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  1. Sadly E85 isn't really an option in NZ anymore.
  2. haha yeah maybe not 80kg's. But at least some of the lightness will be in the plastic intake etc, probably only talking a few extra kg's if you make a simple aluminium one though. I wonder how strong the engine is? I know Mighty Car Mods's's Yaris didn't last long, who knows what condition that was in beforehand though.
  3. Does the weight difference still add up when you've added all of the extra turbo stuff? Really interesting idea though...
  4. Should be good now, was working with Google photos at first then it stopped. Not sure why so uploaded instead.
  5. Weird, they were working at first but not anymore. Have uploaded to OS now.
  6. Took this off the road to deal with the rust on drivers side of the roof, it was worse than I thought under the bog job that the previous owner had paid a lot of money for.... that was probably 7-8 years ago now so I guess it lasted a while. I decided to go all out and cut any trace of rust out of the roof then paint the whole thing. Condensation is what gets to the roof skins on these so I sprayed lots of wax anti rust stuff in everywhere. Decided to do something a bit different and paint the roof with 2 pack textured stuff, like Raptor liner but I used Novol Cobra stuff.
  7. Can't remember the sequence of things that happened but in a nut shell, multiple dyno visits and some teething issues: - Had boost control issues due to heat melting a vacuum hose, tried extending the fitting by getting it braised but wasn't enough, then found that Turbosmart now provide fittings in their annoying thread and size that no one else uses or stocks. Used some of those to get it away from the heat. Added a bunch of heat shielding and some of that gold tape stuff. - Over fueling in higher revs, theory was that the Xspurt 1000cc's have a single narrow spray pattern a
  8. Have been driving this everywhere, bit of a tidy up and a new wof. Took the Semi's off and put the super cats back on, man what a difference the tyre walls make it feel like the tyres are flat. Still fun but easy to out drive the grip now. Shame the semi's are so fckn loud, louder than the worst mud terrains I've had! Haven't had a chance to do anything else on the Speeduino yet, needed it as the daily while working on other cars. Out of interest I unbolted a spare 1.6 exhaust manifold to see how bad the collector was to see if they were as bad as Roman's ones. Yes they are
  9. Watching with interest, I remember my old '83 ae86 was stock standard when I got it, even had the intake crossover pipe over the radiator, that thing had so little torque that even gravel roads would require higher revs to break traction. I remember it was a thing to remove the TVIS butterflies for "more top end", I never did that but I imagine it would make the bottom end torque become a black hole of nothingness.
  10. I had a stripped out ae92 Trueno, no sound deadening, no carpet, no stereo, motorbike AGM battery, seats removed, racetech drivers seat, removed sunroof with alloy panel, plus extra weight of turbo stuff. Metal Recycler weighed at 920kg. I know you meant AE70/85/86 chassis, but you said AE's so there you go. Don't be a racist.
  11. Have you watched this guys stuff? Pretty cool. https://c90adventures.co.uk/
  12. Still chasing this misfire, currently have injectors out, which were new xSpurt 1000cc's when put in some time over a year ago. They were tested and it sounds like one was a little iffy on a low pulse, but was then fine which is frustrating. But it does actually match the intermittentness of the misfire. I'm not sure its enough to explain the behavior I'm seeing, but maybe since it only happens at idle/low throttle cruise which would be a pretty low duty cycle on big injectors, it could fit. Getting them ultrasonically cleaned, if that doesn't do anything then maybe I'll just have t
  13. Haven't had much time to spend on this but have tested the Speeduino in the car a bit more. I had a problem where it seemed like it wasn't reading the trigger signal but have it working now. When its connected to the car it reads: - Air temp, with a generic Holden/GM sensor. - RPM through the factory loom - Water Temp - MAP (vac line to speeduino onboard sensor) - TPS (BMW one not on the car yet) - Injectors duty cycle I still need to sort out an AFR sensor and controller. Maybe I'll just use the one off the 200sx for now. Previously it just crank
  14. I was thinking I could make something out of aluminium but a 3d printed one would be easier if the guy on NZMX5's is doing it, I've joined now to try find them. Lol, that's a bit weird about being banned.
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