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  1. Awesome, cheers. That should give me a starting point at least. just curious on your thoughts on the power loss with quads. You think the reduced airflow (from cross section of ITB throats compared to a large single) is a major factor, or underbonnet intake temp would be a big problem as well? I'm leaning towards a 3SGE swap with either twin carbs to start, then some form of quad throttle bodies later, but I have to admit that your cross section comparison has got me thinking. I've got a spare bonnet so I could cut it up to promote cold air being directly fed to the intake, but if it's only part of the problem then I may have to change my plans cheers Matt
  2. Lies!!! just bought a carina coupe myself, been through your whole build thread, and now making my way through the discussion thread hoping to take in some of your test and tries. I think I was dreaming about graphs last night!!! 1 major question which will help heaps with the start of my setup (planning similar to you, fun track/weekend car, probable gen 3 3SGE swap to come), what spring rates did you end up running front and rear? love your work, been following this build since the start and it looks like so much fun cheers Matt
  3. Sorry, I read that wrong and thought they were to suit standard pulleys. I read your question on their page, can you machine the front of the stock pulley flat to suit their trigger wheel?
  4. Probably to late but......
  5. I know where there's a couple of facelift wagons I want to check out for parts, I'll check what the lenses surrounds are like when I do. Best will be going to mine, but if there's a decent second pair we'll work something out
  6. Awesome, I was hoping they'd work not sure if these are S1 or S2 but there's reproduction lenses on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/131991544822?dest=https%3A%2F%2Fitunes.apple.com%2Fapp%2Fapple-store%2Fid282614216%3Fpt%3D9247%26mt%3D8%26ct%3Duljs theres also full red US style available paint/patina decision is a long way off, it'll definitely get paint at some point, but I'll probably get it done and driving first cheers Matt
  7. I've been pretty slack, Perth summers are way to fucking hot for being in the garage. Finished stripping the steering and suspension today, it's all fairly tidy under the dirt, grease and surface rust. Am buying the parts new that I can get, inner tie rod ends could be a mission but all the other steering stuff is available, UCA bushes also seem to be a questionable item but I'm not sure if it's just a listing issue. Will clean up and paint the control arms, strip and check out the steering box, then clean and paint the front of the frame. So much parts to take up space! I measured up my old sedan chassis, not bolt on, and it was way more fucked than I was hoping, so I'm keeping an eye out for something with better front panels to grab, partly because I am missing most of the front end bolts and lights and shit like that. cheers Matt
  8. Your update reminded me that I saw this on crackbook and saved it to show you
  9. Pics fixed, resized them through Facebook (upload, download) then used the oldschool uploader. Still can't make photobucket work at all cheers Matt
  10. As promised! this is no diff, no front springs, but 100mm in rear (sitting on 100mm wooden blocks) and held up by the jack in the front (run out of blocks, but a little higher) so achievable ride height on springs in a 50 series crown. its purely for mockup, the wheels are so fucking shit, but came free with my hilux so will do for jobs like this. Definitely got me leaning towards 18's for the finished product though, but will be something a lot more traditional looking, billets would be nice but the stout taught me that I hate polishing wheels comparison height pic cheers Matt
  11. Haven't done a whole lot besides plan, or try to at least. Im pretty lost as to how I want to do things, but I'm meeting up with the guy who's got my old sedan so I can measure it up and discuss buying next week. I picked up the guards that came with it today, bolted them on for a look, but they're pretty rough. Hoping the sedan ones are usable, I know one was good and one had a big dent but was rust free, but still way better than the ones I've got. I'm also pulling out the diff and planning on chopping the front of the ute chassis off, will put it on casters so I can store it in the side of my carport while I sort out the sedan chassis, replace all the steering bits, bushes etc, and set the motor up in it. Once I decide on a motor. This post is worthless without pics!!! update tomorrow with mockup slam on wheels pics. Only got shitty 18's at the moment, but should give an idea of what I want height wise cheers Matt
  12. Just went back to the top of page one looking for a link to discussion. Fuck, what a difference!!! It's beautiful man, top job. Cheers Matt
  13. Not even a 1 double G? Sorry man, not keen
  14. There's a guy over east who's sent some that way, I'm not sure whether it's a few or a lot, I'm not keen on the idea, but at least they treat them right over there I think I've got a parts sedan lined up, my old MS55 has changed hands a couple of times since I sold it, and all the good bits are gone, but it will still have most of what I need, and the guy who has it currently has since bought a mint one, so I've just got to check it to make sure the chassis will work, then make him an offer. Trying to work out where the hell I can put it first though! Sedan when I had it I like the blue too, my stout is the same colour, but this will definitely need a paint job, colour will be a tough choice Cheers Matt
  15. I am so happy right now. Almost justifies importing the stout so I can get side by side pics