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  1. I am used to design everything a little to strong, unless weight for example is critical. I design press brakes (LVD) for a living and we allways say, it's designed the LVD way when it's overkill. Better to use a few kilograms to much steel :p
  2. Thanks man! https://www.gooduse.com.tw/en/faq/How-to-install-the-chemical-anchor/faq-01-10.html (and make sure you fix a threaded rod inthere, not a drill :D) Something similar to the above, but I had to use an additional sleeve as I was dealing with 'hollow' stones... My solution is probably overkill as I used 5 M10 studs/shelf but the oak alone was 7kg for the heaviest one. Better safe than sorry...
  3. So, present for the wife... I went and bought some oak Had some fun with chisel, sander and son Made some pockets and some holes Made some brackets Test fit after final welding Added some oil and vinegar Chemfixed the brackets to the wall And let the wife be happy and do her thing... cheers, thanks for watching!
  4. Detail was not found i guess... The wire people have a crown emblem in their living room on their side table next to the plant. (Maybe my worst englisg ever?)
  5. I like this thread a lot so time for some contributions... random stuff I just found on my phone. I made a doll house thing in a little suitcase for my godchild and wire people Check for details... I also made her a dragon like doll to cuddle no pic of it all assembled Other gifts... Lamp for a friend who has bees and just had his first son at that time Rack for spices, one for my brother, one for my sister in law Some deco for my sons bedroom, a lamp... Another lamp And some cut in half dinosaurs For the daughter as a present something to hang and store clothers for her dolls And some covid protection thingy for my wife as she is a speech therapist V1 which was to wobbly according to her And V2 which she and her partner still use That's me for now, not revolutionary or shocking... Thanks for watching.
  6. I don't know all the details, but came out of a norma race car and was mugen spec. And somehow I recall him saying it was made a 2.1 instead of a 2.0. Has a lot of goodies inside. He wrecked one aswell by putting in the wrong valve springs and then hit the valves at high rpm. It's this car I know the part between the drysump and the alternator in the previous pic was the engine mount, fix to the chassis, no rubbers or damping. And yes, expensive, I think I remember him saying the drysump part was 1800euro if I am not mistaking. He was looking to build a spare engine at that time.
  7. these also do exist but rather expensive... is from a friends norma race car
  8. If only my house had an MS75 in front of it... (well, it had at multiple occasions but not ever a roadworthy one :p or an MS51 for that matter ) Very nice work! Looks like a lovely place to be living in. Self made furniture just makes it even better...
  9. I think I kept the old ones in the boxes the new ones came in. I'll check this evening, then I can take measurements and normally give you parts number aswell...
  10. http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/203652/1972-toyota-crown-ms67?page=1 for my ms67, i cannot give any more specific details at the moment on the cilinders as I have to double check them first.
  11. I bought cressida rear wheel brake cilinders, the pistons were different but the rest was useable... what model exactly i will have to check as the guy at the shop helped me out...
  12. I've seen it as far as it gets on another site, jnc I think, an the work and quality are amazing! end result is very nice, very clean but not really my style but whatever, incredible job, well done!!
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