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  1. Drove it for about 30min with no faults so far... Regret pulling balance shafts out though... the vibrations are real....
  2. An update for you guys... Just picked the car up from Coby Performance Exhausts and has a brand new 2.25" exhaust now. Timing has been advanced now so it is behaving much better and less backfires and stumbling when accelerating - I had to drill additional holes in the vacum advance unit and lock this into a more advanced position as I was on 0degress before with the distributor maxed out, moving the distributor one tooth was too far. Here is a quick video of where it is at so far: @ToMitz
  3. bonkas

    Rules for PCV/Rocker Cover Vents

    Even at ~6k rpm I dont feel even the slightest bit of blowby out the breather hose, after two weeks of just having a hose hanging off the breather there isnt even any residue on the hose. The engine is brand new though so Im not sure if this will slowly get worse or how long it will take to worsen.
  4. Hmm there is voltage on the wire to the sense pin... maybe it's a dodgy connection in the plug/alternator.. would this be a fault of no voltage on the sense pin?
  5. I need to find the opposite for these plugs. They are from a vacuum pump and vacuum switch.
  6. Exactly this ^ I am only using the S and L Pins and getting about 15.2v. The alternator was tested and put out ~14.5v which I was happy with but 15 just seems too high. I have had to charge this battery a few times, maybe this is the issue... Maybe if I give it time the voltage will drop as battery charges.. The battery was only at around 12.2 resting voltage when the car was started.
  7. My issue is I am retrofitting a newer 90s alternator and only using the sense and bulb wires, auto electrician said voltage would be high as it is not computer controlled. Not sure there is any way around this without putting old anemic one back in... When I tested the sense wire it had exact same voltage as at battery, will need to check again.
  8. Tad bit longer video with a bit of a rev up after getting alternator working. Alternator is pumping out a massive 15v so will probably cook this battery is short order, anyone have hookups on calcium batteries? It is my thinking they require higher charge voltage and might be a good fit, otherwise auto electrician said he may be able to bring voltage down.
  9. I am wondering if anyone in the area has a carb balancing tool sitting in thier shed I could borrow for a few days. Need to balance some twin side draft weber. Thanks in advance
  10. @ToMitz Despite a massive water leak from the pipe that runs into the back of the water pump... The O-Ring seal it came with from factory appears to be too small. But I succeeded in this: Bit of carb tuning and watching oil pressure and she idles sweet as. The oil pressure gauge in the dash is really jumpy and inaccurate but I have confirmed with an external oil pressure gauge I am getting 60PSI of pressure so I am ignoring that for now.
  11. bonkas

    Rules for PCV/Rocker Cover Vents

    Im not too worried tbh but I am not sure if my modifications will require certification, if it does I will need to put in a catch can by the sound of it. For the time being I will just add a smal filter to the breather pipe while I get the engine running. You guys are a huuge help.
  12. bonkas

    Rules for PCV/Rocker Cover Vents

    So in regards to cert - I can just plumb them both into the air filter and be done with it? The catch cans I see for sale have a filter on top and a catch can to catch any fluids but Im not sure how this is any different to putting a filter on the breather on the rocker cover? Something like this im talking about:
  13. I seem to remember a thread on here a long time ago which I can no longer find discussing the rules on venting crankcase emissions. I have gone to dual sidedraft carbs and wondering if I can simply block off the front PCV valve and put a filter on the rear rocker cover vent? The engine is newly built from the ground up so I am hoping for very minimal blowby etc. This is in an early 4g63: PCV bottom left, plain rocker cover vent right hand side center (rear center of rocker cover)
  14. @fletchHaha he seemed to have changed his mind overnight, I have tee'd off the water to the heater so it flows back to the return when the heater is closed. Water is all plumbed up now! I got to get another fuel pump (which is on the way) as the old one had no flares on the fittings and the fuel hose slides off to easily.