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  1. Speeduino kit arrived from the UK, bought a PCB holder thing from Jaycar. Still waiting on the mx5 adapter board but made a start on soldering.
  2. I guess they are trying to avoid people bogging up their crash damaged helmet.
  3. Good suggestions guys thanks. I had also emailed Link support about the difference in readings between the Link log and a multi-meter and they said it could be due to having a diode in the 12v feed to the ECU, as this feed is also used to return the voltage spikes from the switching of solenoids and relays. (I never would have thought it did anymore than provide power to the ECU) So if a ISC or boost control solenoid is switching, and a big one would be the injectors then this back EMF will build up and pump up the ECU voltage. I had asked about the diode since I had installed one after not being able to find the source of the power back feeding. It sounds like it's more complicated than simple wiring since he's talking about EMF's. Anyway, late last night I removed the diode and now the log shows the same voltage as the mutli-meter plus it seems like it is a steady 14.7v even when rev'd to 4000rpm (directly below sleeping children...). I didn't have time to drive it, so I'll try do that tonight after the kids are in bed. Bit of a frustrating thing but it looks like I'm getting to the bottom of it. In saying that, it may not having anything to do with the misfire. It does sound feasible that the ecu is getting confused with incorrect voltage though. Maybe one day I'll actually be able to 'finish' this one!....
  4. Fuuuuuuck, I’ve put in a brand new voltage regulator and I thought it was okay because the log in PC Link showed 13.89v at idle. But give it some revs and it jumps to over 16v. WTF is going on? My multimeter reports 14.4v at idle and it’s not showing any higher when I rev it. Either the Link is some how reporting incorrect voltage readings or my multimeter is wrong. Is there no voltage problem at all and there is some other problem causing the misfire?
  5. Lol aren't you then swapping in the scrap engine which made it cheap in the first place? I've been looking into ITB's a bunch and the more I read the more it seems like there is little to no gain except the cool noise, maybe a little more top end and even less bottom end torque. So logic tells me I should do it anyway.
  6. Fitted new alternator plug, new pins and moved the sense wire to a better power source (theoretically). At idle it’s fine. A little more revs and it’s going to 15.3v. Balls. It must be the voltage regulator. The alternator will be out of warranty now too. It was meant to be ‘all new parts’. I still have the old alternator which stopped charging. Maybe the reg in that will be ok. Otherwise I’ll look into whether I can get a new regulator to fit to this refurbished one.
  7. Have ordered a DIY solder Speeduino kit, it's coming from the UK so who knows how long that might take. Both the Aus and UK Speeduino suppliers have been out of stock of the MX5 PNP ones for quite a while and never had a reply from the Speeduino guy in AU so just bought a solder kit. Have done a decent amount of soldering but never anything like this, think it'll be pretty cool. If it works, I can then play around with Tunerstudio without too much fear of blowing up an expensive engine. Plus the lack of turbo or anything like VVT should make it a good way to learn the basics of tuning.
  8. I do want to keep it lol, but still heaps to do then I will have sunk a lot into it...yay cars.
  9. 100% they give so much feedback to the driver, have very good gear shift feel, just love downshifting for corners, such a balanced car. I have some old semi slicks on mine and can really throw it into corners. Mine has a manual steering rack and it gives you so much feedback. Loves to rev, lacks tops end but between 4500 and 6000rpm it feels good. I drove an auto 2010 Suzuki swift yesterday and it was fcking awful (terrible drivers position, ridiculously gutless and the steering...fcking hell its terrible, like the steering is made of loose rubber bands), made the mx5 feel like a drivers dream. I have been tossing up whether I will keep the mx5 or the aw11 I am fixing up for fun daily and I think I will keep the mx5.
  10. Yes you should. I'm still considering using bike itb's using joiners to the stock runners, cut off etc. I know it can be done. Seems like not much to be gained unless higher compression and cams though. But the cool noises... Or a simple turbo setup with either a td04 or a twin scroll td05 if it would spool ok. First step would be an ecu, keep it low budget with a Speeduino, free up the intake and exhaust might be enough?
  11. Yeah I totally agree, with the supercats and the lsd it was fun in the rain pulling away in first gear with way too many revs, but it'd barely chirps into 2nd. It really needs just a little more power. Is yours 1.6 or 1.8? Last night I investigate fitting a random pod filter to the AFM but didn't have the right combination of joiners etc. I ended up leaving the factory air box, removing the snorkel thing (doesn't even lead to cold air) and drilling some big holes into the air box while still letting the panel filter do its thing. Driving it to work this morning it has a good amount of induction noise, previously it was all exhaust noise (has a aftermarket rear muffler of some sort, the rest is facotry). Sounds pretty cool actually, not sure its making any noticable power though. I've read that a lot of the intake restriction is due to the 90degree bend from the AFM down into the air box plus the AFM itself. I'm pretty tempted to buy a diy kit for a speeduino just to see how much of a restriction the intake really is by removing the AFM and piping etc. It may actually lose some torque since I think that long intake pipe is meant to help with bottom end torque. The top end really does feel choked and flat. All suppliers of the plug in MX5 speeduino have been sold out for a while but the diy solder kit is available. Would have to splice it in or get some spare ecu female plugs.
  12. Awesome thanks heaps, really interested to know. That adapter is pretty cool, didn't know they existed, shame it'd end up being $100 landed.
  13. Definitely better, probably no where near as good as they should be since they are old.
  14. I would have been keen on a IBM Model M keyboard but it sounds like they are all gone except the ones you can only use on a terminal (has all the function keys etc). Also would have been keen on an IBM XT or AT or something but again it sounds like they are too expensive. That guy on Twitter bought an XT for $400 and it doesn't work. It's more fun finding them cheap. ....hmmm maybe a cool old AT desktop case though... wonder how much they'd be?