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  1. Sheepers latest Ms75

    I drove a GZ powered JZX90 last weekend. It was epicly good. Perfect motor for an old crown. besides making it fit and run and all that other fun stuff oh, also I'm hell jealous. I've been trying to buy a UZ powered one in Perth for almost 7 years now, but the guy just won't sell it to me.
  2. Naratechwin's 1981 Honda Accord - Discussion

    Diving straight in, the best way to learn! Hatch is cool, such a rare car to see these days cheers Matt
  3. Hopefully you're still going on this!!!
  4. rxtoy's Toyota Corolla Sprinter

    I've actually been making HEAPS of progress, decided I wanted to get it to the car show I help organise on Sunday, Toyotas at the Quay, so I've been putting in lots of hours. Cleaned the engine and box, replaced everything I could think of/easily get, painted a bunch of stuff, cleaned up some firewall rust, modified the KE26 gearbox crossmember, did all the associated manual swap stuff to the formerly auto KE15 A friend bought me extractors so fitted those and got a new exhaust made. Home tuned the carb, had massive problems getting it running right and it's still not quite there drove it to the exhaust shop with just headers which turned into a 4 hour mission with lack of power, a carb rebuild, a loss of clutch cable, a breakdown, pushing the thing out of traffic twice, side of the road bodge ups, etc. fun times when you're rushing things Still got lots more finishing touches but it's running and driving fairly well so I'll let the pics tell the rest of the story. Oh, and a mate loaned me his watanabes, I'm not much of a fat tyre fan but these things really suit it. Still need to take an inch or so out of the height in the front
  5. rxtoy's sprinter discussion

    I already tried to buy it, he's not keen. Reckons he's collecting the set, has the wagon, 2x2 door sedans and a 4 door sedan back in NZ. Fluked the wagon find when him and some mates were picking up a cheap bus to take to scrap and it was just sitting there in a field. 1 owner, she retired it 8 years ago when she lost her licence. Such a shame it just sat there, it's pretty rough now, but definitely fixable If anything comes up I'll keep you in mind though, it's crazy what's still sitting around in WA, it's just a matter of finding it
  6. rxtoy's Toyota Corolla Sprinter

    /endjoke thats mates sedan that he just picked up for parts for his KE16 i did however pull a 2K? And K40 out of a KE26 so am making progress again cheers Matt
  7. rxtoy's Toyota Corolla Sprinter

    Massive progress.........
  8. Geophys 1947 Chev 3100

    Love the truck, one of my dream builds just so you know, W50 is different to the W55/56/57/58 boxes, the rest will all go in place of each other but the 50 is its own design. The good news is that they were commonly used by the Ford/Chev V8 crowd for drag racing because they're pretty tough, it should be fine for a 350 unless you're getting pretty crazy with it cheers Matt
  9. 63Ragtop's 63Ragtop

    I've really enjoyed watching this come together, it's turned out mint!
  10. rxtoy's Toyota Corolla Sprinter

    Pushed this out of the garage today to give it a wash and see what I'm actually dealing with, tried polishing the boot to get rid of the surface rust, it's better but still needs more work and I pushed it all the way up the driveway purely for a pic with the crown, GF was very unimpressed when I told her the actual reason I made her help. It's TINY compared to the crown also picked up the rest of the stuff that comes with it, except I've missed the struts I just realised. 7K-E and G52 box fit nicely in the back of the daily And I got the wheels, 14x7 and 14x6.5 watanabes, minor positive offsets, I'm pretty stoked with these! Although they require a stud pattern change to 4x114.3 can anybody ID K sumps by eye? I need a 4K one, this came with, no idea if it's the right one cheers Matt
  11. There's two facelift MS45 sedans that I know of, one is a members car @ruff kunt automotive From memory no pre facelift (round taillights, same as mine) have shown their face but who knows what's hiding in sheds
  12. Matt's 1969? 50 series crown ute

    They are more common, but Aussie is a big place. Finding decent parts cars for a decent price that aren't on the wrong side of the country is a lot harder than it was 5-10 years ago
  13. Matt's 1969? 50 series crown ute

    Definitely a witch
  14. Matt's 1969? 50 series crown ute

    We've got a few boxes of spares but Loz has already sold off the stuff she doesn't want to keep just in case. It was her first car, she's had it for 17 years, she's stripped 4 cars over that time, and considering how hard it's getting to find decent replacement panels/glass/bumpers she just won't let it go. Can't say I blame her