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  1. ~Slideways~

    Car photography locations in the greater Wellington region? ??

    Man I like those mesh wheels on the crown, that's the kind of thing I'd like to widen for one of my cars.
  2. ~Slideways~

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    It's annoying when there is no price listing! EDIT: found ebay listing. Almost $500 including shipping...jeez.
  3. ~Slideways~

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    I wonder if these would fair any better? https://xcessivemanufacturing.com/nissan/240sx/sr/engine/xm-universal-universal-hardware-uh-umm-s3.html
  4. ~Slideways~

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    Balls. Thanks for the info. Well I have some options at least.
  5. ~Slideways~

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    What are you thoughts on engine mounts like this? I've been told some have been failed but I found this LVVTA forum post saying there are ok. http://lvvta.proboards.com/thread/521/solid-engine-mounts
  6. ~Slideways~

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    Awesome thanks cert man.
  7. ~Slideways~

    For Questions Regarding WOFs/CERTs/NUMBER PLATEs

    I've searched and can't find this being discussed. Can you tell me what the story is with making your own 'bumper bar' or 'bash bar' as some call it. I have a 1991 200sx (non abs and 20+ years old) with no internal front bumper bar (the metal behind plastic/fibreglass bumper). I want to either fit a factory one which might need cutting anyway, or make one out of bent tube to protect the intercooler etc. The below makes me think its a none issue as long as it isn't designed to impale people (I intend for it to follow the inside contour of the bumper). In fact it sounds like I don't actually need one? All I can find in LVVTA docs in this: Bumper bar (removal and change)  the vehicle is not required to comply with a frontal impact occupant protection standard (see Frontal Impact note on page 1). Note: Bumper bar means either the structural part inside a plastic bumper or a complete metal bumper as used on older vehicles.
  8. ~Slideways~


    Interesting idea, but a container might be a bit narrow depending on what you want to paint?
  9. ~Slideways~

    Russell's CG110

    Cool! What's the little yellow bike?
  10. ~Slideways~

    Gav’s Honda N360

    I think I have everything I need panel wise so far, so nothing urgent. Later down the track I'll need to look at the steering rack and what options there are for shocks and springs.
  11. ~Slideways~

    Gav’s Honda N360

    Yep I saw that, even though I think I have everything I am still tempted. Except that the ferry round trip with my big trailer would be stupid expensive.
  12. ~Slideways~

    Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Can see 9-35 so it must be a 3.889, looks pretty fordy to me:
  13. ~Slideways~

    Gav’s Honda N360

    Indeed. I like lots of revs. It's one of the reasons I went with a 1jz instead of a 2jz, the 2jz's sound lazy to me. 1jz's, well the vvti one I had before, hits that hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck spot that the other engine just seems to miss. For me anyway.
  14. ~Slideways~

    Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    Yep, that's the one I was walking from the train station. I haven't worked out the ratio (should there be any markings?), didn't see any damage. I'm sure it must be an escort diff, the previous house owner had one and there was a mk1 escort grill too (gave to my dad). Has just been sitting for years, so if you want it I wouldn't say no to some beer. I'll get a photo tonight.
  15. ~Slideways~

    Russell's Mk1 Cortina_Discussion

    I was walking to work this morning and saw a cool bike, thought....thats a cool bike. Went on oldschool, looked at cool Mk1 wagon, then saw your bike and it was the same one, exciting times. Also, do you need a diff head? Think I have one, which came with my house.