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  1. Man that interior brings back memories! Quite a different head rest to my old one, it had such good seats for 1983 with adjustable everything.
  2. Enjoying all the fabrication work on this thing. Out of interest what fuel line are you using?
  3. Nice, Alan Purvis is still around too. I've seen him comment on FB a few times and his son (I think) Shane. I also learned that someone bought Sterling cars California (the name was something like that) and is starting to manufacture bodies and spares again. I should probably follow up with Stephen about those documents...
  4. Back from holiday so called Stephen again, very friendly guy. Said he thinks this car might might be the one which the Redcross bought new to raffle off in Wellington. He thinks he should have some kind of paperwork. But it will take a while to look through, it was 40 years ago lol. Ask me to call him again in a couple of weeks. Wife has been sick since we got back so haven't had any time the last few days to work on cars, had the kids play on the driveway so I could have a look at the distributor. Thought maybe the points were stuck. Looks like its oxidized, moved ok. Then the boy sprayed the girl with the hose so I didn't look any further.
  5. What do you guys think an argoshield / argon mix bottle is worth? I have one is around an E size I think, maybe a bit smaller, last fill by Supagas was 3.2m3. It's out of test but no reason it shouldn't pass, unsure if its worth the effort to get it tested or just sell as is.
  6. This is awesome, do you have any more photos of the process?
  7. If it was red then surely it must be the same one, the other wellington one has always been black. Probably about time I gave Stephen another call...
  8. Hadn't heard from Stephen so gave him a call just now on the number his wife/partner gave me a few months ago, had a good chat and he said to give him a couple of weeks and he'll see what he can find. Other than that I haven't pulled the distributor off yet, its winter and its outside. Need more garage space haha.
  9. Years ago I had some machined while still on the car, they had a fancy machine to do it. Recently I asked the wof guy to check the brakes on my wifes car because I could feel a wobble under braking. They were a bit warped, he reckoned better off going new because warped ones are likely to warp again quickly after machining. I guess it makes sense if they are unevenly heated when warped?
  10. Lol yeah it makes sense, I'll replace it with something better when it comes to it. The magazine was a solid paper block when it dried so chucked it. Bit of a tragedy not getting to see 1980's boobies.
  11. Here you go: http://www.offroadvw.net/bajawes/linktoV6.htm EDIT: I'll try again: http://www.offroadvw.net/bajawes/V6_baja/Cad/index.htm
  12. Got some very useful bits. The roof is a life saver, the glass is cracked but I knew that already. Also got a front lower section, rear lower section, the top front and rear which is supposed to be one piece but that bit has been cut in half and missing big parts. It was going to be lengthened and put on a ladder chassis but that project didn't go ahead. I mainly need the roof and the bonnet. But the other parts can be used as a mold to fix my front section. Also got a new bonnet and rear engine cover. Looks like the vw engine type cover.
  13. Took the axle and leaves off, jesus its tiny versus the Toyota t series one: Then played car Tetris: Just fits:
  14. Looking at it, it would be a pretty big job to fit a fwd subframe in there. It has its merits though since I have the swing arm transaxle which isn't great for handling. But it would make accessing an east west 'fwd' engine quite hard since it would be much further forwards towards the front of the car. It might even interfere with the rear firewall behind the seats as well as having to move the fuel tank. Makes the most sense to make use of the beetle transaxle, even though it apparently only handles about 150hp or so. Maybe a 200hp light weight v6 would be ok. Lots of options to upgrade it to handle more, still a 4 speed though. ------------------------------------------ Not really sold on the Subaru engine for some reason, but it makes sense to be able to use the Subaru gearbox. Probably an expensive job to rebuild the gbox with the reversed crown wheel and pinion. ------------------------------------------ Does anyone know if the vw bus/kombi has the same 4 bolt bellhousing pattern as the beetle/type 1? I found a dxf file for an adaptor plate for the KLZE to a 'bus' transaxle but my vw knowledge is pretty limited.