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  1. Ah so that's quite a large one! I was looking at the Ender 3 Pro which says it can do Carbon Fibre (not sure if that's the right thing). But the build size is much smaller at 220x220x250. From what I can find the nozzle can do 240degC and the base 110degC so maybe just shy of what is needed. I suppose a manifold could be designed in pieces that slot together?
  2. Yep was meaning the manifold itself, it really interests me since I've been looking into ITB's for my MX5 on and off for a while now. Options are either high end expensive CNC stuff or DIY to keep it affordable. The DIY path has a few options like 20v ITB's with a tig welded flange onto the stock cut down intake manifold. But its a compromise due to port/runner shapes and spacing. The other is using motorbike ITB's with silicon joiners to the cut down manifold but again it's a compromise with either running out of room or having bad flow etc. Doing something like you've done makes more sense to me, as long as it lasts a decent amount of time. Plus the option of printing different trumpets etc is pretty cool. What kind of 3d printer do you have? Do you recommend it?
  3. I'm not sure if this has come up but what kind of 3d printer do you need to do this sort of thing? How is durability now?
  4. I bought a cabinet a little while ago from Machinery Warehouse. Slightly different design but probably made in the same place: I found that the pick up tube is terrible, its just useless. Any pressure from 50psi to 120psi and a big air tank, it just barely works. I tried all sorts but it just wasn't very good at picking up the media. So I modified it like this so the sand pick up is from the bottom trap door, using 40mm steam pipe and some 19mm heater hose back to the gun through a hole drilled in the side of the cabinet. Got the idea from these 'metering valve' kits people sell to do exactly this: It was made from what ever I had available to test the idea, that nut welded on the top had a ball valve tap on it but it was too small to let enough air in. Works great without the valve. Now it works awesome, constant flow of garnet. Now its actually fun to use and not constant frustration. I do still occasionally have the gun getting clogged so just cover the outlet and let the air bast backwards through the feed tube and then its good again. I'm currently fixing up a ST202 Celica, some parts could fit in the cabinet:
  5. That starlet is pretty cool, would make an awesome daily... I currently have 10 fckn cars but what's it worth?
  6. Don't mind 4 door too much but yeah, $4500 seems a bit much. There is another locally but its a 1999 for $4k, would really want a 2000+ for 12 month warrants. I wonder what the solid axle is? s-series? t-series? Do they even still make them?
  7. God dammit, now I want one.
  8. Did almost 20,000km in this in the year I've had it, so much fun to drive and change gear more than is necessary. Currently driving a very boring 2000 Ford Laser hatch (Mazda BJ chassis) with the 1.6 ZM-de, which is the same engine family as the mx5 b6ze from what I understand. Apparently the head will fit onto the B6 block with the only difference being 2 extra oil drains on the later engine. But the port design is different etc, no fancy VVt or anything. But the 1.5 zl-ve does have vvt, so its an interesting concept to maybe fit the 1.5 vvt head to a B6ze? While it is rated to a similar power it feels very lethargic compared to the Mx5, it's probably mostly gearing but maybe the later head's port angles are more economy designed like FE Toyota heads? Current plan is to use the Laser for daily duties and then install the Speeduino in the mx5 so I don't have to rely on it for commuting. So basically a daily for my daily. I swapped on some R888's and later 15's mx5 wheels (enkei's and really light) and drove it rain or shine for a few months. Can seriously throw it around with those on it. Had the roof down on single digit morning, good way to wake up for work. Hard top back on now with all the rain. Took it for a hoon out to the coast for lunch a while ago, was a super clear day too:
  9. Sadly E85 isn't really an option in NZ anymore.
  10. haha yeah maybe not 80kg's. But at least some of the lightness will be in the plastic intake etc, probably only talking a few extra kg's if you make a simple aluminium one though. I wonder how strong the engine is? I know Mighty Car Mods's's Yaris didn't last long, who knows what condition that was in beforehand though.
  11. Does the weight difference still add up when you've added all of the extra turbo stuff? Really interesting idea though...
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