things, I have ordered a set of the L200 adjusters also but wont be here until late next month unless I can find a new set locally. I am hoping to send the head to Kelfords for a second look also.
  3. bonkas

    School me on rocker adjusters

    Cam Specs:
  4. bonkas

    School me on rocker adjusters

    Nah mine has nothing like that, Just the adjuster screw and locking nut, no other components. That is the best Pic I have, I will get more once the head is removed and I can get a better look at things.
  5. bonkas

    School me on rocker adjusters

    At this stage we are thinking a bad valve but given there is also some damage on the other exhaust valves im not so sure. @RUNAMUCK I will see what other pics I have and post them up in here.
  6. bonkas

    School me on rocker adjusters

    These are solid lifters, straight swap from the original Hydraulic. The cam, valves, springs and rocker assembly was assembled by kelford cams so I am sure it's correct.
  7. bonkas

    School me on rocker adjusters

    Have had a catastrophic failure in my new engine build... Seems this happened because of a combination of flat adjusters, stiff springs and high lift cam, it appears the other exhaust valves show damage also (Have not had a chance to check intake side yet) Does anyone know if there are adjusters available locally that will fit straight in? This is a 4g63 by the way. I have been looking at these but reviews say they stuff out quickly... Not sure if these would fit...
  8. 2 steps forward, 10 steps back it seems... After driving home from getting a fresh WOF, it started running a bit rough and got very clickety clackety. Parked it up at my bro's house, pulled rocker cover off and found this...
  9. Vacuum pump mounted and booster working perfect! Only issue now is the boot lip has rusted out again after a previous repair so keeping it out of the weather for now.
  10. bonkas

    Oil Pressure Senders

    Perfect thanks @Ranter Will keep you all posted on my success/failure.
  11. bonkas

    Oil Pressure Senders

    The part numbers above are direct replacements for the 4g54's also. No I haven't tried the Tridon part yet as I am already in the hole for 4x sender units that do not work already. I will PM you my address.
  12. bonkas

    Oil Pressure Senders

    @Ranter I am keen on oil pressure sender if you still have one, I will pay for postage if your willing for me to test it.
  13. Small update again. Just got it back from having the wiring redone for my stereo, Amp, vacuum pump, fuel pump and radiator fan. Ready to plumb up the vacuum pump to make sure it works with the booster and mount it for real! Then time to get her legal.