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  1. I’ve got ball joints already, idler arm and outer tie rods (same as 112) are readily available via eBay, inners are the only hard to get part and at worst I’ll mod my drag link to suit 80 series inners. Ball joint on the pitman arm is the only thing I may have to get rebuilt. Budget is fairly low, I have other mistresses which demand their share of time and funds (TA22, RS41, AUSSIEGIRL01 etc), plus I have zero room for a blast cabinet. I’ll see how the front clip comes up, wire wheel seems to be getting all the loose stuff off which is all that is recommended for the paint I’m using. I’ve used it before with good results but not on something that sees as hard a time as the chassis cheers Matt
  2. Dissassembled and started cleaning up front suspension and brakes this afternoon after work. Realised I'm not going to be able to do a decent job with wire wheels, I'll have to get the control arms blasted at least, I'm leaning towards powder coating it all as well. Tue rod ball joints are ultra stuck, I'll take them to work on Monday and see if I can get them moving with a press. The rest came apart fairly easily. want to get some paint down this weekend, so I'm thinking I'll just do the front clip tomorrow if it's not to cold/wet. I'm using this rustkill paint, hopefully it's up to the job. It's chassis though, so it's not like it's going to get seen much once it's road legal was talking to the guy I got the front disc setup off today and realised he's still got his parts car so I'm going to go and steal the rest of the braking system off that, so it'll be 100% MS112. Will need to adapt the booster to the firewall but it shouldn't be to major a job Assembled dissassembled will be doing new wheel bearings so not to worried about covering them up cheers Matt
  3. Jacked the body up off the chassis tonight, took a couple of goes before it came off and I was happy with it balancing nicely from where I was jacking it. Dropped it on 100mm wooden blocks so I can access most of the parts that I want to wire wheel and paint. It's going to be a fucking shit job climbing under there and wire wheeling everything but I'm to cheap/poor to send the chassis to get blasted. floors look pretty good from underneath got these weird holes that seem to be for nothing that have rusted bigger, not sure what I should do so they don't look so dodgy. Might use a die grinder and make them round again cheers Matt
  4. Sooooooo it's been a while............ this has just been been sitting in the garage looking cool, and I've been happy with that. I have been slowly acquiring parts though, I got front suspension and disc brake setup from an MS112, and have got a JZ mid sump coming. Had given up on ever finding one but things just fell into place, and some form of JZ is pretty much the perfect motor for this since I bought the celica, and I want to put that in the garage where it's complete lack of windscreens won't be such a problem, I need to get the ute rolling again. I decided just throwing it back together was a terrible idea because I'd have to do it all again so I'm replacing what I can with new stuff, painting up the chassis (or at least the front clip and all the rear mounting points), and reassembling with the disc swap all round. Front is bolt on but I'll need to get the leaf perches swapped onto the MS112 diff for the rear first I jacked it up nice and high and put it on axle stands Then I started cleaning up the front clip with wire wheels, it's in a lot better shape than it looked, but there is a bit of rust in the bottom of the front crossmember before: and after: rust in front crossmember, I'll leave this unpainted for now and get it welded once everything is back together. I have a timeline I'm trying to keep to, basically the crown sedan is at the gf's parents and they're home in three weeks so I want this rolling and out of the way by then crossmember was full of dirt and for some reason a whole bunch of crab claws all I can think of is if someone was trying to make it stink to piss the owner off now it's up in the air I had a better look over it for rust, just one sill is really bad, from the cab back. It's been bogged in the past and there's a few bits around the rear guards but nothing to major I'll probably find more as I go, but it's in stupidly good condition really for an old crown ute forgot to take pics of other side, maybe tomorrow cheers Matt
  5. First thing I like to do when I get a new car is lower it, even if it's just for some motivational pics. This is springs out on bumps all round. Hopefully I can get it this low with coilovers in the front and trimmed bumps and aftermarket springs in the rear it's actually currently regoed too, which saves so much pissing around trying to get it over the pits this is the colour me and the girlfriend agree on, but this may change. Paint is a long way off at the moment cheers Matt
  6. So it's a complete car although I haven't looked through and found everything yet, there will probably be a few things missing. Interior is brown so will be looking for good black stuff to replace it. The car came with a couple of sets of GT bonnet vents, and a 2TG so I may turn it into a GT clone if I can find a grill and rear badge. Pics of some of the NOS stuff that came with: and this is the pinnacle of the bunch, I was lost for words when I saw this. I wonder if it's the only one left anywhere..... Toyota genuine parts NOS dash pad.
  7. I've had a couple of 1st gen celicas, although I sold the last one off over ten years ago. As much as I love them I decided it'd have to be something special if I ever had another one, either one of the JDM only models or a flatlight. quick lesson for non celica people, the first two years of celicas had flat tail lights and a flip down panel between them with the fuel filler behind it, and the tank under the boot. After that the taillights changed, the tank went behind the rear seat, and the filler in the C pillar. Finding a good early celica these days is a struggle, and flatlights are even harder. I was talking to my mate Dave at a car show, he's got a mint white RA28 with RA25 taillights and bumpers, he was foaming over the KE15 and at some point he mentioned he had a TA22 project in the garage a tidy home that had stalled. I jokingly said we should swap, he said something like 'surely you wouldn't want to' and we left it at that. Fast forward 6 months and he tags me in a mint KE15 for sale on Facebook and says 'I hope yours turns out this good' and I reply 'you can make sure of it if you trade me for your TA22', then we have a bit of a chat, have a good look over each other's cars, and decide to make it happen. i really like the KE15, but it's just a bit to small for me, and in the long run I'd rather have the celica. finally swapped cars today, I had to take the crown up to the inlaws while I move some stuff around to make room. How to make a crown look tiny: catch you later Sprinter, I'll miss your face a lot and the new celica home in the garage pretty stoked, I can't find any rust, and she is damn straight considering it's never been restored cheers Matt
  8. I drove a GZ powered JZX90 last weekend. It was epicly good. Perfect motor for an old crown. besides making it fit and run and all that other fun stuff oh, also I'm hell jealous. I've been trying to buy a UZ powered one in Perth for almost 7 years now, but the guy just won't sell it to me.
  9. Diving straight in, the best way to learn! Hatch is cool, such a rare car to see these days cheers Matt
  10. I've actually been making HEAPS of progress, decided I wanted to get it to the car show I help organise on Sunday, Toyotas at the Quay, so I've been putting in lots of hours. Cleaned the engine and box, replaced everything I could think of/easily get, painted a bunch of stuff, cleaned up some firewall rust, modified the KE26 gearbox crossmember, did all the associated manual swap stuff to the formerly auto KE15 A friend bought me extractors so fitted those and got a new exhaust made. Home tuned the carb, had massive problems getting it running right and it's still not quite there drove it to the exhaust shop with just headers which turned into a 4 hour mission with lack of power, a carb rebuild, a loss of clutch cable, a breakdown, pushing the thing out of traffic twice, side of the road bodge ups, etc. fun times when you're rushing things Still got lots more finishing touches but it's running and driving fairly well so I'll let the pics tell the rest of the story. Oh, and a mate loaned me his watanabes, I'm not much of a fat tyre fan but these things really suit it. Still need to take an inch or so out of the height in the front
  11. I already tried to buy it, he's not keen. Reckons he's collecting the set, has the wagon, 2x2 door sedans and a 4 door sedan back in NZ. Fluked the wagon find when him and some mates were picking up a cheap bus to take to scrap and it was just sitting there in a field. 1 owner, she retired it 8 years ago when she lost her licence. Such a shame it just sat there, it's pretty rough now, but definitely fixable If anything comes up I'll keep you in mind though, it's crazy what's still sitting around in WA, it's just a matter of finding it
  12. /endjoke thats mates sedan that he just picked up for parts for his KE16 i did however pull a 2K? And K40 out of a KE26 so am making progress again cheers Matt