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  1. Still chasing this misfire, currently have injectors out, which were new xSpurt 1000cc's when put in some time over a year ago. They were tested and it sounds like one was a little iffy on a low pulse, but was then fine which is frustrating. But it does actually match the intermittentness of the misfire. I'm not sure its enough to explain the behavior I'm seeing, but maybe since it only happens at idle/low throttle cruise which would be a pretty low duty cycle on big injectors, it could fit. Getting them ultrasonically cleaned, if that doesn't do anything then maybe I'll just have to buy one new injector and hope for the best.
  2. Haven't had much time to spend on this but have tested the Speeduino in the car a bit more. I had a problem where it seemed like it wasn't reading the trigger signal but have it working now. When its connected to the car it reads: - Air temp, with a generic Holden/GM sensor. - RPM through the factory loom - Water Temp - MAP (vac line to speeduino onboard sensor) - TPS (BMW one not on the car yet) - Injectors duty cycle I still need to sort out an AFR sensor and controller. Maybe I'll just use the one off the 200sx for now. Previously it just cranked and didn't start but I was happy because it was communicating with sensors etc, this time it actually fired for about 1 second and got up to 1500rpm then died. I view this as a big success though! It does stuff! Even without the TPS fitted since I found I need to remove the throttlebody to get it off the shaft, ran out of time/daily driver things. I can't tell if the fuel pump is running because its so quiet. Maybe it's just not getting fuel. Also, much thanks to @Roman for printing this adapter:
  3. I was thinking I could make something out of aluminium but a 3d printed one would be easier if the guy on NZMX5's is doing it, I've joined now to try find them. Lol, that's a bit weird about being banned.
  4. I literally just got back from Pick a Part with a BMW one! Cheers though. I was actually hoping to find a Nissan one which is supposed to be a good fit without an adapter. None there so got the BMW one based on the PnP kits. I'll see if I can make an adapter or if I need to get one 3d printed.
  5. True, could be or also a bit more head room.
  6. Holy crap that's amazing. Interesting that they all have a sunroof too.
  7. It does things! Firmware successfully updated with speedyloader: Tunerstudio recognises it and when I set the map sensor correctly it reads a change when I blow into a vacuum hose: Connected to the mx5 loom it powers on and the LED’s flash when it cranks: Next I need to go to Pick a Part and find a suitable variable TPS that’ll fit and maybe a generic Air temp sensor and see if it will fire. Then decide what AFR sensor to use, could just take the one out of the 200sx but to be honest I haven’t been impressed with it.
  8. Like a glove: From the top you can barely tell, which is the side you can see. Just the extra screws on top and the USB cable out the side: Mounted on pc stand off screws: All in there with hole in the side for the cable:
  9. Maybe... the standard one can go on top although the bolt holes don’t go through. I’ll probably just space it out or make a new bottom plate.
  10. Trying to find out what type of resistor and diodes the adapter needs but Other than that it’s altogether. Will need to modify The standard ecu case as it’s too tall.
  11. Got a second hand ecu to salvage the plug and will use the case as well. Mx5 pcb vs speeduino: Plug removed: Found someone made an adapter board for the mx5 two plug which saves me having to figure out the pin outs: soldered on: added the 40pin and some more bits to the main pcb:
  12. Did a bunch more, pretty fun to put together:
  13. Speeduino kit arrived from the UK, bought a PCB holder thing from Jaycar. Still waiting on the mx5 adapter board but made a start on soldering.
  14. I guess they are trying to avoid people bogging up their crash damaged helmet.
  15. Good suggestions guys thanks. I had also emailed Link support about the difference in readings between the Link log and a multi-meter and they said it could be due to having a diode in the 12v feed to the ECU, as this feed is also used to return the voltage spikes from the switching of solenoids and relays. (I never would have thought it did anymore than provide power to the ECU) So if a ISC or boost control solenoid is switching, and a big one would be the injectors then this back EMF will build up and pump up the ECU voltage. I had asked about the diode since I had installed one after not being able to find the source of the power back feeding. It sounds like it's more complicated than simple wiring since he's talking about EMF's. Anyway, late last night I removed the diode and now the log shows the same voltage as the mutli-meter plus it seems like it is a steady 14.7v even when rev'd to 4000rpm (directly below sleeping children...). I didn't have time to drive it, so I'll try do that tonight after the kids are in bed. Bit of a frustrating thing but it looks like I'm getting to the bottom of it. In saying that, it may not having anything to do with the misfire. It does sound feasible that the ecu is getting confused with incorrect voltage though. Maybe one day I'll actually be able to 'finish' this one!....