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    Thanks for the honesty, never approached rust on a car before, so a bit like fish out of water. Yup, on the roof. Assuming cutting out and welding new metal in that gutter would be quite the pain. Will probably try find a local panel beater then and see what can be done.

    Heading into my first rust repair, thought I'd seek some advice for a first-timer before I jump straight in, don't want to screw it up too much. Finally built up the self esteem to check out the rust under the weather stripping on my Accord, had some scraping with a screwdriver and looks as if the rust has blown through the first layer of steel in 2 corners, other two corners are surface rust. Currently thinking my best course of action would be to strip back as much rust as I can with a wire wheel on a Dremel, fill the small hole with bog, treat with Por15, primer and throw some rattle paint on top. Want to make sure I'm going about this right, don't want to hide a safety issue or see the rust come back after winter, any advice on products/better methods?
  3. Naratechwin's 1981 Honda Accord

    Yet another productive week! Spent the weeknights after work cleaning up the engine bay and reassembling the interior, in some spots I'd found almost 1/2 inch thick of oil on the cross-member, so totally worth while! Dropped the motor & trans in Fri evening and spent the weekend putting everything together, gave it a hoon around the block sat evening without the front end fascia on, got many odd looks but one hell of a rewarding experience. Sunday I'd put the last few things together and she ran great! Still need to work out a few minor things (like getting a WOF). Been surprisingly simple working on this ol' Honda, probably the ideal car to learn on, and looking forward to learning more on it in the coming months when I rebuild the original engine and touch up exterior/interior things.
  4. Naratechwin's 1981 Honda Accord

    Done moving! Promptly trashed what was a pristine garage floor tearing apart the Yellow Accord, and had the driveline out by the end of my first weekend here. Found some rust on a chassis rail under the battery that'll need some attention. Will spend the coming week after work sorting out that, fitting out the interior with manual specific bits and hopefully next weekend I can drop in the replacement driveline!
  5. Naratechwin's 1981 Honda Accord - Discussion

    Sure does, moved the shell w/ rego onto another Honda nut but could get you two in contact as I'm sure he'd be willing to part with the plates.
  6. Naratechwin's 1981 Honda Accord

    Weekend ended well! Got the engine & trans out, a ton of small things needed for the manual swap then finally pulled a pile of parts for other Honda nuts. One of these Honda Nuts was a local and wanted to strip out the body to build up his parts bins, so luckily the rest of the car is off to good use! Now focusing on moving flat and in around a weeks time the yellow Honda comes apart!
  7. Naratechwin's 1981 Honda Accord

    First day in: Think I'm all set to drag out the driveline! Everything disconnected, most parts needed for the manual trans out and bagged. Tomorrows job to disconnect the shifter linkages, all motor/trans mounts and lift it all out.
  8. Naratechwin's 1981 Honda Accord - Discussion

    @kyteler I wish the loan officer at my bank thought the same way
  9. Discuss!
  10. Had this old Honda for over a year now, bought it from Avengertiger here on OS and had plans to rebuild the motor (from worn out piston rings) in this old girl as my first automotive project: The project started off brilliantly, within a couple weeks I'd given it a hell of a clean and polish, rebuilt most of the rear breaks and had her running around as my weekend cruiser Though as all my plans go, I procrastinated waiting on things to fall into place as the rings got more and more worn, it wasn't until she was vaping up clouds that I was sure the dodgiest of WOF inspectors wouldn't pass did I think of doing something. It was a few weeks ago that I had the opportunity to buy a 5-spd running donor from Waimate. So with a couple hundy in hand I took the drive to pick up a parts car with never seeing the car or knowing much about it at all. Turned out It had been used a daily by a lovely old lady on some long gravel roads for the past decade; having started to rust intensely and failed a previous WOF on a tie-rod end she thought it was time to move it on. One hell of a fun road-trip later I had two old Honda's in the driveway and many pissed off flatmates. This project post starts here; with a week before I'm due to move flat and no space to store the parts car its time to rip her apart! It'll donate Engine, Accessories, a Manual swap (ie most of it's soul) to my beloved Yellow Accord. With minimal experience working on cars I'm sure this'll be an adventure, though I'm itching to get started this New Year 2018! Discuss!
  11. 1983 Civic EN Head Removal HELP!

    Thanks for the help guys, put a piece of 2x4 against the head, gave it a few smacks with beefier hammer and it came loose!
  12. 1983 Civic EN Head Removal HELP!

    Cheers for that! The mallet I had wasn't that grunty, guess I'll go begging for a better one instead of a crane.
  13. 1983 Civic EN Head Removal HELP!

    Thanks for the advice guys. Have given it a few knocks with a rubber mellet and no success. Kicked it from the side to try loosen it and that hasn't worked either. The side of the cam sprocket seems lose (can see a slight gap between head and block when pulled up on that side) but the opposite side ain't budging. Might try borrow a crane to see if that'll pull it off.
  14. 1983 Civic EN Head Removal HELP!

    Long time stalker, first time poster. Bought an '83 Civic a few weeks ago with a blown head-gasket in Picton for a hundred bucks and proceeded to drive it back to Christchurch (actually made it). Oil was pretty thoroughly mixed with water (also was spat into the air filter, with a little pool of oil collecting there). Anyway, being armed with a Haynes Manual and minimal experience in tearing apart engines I set upon removing the head to replace the head-gasket. This is as far as I've got; Intake Manifold, Exhaust Manifold, distributor, alternator bracket, cambelt and head studs all removed but the head ain't coming off! If anyone could help me out with ideas on what I've missed or tricks to getting heads off would be ideal! Have left all the rocker gear and camshaft in. Cheers!